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End Hype: Product Entrepreneurship For Impact

Author: Callye Keen

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End Hype coaches brilliant misfits, innovators, and outsiders to transform product ideas into business realities from real experience without the fluff. We deliver business knowledge gained from developing and manufacturing 100s of products.

The information comes from hard fought experience working with high-growth startups and major corporations. This show is for entrepreneurs who want better lives, more impact, and greater results. We are for the outsiders who understand action is only path to making the future.

We are sick of ...

  • Business books with 200 pages of filler
  • Gurus copying and offering useless content
  • Venture capitialist bankers offering startup advice
  • Fancy talk from fancy people with zero action

Do we know everything?
Of course not.

We connect with guest experts to accelerate learning to answer new challenges. Our network and community is growing every day. Learn with us and share in the story as we grow.

Entrepreneurs are uniquely capable of improving their lives and their communities. Stop talking about what you could do. Listen in and take action. Innovation changes how we live, work, and interact.
We create new opportunities.
Change your life.
Change the world.

About Callye Keen

Through collaboratively developing and manufacturing 100s of products, Callye saw a massive range of strategies, tactics, successes, and failures firsthand. He packaged this experience into the Red Blue Collective framework.

Callye has presented at national events, spoken at universities, and ran successful incubator programs. Clients have built 7-8 figure businesses, raised investment, and sold products around the world.

83 Episodes
Sometimes what gets started starts with who.Callye catches up with Mike Machin on the challenges and growth of his retail stores, products, and overall brand Machine Studio.Key TakeawaysIdeas and businesses can come from your communityInstant success doesn't provide the experience you needTransporting technology (applied knowledge with practical purpose) to your community has profound impactFollow Machine Studio
You are building your future and success on rented land.Facebook can ruin your businessFacebook Ads WorkFor all the launching e-com people listening who have been burned by ads ...Ads work.An entire ecosystem of businesses has formed to use and support the use of FB ads.Billions are made from ads. That isn't the problem.Own not RentI want you to be the owner not the tenant of your success.Create ownership by having a real business.Create and retain customers for longer than an ad click or a quick impulse buy.Without thought and refinement, you are scaling mediocrity.Eternal PrinciplesMany aspects, needs, desires, mechanisms of life will always be true.In the short perspective of our lives and business, some concepts are eternal.BrandBuild a business on your values.Building a business to support your dreams.Build a business that serves people you care about.Solve a real problem your people have.Contribute to a meaningful change in their life.Great brands have passionate advocates because the own the emotion felt when their offer creates impact.They master selling significance, belonging, comfort, or growth.They master something beyond simple features.ProductUntil your offer is so good that people share it, your product is just good enough.Good enough is commoditized. AttentionPeople do not know you. If people do not know you, they can't do business with you.If you understand the principle of attention.If you understand the concept that people buy from people.If you understand that a single relationship could change everythingWhy are you obsessing about ads?Why are you not obsessing about becoming the type of person and business that the right people want to collaborate with?Why are you not spending significant time road mapping that strategy? Wrapping UpWhat would you do if Facebook went away?What would you do if Facebook, YouTube, etc. banned you?Build an iconic brand, create a magnetic offer, and develop scale through relationships.Stop renting your success.
The era is over. The era of easy, cheap supply chains reaching across the globe seems to have come to an end. The Suez canal blockage was a freak incident. The rolling blackouts in China, rising container prices, delays in shipping, backlog at port entry, aging infrastructure, worker shortages, trucker shortages, and other issues have hit product businesses with a wall of problems.... and thats OK.What do we do about supply chain challenges?We are going to start manufacturing in America. (or should I say restart)Why is it not that simple?America lacks the skilled labor and business infrastructure to manufacture at the right level and scale. No enough people with the knowledge and drive exist. Not enough companies exist. The honest truth hurts. Decades of buying garbage has created demand for products not economically made in the US. If your business sells trash, it is highly probably you can't pay a living wage making that trash in the US.How do we move forward?Stop making trash. Make high quality products. If you are an entrepreneur with limited money, find the highest value application and version for your idea. I have sold products for 2X, 10X, and even 100X the normal price by making a high-quality
Waiting to win means you are losing.We get into talking about Black Friday and why Black Friday will not save you. Why a single event, whether it's the trade show of the year, whether it's the Christmas rush or whatever cannot create a sustainable business.Make Sales NowBring your sales forward. Do not train your customers to wait for discounts or Black Friday sales. Discounting never builds brands or loyal customers. No one is loyal to discounters.Stand Out or Get TrampledIf you are slow and uncompetitive now, how will you win on the fastest, most competitive sales days of the year? You need a unique approach and strategy better than 20% off storewide.See Farther than FailureIncredible Black Friday sales create slumps immediately after the sales event. Use subscriptions and other recurring revenue strategy to increase lifetime value. Selling information, consulting, and community and advanced strategies that my clients are using to dominate their industries.
"If you can't figure out WHY someone would buy from you and how to get them to buy from you, you have no future."EC Accelerate helps founders of physical product businesses launch. Nick Ramil moved to China and taught English for money. He started multiple businesses which eventually lead him to EC Accelerate. Nick and team have helped an astounding number of entrepreneurs launch ecom businesses with original products.I met Nick in Hong Kong around 2017. It was a pleasure to finally get him on End Hype to share his experience.HighlightsKeep Things SimpleRight work at the right time. Having a simple, successful framework means doing the right things in the right order. Gurus sell complexity and magic. Experts make processes clear but make you do work.The Power of the CommunityGetting support from other people is key. Asking and providing help builds a strong ecosystem.Customer Discovery"If you can't figure out WHY someone would buy from you and how to get them to buy from you, you have no future." Nick knows the power of customer discovery.Learn more about EC Accelerate
People try to create merch for a brand that doesn't exist.One of the most common businesses people wish to start is an apparel company. These entrepreneurs might say "apparel brand" but few spend the effort required to develop a real brand. They can never grow. They try to sell merchandise for a non-existent brand.In this episode, I talk to Zach Babcock about a variety of topics including the launch of the new Underdog Empowerment brand.
Hack Skills to Launch a BusinessYou name a side hustle I have tried it (sometimes I even made money) or I know someone who does it at a high level. Today, I use all the skills learned from digital marketing, web design, programming, promotion, reselling, retail arbitrage, and more to run my businesses. Success or failure, when you pursue a side hustle, you gain and stack skills that contribute to executing on your idea.SummaryCallye Keen discusses 3 side hustles that hack skill acquisition by earning you money. Stop paying ridiculous prices for lackluster courses. Learn how to break business strategies into skills. Offer those skills and grow. Callye also discusses a new community focused on side hustles.Social MediaHow can you get started in social media, grow your network, and earn money online. The first step is to not be another fool promising results when they barely have skills. Build skills from specific niche tasks to a full suite of services.Reselling ItemsHow can you train to see with new eyes? See opportunities to learn and earn everywhere. Stop driving around aimlessly visiting garage sales. DropshippingDoes this side hustle even work? Maybe. Dropshipping does teach you the essentials of selling products. Build e-commerce sites. Work with suppliers. Handle custom returns. Run ads. Learn skills for a real business.If you are interested,We are building a community at hustlehackers.clubDM me if you want free access.
StorySay hello to THE GRITSTICK and goodbye to the hassle of messy and unsanitary gym chalk. This dual ended GRITSTICK acts as a personal portable device that not only allows for quick, clean chalk application but also provides a space to keep miscellaneous items that get lost in the depths of your gym bagSummaryCassandra Dick saw a problem with using chalk. She went through the product development process with an engineer. A manufacturer helped design the product for manufacturing and cost. She overcame challenges and launched an amazing product.Check out Gritstick
Are you following what I'm doing with the ultimate product launch campaign? If you're interested in products (you probably are since you're listening to a product entrepreneurship podcast) but maybe you're a coach or a service person thinking about getting into products.You can expand your revenue. You can have that additional revenue stream. You can increase your brand, have that tangibility have that top of mind that physical products can do versus just having services.Maybe you're just interested.You're kicking around that idea, right?You haven't even heard about the Ultimate Product Launch.Let's recap what I and the team have been doing these past couple of months. While developing a product, we have broken down simple steps allowing you to follow along. We have discussed finding market niches, developing an ideal customer, uncovering opportunities, analyzing competitors, building simple products, and more.At each step, we have recorded a live stream discussing the progress and decisions. I also created cheat sheets and tools for each step to help you replicate the process.If you are not in the End Hype community, check it
Collaborating with influencers is not paying for posts. Advertising is not marketing.Everyone has heard stories about social media influencers. This celebrity posted a product and sales went wild. This company used content creators to market watches, clothes, supplements, makeup, or whatever.Everyone is curious but cautious.  Our strategy goes far beyond paying people to post ads to their social media audience. This episode breaks downHow to find the right collaboration partnersHow to pitch them a unique opportunityHow to have a successful product launchWhy Influencer Marketing WorksThey have the audience. You pay for advertising on social media platforms and pretend it is a marketing strategy. Influencer campaigns simply bring your product launch to a targeted audience of customers.Are influencers being overratedWhat is a good start with influencer marketingWhat are the benefits of Influencer marketingFinding InfluencersThe person with the biggest audience does not win. The person with the most engaged audience does not win. Bringing a product to market means connecting with potential customers. How can I find influencers for free?How would someone find a social media influencer?The Art of Pitching To An InfluencerWorking with influencers means offering something of value. Paying for posts is easy and gets mediocre results. My strategy requires less money and meets expectations. How to pitch an influencerHow to get top influencers to work with your brandInfluencer outreach examples to learn fromCollaborative Product Launch PlansCollaboration does not mean working with famous people to increase awareness of a struggling product. Collaborative product launches does not mean getting promotion at the launch event.We align with mission, develop a product, and create an offer. This is not an influencer marketing campaign. It is business development with leaders.Steps for the perfect product launchHow to perfect your product launch on social media
Sometimes, success is surviving long enough to experience it.Sam and his co-founders had a simple, unique idea. Snap Mounts started in a garage with 3D printed prototypes. They grew into a 100k+ per month injection molded consumer product. Success was not linear. They stopped. They hit problems.Sam shares powerful growth lessons from experience.The Kickstarter Crowdfunding PlatformWhat does a successful product launch look like? Success does not always happen like the launch plan. Kickstarter helps get attention with the target audience. After the launch date, Snap Mounts did not stop. Changing Marketing PlansMarketing a product is not a press release or running social media ads. A strong marketing strategy adapts to challenges.iOS 14.5 changes to tracking means a new approach.Expanding the Product LineProduct management is not static. Listening to customer experiences shows new products. Snap mounts shares how simple private label products increase revenue. Complexity does not equal value.Check outSnap Mounts Magnetic Action Camera Mount
Success can light you up or burn you outStoryMike Young had all the marks of success but he was not happy. The crash of 2008 came and took him to zero. The turmoil was a blessing. Mike began a process personal development and discovering fulfillment.SummaryThis conversation is almost impossible to summarize. If you want clarity on the connection between fuzzy personal development stuff and clear business success, listen closely. Mike Young explains why personal growth and the full potential of your business are connected.Start with the End in MindStarting a business is more than selling stuff or creating an online course. Design a business to create your life. What do you want? Set goals that matter in the short term and long term.Alignment beats Business TacticsWatch yourself. Positive emotions and feeling energized (not drained) show direction. If you have the foundations built and strategies in place, alignment and development make successful entrepreneurs. Becoming the Best VersionPersonal and business growth is isolating. Self-doubt can weigh on entrepreneurs. Surround yourself with people who have accomplished what you want. Achieve your goals by constantly learning. Have a positive impact.
Winning products can still lose money.StoryI have seen product businesses struggling even when by outward appearances they are winning.Great product. Great marketing strategies.Great conversion rate on the landing page.They were held hostage to the costs of social ads. With ad costs rising, low cost, low margin products are looking even less desirable. I know. I have been ranting about premium products forever. From e-commerce to retail, a single metric can show me massive insights leading to revenue growth. SummaryIf you do not have an e-commerce store, listen.If you do not even sell products, listen.These strategies help any business where customer places an order. Product PortfolioFree ShippingBundlingReferralsPremium ProductsWhy Care About AOV?AOV is one of the most important metrics for health and growth.We hear the latest marketing strategy or Shopify plugin. Average order value AOV gives us a metric to see if these strategies are working. You try a new marketing effort. Did the total number of orders increase? Great. AOV gives us a check against pure order volume growth.Stop Offering a Single ProductIf you sell one product, you are at risk to competition, copycats, and fickle market trends. Use Traction products to cross-sell, upsell, and down sell. Add complementary products making it easy for customers to spend.Stop Losing Money on Free ShippingConsumers are addicted to free shipping. You must offer free shipping to compete. Requiring a free shipping threshold encourages customers to hit a minimum purchase.Stealing from McDonalds (Bundling)You probably don't offer burgers and fries but we can steal a little tactic from Americas favorite burger joint. The value meal makes selecting the hottest products combined with the highest margin products simple.Customers get discounts and hit the free shipping mark. You increase margin.Lower CAC with ReferralsNet Promoter Score (NPS) is my favorite metric. Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) and overhead costs are why increasing AOV leads to profit.What if CAC was zero?What if new customer purchases came from referrals?Sell Premium ProductsSelling premium products is more than a pricing strategy.Selling at a premium means mastering perceived value.Social proof, emotion, messaging, brand improve your average order. Great brands have the foundation to use all the other strategies.
Make ideas into products at any volume.StoryI was negotiating a deal with a new customer. The size of the order was large enough we could not meet the demand. We could manufacture and assemble all the custom parts.The purchased components had high costs and long lead times. In some cases, we used more of the product than was widely available in the US.I told the customer I would get on a plane, fly to China, and source the components. No distributors. No resellers. We would create a better supply chain to deliver what they needed.A week later, I was in China.Why did I offer this?How did I know I could do it?I had already built a skill and understanding and process for sourcing. I made products with suppliers all over the world.SummaryMove beyond tinkering. Move past prototyping. Create quality products at volume. A step by step process to find a manufacturer for your productStrategies for vetting potential partners and spotting red flagsCritical tips for managing the supply chain for long term results Finding Potential ManufacturersDefine the product and service you need. Suppliers offering single manufacturing processes are different from contract manufacturers. The right supplier can produce your product in one place.Searching Alibaba or ThomasNet is how most people find manufacturers.We have a next level tactic giving better results in far less time. Finding manufacturing suppliers can be easier.How to find a manufacturer for my product in the US?How to find a reliable contract manufacturer in China?How do you know if they can produce your product?The Vetting ProcessGood manufacturing companies are hard to find. Most suppliers are not flashy on social media. The business owners do not create massive brands. Vetting factories requires a process.How to determine if an Alibaba supplier is legitimate?Do they produce similar type of product?How will they protect your intellectual property?Managing the Supply ChainWorking with overseas manufacturers or people down the road is not as simple as demanding they make stuff. It also is not as complicated as corporate supply chain management want it to be. Why are suppliers not responding to my requests for quote?How can you trust suppliers with large product orders?How can startups build strong supplier relationships?For more information on product launches, growing your business, and our community, visit
Idea people have the worst ideas. If you are an “idea person” and have never executed ideas, your ideas are terrible.SummaryCallye describes a simple process for creating actionable ideas for product innovation and creative problem solving. The ideation phase is not an accident.FramingWhat problem will your product solve? Gain leverage over existing product and services using 5 Why analysis. Understand the ecosystem of issues and the competition using a Fishbone Diagram. You cannot solve a problem you do not understand.ImmersionAbsorb information. Use a solution approach to find information. Go on an information diet quickly.  Move on to action.Solo IdeationBecome an idea machine. Group collaboration and brainstorming is not the best starting strategy. Get the most unique ideas by creating alone. Group IdeationGroup members add new points of view.  Group brainstorming techniques need rules to increase the number of ideas.  FilterAre these ideas right for the business? Everything is possible given enough time and money. Not all great ideas are valuable right now.QualifyAre these ideas right for the world? Quality ideas through simple validation. Do people want this? What is the competition. Explore the answers.
What Problem are You Solving?StoryYears ago, Red Blue Collective organized a pitch event called Launch100. We had judges from entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, Innovation, and Manufacturing. I have this incredibly distinct memory of Randy Graves asking every single pitch team the same question: “How many customers have you talked with?”The correlation between entrepreneurs who would go on to be successful  and those who had taken the action of speaking with customers was astonishing. Randy knew the power of customer interviews from raising billions.SummaryForget guessing what features to build, where to find customers, or if anyone will buy your product. Speaking to people is a simple, human approach to launching and growing a product business.ValidationHow do you reach customers? Inventors, entrepreneurs, startups fail to connect ideas to a customer problem. Before we get to product market fit, can you speak with ten people? Find their pain points.Messaging / CopywritingWhat if customers told you the exact words to use? Copywriting frameworks like PAS, AIDA, Story Brand work if you have the inputs. Stories build content for emails, landing pages, ads, and marketing strategies.Reviews Versus Testimonials for Social ProofDoes social proof work? Yes. Product reviews tell facts. Testimonials tell a story where your customer is the hero helped by your winning product.Get more information on customer interviews and using stories by joining the End Hype Movement.
Growth Hack a Crowdfunding Product LaunchOver the last 15 years, I have developed and manufactured 100s of products with brilliant entrepreneurs, high-growth startups, and Fortune 500 companies.I saw what worked. I saw patterns of what people did.I realized, as a manufacturer, my business could only succeed if my customers win. If you want to make products, someone must sell them.I started Red Blue Collective to offer entrepreneurs my experience and network. After speaking with hundreds of people from dabblers to scaling business owners, I learned the obstacles confusing decisions and slowing growth. People needed more than pieces. Tactics are fine but putting action into context needed a new approach.I did something a little different to demonstrate my unique Framework.Start to Kickstarter: Launch in 20 DaysAfter presentations, audiences bombarded me with excuses.“I don’t have the spare time to pursue my idea.”“I don’t have the money to develop a prototype.”“I don’t have access to manufacturers to build my product.”Excuses are a sweet poison. Excuses make you feel justified while they kill your drive, dream, and potential.To prove my small community wrong, I created a series of workshops to show every step, decision, and outcome as a friend and I found a need, developed a product, and launched a crowdfunding campaign.We used makerspace equipment to prototype.I bartered for the campaign video.I used money raised from the workshop tickets to fund ads.Everything was done after 5PM and on weekends within a few weeks.We made a $200 fidget spinner about 6 months before the wild craze.The Alpha Spinner campaign did $30,017.00 on Kickstarter and another 12k+ in pre-sales after the successful campaign closed. Pretty good for setting a 3 week launch date.People said fidget spinners would never be popular and the business was not scalable.They were wrong on both.Collaborations Unlock the Next LevelI focus on simple strategies that will last forever and work across any industry or niche.Partnerships are a core principle, but do they work to grow a novelty product business?We created the world’s most expensive fidget spinner ($700+).We didn't raise capital to hammer our target audience with ads or another basic marketing strategy.We spent zero dollars on ads to sell the product.We sold out in about a week and a half resulting in a 6-figure launch.The sales were pre-orders. We only made a prototype and posted images along the way on social media. We didn't even use a crowdfunding platform.How? How did that happen?The simple answer is collaborating with launch partners.How did have I been able to replicate that process with clients again and again over the past 4 years?You have to follow The Ultimate Launch Campaign.I am walking through every step, decision, strategy, tool, outcome, etc. so you can do it as well.Join The End Hype Movement.
Elevate Your Circle to Improve Your Life. As I built Red Blue Collective, I looked for connection. I wanted knowledge and community. I went to local entrepreneurship and startup events. I participated in the local makerspace. I started speaking and hosting events. Nothing really clicked. The people were loosely connected and not serious. At least, they were not serious about the things I find important. I joined a paid community two years ago which led to massive change. created powerful connections, and opened up a world of other valuable groups. Summary Forget the cliché guru and mastermind nonsense. Finding a community of serious entrepreneurs will accelerate your growth. Learning and collaborating with other people pulls knowledge from multiple perspectives. Episode HighlightsConnection Beyond Networking Entrepreneurship is only lonely because you lack the right friends, peers, and mentors. People are waiting for someone with your exact knowledge. No one is listening or helping because you are asking the wrong people.Coordination of Knowledge Share real knowledge to grow your business. One session might be on marketing strategy. Another might discuss product development.Staying On Track Mastermind programs meet regularly. Members hold each other accountable. When you get put in the hot seat, you want answers and progress to report.Business Growth The basic idea is simple. Grow your business by surrounding yourself with successful people. When you see other’s success, imagining progress becomes easier.How to Find your Mastermind Joining mastermind groups is not as simple as searching for "best master mind 2021". The market has many types of mastermind groups. Some groups are named accelerators, communities, or even clubs. Not everyone is a fan of Napoleon Hill and the book Think and Grow Rich.Look for:Aligned Values - I value different things than others. I want to make sure a community is aligned with and helps support my core values.Specialization or Focus - Some organizations focus on a trade or goal. Others guarantee zero overlap between members. Personally, I want to speak with people who have done what I am trying to do.Level of Success - we can learn something from just about anyone. If you are trying to make a million dollars, $60k per year earners might not be the best fit.
Great Products Lose to Well Marketed Products EverydayAs entrepreneurs, we love our ideas. Launching to silence is heartbreaking to watch. The basic product idea is good but the value remains unknown. If people do not know you, how will they buy your product?In this episode of End Hype, Callye Keen breaks down the three common problems with making a product successful. The secret is not complex product roadmaps or expert product management. We talk simple human to human selling using timeless strategies.So, what makes a successful product launch plan?Base Your Marketing Strategy on Customer Pain PointsEvery post, interview, email, and landing page should explain how your product allows the target audience to achieve something and overcome real problems. A great content marketer knows the power of story.Selling features and benefits is a comparison game.Comparison creates unnecessary competition. The three stages of product offeringTreating a Launch like Pressing a ButtonHave a Launch Event. Treat the start of the campaign like a party. Set a launch date. Build hype.Create media to drive attention to a lead magnet. Capture email addresses on a landing page.Get your customer base involved in launch day. Use live stream video and social media shares to build community and reach new customers.The Obsession with Cold Traffic AdvertisingRunning ads is not an easy button. Facebook and social ads are not a cure-all.Engage customers. Refine your message. Without know what to write, your copy will be mediocre. Ads will scale mediocrity.Dial in the offer with content and engagement. Your ads will run far better.We have run 6 figure launches with no ads.I sell product every year with zero ad spend.Every coach thinks they should drive cold traffic to a lead magnet to a offer.Every ecommerce entrepreneur thinks they should drive cold traffic to trending product.Who has your audience?Who already has the trust?Can you sell to a warm audience?
If your business lacks core values, you will never optimize its growth. Tomas Keenan was a blue-collar worker turned CEO. He works with entrepreneurs as a high-level business coach and recently became COO of Break Free Academy. His humble beginnings and lengthy career taught him how to grow businesses into successful lifestyles.Core values are necessary to align any business for success. Without affirming your company’s vision, the steps to attain that goal will become problematic. Episode Highlights03:53 – Find a Mentor and Take Advice – Business owners need to talk and listen to someone more successful than themselves. 12:17 – Saving A Business – Tomas’s mentors encouraged him to test his abilities. He learned to apply lessons from his niche company to help experts across various industries. 16:42 – Refuse to Be Average – This is Tomas’s core value. When quarantine lifestyles set in, he saw more opportunities to challenge this status quo and get ahead. 29:06 – Real World Core Values – Set an example of core values in the workplace with every new hire. When values don’t play an active role in employees’ everyday lives, your company won’t stay on track.39:32 – Mastermind Your Business & Life – Don’t grow to resent your business. A mastermind program will teach you to build your company into your lifestyle and not compete with it. 43:32 – Active Core Values – Gratitude, physical health, a constant grind, and intentional group time. Tomas recommends taking action towards these core values every single day.  “I don't care what title you have. It's your job. It's your duty and obligation to set the vision for your company.”Tomas KeenanConnect with Tomas:tomaskeenan.comconnectwithtomas.comAbout Callye Keen And Red Blue Collective:Through collaboratively developing and manufacturing 100s of products, Callye Keen saw a massive range of strategies, tactics, successes, and failures firsthand. He packaged this experience into the Red Blue Collective framework. Callye coaches physical product entrepreneurs from idea through development, manufacturing, launch, and growth.Callye Keen has presented at national events, spoken at universities, and run successful incubator programs. He has sold millions in products and services each year for more than a decade. Clients have built 7-8 figure businesses, raised investment, and sold products around the world. Learn more about Growing Your Product Business at Red Blue Collective.
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