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Author: Nicole Kirkland x Notorious. LLC

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Gossip, knowledge, laughs and games all come together in this progressive and fun podcast. Listen in on the most unfiltered conversations between the entertainment industry’s biggest and most influential movers and shakers. Krew Kiki is brought to you by one of LA’s hottest choreographers and dance instructors, Nicole Kirkland.

33 Episodes
It is with great sadness to announce that this will be the last episode of Krew Kiki. With so much changing in my career and personal life it was time to close this chapter and begin a new one. With that being said, I listened to you guys and brought to you my OWN interview to finish off this series. In this episode, I talk about my dance and choreography career, my journey with religion and spirituality and my experiences in LA. Natalie and I did not play a game this episode but instead I answered all the questions that you guys have been dying to know, like the biggest one… What happened to Kirkland Krew? I hope you enjoy this last episode and I want to thank each and every one of you for the love and support you have shown me over the past year with this show, I will never forget it. This is not the end. <3
From producing for big names like Chris Brown and Tank these brothers have made a mark in the music industry. Grammy-nominated for their work with TGT and winning a platinum plaque for their work with Chris Brown these boys know how to make a hit. What’s next? Now, Dom and Darius are about to go full-force with their own music career and are releasing a big project soon! For anyone out there trying to make it as a writer, producer or artist… this episode is for you!
Tia Rivera is a super talented choreographer who has an unbelievable amount of knowledge to share with the world. From finance strategies to self-care and positivity I feel as though Tia has figured it all out. She opens up about how one day during her Senior Year in high school she came home to padlocks on her apartment door and how this moment changed her forever. Listen and get inspired by this women’s wisdom and also watch us go head-to-head on one of the best games of “Incohearant” played on this show.
Kendra “KO” Oyesanya and Terrence “Rawswagger” Green unpack a lot on this informative and personal episode. From their starts in LA, going after their dreams, the audition process for Step Up and the phone call that changed both of their lives these two have experiences on experiences to share. Their self-confidence and their stubbornness of not accepting “no” as an answer has put these two at the top of their game and are changing the way dancers are looked at within the industry. Buckle up for a very informative and vulnerable ride.
My sister is FINALLY here! Natalie sits down with me to talk about our lives together as sisters. We talk about the crazy trip we took right before the world went into quarantine to 10 different countries in 3 weeks. From the pyramids of Egypt to the tallest building in Dubai, we give you the extreme experiences of many popular cities around the world! We of course also talk about Natalie’s career with dance and how she was a pro-cheerleader for many years before moving to LA. Get to know the Kirkland sisters more in this interesting episode.
Two of my favorite videographers, Beno and Jon sit down with me to discuss life behind the camera. Surprisingly, the career of a primarily dance videographer can be quite interesting when you work with different creators who potentially don’t like each other. From their starts as videographers, to their journey through LA and formulating their long-term goals, these guys got a lot to say in our longest Krew Kiki interview yet.
Ary and I are finally back from our 3 week vacation! We talk about our experiences in North Carolina with Ary's family, 4th of July in Myrtle Beach, our week long get-away in Sandals Jamaica and of course our super fun trip to Disney World.
Ary and I are finally back from our 3 week vacation! We talk about our experiences in North Carolina with Ary’s family, 4th of July in Myrtle Beach, our week long get-away in Sandals Jamaica and of course our super fun trip to Disney World.
So excited for this episode of Krew Kiki, I have Vanessa Seco the most famous shuffler in the world is here to talk about her life and career as a shuffler! I am completely blown away with her success story of how she came from no money and then found a way to completely indulge into her passion and create an empire. We talk about her relationship with Bang and the hardships of being closely tied to a company who is so openly a supporter of Trump along with playing a fun game of “IncoHEARant”. This episode will leave you feeling inspired.
Howard Johnson, the guy known for tilting in random places has become a huge success on Tik Tok. Howard sits down to kiki with me on how Tik Tok has helped his confidence, growing up without a dad, how he is working on changing the stigma of men dancing in heels and of course we play a daring game of “Never Have I Ever”. Enjoy.
Old friend Bdash and I sit down to have a very informative and special episode. Bdash takes us through his life and career of a Krumper and how he was ranked #2 best krumper in the world. From Compton, CA Bdash went from gang member to professional, viral dancer with a huge platform and many amazing experiences and credits under his belt. With everything going on in the world, Bdash's message is powerful, positive and strong. His story is remarkable and I am so excited he came onto the show and was so open and honest with us. Don’t take this episode for granted.
We are celebrating Pride with this episode of Krew Kiki! I have brought on my new friends Walker and Jon Silva to discuss their beautiful lives as dancers, entertainers and gay men. They are taking the world by storm by creating their own dope ass duo called Bottom Behavior. We talk about starting businesses, “coming out”, representation in the industry and of course we finish off this episode with fun game of “5 Second Rule”. Enjoy!
On our 20th episode of Krew Kiki, Ary and I talk with one of our favorite couples ever Sammie and Yeyo! A power couple who live in LA and do everything from dance, stunts and martial arts. We talk about how they met on a job in Florida, Sammie being a black belt in Karate and Yeyo’s audition process for the show Waterworld at Universal Studios Hollywood!
Welcome to the 19th episode of Krew Kiki! I wanted to bring you guys a little something different this week… so I asked my good friend Angel AKA Mac Daddyy to sit down and talk and also teach me how to do some make up. In this episode, Angel and I take turns doing my eye make up while we talk about his incredibly successful make up line. Do you think he taught me anything?
My good friends Deanna and Alissa sit down with me during quarantine to talk about some different topics. We discuss the crazy Tik Tok craze and how each of us has gotten… or not gotten... into it. We talk about the 3 dance visuals I put together during quarantine and how each of them were a part of it. We also have a deep conversation of re-finding our passion during Covid, rebranding and mental health. And last but not least we play a NEW game on the Kiki called “The Voting Game”. Enjoy!  This episode is sponsored by Care/of! For 50% off your first Care/of order, go and enter code kiki50.
Phil and Ashley Wright join me to talk about their lives and of course their pregnancy! Ashley is just about ready to pop as she only has a couple days until her due date! Lots of laughs are shared as we talk about their viral proposal, becoming parents, how they keep such a strong relationship even when Phil travels all the time and of course how they both are staying productive during quarantine. Like, comment and share this truly fun episode!
I brought shorty back on for episode 16 and we have big news.... WE GOT A NEW PUPPY! Little Daiquiri Davenport has traveled all the way from South Korea to be a part of our family and we can’t be happier! Along with this news... we also discuss Aryan’s birthday, witnessing the blue ocean waves, crazy people in quarantine and we play a drunk game of “5 Second Rule”. Hope you enjoy this chill episode with my love!
In this episode I sit down with Johnny Erasme AKA J Blaze to discuss a whole bunch of topics! He talks about dancing and choreographing for Chris Brown and Justin Bieber, overcoming self-doubt, his music career, the importance of family and how coronavirus has affected the dance industry and himself personally. We of course finish it off with an 18+ game of “IncoHEARent”. Enjoy.
Welcome back to our 14th episode of Krew Kiki! I brought back my good friends Abigail and Christina to discuss the crazy times we are living in and how they are personally holding up. We talk about the story that led Christina to never drinking again, our 4/20 experience playing “Ganjaland”, our personal opinions on Corona and we play a funny game of “Most Likely To...”. Like, Subscribe and tell us who you want me to bring on next.
I hope you’re ready for our most “tea-spilt” interview yet! I sat down with top choreographer, Hollywood who has worked and choreographed for all your favorite artists, from Beyonce and Rihanna to Nicki Minaj and Jlo. We talk about our trip to Thailand and the crazy “ping-pong show” we experienced together, he also talks about the children’s book he just published, his public altercation with a top agency in LA, the importance of promoting yourself and of course we end with a hilarious game of “Truth or Drink”. Thank you for watching and stay tuned for our next episode.
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