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Join Me, folk singer Luke Wallace, trying to figure out what on earth is happening, with particular care given to issues and solutions for Salish Sea and PNW communities. I interview awesome people, research awesome things, and am easily frazzled by BS politics which results in thoughtful rants. Let's build something better.
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Today's episode is a conversation with MP Leah Gazan. Representing Winnipeg Centre, Leah Gazan is leading the political movement for a guaranteed income and fighting for our rights to clean air and water. In this conversation you'll here how Leah found her way into politics and what keeps her motivated as she fights to transform our political system and pushes for a basic livable income.As always, the best way to support this podcast is through
The Site C Dam is a mega-hydro project currently under construction on the Peace River in Treaty 8 Territory in Northeastern BC. Global dam experts have come out publicly to say that they have never witnessed a more secretive, unaccountable project than the Site C Dam. Steeped in backdoor deals, geological question marks and an unknown price tag, the Site C Dam is a disaster in the making. We're lucky enough to have journalist Sarah Cox here to school us. Sarah is an award winning author and ...
Alexandra Morton is one of the leading biologists on the West Coast and is a long time advocate for protecting wild salmon from the destructive impact of open-pen fish farms. Listen to her wisdom. Once you've heard the podcast, go check out Salmon Confidential at please consider supporting this podcast, and my musical endeavours, on a monthly basis at
An sweet interview with folk singer and world changer Raye Zaragoza. Raye is based in Long Beach, California and writes spectacular songs about movements and change. Go buy Rayes' music at https://rayezaragoza.bandcamp.comAnd support Raye on Patreon keep me going as an artist and podcast host by supporting my Patreon Page at
As we venture further into the unknown, I'm inspired by the potential of psychedelic assisted therapy and exploration as a solution to our collectively narrowing view of what our purpose is here on earth. I'm stoked to share, with you, my conversation with Aaron Nesmith-Beck about all sorts of topics related to the current and future use of Psychedelics here in so called North America. Check out Aarons' retreats and blogs at https://atmanretreat.comhttps://freedomandfulfilment.comAs alwa...
The political and social responses to COVID19 have impacted us all in unique ways and somehow still there is a common thread of experience. I've had a really hard time adapting to the shifting normal as I search for purpose and stability in my life. Fortunately I was able to connect with 5 friends of mine who each shared their experience of the last few months with me, and which I edited into this episode. If you enjoy this podcast, please consider leaving a review and rating. You can al...
This is an awesome interview with my new friend Ken Yang. Ken walks us through why now is the moment to finally implement a Universal Basic Income in Canada and why this program is in everyone's best interest. Ken Yang is from UBI Works, is a lawyer and classical pianist. Support this podcast and my music at
Music festivals across the board are being cancelled and postponed this summer. Let's take a minute to honour them and celebrate just how much love they bring into the world. I check in with my good friend Elijah Larsen about the process he and the co-organziers of their festival went through over the last couple months. Support this podcast at
MLA Adam Olsen joins me for a conversation about the present and future of agriculture here in BC. We talk about young farmers, the balance between institutional and personal responsibility, and, of course, how weird being alive is right now. Support this podcast and more storytelling by yours truly at
I wanted to find out how this whole legalization thing was going, now, almost two years in. Turns out handing over the keys of a new industry to a group of folks who don't know squat about pot has it's downfalls. Happy 420 everyone. Please support more content like this by helping me out at
A chill few minutes to celebrate and appreciate the arrival of spring here at the 49th Parallel North. Includes a final, beautiful 2 minutes of birds songs recorded from my cabin porch for my friends stuck inside. Support me as an artist and podcaster at
Ep. 2 Curbed (CERB)

Ep. 2 Curbed (CERB)

Join me, Folk Singer Luke Wallace, for the Passing Through Podcast where I try to figure out what is going on, with particular attention for folks living along the Salish Sea, PNW, west of the Rockies. Hilarious research, serious rants, interviews, collective action for a better world.