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BOCO Town from the Historic Turnage Theatre

Author: Debra Torrence, Steve Barnes, Leesa Jones, Roland Wyman

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BOCO Town from Arts of the Pamlico at the Turnage Theatre in Historic Downtown Washington, North Carolina. We talk to the amazing people in our community who help Arts of the Pamlico deliver such a rich variety of programs and events. News and updates on Arts of the Pamlico, along with interviews with the people behind everything that happens at the Turnage Theatre. Support our Historic Turnage Theatre and Arts of the Pamlico:
25 Episodes
BOCO Town is recorded on stage at the Historic Turnage Theatre in Washington, North Carolina.The recording session is open to the public.  Visit for the next recording date.Hosts Steve Barnes and Leesa Jones chat with Alice Sadler, who provides a first person account of life in Washington  while schools were still segregated. Her gifted storytelling brings that history to life in our imaginations.Alice Sadler is curator of the P.S. Jones Museum in Washington.Jennie Ann Cole and Liz Liles discuss homelessness and Photo Voice, which is an exhibit here at the Turnage Theatre.Support the show (
Hosts, Steve Barnes and Leesa Jones chat with Jeffery and his new intern.Support the show (
Steve Barnes chats with Jeffery Phipps and Ethan WolfSupport the show (
Hosts Steve Barnes and Leesa Jones chat with Clay Carter and Ethan WolfSupport the show (
Leesa and Steve chat with Ethan Wolf, Heather Summers, and Ashley Padgett (Beaufort County schools)Support the show (
Leesa Jones shares her journey from and back to Washington onthis episode of BoCo Town. Listen in to learn how the Washington Waterfront Underground Railroad Museum came to be in Washington, NC.  Learn about and hear the coded language used to communicate paths to freedom andthe role the Pamlico River "alley" played in the pursuit of freedom.Then watch for the next episode when Leesa brings her delightfulpersonality back to BoCo Town as the new co-host starting in April2021.Support the show (
Listen in to this BoCo Town episode and learn about thesaxophone and two musicians that have mastered it and manyinstruments. Michael Stephenson and Jim Gilliam join us on stage atthe Historic Turnage Theatre to share their musical journeys, funfacts about the instruments they play and how they came together atPitt Community College to keep the journey going.Support the show (
Scott Campbell is well known and loved for his outgoing personality in his role here in Washington, NC, as a realtor, a talented performer, and avid supporter of the arts.In this episode, Steve Barnes and Debra Torrence chat with Scott to learn about how Scott’s waterway to Washington and his love of the area.Scott drops a teaser of his upcoming reading of "Twas the Night Before Christmas"Support the show (
Washington Tourism Development Authority (WTDA) Executive Director, Erin Ruyle, along with her staff, Paula Stephenson and Gabrielle Whitlock, provide an update on tourism in recent turbulent months.Rather than reporting that Washington's tourism has been dramatically down, Erin provides a few surprising statistics that can be attributed to the region's resilience and the TDA's resourcefulness.Go to and for more information.Support the show (
James Jones discusses his upcoming new movieSupport the show (
Emily Soeken, Arts of the Pamlico's East Carolina University's (ECU) State Employees Credit Union Public Fellows Intern joins BoCo Town Hosts, Torrence and Barnes. Soeken is currently a Junior in Theatre Education at ECU. Listen in as she shares how she was introduced to historical places, who gave her the theatre bug -- on and off stage -- and what she is creating for your next visit to the Historic Turnage Theatre.Support the show (
Before podcasts, oral storytelling around a campfire, on a porch, at a reunion threaded together lives in a community. Guest Sarah Bryan was drawn to oral storytelling from an early age, sitting at the feet of her elders taking it all in. Sarah leads the NC Folklife Institute and will be leading a research project supported by the NC Humanities Council to plan an indepth project to capture the oral histories of the Turnage Theatre. Eric Martinez, AOP's Golden Leaf Foundation-supported summer intern has dug into the newspaper clippings of the past and memorabilia to add to the project so listen in to learn what they have found so far. Once complete, a permanent exhibit at the Turnage is planned, which Andre Nabors of Visit NC will assist in sharing with visitors to our community. Tune in to learn about this rich project to capture the history of a rare jewel, the Historic Turnage Theatre.Support the show (
Shannon Resing and Wayne Stoeckert are two local artists who are woven into the fabric of what our community experiences in the arts routinely. Shannon is a trained dancer and owner of Moulin Rouge de Danse. Her team offers an array of classes for youth and adults in the red barn with recitals at the Turnage Theatre. Wayne has a long history of playing and singing in bands starting up north in New York State and down the eastern seaboard. His smooth vocals and flying fingers on the guitar immediately draw you into his art. Join us on BoCo Town as we talk with and listen to the movement and sounds of Beaufort County.Support the show (
Paloma Capanna joins us to share her journey into the writing world. An attorney practicing and living in Beaufort, NC, Capanna now has two professions having authored poems, a collection of essays entitled Nearly Fifty and a recently completed first — a political thriller titled Inconclusive. Listen in and make your own conclusions about this talented member of the AOP art group affiliate, the Pamlico Writers Group.Tim Bivans joined us from his music studio in Auden. A popular musician and band member of 4 Asses and a Mule which has performed at AOP’s Historic Turnage Theatre. Bivans has deep roots in music theory and a love for music of all kinds. Join us for the stories and sounds of Tim Bivans.Support the show (
Gary Duncan joined us on BoCo Town to share his journey from neuro scientist to clothing designer. A musician too, Gary brings microscopic images to life in vivid colors and transfers them on to cloth for uniquely designed women's clothing and COVID19 masks. Nanette Garrett of the band Garrett is an award winning singer, musician, talented song writer and more who found Washington in her youth as her musical passion found a stage. She's been sharing her music ever since. Find her performing in the region, online and on today's show.Support the show (
Join us for our 10th BoCo Town episode and take flight - really! Bily Vaughn shares his love of flight and the background on how the flexible wing, Rogallo Wing, was created that led to hang gliding and numerous innovations. Al Powell shares the first drone program for youth in Beaufort County, a partnership with Microsoft and how you can get involved with the IBX STEM Center. Support the show (
Ray MidgettRay joins us to share his passion for local maritime history. Listen in as Ray shares a bit of history about the river port Washington used to be, how a deadly twist of fate for President Lincoln has ties to the region, and the work of a local group preserving Washington’s history, the Historic Port of Washington, is bringing history to the fore.Ruth WyandRuth Wyand, a one-woman band — literally — spent time with us sharing how she sings, strums, drums and shakes songs across a range of genres for a truly unique musical experience. Listen in to how Ruth and A Tribe of One does it and then plan to see her perform in person at not one, not two but three! Arts of the Pamlico events across Beaufort County on October 17, 2020.Support the show (
Ginger Gehres, ArtistArtist, Ginger Gehres, has always considered her soul to be that of a naturalist and conservationist. Running the gamut from wildlife, landscapes, and florals… they all hold a fascination for her. She carries a deep desire to show others their individual beauty. Join us as we talk with visual bard and award wining artist Ginger Gehres about how she tells a story through scratchboarding. Scratchboard is a fine art technique that employs the use of sharp tools to remove top layers of ink with different ways of scratching (cross hatching, stippling, small slashes, etc.), exposing an under layer that is white in order to create an image. Find Ginger's work at the Lemonade Gallery in downtown Washington, NC and online at gingergehres.comBob Daw, MusicianBob Daw joins us for a talk and a song today. Having learned the guitar from his father and a friend at the age of 13, Bob has continued to play music through the good times and through some difficult times in his life. Join us for our conversation with Bob Daw about his love for music, passion for fishing and his bucket list. And listen in as we meet a red hair girl in his featured song. Find Bob at the BCTMA jams and online at and on Fb.Support the show (
Amber Flora Thomas, a writer and poet, professor and more joined us today for BoCo Town.  The author of Eye of Water: Poems which was selected by Harryette Mullen as the winner of the 2004 Cave Canem Poetry Prize. Her other books include, The Rabbits Could Sing: Poems (University of Alaska Press, 2012) and Red Channel in the Rupture: Poems (Red Hen Press, 2018). You can find her poetry in publications we shared below. Brian Burke (Back Pocket Buddha) hails from New York but has been in North Carolina for over 20 years. He has been playing music and performing for audiences since his days in high school playing guitar. Listen in to learn about his musical life.Support the show (
Lou Hunley is the Children's Librarian at BHM Library. Headquartered in Washington, NC the regional library serves Beaufort, Hyde and MArtin Counties, including Ocracoke Island. Lou coordinates and supports children's programming across the region. Lou shares what locals can find online through the library system, programs they have been working on and what she calls a noodle-head tale!Erin Staebell is the Arts of the Pamlico Turnage Theatre's Coordinator for theatre and youth programs. Erin grew up in the mountains of West Virginia and brought her experience and love of theatre to NC when her family bought a the story for many of us who live here goes. Erin shares programs currently online through AOP and her history with quirky school mascots, one featured on NPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me! Show. Listen in!Support the show (
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