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Observable data vindicates the God of the Bible, let us show you.

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When we straddle the line between life and death, what revelations await us? What experiences lurk in that liminal space that might validate or challenge religious convictions? This podcast episode grapples with such questions as we journey through mysterious anecdotes of near-death experiences (NDEs) and their uncanny parallels with biblical accounts. Finally, we'll take a turn towards the mysterious - the spiritual realm and its impacts on our lives. Sharing personal encounters and beliefs, we explore the influence of angels, demons, and the spirit world in our book club discussion. We'll also debate the use of hypnosis in recalling memories and its role in creating false memories. Our episode culminates with a reveal of our next book for the podcast - "The Experience of God" by David Bentley Hart. Prepare for an illuminating conversation that is sure to broaden your perspective on life, death, and what might lie beyond.Support the show
Ever dared to venture into the realm of the supernatural, the world of demonic possession and spiritual warfare? Brace yourselves as we, along with friends from the West Coast of Canada, England, and the US, plunge into chapters seven and eight of Dr Richard Gallagher's Demonic Foes. Together, we share our personal experiences, dissect the narratives in the book, and offer thought-provoking insights into a topic often cloaked in mystery and fear.Journey with us as we marvel at the extraordinary love and determination of a couple battling demonic possession, exploring their remarkable resilience and the wife's astounding capacity to function amidst multiple exorcisms. We delve into the intriguing concept of speaking in tongues and the distinct personalities of fallen angels, providing you a unique perspective into the complex world of demonology. Furthermore, we discuss the supernatural abilities of certain psychics, the methodical approach of the Catholic Church towards exorcisms, and the potential pitfalls of spiritual promotions within charismatic churches.As we dive into the final chapters, we consider the notion of free will in the context of demonic activity, pondering the possible rise in possession cases in recent times. We discuss the writings of a Russian saint on demonic activity and the role it plays in fostering addictions. We also reflect on the decline in church attendance and its possible influence on the surge in demonic activity. Ending on a chilling note, we share our own unsettling experiences, emphasizing the power of prayer and the significance of free will when faced with such dark forces. Whether you're a believer or skeptic, your curiosity is bound to be piqued by our exploration of this mesmerizing subject.Support the show
Uncover the intricate layers of the Temple Mount's history, a site claimed by both Judaism and Islam and etched deeply into the heart of global religious and political conflicts. We take you on an enlightening journey through the epochs, from the building of the first and second temples by King Solomon and King Herod, to their devastating destruction by the Neobabalonians and Romans, and the rise of the al-Aqsa mosque. Feel the pulse of the enduring Jewish presence praying at the western wall's base for 2000 years, a testament to their unbroken spiritual bond with this most sacred site.Widen your understanding as we analyze the profound biblical prophecies concerning the Jewish people and Israel. Witness the transformative power of Christ’s reach, as exemplified by the son of the Hamas co-founder, who left the confines of his father's ideology to embrace Christianity. As we navigate the volatile currents of the Middle Eastern climate, we bear in mind the biblical exhortation to pray for peace in Jerusalem, reminding ourselves of the eternal resonance of these timeless issues.Support the show
Fresh from a vacation to Greece and England, my return home brought on a whirlwind of reflections, starting with a cherished lost ring I found, originating from Israel. It's fascinating how such a small, seemingly insignificant event can trigger a chain of contemplation about weighty global issues. Tune in to hear about our upcoming discussions on these matters, from China and Russia's provocations to the West, the threat of civil unrest within Israel, to the potential construction of the prophetic Third Temple.This episode also paves the way for exploring the heated question of Temple Mount ownership and the prophetic Third Temple in future episodes. But it's not all geopolitics and prophecy! Our book club members, Hillary, Daren, and Brian, share their insights on chapters four, five, and six of Dr. Richard Gallagher's 'Demonic Foes'. in our upcoming episode... and finally... If you'd like to join our next book club discussion, we're meeting on October 28. Meanwhile, stay connected on our Instagram page, Intelligent Design Collective. These are unique and prophetic times that we live in, and we hope our discussions can provide some illuminating insights. Stay safe, keep praying, and as always, God bless!Support the show
What if you were to view your spiritual journey through the lens of the only book in the Bible that guarantees a special blessing to its reader? Ever wondered about the authority within the church, its role, and the concept of spiritual leadership? This is precisely what we discuss in our latest podcast episode which offers a profound exploration into the intriguing realm of Revelation. From the churches of Revelation that serve as a report card to the Eklesia, to the complex relationship between salvation, overcoming, and the second death, we weed out the intricacies of these fascinating Biblical aspects.We go a step further and delve into a stimulating conversation about the purpose and function of the church and its fivefold ministry. The episode also throws light on movements like the Missionary Church and highlights the dangers of religious hypocrisy. You will find our discourse around the concept of Satan, personal struggles, and how the flesh often proves to be more of a challenge than the devil particularly engrossing. To conclude this episode, we implore the spiritual realm through a heartfelt prayer for unity in the body of Christ. Engage with us as we dissect the Biblical text, questioning conventional narratives while stimulating your thought-process. Whether you're looking to broaden your understanding of Christianity, or simply interested in spiritual philosophy, this episode promises a compelling journey through the world of spiritual authority, leadership, and personal struggles.Support the show the show the show
In this episode, we briefly survey the landscape of false gospels that circulated alongside the canonical texts, offering a glimpse into the diversity of early Christian thought. Through a concise examination of select examples, we touch on the theological and historical contexts that gave rise to these alternative narratives, shedding light on the complexities of their reception within the broader Christian community. Drawing on accessible research and scholarly insights, Aleko navigates the distinction between these peripheral accounts and the established biblical gospels, providing a foundational understanding of the challenges early believers faced in discerning doctrinal authenticity. Join us as we embark on a succinct yet enlightening journey through the blurred lines of biblical history and faith.Support the show
Join us as we explore the connection between thought and prayer.Support the show
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Discover the hidden depths of the New Testament by exploring some ancient Greek words that are often misunderstood due to suboptimal translations. Unlock the true meanings behind powerful terms like Logos, Agape, and Ekklesia, and how they can transform our understanding of the Gospel. By delving into these linguistic treasures, we'll enrich our faith and deepen our connection to the divine messages within the scriptures.Join us as we examine the misinterpretation of Parusia and its implications in the present age. We'll discuss how Christ's parables are not solely about his grand return, but also about the arrival of the Holy Spirit to be with believers. Recognize the importance of using scripture appropriately and understanding the context in which the Greek words were used. Remember, while many events will literally happen, their manifestation may not always be obvious. This enlightening and edifying conversation is one you won't want to miss, so join us as we continue to deepen our knowledge of the New Testament in the next part of this series.Support the show
Join me as I reminisce about the inception of the IDC Podcast, and we journey through my top episodes from our show's past three years, revealing the awe-inspiring evidence for a designer in every aspect of life and the universe. Support the show
What if we told you that the human mind is far more complex than any computer? In this riveting episode, we discuss the final chapter of Edward Feser's The Last Superstition, and the materialist philosopher's tendency to equate the human mind with human made objects like computers. We dive into some fascinating studies conducted by biologists that reveal which parts of the brain light up when thinking of happy thoughts, but also expose the limitations of these studies in recreating the full human experience.We then explore the ironic consequences of contemporary science and philosophy, which inadvertently make the reality of irreducible theology even more evident. Join us as we reflect on the materialist approach to life and its impact on our understanding of ourselves, while also examining the beauty and wholesomeness of the Eastern Christian church. We consider the implications of reducing life to a chemical reaction and the potential risks of using chemical substances to paint over emptiness in life.To wrap up our conversation, we announce the next book for our book club and invite you to join the discussion. Stay tuned for the big reveal, and be sure to follow us on Instagram at the Intelligent Design Collective page for more intriguing insights. Don't miss out on this thought-provoking episode, as we continue our fierce defense of the Christian Gospel.Support the show
Could you discern the season of the Messiah's return? Join us as we dive into eschatology and the end times, reflecting on the possibility of a 2000-year period from Christ's resurrection and the danger of becoming fixated on specific dates. Together, we explore prophecies from the Book of Revelation and how the measurements of the Tabernacle foreshadow the age of the Church, connecting them to the body, spirit, and soul of God.As we share our insights on teaching Scripture, we discuss the importance of embodying the message and becoming the message we share. We reveal how our podcast has been instrumental in allowing us to grow in our understanding of Scripture and how teaching to learn can be incredibly effective. Delving deeper, we also analyze the symbolism within the Book of Revelation, examining the seven churches and the spiritual message hidden within the text.Finally, we explore the intriguing parallels between the seven days of creation and the seven thousand years of church history. Looking at the beliefs of early Apostles and Christians, we discuss the implications of these parallels for the future. So join us for an enlightening and thought-provoking conversation that will deepen your understanding of eschatology, prophecy, and the end times.Support the show
The book club covers chapter 5 of Edward Feser's The Last Superstition today. Support the showSupport the show
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We discuss chapter 4 of The Last Superstition by Edward Feser. Our important linksSupport the show
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Our important linksTime Markers for the Podcast:4:05: The Jesus Revolution Movie Review13:00:  The Resurrection 1:25:00: Book Club:  The Last Superstition : The Four CausesSupport the show
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