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Aron Ra & Lilandra try to catch them all then Patrons learn about the time he fought the ocean! It's a bucket of chuckles!
This week Aaron finishes his dive into the horrible origins of food. Then Shea tells patrons about a ye-oldie "well" of tragedy.
Aaron bews a cuppa' of sleepytime-cult tea. Then Shea impresses patrons with the Mighty Atom's strength!
This week Shea helps Steve & Aaron find a date. Then Aaron gives it to the guys by the numbers—It's a quiz, only available at!
It's timey wimey time, then we read a study about "assholes." Shea tells patrons about ye-oldie archeologists & all their dragon bones.
Shea teaches us about the power of mediocre assassins then Aaron turns to the stars for host-compatibility!
This week's takeaway is that you should probably close the door when you're doing a wank or, you know, a sedition.
Aaron rambles his way around a baseball field like a lost Quocker-wodger, then Shea shows patrons his Callipygian might!
Aaron headlines the show and dowses for the point. Patrons fund the best way to not find a body.
Shea goes all mad scientist on us and Aaron pokes at patrons.
Shea mixes us up the finest cocktails you can put in a boot. Aaron tells you how to fail at getting away with murder.
Aaron tells you why 202x isn't actually so bad. Then Shea tells patrons how 2022 is going to go...
Aaron headlines with news, Shea's face pics up the slack, and patrons are accedently exposed to science!
Happy New Year! Headlines are back! Aaron quizzes the guys on 80's movies. Shea brings the patrons... Headlines 2.0!
Shea hosts a Christmas Carol quiz then Aaron takes patrons — and everyone! — to see the ghosts of Christmas wars past. Happy Holidays!
Aaron takes a clown-shoed stroll down Canada's memory lane. Then talks smartishly to the patrons!
Shea tells us how to become elephants for fun and profit, then he shows patrons how to survive raiding a lost ark.
Happy Thanksgiving folks! Aaron talks turkey then Shea tells us all about New Zealand's grand wizard in this public patron-length episode!
Aaron visits his barber and leaves with more questions than beard! First, it's blue light woo then the patrons bathe in the oniony foot water of detoxification.
Jenn takes the guys tomb raiding in the ancient Egyptian caves of Arizona. Then Aaron gets his MD in BCE BS from St. Patreon Medical FTW!
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Sara Pohl

My husband as a kid would do kool aid and milk. I was all no just no when he told me.

Mar 26th
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