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The REGIS-TR RoundUp is a weekly hub for regulatory reporting news and views from your leading Trade Repository team and industry guests from across the globe. LEGAL BIT:
50 Episodes
This week we're proud to end season 4 with the first ever inter-TR podcast event with Paul Sedgwick (Executive Director & General Manager of DDRL at DTCC) and the Regis-TR team discussing the big issues facing trade repositories in 2021-22. We go in-depth on EMIR Refit, data harmonisation, ISO 20022 and the challenges of maintaining a profitable TR industry and meeting the needs of market participants in the face of ever increasing data hunger, new regulations, new technologies and changing economic conditions. Don't miss this very special 50th episode of the Round-Up - it's like a conference panel event with added banter.
In this week's feature length episode our two CEOs - Thomas Steimann from Regis-TR SA and John Kernan from Regis-TR UK discuss the outlook for trade repositories, and examine the short-term and long-term challenges of Brexit, EMIR Refit, data quality and increasing costs for smaller market participants.
In part 2 of our discussion with Chris Hollifield (Head of Business Development at Luxembourg for Finance) we discuss the role of blockchain and tokenisation in the future of green investment, plus we discuss his role in creating the Podcast over a curry in London's famous Brick Lane. Plus we go in-depth on Brexit News and the new regulations for reporting under EMIR once LIBOR is discontinued.
In this episode Chris Hollifield - Head of Business Development for Luxembourg for Finance  -discusses what makes Luxembourg a global leader for regulations, ESG, fund servicing and a growing Fintech community. We also have our latest Brexit news, and updates from Head of Client Services Barbera Ruiz Alonso and CEO of Regis-TR UK, John Kernan. Next week in part 2 we get into the future for tokenisation, DLT, blockchain and more... 
This week we have a feature length episode where we look back over the history of ISO 20022 with one of the people who has helped to make it such a huge success over the last 15-years, Paul Janssens the Programme Director at SWIFT. Paul is joined by REGIS-TR S.A. MD Irene Mermigidis, John Kernan (CEO of REGIS-TR UK) and Thomas Bremen (VP REGIS-TR) who is working with Paul on the SEG Group currently collaborating with ESMA on the first maintenance release of ISO 20022 for SFTR. Plus we have a laugh about Y2K... remember that? Laura doesn't.
Que Phuong  Dufournet-Tran, Director of Trading Services & Analytics Regulatory Affairs at IHS Markit and Laura Rodriguez from our Institutional Relations team discuss the challenges for regulators and market participants when trying to harmonise trade reporting data across jurisdictions. Plus we have a new Brexit news section, and more insights from the TR team on the news and events shaping the Regtech space.
In our second special edition with BearingPoint's ABACUS product manager Alexander Becht, we explore deeper into the future of regtech and discuss the idea of RegOps (regulatory operations) in the cloud, plus data lakes, regulator designed market infrastructure and more. Plus the usual insights and water cooler chat from the virtual studio crew...
In this 2-part special, Alexander Becht from BearingPoint joins the virtual studio crew for an in-depth discussion about regulations, harmonisation and the emergence of new regulatory concepts such as cloud-based data lakes for regulators and market participants. Plus we have the latest Brexit news and Laura Rodriguez from Institutional Relations updates us on the latest risk outlook from ESMA. 
This week we're joined by Simcorp director & Head of the Regulatory Centre of Excellence Carsten Kunkel to discuss the role of data in regulatory  reporting, and in particular the need for 'one data truth' for market participants. Join us with the virtual studio team to discuss the need for high quality data within repo and securities finance, plus the way data can transform operations and improve margins.
This week our special guest is Deutsche Börse Compliance Officer Rushmi Katyal, giving us her insights into regulatory divergence between the UK and EU, and what this means for market participants. Plus, we go in-depth into ESG and what this means for Fund Managers, Asset Managers and the Regtech industry. We are also joined by Clinical Psychologist Dr. Lulu Preston with more advice for staying positive and keeping your mental health in good shape through the lockdown and returning to work. 
Welcome to season 4, our 40th episode and our 1 year anniversary show. To celebrate we've got leading repo expert Richard Comotto going in depth on the repo problems caused by SFTR, plus greenwashing, ESG bond markets and emerging repo markets around the world. Plus Dr. Lulu Preston returns with advice for transitioning back to the workplace, and the potential challenges that can cause to your mental health. 
In this special episode, we take a break from the Trade Repository and Regtech space to interview our resident Consultant Clinical Psychologist Dr. Lulu Preston on her groundbreaking Personality Disorder work for the NHS, her views on mental health in the workplace, plus the full set of brain hacks and mental health tips from Season 3 of the Regis-TR RoundUp. 
In this special feature length finale for season 3, we are with Andy Dyson, the CEO of ISLA, to talk about all the major issues and stories we've covered in season 3, plus look to the future of securities finance in the EU, UK and global markets. Plus Dr. Lulu Preston offers some more brain hacks and mental health tips for your daily routine, and the virtual studio crew update the Brexit news, and developments for EMIR reporting in the UK. Don't miss it!
This week Fabian Klar of DeltaconX joins us to discuss EMIR Refit - will it be a Big Bang for EU derivatives markets? Plus we discuss the growth of Regtech, the latest EU derivatives stats and our regular Brexit update. Also this week, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Lulu Preston is back with advice for senior leaders and managers on how to build good mental health practices and support into their regular working processes with teams.
This week we have part 2 of our in-depth feature with Pierre Khemdoudi (Partner at IHS Markit) discussing the digital maturity of the securities finance markets, the growth of USA and APAC banks, plus the role of buy-side clients in 2021. Plus our guest Clinical Psychologist Dr. Lulu Preston is back with some brain hacks to help you shake off those lockdown blues and deal with the 'Groundhog Day' effect... 
In this first part of our in-depth interview with Pierre Khemdoudi, we talk about the success of SFTR and IHS Markit's recent acquisition of Cappitech - and what this means for their global end-to-end offering. We also discuss the trend of consolidation in the Fintech and Regtech markets, plus our usual Brexit updates and some exciting news about the successful digital version of the GFF 2021 Summit. Don't miss part 2 next week where we discuss the future of securities finance and repo in the post-Brexit world, the growth of global competition for the EU and UK, plus the increasingly important role of automation in the post-trade industry. 
In this special feature length show we discuss the future of post-Brexit securities finance with renowned expert, consultant and podcaster Roy Zimmerhansl (formerly Global Head of Securities Finance at HSBC). We're discussing global securities markets growth and challenges inside the EU, in the UK, US and Asia, plus the untapped potential of SFTR. Also - as an early tech adopter an innovator - Roy also discusses the role of social media, private networks and digital CPD in financial services. Don't miss this very special episode with an industry thought leader and podcaster. 
This week Bloomberg's Global Head of Regulatory Reporting Services - Brian Lynch - joins the virtual studio crew to talk about the way data and automation is changing the way market participants work, plus talks about the growth of the Fintech and Regtech markets. Also we have tips on improving your mental health and wellbeing in the lockdown from Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Lulu Preston. Plus the usual Brexit update and more... 
This week Jean-Robert Wilkin (Executive Director - Banking, Funding and Financing - Head of Business Development at Clearstream) joins us for a feature length chat about the upcoming GFF Summit, one of the most popular events in the Luxembourg banking calendar which for the first time is going to be a digital event. We discuss the themes, and also catch up on the post-Brexit news, plus all the news and views from the Trade Repository space.  Plus we are now ranked in the top 10 business news podcasts in Luxembourg...
As the New Year kicks off with more Covid disruption, we look at the impact of the UK's exit from the EU in depth with finance law expert Seb Malik (Market FinReg) and trade repository expert Danny Corrigan. Plus we talk to CEO of the new Regis-TR UK entity John Kernan on the transition and launch of the UK TR. Join us for this feature length special episode...
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