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Janelle talks about leaving domestic abuse.  Janelle has had a difficult life.  This podcast gives you a window into Janelle's life.  We begin to understand why she stays, and why eventually she leaves alone, without her children.If you’re afraid of your partner, that’s a big red flag. You may be scared to say what you think, to bring up certain topics, or to say no to sex. No matter the reason, fear has no place in a healthy relationship.If you feel like you’re being abused, there’s a good chance you may be, and it’s worth getting help. Keep that in mind as you think about these signs:Your partner bullies, threatens, or controls you:Accuses you of having an affairBlames you for abuseCriticizes youTells you what to wear and how you should lookThreatens to kill you or someone close to youThrows things or punches walls when angryYells at you and makes you feel smallTo find help:NationalTo view a national list of transition houses, and to find a shelter in your area, please visit National Residential School Crisis Line: 1 866 925 4419National Aboriginal Circle Against Family Violenceto get a hold of Janelle: Podcast: Life Happens One Step At A Time:
In a world that is so divisive it a breath of fresh air to speak to Daniel Levin.  His message is just to love. We explore the idea of getting in touch with ourselves by finding what we want at our core.  Daniel asks a simple question, How do you want to see yourself at the end of your life? Where are you? Who are you with? What are you doing?  He then asks: What is the one next thing you can do to get there?Honestly, so simple, and such  important questions.Daniel Bruce Levin is author of the book The Mosaic, he is a poet, businessman, mystic and former monk.Daniel says  "We all want the same things: to be love and accepted; listened to and heard, acknowledged and validated."Daniel would love anyone who wants to chat to reach out to him.  Please check out:  danielbrucelevin.comIf you want to get ahold of Monica, reach out by email @ frontseatpod@gmail.ocm
We all want the same things: to be seen, to be heard and to be loved.  In the world that has become so divisive Jonathan Rivera cuts through all the noise one conversation at time. Jonathan has been all around the world,  everywhere he goes, he looks for people to talk to who think,  and often look, different then he does.Jonathon believes that if we truly listen to people, not to change their mind, but just to listen and see them as people that the barriers can be pulled down.Jonathan offers some great insight into the human experience.You can get a hold of Jonathon on:Instagram:  Jonathan Riveraor email him at
Nelson Tressler was born into unlucky circumstances,   he lived in a small town, that didn't hold much hope that he would amount to much.  When your start to life includes being born into a family where your  grandfather is  charged with murder of the town's police officer,  your mom is 15 year old mother, you are poor and are being abused by your step father the only choice you have is to either live in survival mode or circum to your circumstance. Nelson knew even at an early age, that this was not going to be his life forever, he used those hardships to fuel his life purpose and turn despair into a life complete with a loving family and a multimillion-dollar business empire.
Susan Schruefer Ways talks about her journey of learning to love herself first.Susan was there for her everyone and was someone who tried to be all things to all people.  Things changed for her when her husband was diagnosed with cancer.  Susan's boss demanded she come back to work the day after her husband died.  She was expected to come back unscathed, to be the same Susan.  When it was discovered that she was less engaged, she was berated and scorned. With every micro aggression, Susan could feel that her world was about to blow up.  It all became to much and she quit not knowing what laid ahead.She is now a stronger, person with boundaries. Susan has her own podcast where she helps others who are going through their grief. Please check it out her podcast Tendrils of Grief
Leena Lemos talks to me about yearning for a spiritual connection.  She felt this most profoundly when she was  pregnant and after the birth of her baby girl.  She kept wondering why women were continually skirting the real issues of how we are feeling and what motherhood  is doing to us on a soul level.On her quest for a more profound relationship with herself and others she started writing letters to her unborn child, here we see who she is and how she struggles as we all do with identity and love and her own spirituality.We discuss how important it is to live authentically and what it means to live a life as a spiritual person. website: www.houseofenlightenedhood.comBook: Instagram: 
About Geri Paige ButnerGeri is a former startup and corporate marketing leader turned Life Alignment Coach, Business Launch Coach, and Speaker. After a decade of starting and growing business from the ground up and living life in the fast lane, she hit rock bottom and ended up in the ER. Geri then decided to take back her power and design the life of her dreams. She completely transformed her mindset, health and lifestyle, and left the corporate world to help people align their life with what brings them joy.Geri guides others to awaken to their potential, live their life out loud, and free themselves from the subconscious beliefs that keep them in lifestyles and work that aren’t in alignment with their truth.Instagram:
At the age of four Amber recalls, praying to god to please fix her by morning. Amber was a little girl trapped in a boys body.Amber knew at that early age that something was amiss For most of her childhood she tried really hard to be a good son, but whenever she had any alone time, she raided her mother's and sisters clothes and makeup and pretended that she was a girl, always conscious of the face that if she was caught, she could going to get in trouble.For people that are like Amber, life isn't easy.  People can be mean and judgmental, and the world can be cruel.Amber talks about her story which is beautiful, and powerful.  I encourage you to all get her book Hiding From Myself, available wherever books are sold
Creator and Founder of Surrender and Slay LLCYou are not everyone cup of tea, and that is the way it is suppose to be.Miranda Werkhiser is a spiritual life coach who's montra is to surrender and slay.We talk about learning to listen to your inner voice.  We all receive messages that come to us when we need to make a change, when we need to surrender to our life purpose.  Sometimes surrendering can be terrifying,  and it is okay to be scared.  Miranda tells me " I don't give up, but I give it up.. I surrender all I want, and all I don't want.  So when I slay, it is intensional and I can flow into my purpose.There is a feeling that we get when there is a fuck yes in our life, that exciting feeling in our gut that we know that this is it.  This is your soul, or your spirit or the univerce trying to tell you that this is where you need to go.. put your attention here.Miranda reminds us all that we are actually the most important person in our life. If you arent giving yourself your best self, then you are also unavailable to the people that love you.  If you arent filling your soul, whose life are you living?Miranda's info:instagram:  miranda_a_werkheimerinstagram: surrenderandslayllc
Words to live by with Dai Manuel.  Live the life the is true to yourself not the life that is expected of you.Today, I speak to Dai Manuel, personal lifestyle coach, entrepreneur and life adventurer.Have you ever been afraid to take the leap, to do what your heart tells you?  If you are looking for a role model, look no further Dai shows several examples in his life where he has changed direction to fulfill his life purpose.  He has gone from being an overweight youth to an athlete.He self describes himself as once being on the verge of crashing from drug and alcohol abuse but has since transformed his entire mind and body and lives a sober healthy life.He has also packed up his entire family from Canada and moved to Bali.He is now focusing on becoming a lifestyle mentor so that he can help YOU become the person that you want to be.  His mind body approach may be different then your "usual coach"  He understands that your mind and your spirit and your body all need to be worked on together so that once again "we can live the life that is true to yourself not the life that is expected of you" How to get a hold of Dai:Lifestyle | Wellness Coach & Mentor at The Whole Life Manifesto, Life Enhancer at The Life Enhancers aka Manuels 365 and Lifestyle | Wellness Coach & Mentor at Dai Manuel: Your Lifestyle MentorSocialsemail: coach@daimanuel.comhttps://www.daimanuel.com
Deanna is out there shouting from the roof top tops that women need to STOP HATING OUR BODIES!!!!  Why is it that we as women are faced with micro aggressions on how imperfect we are.  Deanna's advice.. throw out the damn scale and just stop hating your body.  if you don't love it, just learn to be kind to yourself.   Deanna  has her own podcast called the Imperfect Party Podcast.  She was a ton of fun.So how about it, ready to love yourself?  Yeah me too!Deanna's Podcast:  The Imperfect PartyInsta:   @itsdeannaseymour
This in an introduction to the very first episode of a new podcast calledIt's Really None Of Our Business.Please follow, rate and reviewLove you all!In today's episode Monica is having some weird dreams about her late husband and is wondering if John is haunting her?Can you have sex with a ghost? If so can you orgasm that way? Amanda seems to think so, so it must be true. Topics for today's podcast include: Sex dreams, how often do you have them? Why do men fall asleep right after sex when as women we lay awake?  Does Amanda want to milk Karsten's prostate? Will she?  What would it be like to have a penis, is peeing standing up all it's cracked up to be?Seriously.... WTFI'm by no means perfect but does it make me a bad person to totally dislike my step kids? Every day I get a message from my 16-year-old stepdaughter telling me to kill myself and I need to be dead. My 19-year-old stepdaughter talks trash about me to everyone I know and even abused my younger son. I've had my clothes ripped up or stolen. My glasses were broken on purpose. My oldest stepsons 25 and 26 talk trash about me and the 26-year-old actually pinned me to the wall by my throat saying the devil made him do it. I'm at a loss my husband says to just delete the messages then when I mention them he says let me guess you can't prove it lol.. "well I didn't delete them and saved every one of them". Now yesterday I was at work (I work for the city outside) and the 19-year-old and 25 years old drove past me and threw a rock at me hitting me in the back while screaming obscenities. I feel bad for hating them so much but not sure how much further this should be allowed to go. No one but my family is on my side. What should I do?? https//www.noneofourbusinesspod.comYouTube @None of Our Business PodcastInstagram @itsreallynoneofourbusinesspodFacebook @None.Of.Our.Business.Pod
 Doug Sands talks about how he came from a place where his life was riddled with anxiety,  living the life that was expected of him instead of living the life that he chose.After a dangerous hike out on a mountain he realized that the only one that was going to save him was himself.  This was his turning point, where he chose to save himself.He came from a background where he was told to JUST BE A MAN,  talking about feelings and emotions were not happening in his family.   After exploration of who he was and where he wanted to go he found Buddhism, meditation and hypnosis.Doug now shares his journey, and his tools that helped break him out of anxiety with us.Doug is a licensed hypnotherapist who really wants to help other people.  Website: https://www.AnywhereHyposis.comPodcast: Stress-Free Challenge:
Julie gives us some skills to live a more peaceful, powerful, passionate and prosperous life.Go Confidently CoachingJulie DeLucca-Collins is the Founder and CEO of Go Confidently Coaching and the host of the popular Casa DeConfidence Podcast.  Julie is a dreamer, a traveler, a visionary, an adventurer, a risk-taker, a loving wife, daughter, best auntie ever, and doggy momma.  Julie has been a lover of books, activist, philanthropist, and, most of all, a supporter of women and their dreams.  She has been a successful executive for 20 plus years. Julie started working with a life coach ten years ago and loved how it propelled her further into living a life she loves and had imagined. Her goal is to help others re imagine their life. She has extensive experience in leadership skills, Life Coaching, and a vast history of assisting people in finding success. Her individualized positivism approach helps identify and attain your goals. Julie holds coaching certifications as a Holistic Coach, Cognitive Behavioural Techniques Coach, and Mindfulness coach and meditation teacher certification. She is also certified as a Social Emotional Learning Facilitator and has completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification.
Abe and I talk about living an authentic life.Sometimes we all struggle with finding out what our purpose is, what it is we really want. When you are living in your purpose you should feel empowered, and content. When you are not living your life authentically you feel like there is something amiss.   As North American's we are often told of the things that will make us happy: the car,  the house, the career.  So what happens when we have those things yet we still feel an emptiness.  Usually, this is when your life blows up.  Me and Abe talk about different examples in our own lives of how not being in alignment with our purpose creates anxiety and stress in the mind and body.  It is okay not to know where you are going.  It is so important to understand that the journey is what is important.If you want to get a hold of Abe here's his website:https://www.ibrahimsharkas.comFeel free to reach out to Abe,  with his Daily Dose of Love He will send you daily texts and daily thoughts 202-918-33271–800–273–8255The Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals.
A nurse for 22 years with specialties in Intensive Care, Trauma, and Flight Nursing, Karen DiMarco  had an experience in 2011 that she describes as “a coming home.”  Within weeks of that profound moment  – on the floor of a closet in a puddle of snot and tears –  her mental and physical illnesses, and a 26-year history of eating disorders, melted away.Since then, she has been a catalyst for transforming the way we deliver and conceive of health care and wellbeing. Put simply, the mind and body are not disconnected, and when misunderstandings of the mind are healed, there is a profound healing effect on the body.Karen is a total geek about science, and the connection between the mind and the body.  Her insatiable appetite for all things spiritual and biological, and her ability to communicate her understanding in a scientific, sometimes hilarious, and always easy-to-understand way, is what makes her both a total weirdo and incredibly impactful as a healthcare visionary and transformational coach.Work with Karen:1:1 Transformational Coaching Packages – I used to wish I just had someone like me to talk to… except without all of my drama and baggage, so I could finally get some clarity, freedom, and peace-of-mind. This is that. We’ve got this. Click here to ask about my coaching.The Naked Community – The purpose of Naked is to give people (like me, scratching my own itch here) who are a bit of a…uhh…“spiritual renegade” a consistent place and community, to learn, laugh, and grow. A safe space for discovery, coaching, and support to help you care LESS about the opinion of other people so that you can LIVE OUT LOUD, and close the gap between who you truly are, and who the world told you that you ought to be. Click here to learn more.Weightless – An Online, 8 -Week Group Program Exploring Your Body, Weight and Mind. Begins Thursday October 1, 2020. Click here to find out more.Events – View all the cool stuff I have coming up by clicking here.
Heather Ross talks about understanding your relationship with your addicted child.  Heather talks about the importance of taking care of yourself in this emotionally charged time.It is important to hold boundaries, but it is important to do this with love.It is important to forgive because anger steals yours joy.Heather is helping other parents in crisis  who are struggling with their child's addiction.You can find Heather: 405-830-2753
When you grow up with a narcissistic mother, you stop trusting your own intuition because you have been told your whole life that it is wrong.  There are certain patterns that daughters of narcissistic moms go through.  Daughters often join a codependent or narcissistic relationship of their own.  It is incredibly important to understand that your patterns of behavior can be changed.  Michelle Anhang talks about her growing up in a family where she felt unloved, and what this did to her future relationships.Michelle is now a relationship coach and helps other people find their way back to themselves.You can find Michelle on Facebook, Instagram or at the below links:@michelleanhangcoachingmichelle.anhang@gmail.com  
When  Punam Saxena turned 40, she took a close look at her family medical history which was chalk full of heart disease and diabetes.  Punam was sedentary, and ate a diet which consisted of fast food and colas.  She was sick and tired of being sick and tired.Punam knew that she needed to make some serious changes so she started looking at different ways she could exercise and still be the family super mom.  This is when should found running , Puman tells a hilarious story of how she trained and trained for her first 5km race, and was all set to go when her young daughter asked if she could run with her.  Being the great and impowering mom that she was, she put her own ego on the backburner and set out to race with her daughter,  fully prepared to hang back.  What she didn't expect was for her daughter to beat her!  Punam talks about her love of running and how we too can find our joy!  Punam has her own podcast called Edu-Me podcast, I encourage you to have a listen! 
Deanna Bryant was sexually molested by her two older brothers when she was seven years old.  When she finally gathered the courage to tell her mother, she was implicitly told to never tell anyone.  Deanna did as her mother told her, and buried the secret for 40 years, and never told anyone.But as with all trauma, it surfaced in different ways.  Deanna was angry all the time, so much so that her own children were scared of her anger.  She became an alcoholic and  could not control her drinking.  Eventually Deanna ended up in rehab.  It was there that she received counselling for the child hood sexual abuse. Deanna tells us that you can't go around the mountain, you have to go through it.I encourage you to listed Deanna's Podcast Rive Your Mid Life Marriage Podcast also is a coach for women who want to revive their marriage
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