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Author: Matthew Wilkin

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The Sociology show hosted by Matthew Wilkin conducts interviews with a range of different people within the world of Sociology.
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In this episode, Dr George Musgrave reads chapter one of his book with Sally Anne Gross entitled 'Can Music make you sick; measuring the price of musical ambition'You can follow George on Twitter - @DrGMusgraveChapter two will be coming soon!
In this episode, we discuss key terms that are useful for those of you starting a Sociology course for the first time. Whether it is GCSE, AS, A-level, degree or foundation then here we have key terms that you will need to add to your sociological language.
In this episode, Matthew talks to Dr Ben Hine from the University of West London. Ben is a senior lecturer in Psychology and a chartered member of the British Psychological Society (BPS). Ben is also a co-founder of the Men and Boys coalition (, a network of organisations, academics, journalists, professionals and leaders committed to highlighting and taking action on the gender-specific issues that affect men and boys such as the high male suicide rate, the boys educational crisis, and fatherhood. He also acts as a trustee to The Mankind Initiative.
In this episode, students from BHASVIC college consider the issue of sexism in video games. Aimee, Seb, Nell and Daisy used the work of Anita Sarkeesian as inspiration into their own research to highlight the language often used by gamers towards female players.
In this episode, Matthew talks to Dr Karenza Moore. Karenza is a Lecturer in Sociology of Crime at Newcastle University, UK, and has researched drugs, drug use and drug policy for 18 years. Her work explores drug prevalence, patterns, and emerging drug trends; meanings, motivations and consequences of drug use; and the impacts of drug prohibition. She wrote the first report of its kind laying out a pragmatic 'roadmap' towards the legal regulation of MDMA/Ecstasy for the Beckley Foundation. Her focus is on illicit drug use in recreational settings, including raves, nightclubs, festivals and afterparties. She has single or co-authored 45 articles on various issues around drugs, youth cultures, gender and digital technologies. Her publications are available via Google Scholar here
In this episode, students from BHASVIC college in Hove discuss a mini research project they completed on the topic of gender identity and social media. Imogen, Erin, Rosie and Juno set themselves a a hypothesis of 'Twitter and Instagram has given women and non-binary individuals more freedom with gender expression'
In this episode, Matthew talks to Dr Chris Till from Leeds Beckett University. Chris is a sociologist who has a focus on health, digital technologies and social theory, he conducts theoretical and empirical investigations into digital technologies and health. Chris talks about online misinformation, fake news and propaganda in respect of how such news is generated and spread and to what extent are we all involved and a part of the process.
A brief summer update

A brief summer update


In the final episode for this academic year, listen to some very brief updates before the pod returns on the 30th August.
In this episode, David Edmonds from the Social Science Bites podcast interviews Professor Bev Skeggs about how social media platforms such as Facebook can track, monitor and use data about its users. Bev explains how Facebook trawls its users’ habits to collect information on people’s general browsing habits and the process of selling data to advertising companies so that they can place an advert on your browser.
In this episode, a group of students from Shenzhen College discuss the issue of gig economy in China. Maggie Liu, Annie Tang and Linda Fu outline some of their experiences so far of studying Sociology, who their inspirations and favourite theorists have been and then discuss a project they completed on the issue of gig economy in China.
In this episode, Matthew talks to Professor Dick Hobbs. Dick entered academic work late having worked as an office boy, labourer, dustman and schoolteacher. He trained as a sociologist at the LSE and the University of Surrey before working at the Universities of Oxford and Durham, where he held Chairs in both Sociology and Law. Dick is an urban ethnographer specialising in the sociology of London, organised and professional crime, the night-time economy, violence, drug markets and research methodology. Dick talks about his new book 'The Business' which is released on 22nd July -
In this episode, Matthew talks to Alicia Denby, Alicia is a Sociologist and PhD student at Manchester Metropolitan University, specialising in the research fields of intimacy, gender, modern dating practices and singlehood. Her current research looks at Love Island and its portrayal of gender and some of the problematic themes that arise in the show. You can read more about Alicia's research here -
In this episode, Matthew talks to Dr Paul O' Connor. Paul is a Lecturer in Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Exeter, and Adjunct Assistant Professor in Sociology at Lingnan University. His research is focussed on religion, ethnicity, and the sociology of skateboarding. He received his PhD from the University of Queensland and has lived and taught in Hong Kong and Prague.He is author of the book ‘Islam in Hong Kong’ (2102) and ‘Skateboarding and Religion’ (2020). His research on skateboarding has looked at helmet use, network capital, secular pilgrimage, middle aged skateboarders, the hybridity of skateparks, and women skateboarders in Hong Kong. You can find out more about Paul and his work below -Email - - and Religion Instagram - Profile - Book - article on the topic -
In this episode, a group of lower 6th form Sociology students from Cokethorpe school in Oxfordshire debate whether social class, gender or ethnicity cause the largest inequalities. Many thanks to Sophia May, Caitlyn Alford, Lily Todeschini, Issy Stagg, Annabelle Vallance, Edith Wannell, Heidi Robertson and to their teacher, Louise Bowden for submitting the entry. If you would like to send an entry for the show then please email
In this episode, Matthew talks to Dr William Kerr from The university of Derby. Will is a lecturer in Sociology and Criminology and specialises in nationalism, social evolutionary theories, social theory and social change. Will talks about how his research applies Darwinian concepts towards understanding cultural, social and institutional change. The discussion also considers the difference between nationalism and patriotism.
In this episode, Matthew talks to the journalist, writer, broadcaster and researcher - Julie Bindel. Julie writes regularly for The Guardian newspaper, the New Statesman, The Sunday Telegraph and Standpoint magazines, and appears regularly on the BBC and Sky News. Julie's focus in on issues such as rape, domestic violence, sexually motivated murder, prostitution and stalking. In this episode, Julie talks about two of her publications in the form of 'The pimping of prostitution' and her upcoming book 'Feminism for women'. You can follow Julie on twitter here - read more on her website here -
If you are interested then please do get in touch on: The
In this episode, Matthew talks to Dr Simone Kolysh. Dr Kolysh's research looks at Sex & Gender, Sexualities, Race & Ethnicity, and Urban Sociology. Dr Kolysh is past chair of the Sociologists’ LGBTQ Caucus, member of the Sociologists for Trans Justice, and chair of the Committee on Gender Equity for the Eastern Sociological Society. In this episode, Dr Kolysh discusses the issue of catcalling in their book - Everyday Violence: The Public Harassment of Women and LGBTQ People.To learn more you can visit -
In this student takeover episode, Abby Reyes discusses - Is meritocracy a flawed and harmful ideal? Abby has just completed her A-levels at Sydenham School and is going on to study Sociology at university. You can also follow Abby's Sociology blog here -
In this episode, Matthew talks to Dr Gemma Ahearne - an educator in Criminology at the University of Liverpool. Gemma values lived experience and different ways of producing knowledge. Gemma is an active researcher and teacher who has almost 20 year experience of the sex industry. You can contact Gemma on her blog, via her staff profile here - via Or on twitter here - @princessjack
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Ali T

thanks for making revision fun! and sociology is for now and not outdated

Jan 29th

Ryan Nolan

fantastic show, great breadth of interests and specialisations covered.

Aug 17th
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