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Author: Aaron, Jenn, Jim, Shea & Steve

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Interesting If True is a variety podcast hosted by a panel of comedically-inclined friends over beers about whatever interests us each week. If you're tired of quiz shows only having real answers, or true crime shows being serious about their mysteries, this is the show for you! Listen as rotating hosts Aaron, Jenn, Jim, Shea, and Steve tell stories, investigate mysteries, take quizzes, and generally have a good time. Join us for a beer and a laugh each Friday for your very own pod-friendly Friday Afternoon Club. Visit us at or support the show and get more content at
77 Episodes
Happy Thanksgiving folks! Aaron talks turkey then Shea tells us all about New Zealand's grand wizard in this public patron-length episode!
Aaron visits his barber and leaves with more questions than beard! First, it's blue light woo then the patrons bathe in the oniony foot water of detoxification.
Jenn takes the guys tomb raiding in the ancient Egyptian caves of Arizona. Then Aaron gets his MD in BCE BS from St. Patreon Medical FTW!
It's Halloween! In this year's special Shea hosts a scary movie quiz. Then for patrons... Aaron hosts a scary movie quiz!
Shea wishes upon a haunted haunt & is fish-slapped by a Djinn. Aaron feeds the patrons after midnight and blows everything up Mogwai-style.
Shea tells the haunting stories of a Moony Brewery, then Jenn tells patrons about the truly horrifying origin of Nightmare on Elm Street.
Aaron tells the next chapter in the saga of Gun Ghost then Shea makes sure patrons candy is safe to eat.
Kicking off Spooktober, Shea thrills you with terrifying tales of mysterious monsters & Aaron puzzles patrons with equally alien nonsense!
Aaron tells Shea and Jenn about the wonders of Radon treatment, then quizzes them on what they learned for the patrons.
Shea teaches us how different cultures dealt with the sun going out. Aaron tells patrons about the do's & don'ts of "stairing" into the sun.
Aaron tells spooky, scary, ghost stories. Australian ghosts with trumpets even!
Time for nom noms! Shea tells us ab out bad diets, Aaron helps you find healthy food in the dark, and King Shark carries Suicide Squad.
Jenn tells us how to have to a good, god-fearing, freedom-baby, then Aaron glazes over some extra silly flat-ish Earth nonsense for patrons.
Aaron explains why brewing makes him a witch. Then patrons hear about the magical nature of hot coco.
Aaron talks about surviving the apocalyptic wasteland with beer and luck, then Shea mixes up your favorite drinks!
Jenn tells the often-referenced (sorry) story of the Radium Girls. Then, ignoring all of that, Aaron tells patrons how to play with radium!
Aaron mispronounces his way to liberty and reason, then Shea casts reason aside so Pikachu can defeat the Confederacy.
Shea teaches us about LGBTQ+ resilience, pride, and flags, then Aaron tells patrons about the Gay Agenda's war on Australia.
Aaron goes back to sports-ball camp then Shea takes patrons on a stroll down Scotlands ye-oldie fairway.
Shea teaches us about the finer points of prison breaks, then Aaron teaches Patrons the exact opposite lesson...
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Sara Pohl

My husband as a kid would do kool aid and milk. I was all no just no when he told me.

Mar 26th
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