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Author: Jonathan Steedman, APD

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Nutrition information, bite sized.
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The world of food and mental health is a messy one. On one side, we have lots of evidence suggesting that food does have an impact on mental health. On the other side we have people suggesting that avoiding sugar will cure your depression. Oh boy. Enter Dr. Nicole Lippman-Barile. She’s a clinical psychologist who’ll help you cut through the noise and figure out what the relationship between diet and mental health ACTUALLY is. Click me for show notes!
Whether you’re struggling with your body image or you’re completely unfamiliar with the term, Dr Emilia Thompson is here to unpack everything you need to know.We chat about whether a positive body image is attainable for everyone, some very practical tools to help you improve your body image, and how body image and dieting are interrelated. We also chat about a lot of other helpful things, but you’re just going to have to listen to find those out. Click me for show notes!
There has recently been a huge amount of buzz about the World HealthOrganisations updates on aspartame, a non-nutritive or “artificial” sweetener. Some of the headlines have been… interesting. If you want to know what’s ACTUALLY going on, have a listen to this where I’ll quickly unpack what’s actually going on, and let you know what to worry about. Click me for show notes!
Acute weight cuts (not to be confused with fat loss) are pretty fascinating.If done correctly, they can give an athlete a significant advantage. If done poorly, they can waste months of hard preparation by destroying your performance on competition day and, in some extreme cases, kill you.So make sure you do what STATE DEADLIFT RECORD HOLDER and accredited practising dietitian Aidan Muir says.Click me for show notes!
While everyone’s out looking for the next golden bullet supplement, regular movement is standing in the corner trying to get your attention.It’s one of the most potent things you can do to improve your health and wellbeing, but it’s not always the easiest thing to implement. Work, weather, kids or the couch all seem to do a damn good job of getting in the way. BUT NO MORE. Listen to this, pick your favourite strategy or two, and you’ll get some regular movement back in your week in no time at all. Click me for show notes! 
You might know Jess Coughlan from her Crossfit successes, but things are looking a little different lately.Join us as we chat about Jess’ progression from Crossfit to bodybuilding, how her training and nutrition had to adapt to this very different sport, and why there has been an increase in dog posts on her Instagram…Click me for show notes! 
If you’ve spent more than 2 minutes on any social media app, you’ve probably scrolled through a lot of health and nutrition “information”.You may have also noticed that this “information” can be quite confusing and contradictory. That’s because a lot of it is complete garbage. But how do you sort the good stuff from the garbage?Enter: Dr. Jess Stokes-Parish. Her CRABS framework will show you how to critically assess a confusing piece of information and help you figure out what’s worth listening to, and what’s not. Click me for show notes!
I’ve seen over a thousand clients (#humblebrag) in my time as a dietitian.Although every individual is unique, these 5 mistakes are easily the most common things people are struggling with when we first chat. So grab a beverage of choice and have a listen to see if any of these sound familiar! If they do, don’t panic, I know some people who can help…Click me for show notes! 
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a very real, very frustrating condition that a number of people struggle with. Unfortunately, due to this, the world of “gut health” has become a breeding ground for questionable supplements and funny-coloured powders.Thankfully, we’ve got Crystal Austin (aka the IBSFODMAP dietitian) to help us sort the good from the bad!Click me for show notes!
While everyone’s looking for the next best diet, pill, powder or supplement to give them everlasting life, sleep and recovery are often criminally overlooked.  That’s why this week I’m chatting to Dr Dean J Miller!He doesn’t have any fancy supplements or diets to sell you, but he does have some tips that will dramatically improve your health, recovery and longevity so listen up. Click me for show notes!
“I’m in a calorie deficit but I’m not losing weight” is one of the most common phrases I hear, and I GET IT. That’s super frustrating. But I can help 🙂 Have a listen to this, and you’re sure to find a few points that resonate with you, that will help you troubleshoot exactly what’s going on!Click me for show notes!
James Newbury has done some pretty epic things. You probably know him thanks to his Crossfit days, but he’s also completed triathlons, marathons and powerlifting competitions, started multiple businesses and is also just bloody lovely.We sat down to have a chat about how he juggles training, business and life and how he fuels it all on a plant-based diet. Click me for show notes! 
Please Dr Kyla to the podcast! She’s a paediatric dietitian with over a decade of experience helping families feed their kids. In this episode, we cover how to talk about healthy and unhealthy foods, whether your kids need vitamin gummies, how to get them to eat their veggies and much more!Click me for show notes!
One of the major “gut health” concerns I deal with is bloating, and for good reason. Bloating sucks. Regardless of the frequency or severity, it’s something no one wants to deal with. And while yes, food intolerances or sensitivities can definitely play a part, I feel there are a number of factors that are criminally overlooked. If you’re wanting to reduce your bloating but you don’t want to cut out a bunch of foods, this is the episode for you. Click me for show notes!
Episode 25: Reflux

Episode 25: Reflux


In this episode of the Bite Me nutrition podcast, I want to share with you the first steps I would guide a client through if they come to me suffering from reflux. I’ve seen lots of clients find relief by simply changing one or two of the things I am about to mention, so hopefully, you can implement some of these tips and find relief too!Click me for show notes!
When should you eat breakfast? What should you eat for breakfast? Should you even EAT breakfast?I get lots of questions about breakfast. LOTS. So, dear listener, I decided to cover all of them in this episode so you wouldn’t have to wonder any more!Click me for show notes!
Welcome to the most click-baity podcast I’ve posted to date. I’m not sorry. I actually really do think it’s that important. If you are able to build this skill, nothing can stop you!Click me for show notes!
For some people, eating enough is just as hard as not eating too much. Unfortunately, it’s something that doesn’t get talked about nearly enough, so in this episode I’m going to try and help.Hard gainers / chronic under fuellers / no appetiters unite!Click me for show notes!
Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the WORLD, and higher levels of cholesterol can increase our risk of cardiovascular disease so… let’s learn how we can lower our cholesterol!Fortunately, with a few simple swaps, we can pretty significantly impact your cholesterol levels. Let’s begin. Click me for show notes!
Today we’re talking all things protein powder because I get it. Supplement stores are terrifying. Even I’m terrified of them and I know a thing or two about nutrition. They’re probably not the most… impartial sources of information either. This podcast is designed to remove the overwhelm from the world of protein shakes. You’ll leave knowing whether you need one and, if you do, what you to look for. Bottom’s up!Click me for show notes!
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