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Join us for weekly happy hour after work discussions where we talk about everything you CAN'T discuss at work.
30 Episodes
Season 3 Premier

Season 3 Premier


Welcome to Season 3! This episode we are discussing goals and objectives for the new year 2021.
Corona With Lime

Corona With Lime


Let's have Corona with lime and discuss work issues during this pandemic and other exciting topics. Hope you enjoy it!
It's been a minute but we have returned with some new topics and interesting discussions. Tune in and enjoy!
Join us for our last episode of the season as we discuss who you should trust for a referral or reference and then the always difficult topic of religion.
Annual Performance Revue & Taking Advantage of Job Incentives
How do you handle your finances at work? Do you meal prep? Uber or drive? We are unpacking the problems we come across regarding our work finances. Also we touch on the situation of Maternity Leave regarding coworkers and/or management and how it affects the workplace.
"Employee Guidelines"

"Employee Guidelines"


This episode we discuss the guidelines we may miss that are listed in the documents you're required to sign when being employed.
What are some of your activities outside of work and how to manage them?
This episode explores the differences between choosing to attend college or learning a skilled trade and the benefits of both.
We're back for another one! Let's talk about the coworkers that do wrong and how to address the issue.
We often times come across opportunities that may propel us in the workplace and our futures. This episode we are giving suggestions and sharing our experience on how to make that necessary choice.
This week's episode is featuring fellow podcaster @candihussle the owner of @dopechickwithambition podcast. Great episode filled with gems!
Welcome listeners! This episode contains two topics Being overlooked at work and “Work Ethics.” Not feeling acknowledged appropriately at work sucks and dealing with coworkers who don't carry proper work ethics sucks even more.
Just like any relationship, there plenty of toxic coworkers. This episode we are discussing the negative, annoying and plain ol toxic!
Oops! Technical difficulty.
This episode is exploring different ways to hold multiple streams of income. Side hustle, second job and/or investing are just a few that are known. Let's unpack!
What's the difference? What is more appreciated and respected? Are you a 9-5 person, career go getter or entrepreneur? Tune in for an interesting conversation!
How has work changed for you all? Tune in as we discuss our personal changes and how we've been adjusting to work.
This episode is dedicated to our signature segment, Relax. Relate. Release. We will be discussing COVID & Civil Rights.
This episode we discuss why it's important to stay connected with past companies/coworkers and how it can benefit you.
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