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Welcome to this epic segment of Your Sacred Wild Soul.  In this episode,  I invite you to sit back and listen to the conversation with meditation guide, spiritual mentor, writer, deck creator and most recently certified astrologer,  Bindi Shah.   In our conversation she imparts her thoughts and wisdom on what is meditation, and why a spiritual practice is  so helpful during these turbulent times.  We also talk about how meditation can and does  take different forms.  This is a conversation you may want to do  a repeat listen on.  As an added feature to this episode  I'm sharing  some astrology thoughts on this "Rare Uranus/Mars/North Node Conjunction.  It  is serving as our new "GPS" system to give us a more in depth life and Soul direction, if we choose to use it.The astrology world is abuzz" about the 3 way conjunction happening between "freedom loving Uranus", "time to take action Mars",  and the North node, the  Moon's orbit point.  This powerful planetary aspect is happening on July 31st/August 1st.Why is this conjunction so rare?  It has been  2,400 years ago since this  cosmic event  occurred.  The absolutely fascinating part is that planets and Node are all together at 18 degrees.  Numerology also gives us a bit of understanding about the importance of what is taking place.  If we add the 1+8= 9.  This is the number of endings.  Interestingly enough if we add  three 9s we get 27, which is also 9.  We seem to be getting a message that nothing can be the "same", endings.  Uranus and Mars together have the honor of speeding up our abilities to make needed life changes, without carrying baggage from the past.  It's time to lighten up, claim the joy, confidence and waiting liberation. This conjunction is a messenger of unparalleled magnitude.  Uranus is the planet that represents intuition, cosmic understanding and the ability to discern the direction of the future.  The energetic and vibrational frequency of Uranus is connected with releasing the past and being willing to step into evolutionary possibilities that reveals each persons worth and value. With Mars and Uranus together, there is an action and direction that emphasizes inspiration, faith and willingness to drop whatever no longer serves ones life in a significant and meaningful way. Once the North Node in Taurus is added to the mix,  we are being guided and directed to really let go of the past, because it's time to seek a new destiny both collectively and personally.  During this complete revolution and evolution that involves the relationship of every being on planet Earth, with Mother Nature, this "Conjunction" is a monumental cosmic directional signal. This Rare Event is all about aligning with the greatness, self-worth, confidence and joy that are the real attributes of every person.  It's important to remember this Rare event is a cosmic gift, if we choose to accept it.Contact:  Bindi Shah you want to get a more in depth look at your chart, and learn how you can to use the wisdom of Astrology for greater life ease and direction?  Perhaps it's time to schedule a personal reading with me.  I look forward to seeing you. Theme Music  "Calling the Wild" by MaeRuth McCants   
"When Enough is Enough"Indeed, isn't it amazing that we're already at the midpoint of 2022?  As I look  at the world, I wonder about our ability as a collective, to make the changes that Life is calling upon us to make.Ever the optimist,  I believe that each individual is a point of "light" in this evolutionary shift of major and unparalleled motion and (e)motion.  Yes, of course,  I realize that all of these points of light(us),  don't yet recognize that everyone has this awesome and astounding capacity to create  magnificence and wonder in our this episode, I'm taking a look at this "Super Full Moon" in Capricorn, as a portal or gateway that illumines the choice to choose yourself in this "changing  times" process.  What I mean,  we can no longer just coast along, and wish that things will just  work out.   A couple of weeks ago, the New Moon in Cancer provided the vibrational momentum to set seed intentions for new growth.   Now with this SuperMoon  here is the opportunity to really take a look, and decide what can be released and tossed out.   Capricorn is the powerhouse cardinal earth sign.  This means that wherever this sign is positioned, is where we have the ability to plan and build something bigger than ever before. The reason I entitled this episode, "When Enough is Enough Moon",  has to do with becoming aligned with our own inner wisdom and wise self. This Full Moon is asking us to stop looking outside of ourselves for answers of how our lives are suppose to be.  The only place for  true answers is coming  from within you and me.  Sure, we need to exchange ideas, converse, and most of all just listen to one another. The other planets that are in the planetary council at this time are  Venus in Gemini, Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Aquarius and Pluto in Capricorn.  Venus is supporting and encouraging us to speak from our hearts . Her close connection with Saturn in Aquarius,  is about valuing what has worth and merit in our lives. Although Mercury is hailed as the contemporary ruler and guide of Gemini,  Venus is considered the esoteric ruler/guide of Gemini.  I discuss Pluto in the episode.Gemini is really about bringing both sides of the self into wholeness, through centering in the "wisdom" that can only come through "Your Sacred Wild Soul".  In other words, each of us is the answer for our own life, and on a collective level for all of humanity.I invite you to get your favorite beverage,  and find a comfortable spot.  The Sun is still in the sign of Cancer, the sign that understands just how important comfort  really is.   It's important to let the lunar energy  sooth and inspire  greater life transformation.  Activating your wisdom from within  is another key to Your Sacred Wild Soul.   Don't let anything or anyone stand in your way.  You already understand that you are,  have always been,  and will always be "Enough". Do you want to get a more in depth look at your chart, and learn how you can to use the wisdom of Astrology for greater life ease and direction?  Perhaps it's time to schedule a personal reading with me.  I look forward to seeing you.  "Calling the Wild" by MaeRuth McCants  
Think about this for a moment.  Many times we miss our treasure, partly because we don't ask questions, and further because we assume that we can't have our desires.A Short story.  I recorded this Solstice episode a day and half ago, with the thought of uploading it within an hour or two of recording it.  But just as I was preparing to send it,  the internet network went down.  In fact, the internet in my shared house space is still wandering around in cyberspace.  It's still not working.I had to participate in a couple of Zoom calls and use the phone call  function to get on line.   After the zoom sessions,  I noticed my housemate using her computer and phone.  Here's the "treasured moment".  I asked her how did she get on the internet with her phone.  Perhaps, you my tech savvy Listeners are laughing, and saying. "hotspot".   I'll admit that I've  heard the word,  but it hasn't had much meaning for me.   I recall years ago when I purchased my phone the salesperson said something about a hotspot, duh?Well,  dear Sacred Wild Soul Listener, I realize the treasure I've had all this time.  I pay my bill  every month.  Today,  you are receiving this episode because I asked a question.Being willing to open to  our "good" sometimes comes in unfamiliar ways.   I confess  the house internet service is convenient( I pay for it as part of the rent).  The outage cause me to start thinking about finding another way.   In this instances the "way" has been with me.  Necessity caused me to extend my quest.  Blooming yourself  really does call for using  intuition, imagination with a dash of inspiration.  These are fabulous ingredients for new growth.  The summer is a wonderful time for relaxing  enjoying and appreciating the treasure of  nature and yourself. It's so important to remember,  that we all bloom at different times and in different ways.  Each person's way is unique and wondrous.  I'm thrilled to be sending this episode  while the "Portal" stands open to welcome us into the seasons of Northern summer and Southern winter.  The cycles and the seasons are the gateways to our pleasures and treasures.  Here's wishing you a marvelous and spectacular time.  Enjoy every moment.Do you want to get a more indepth look at your chart, and learn how you can to use the information for greater life ease and direction?  Perhaps it's time to schedule a personal reading with me.   Learn how to use your  "Treasure Map".   It's time to "Bloom!   A  Summer Astrology Reading is  Lovely! warmest and creative regards,RuthMore Ways to Connect Original Theme Music:  "Calling the Wild" by M. Ruth McCants 
Follow Your Map and Claim Your "Superpowers Treasure"Welcome to the Trail once more.Everything  you want to explore, learn and understand is in your Astrology Chart/Map.   The New Moon in Gemini is a great time to begin something new. In the episode, May 14th, I talked about doing a deep dive into the full moon eclipse energy of Scorpio.  Why?  The 8th house, Scorpio and the planet Pluto offered us an opportunity(still does)  to see things that needed to be released and  transformed. The reason the idea of "Superpowers" came to me,  is that Pluto represents how we have to go into areas of life that are not life giving or viable.  We have to activate the courage to liberate ourselves from the tyranny of unworthiness, and from misguided efforts  to get approval from others. Scorpio is the associated sign that symbolizes the  fear, emotional bondage, and the disowned parts of self.  Ironically, if these parts of self are faced,  and we learn to stand in our own power, we then find our "treasure"Scorpio along with Pluto  represent "the gifts of self-mastery and inner awareness.  Much of what has to be overcome in daily life is the "fear of not being enough or good enough".   The energy of Scorpio reveals how to face these untruths and falsehoods,  while learning to reconnect with your true worth and  inner magnificence. So how did and does "Superpowers" come out of this? On the other side of the shadow, dark and feared parts of life, is your actual "golden  treasure.  The 8th house  pertains to the circumstances, situations, people and events that need to be reckoned with.  If we are willing to use our life and Soul tools, we can excavate, clear and clean away all the emotional and psychological  and soul numbing debris.This  episode  is a starter.  The Gemini Season  is a time for creating and discovering new ways to communicate and share your message to the world. Do you want to get a more indepth look at your chart, and learn how you can to use the information for greater life ease and direction?  Maybe it's time to schedule a personal reading with me.  Learn how to use your special superpowers for navigating your life more creatively and successfully. warmest regards,RuthMore Ways to Connect Original Theme Music:  "Calling the Wild" by M. Ruth McCants 
For the past week or so I have been mulling over the episode(s) for this month.  Now Mercury retrograde in Gemini is definitely noteworthy.  I am going to do an episode on navigating retrogrades, and how they can be some of the most insightful times of the year.I certainly cannot forget wonderful  the gas giant of the solar system, Jupiter in Aries, who's starting her/his /their new 12 year mission around the  zodiac wheel.   As Jupiter makes it's yearly return to each sign, this is definitely cause for celebration.But, I was caught slightly off guard because the "Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio" sent a message that indicated that I would step through the "Gateway/Portal" myself, and my episode subject is what you are listening to right now. I clearly received the message that yes, Mercury in Gemini is important,  and so is Jupiter in Aries, but the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse  is the "Superpower Headliner".Let me be clear, when I get a download from the "Cosmic Council" this is what I call the planets, spirit guides, etc., I do my best to flow with the directive that I'm given.  There are many  astrological keywords that you can read about.  But, the message I received seemed to be clear. This full moon is about going deep into the inner awareness, knowing and wisdom that we all possess.   It would seem that this a fabulous time to access and to activate something that is unique and meaningful for you.Here's something  else that is totally clear.  In order to really experience, express and live your "Superpower", we have to step  into the darkness, and trust that the moon will illuminate what has been mostly hidden.  In this episode,  the sign of Scorpio represents the ability to look deeply within,  and face the scary, fearsome, fearful, overlooked and often not approved of parts of self.  Our magnificent "Superpowers" in our personal "treasure chests", are what will bring the personal and collective transformation that is so absolutely needed in all of our lives.This Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio brings the energy of two powerful planetary energies  together as embodied in Mars the ancient guardian/ruler and Pluto  the modern guiding energy.  Mars is how we move toward or take "action on" our desires, dreams, choices,  Pluto is the ability to transform and transmute what no longer serves our soul experiences.  Pluto is the connection with  standing in our own power.   This planet deals with  inner self-mastery.What Superpower are you going to call on, and bring from the depths of the "shadows? What steps are you willing to take, so that you can live your life on your own terms?It is important to remember that we can have company in the sense of someone who is trusted and supportive of what you desire to be, do and have can walk on the path,  but the action of reclaiming your " Superpower" is a solo quest.  This Full Moon is the opportunity to clear all of the toxic feelings, debilitating emotions, false beliefs and anything that does not support life and Soul well-being.  This is the time to release anything that does not celebrate the "Wonderousness and Beauty of Your Superpowers".Shortly I will be posting a brief guide(" 12 Houses: Claim Your Superpowers Treasure Chest  Guide, Some Possibilities") Original Theme Music:  "Calling the Wild" by M. Ruth McCants 
In this really special episode, we have an opportunity to travel on a starlight beam using our imagination.  We are traveling  to the "Great Celestial Hall of the Stars" and we will be in council with Jupiter and Neptune.  How wonderful is this?As your guide and dream "encourager", we are going to meet Jupiter and Neptune  who have a fabulous message for  us.In this episode we get to experience the magnificence of these two planets in a "rare once in a lifetime" event.  The conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune has the potential of being able to change our lives in countless ways.It is extremely important to understand that planets do not compel things to happen, but provide us with energetic pointers and directions for how to move more easily through our lives.  I am in wonder, awe and appreciation over the superpowers of "Imagination" and  Intuition  that have provided  us  with this opportunity,  to travel into the planetary and cosmic realms of wisdom and love.I am so glad to have this chance to share this journey with You.  Notice in days to come where things in your life  are suddenly changing in "surprising" ways.  The key with Jupiter is to have "Faith", and the key with Neptune is to "Trust in the Universe"  even when you get an idea, dream or desire,  and it seems totally not possible.  Start watching for indicators.  Notice your night-time dreams.  Pay attention to those intuitive feelings in your body. Maybe you'll be walking down the street, and you'll see a sign with a message just for you.Remember, this Jupiter and Neptune conjunction is a "rare" event and opportunity.  Listen to your own "Heart Song".  Find that special house in your astrology chart, where the gifts and blessings are waiting for you to claim them.  Oracle  Deck:  Aboriginal Spirit Oracle Cards by Mel Brown Theme Music:  "Calling the Wild" by M. Ruth McCants
Today, 4-4  is the 2nd anniversary of "Your Sacred Wild Soul Podcast".  This was my very own surprise moment because I had not realized that  two years have flown by, and it's time to Celebrate. Thank you so much Dear Listeners for tuning in while I've been learning to navigate the podcast airwaves.  In this "Aries season" episode,  we have an opportunity to hear how the unique, creative and artistic process has unfolded for Ms Hannah Mayree  as  she shares her Soul vision, life direction and personal journey. So who is Hannah Mayree?  She is an accomplished banjo/guitar player, musician, singer/songwriter, traveler, and advocate for understanding our Earth, and how Nature supports all of humanity.  Out of her music  has come the "Black Banjo Reclamation Project",  which seeks to reconnect people of the African Diaspora, with ancestral re-membrance that all people everywhere, have the same life needs for acknowledgement as human beings.  In our conversation, Hannah does not skirt around the difficult topics of how the banjo became an instrument of controversy.  Its origins have been shrouded in false beliefs, while  the appropriation mentality through colonization sought to obliterate its African beginnings. Hannah is passionate and speaks with a wisdom beyond her years.  She speaks about music, and specifically the banjo project as being a means of bringing clarity, focus and healing to many people in the Black community.If you listen closely, you just may be able to here the "Ancient Gourd" telling a story through Hannah's voice. You see the "gourd" and the banjo are bridges across the centuries.  Everything comes full circle in the light of truth.Be sure and check out Hannah's videos on You Tube."Calling the Wild" original theme by M. Ruth McCants
As I am writing these show notes,  I'm looking out  the window and I see the  pale white-silvery outline of the Moon.  This is not a night time sighting, but a 7:30 in the morning one.  As I look upon this still nearly full moon,  it feels like my own personal "Moon call".  What is She  saying?"Stay focused through the illumination of your  heart.  Listen to the wisdom of your  Soul path,  yours is just as important as anyone else's.  Remember, my Moon Light shines upon each one of you equally, everywhere"The Moon is our witness, along with our beloved planet Earth.  Together they know what is really happening,  why and where everything is going.  For each one of us, staying centered,  believing in our personal, and collective "Soul and heart awakening", is key to living in this time and space. In this episode, I have been guided to share some ideas about the sign of Pisces,  specifically  transiting  in Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune.  As the final sign of the zodiac wheel,  Pisces symbolizes the need to let go of  deep emotional attachments,  that come from false beliefs systems, hidden fears, doubts, ego-driven illusions of what should or shouldn't be.  This sign has a great deal to do with releasing the past.What's the importance of embracing the sign of Pisces?  This sign along with its  12th house,  planet Neptune(modern ruler) and Jupiter( ancient ruler) associations serve as the  zodiac filtering systems.  It's the sign that contains elements of every sign that has gone before it.  Each of the planetary connections attached to Pisces gives it amazing power.   Jupiter brings expansion and wisdom, Neptune tunes into it's spirituality and cosmic unity, while Mercury's message is about trusting and speaking from the heart.  This Spring equinox(northern hemisphere, while it's fall in southern hemisphere) offers everyone  an opportunity to create, expand and manifest one's most potent dreams.  The Aries season brings the feeling of "new beginnings", which  can  only take place,  if the emotional and spiritually transformative energy of Pisces, has been recognized and acknowledged.  It is my hope that you will enjoy the  following guided relaxation imagery, as  you  step into the realm of your intuition and imagination,  the "Gateways" to your heart and Soul  awareness.    This guided meditation is designed to provide a way to become more energetically attuned and heart-focused.   Listen, relax and enjoy your inner Soul journey.  (Headphones(buds, recommended)Ruth: Original Music:  "Calling the Wild  and Inner Wise Awakening" by M Ruth McCants ****Please note:  Do not listen to this recording while driving, operating machinery or doing anything that requires your focused attention.*****
In this very special episode I'm taking a look at the annual observance and celebration of "Black History Month" through zodiac sign of Aquarius.  The month of February was chosen as the time for remembering and celebrating the lives, and contributions of Americans who were and are descendants of African slaves.  Every group of people has an "origin story".My endeavor is to answer some of the questions that surround this particular cultural event.  In great part, no other calendar month could embody the visionary power represented by the sign of Aquarius.  It is the astrological sign that holds the story narrative of necessary change, that is going to take place  one way or another.Aquarius and it's ruling/guiding planet, Uranus are the planetary messengers that signal collective consciousness along the lines of deep truth-telling, humanitarianism, freedom, equality,  challenge to the status quo, freedom and independence.  So the sign of Aquarius, the month of February and "Black History"  contain echoes from the past,  which are giving evolutionary directions  for how to step into the potential and the collective future of humanity. In this episode, I talk about the noted scholar Dr. Carter G. Woodson and his organization, the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, and their initial effort which was called, "Negro History Week".  From an Aquarian perspective, they were  visionaries who peered into the future.  They believed the story of descendants of people stolen from the African continent had and have a power-filled story to tell.Why is February the calendar month for what would become "Black History Month "?   Perhaps after much discussion,   we can only use our imagination,  it is know that Dr Woodson and his group decided to use the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass.  These two Aquarians were monumental and inspirational figures of the anti-slavery, abolitionist and freedom movement.  Lincoln's birthday is February 12th and Douglass is February 14th.Abraham Lincoln as president during the American civil war,  would sign the "Emancipation Proclamation", which signaled a massive change in a fractured and torn country that had  come into being on the backs of  enslaved human beings. Of course, there have been many questions and much speculation about Lincoln's motivation and intention for signing the Proclamation.  Perhaps his life and soul purpose was to be an instrument of change  for dismantling a diabolical system that was false, and perverse in every way.  Frederick Douglass, freed himself from the bonds of slavery, and would go on to become a central figure in the work to free all enslaved individuals.  He was a masterful orator, writer, reformer, and champion for freedom.  Like Lincoln,  Douglass was also  soul directed to be part of bringing about change.  The whole system of slavery was built upon a belief system that was untenable and rotten at the core. So, "Black History,  African-American Heritage Month" is not separate from this country, the United States.   The yearly observance and recognition is really a call for everyone to gain deeper understanding of how each individual is part of the "human tree".   Many people like to think  in  terms of "them and us".  But truth reveals,  there's only one "Tree" with many branches.   "Black History Month"  in February is one of those branches.  Special Music for this episode:  "Lift Every Voice and Sing", Lyrics by James Weldon Johnson and Music by John Rosamond Johnson.  Solo Piano Arranged and Played by M. Ruth McCants
This episode took a couple of days to contact me, and I was surprised that it turned out to be about using the "Wisdom of the Moon" for creating  a personal and unique planning and life guidance path.  I trust that as you listen, you'll be delighted and surprised too.I've used the guidance of the Moon and lunar cycles for years.   But as I was putting this episode together I received  intuitive insight that this way of life planning needs to be shared with others.  What's exciting about using the Moon is that lunar knowledge is available to everyone.  Of course, I realize there are people who  won't use this way of connecting and gaining personal awareness.  Nevertheless,  using the "lunar way" to  gain clarity for daily life direction , while  activating deeper embodiment of Soul growth and purpose, is a powerful way to claim self worth and personal value.Why is the Moon so intriguing?  It's the closest planetary body to Earth.  It has a profound vibrational effect upon  every person.  The  ocean tides as well as our bodies, are affected and regulated by the movement of the Moon.   No matter where a person lives in the world, the Moon shines equality upon each individual. The Moon has been and probably continues to be the subject of mytho-poetic expressions, and has a  magical, mystical and mysterious force that continues to send messages for inspiration, insight and practical guidance.  How can you use the Moon, the lunar cycles and phases to create a life with more ease, peace, and inner knowing?Moon guidance can start with paying attention to what you feel, starting with the "Dark/New Moon and then the Full Moon".  To use "Moon Wisdom" first of all  means  being tuned into your own feelings. The second part of using the the Moon is to develop your own personal tracking guide.  The beauty and uniqueness of Moon guidance is that we each can be empowered and have an active role in determining our own life direction. In 2022, this is a  time of making  decisions about what you will or won't accept in your life.  The essential  focus is in on what's supportive and brings you into your own sovereignty and person hood.  Moon Wisdom can help you to determine what is true and energetically viable for your life "and "Your Sacred  Wild Soul" experience.   I'm look forward to sharing and exchanging "Moon Wisdom" over the next episodes.  Ruth: Original Music:  Calling the Wild" by M Ruth McCants
I want to welcome you to this somewhat longer episode.  I invite you to get comfortable, pour your favorite beverage and settle in for the journey.  In this segment, I have the opportunity to speak with Ms Barbara Gail,  master tambourine drummer, teacher, ceremonialist, priestess/ guide and wisdomkeeper of the sacred lineage of women drummers.  I have to  share that frame drumming is an absolute fascination of mine.  I feel that music, and drumming specifically,  found me.  Are the facets of  drumming and the music connection shown in my astrology chart?  My answer is a definite Yes!   In the first few minutes of the episode, I talk about the wonder of this Full Moon in Gemini, the last one of 2021.   Barbara and I talk about the mythical and archetypal insights of creating Solstice ceremonies, processions and circles for empowering women to step out of the "shadows"With this Full Moon in a beautiful trine to Jupiter in Aquarius, we have a chance to speak in favor of what is meaningful, and heart-centered.  Through the illumination of this Gemini Moon the question is,  what "story is circling in the depths of your Soul? Are  envisioning a new one, or telling the same story in 2022"?   This Moon quest is about understanding the power of our words, to either move life forward in an expansive and positive way, or to stay stuck in the past.  Only through truthful, honest  and heartfelt communication, can we personally and collectively, move out of the disillusionment and unworthiness that has been perpetuated for far too long.As I indicated above, this show is a bit longer, but the invigorating, insightful and inspiring conversation with Barbara is well worth taking the time  and effort,  to listen  to someone who has and continues to follow her "Sacred Wild Soul's" calling.   Her wise words  offers us guidance about visioning and listening to  the uniqueness of our own inner wisdom.Some the topics we cover are why is creating and participating in ceremony so vital for reconnecting with our humanity?  At the 15:50 time stamp, Barbara does a chant that seems to speak directly to moving into 2022.  Be sure and listen to:  "I begin to begin..."There are so many gems in this "Conversation" which need to be heard.  She talks about what it is like to "pivot" and have to make major changes and adjustments over the past two years, and the blessings and gifts arising from the pandemic paradigm.She talks about how the current drumming and teaching has come full circle from when she first started her tambourine drum studies with the late Layne Redmond(  please listen to the 11:11 episode) We come full circle in our "Conversation", when she talks about another one of her teachers, "Ubaka Hill", (time stamp 44:35 ) who always tells her student to "Find Your Own Note", and don't attempt to be someone else.We summed up our "Conversation" with a question.  What are you going to say Yes to,  in 2022  and beyond?  Remember "Your Word is Your Wand".Something New.  I have recently created a Ko- Fi Page.  Any support that you feel called to offer would very much be appreciated.  I'm looking forward to doing more episodes and want to do them in a creative, sustainable and inspirational way. Barbara Gail : Enter Darkness, Return to Light! an Online Winter Solstice Ceremonial Circle on The Tambourine Path.
In this absolutely fascinating, insightful and soulful  episode, here's your invitation to get a cup of your favorite beverage and get comfortable.  I'm still smiling from the wonderful conversation with the Master Teacher, Artist,  Guidess and founder of Journey Path Institute, Cat Caracelo.  Even though she and I have spoken many times over the years,  it's always a joy to learn something new from one another. The reason this episode is a not to be missed one, has to do with this New Moon and Solar Eclipse being the "Portal and Gateway" toward starting the process of "Visioning and Navigating 2022.  In my conversation with Cat, we talk about how understanding and using the "Moon as Witness", can realign and bring new personal awareness, expansion and inner clarity into our lives.  You may want to listen to this conversation a number of times, and by all means refer it to others.  There are so many gems of insight and wisdom to be gleaned from this conversation. Some the topics we cover:Moon as Witness to All that Has Ever BeenPower of the Mythic Moon as Personal GuideArt Making and Creative Process as Personal ActivationWhat is Real vs. Stepping into RealizationUnderstanding  Cosmic, Chronos and Covid Time Shifts"Seeds of Shine Planted in Garden of Wisdom" (30:00 min)Our conversation brings us full circle, by providing some steppingstones for embracing the collective and personal uncertainty that's still much a part of life.  By letting the Moon help us to look into the stories, secrets and personal myths that are waiting to be acknowledged by each person,  we can walk into 2022 with a deeper understanding of how to navigate the ongoing journey.  Be sure to give yourself those special moments of New Moon Intention creation by planting your "Seeds of Shine".Places to Connect:Cat Caracello: Original Music, "Calling the Wild" by M. Ruth McCants  
In this episode I  begin with the feeling of stepping through the 11:11 Gate Way Portal into the inspiration of synchronicity.  Each year there's an opportunity to use the energetic frequency of 11:11 to see our lives in a more expanded way.This double 1 resonates with being awaken to the potential that is revealed in our astrology and life map/blueprint.  Specially,  I talk about how  11:11 2021  has and is providing a pathway for a deeper re-emergence of the Divine Feminine archetype through recognition of frame drum pioneer and innovator.  Why is this important?The energy of the 11:11 gateway gives an entry point for shifts in consciousness.  In this episode,  I share just a highlight about  the amazing life  of the late Layne Redmond,  who wrote the now famous book,  "When Women Were Drummers: A Spiritual History[Herstory] of Rhythm".   Even though Layne past away in 2013, her legacy and lineage as master drummer, visionary priestess, ritualist, and wisdom teacher, is still bringing  a message from the ancient temple priestessess/drummers to modern women drummers in the Present time.  Layne Redmond  is being inducted into the "Hall of Fame", within the Percussive Arts Society International Convention".   During here lifetime, she brought acknowledgement and recognition of the importance of the drum in the life of women all over the world, particularly in sacred rituals, ceremonies, and connections to daily life.  In this episode, I refer to one of Layne's  students, Barbara Gail,  now a master drummer, ritualist,  and teacher in her own right.  She will be leading a  tambourine ( frame drum) processional during the induction ceremony.   Whether you are a drummer, or just  listening to  this 11:11 episode because you are inquisitive about the power of drumming, I hope you will use this "gateway" portal to send a vibration of acknowledgement for "light" of Awakening that Layne Redmond left.  11:11, is a time to listen and be open to the messages and intuitive insights that can change the total direction of  one's life.  As we walk through this "Gateway" we each have an opportunity to meet our true Soul's Way.  So Be It.Places to Connect: Original Music, "Calling the Wild" by M. Ruth McCants 
In this episode,  I'm feeling into the conversation with my own "inner Scorpio" energy.   More and more I encourage you to have conversations with the signs and planets.  These cosmic messengers have much to share with us as we learn to listen.I was just reading an article about developing a meditation practice, and the thought just occurred , why not do a brief "moon time" moment.   Today is the New Moon in Scorpio, and you will hear me describe my conversation with it and its guiding/ruling planets.   Why not plant  your "intention seed" for this lunar cycle, by asking the Moon what she wants you to feel, learn or understand over these 29 days, until the next New  Moon cycle in Sagittarius with a Solar Eclipse. Let me know how it goes with "Your Moon Time Moment".email: ruth@soulsoundinsights.comPlaces to Connect: http://soulcompass.ieOriginal Music, "Calling the Wild" by M. Ruth McCants 
In this episode I talk about how pivotal this Full Moon in Aries is for us.  I encourage you to listen, take steps and create your own plan for, "Saying Yes to the New You". The essential message in this conversation is that you and I are facing a decision about who's going to take charge of our life directions. Who is really in charge of living our lives?  I speak about the time we live in as being one  filled with uncertainty.  Yet this is the time of  "grand adventure" if we choose to make it so.I invite you to listen to this episode, and let the Aries energy stir the fire in your knowing Soul. This Aries Moon is about leaning into the freedom, and accepting  the greatness within and around us. Along with Aries, we have the Sun and Mercury in Libra( direct now) supporting our reaching and finding emotional equilibrium.  This is a significant moment for making a personal declaration to ignite and activate the Divine fire, that's providing clarity for self-empowerment and Soul expression. The time has passed for waiting and attempting to find someone to tell us how things are suppose to be.  No one knows except you and me, what we need to live our grandest lives.  This Full Moon in Aries is offering  an opportunity to stand up for the vibrational frequency you truly desire.  This means holding a deep feeling for "16" seconds.  By totally embodying an uplifting vibration of peace, love, prosperity, creativity or any high consciousness thought/feeling, it will take root in the Cosmic Intelligence of Source, out of which everything manifests. Now  is the time to show up and be illumined by the wisdom within.  Here's an affirmation, "I  confidently trust my "Wise Inner Self".   It's the time to choose the rare and exquisitely wonderful potential that is  within each person.  Isn't amazing to look at every individual we meet, and know this truth, but yet be afraid to accept our Divine and cosmic inheritance.  Listen to yourself and take a step, whatever the size, and open yourself to the "New You".Places to Connect: http://soulcompass.ieOriginal Music, "Calling the Wild" by M. Ruth McCants
In this episode,  I have an opportunity to talk about one of my favorite planets, Mercury.  This time around we'll take a look at the  "Superpowers" that each of the elemental groups can use.Here are some approximate times for finding the group superpower descriptions:10:35-13:27  Waters Signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio)13:32- 15:41  Earth  Signs (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn)15:44- 18:04   Fire   Signs (Aries, Sagittarius, Leo)18:07- 21:39   Air  Signs (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius)21:40-22:03   SummarySharon Ni Chulibin returns in this episode with brimming passion, enthusiasm and wisdom about the need for spiritual renewal that is echoing worldwide.   Her spiritual, cultural and creative energy is expressed through her deep understanding of  Irish cultural traditions,  rituals, mythos and sacred messages,  which are revealing a microcosmic view of the evolutionary "new world" shift.  She plays a bit of classical guitar at the end of this episode. Due to technical difficulties, we will record another segment with her tin whistle, guitar and singing in Irish.As always thank you and much appreciation for listening and subscribing. Go out and Express Your "MercuryVision Superpowers". Places to Connect: Ni: Original Music "Call of the Wild" by  M. Ruth McCants
In this episode, we're taking a look at how the Fall/Spring Equinox is a portal for previewing the 2022 energetic frequency.   The sign of Libra is highlighted during this Solar and Mercury retrograde cycle.  Libra is the sign associated with the symbol glyph of the "Scales.The traditional planet of  guidance/rulership for Libra is with the feminine archetype of Venus.  The powerful and mythical paradox, is the sign of Libra is connected with the masculine polarity.  This feminine planet links  with the cardinal activating sign of Libra, which deals with partnering, unions, pairing and relationships of all kinds.  The basic connection is the heart/love centeredness of Venus, while it mediates the mental and intellectual agility of the Libra air attunement.  The balancing of the "Scales", Divine Thought revealed through the Sacred Heart".It's our good fortune in this episode to gain further insights from Wisdom Teacher, Sharon Ni Chuilibin , who lives in Ireland.  Around the 22 minute mark, she talks about  "the power of each person emitting a personal frequency------that affects every other individual, and how there is really only one Heart". Your Sacred Wild Soul Password:  "Be the Peace and Harmony You Want to Live"Places to Connect: Ni:  www.soulcompass.ieOriginal Music "Call of the Wild" by  M. Ruth McCants
It's been quite a long spell since my last episode.  You may have noticed some changes.  Indeed things have shifted quite a bit.   I'm on a new show  hosting  journey.   As you listen to this episode, I  talk about  Monica being on hiatus so she can give  more support to her family members. During the first half of this episode I  discuss the astro-weather report on the importance of embracing and understanding the significance of  Full Moon in Pisces.  In the second part, I have the pleasure of talking with Sharon Ni Chuilibin from Ireland.  Ms Chuilibin shares her insights on the use of dreamwork, music, ritual and other ways to reconnect with one's Soul Essence.  She'll be coming back for two more episodes. As the last sign of the zodiac, in association with the 12th house and the planet Neptune,  this lunation is encouraging and empowering us to listen to our intuitive and wise selves.  We each have, and are the unique "story" revealed in the astrology chart.This Full Moon with a connection to Neptune offers Spiritual and Soul guidance.  This is the time to honor the dreamtime, imagination and that liminal space---the space and place beyond time.   It's the time to release,  let go and be transformed by love,  peace and harmony.Places to Connect: Ni:  www.soulcompass.ieOriginal Music "Call of the Wild" by  M. Ruth McCants
In this last episode before we take a month break, Ruth and Monica look at the what's in the stars this summer. We look to the gorgeous Indigenous made The Gentle Tarot to guide us with its lovely nature imagery. We talk a lot about retrogrades, even though Mercury is now direct, Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune have all begun their retrograde cycles. We also connect our recent eclipses with the two that are coming in November and talk a lot about how to use that energy for manifestation and transformation. We also dip into the internet, integrating our shadows, and relationship issues.  We hope you enjoy it!Find us on Instagram here: us on Patreon here: Ruth here: Monica here:
In this episode, Ruth and Monica dive into what eclipse season brings to all of us. We could really all benefit from finding some space to reflect on the bigger picture or it would be easy to get mired in the small stuff. The power of the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius in the end of May will be with us for at lease 6 months, so opening up to the large meanings and cycles is helpful in working with this big energy. Our cards from the Brady Tarot give us some insights into the cicadas' message to us, along with some passion from our Mother of Feathers - the prairie chicken! As always, we are so grateful that you are on this journey with us.Find us and the cards on Instagram: us on Patreon! Ruth here: Monica here:
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