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The hiatus is over! It's been a long time, but we're back for Christmas! We talk about how a humanly unplanned parenthood changed the world. PLUS, the lil' Bombs join us and talk about their favorite things during Christmas.
SOOOO much happens in one year, and we're excited to celebrate a special journey of life-affirming podcasts with you! From abortion to adoption to racism to school choice to Biblical worldviews, we tackle the easy stuff. Join us as we highlight our top ten favorite moments of Life Has Purpose. This episode premiered on Facebook and was a super fun time with lots of giveaways. (Sorry. If you're listening via podcast, you can't get the free stuff but there are some great promos through 05/08/21). Catch all our episodes at or on every major podcast platform.
Planned Parenthood is fake feminism. And it's so easy to prove it...with their own propaganda. Bethany and Ryan Bomberger expose the nation's largest abortion chain for the fraud that it is: America's Biggest Hoax. And don't miss our fun Fake Feminism Game Show segment! Learn more at
It's been a LOOOOONG while. Our hiatus is over! And we return to a radically different political landscape. Ryan and Bethany explore this new Biden-Harris administration from inauguration to all of the Executive Order "legislation" and the "progressive" priorities this new presidency is pursuing. We also delve into Biden's personal and shocking battle with the truth (can he handle it?). This show is on FIRE!!! (All soundbites and news articles are linked at
WOW! 2020 has been a hot mess. But even in a mess we know there are blessings! This show starts off with a teaser of NEXT year's Radiance Christmas album. This snippet is from our 12-year-old Aliyah Marie with backup vocals from her dad! (We had hoped we could've released it this year, but COVID and serious health issues got in the way.) This episode, the whole Bomberger crew reflects on 2020--the good, the bad and the funny--and we talk about what we hope for in 2021!
In this #Thanksgiving episode we celebrate adoption and dispel myths about this courageous and loving act. We deliver some shocking numbers regarding adoption and abortion. Ryan shares his latest commentary to highlight National Adoption Month and Bethany talks about dealing with trauma.
The best voter is an informed voter who acts on his or her conscience. What good are faith and knowledge if we don't apply them? After a long hiatus, Ryan & Bethany Bomberger return with a powerful episode that explores the radical differences between the Democratic and Republican parties, using each party's official platform document. Also, Ryan and Bethany talk about how Ryan nearly died this month and what it all means for The Radiance Foundation. Links to show content available at
Worldview is everything. A Christian worldview should be shaped by the Word of God not by the fallen world around us. We increasingly have a Church that looks identical to the Culture. Ryan & Bethany reveal a shocking study from sociologist George Barna (founder of the Barna Group) that explains why American society is reeling in chaos and confusion. Also, don't miss Ryan's powerful commentary on our social disorder and the Hope that reorders it all: "Christ Before Color". (Links to studies in Show #15 block at
We get lots of questions all the time from our awesome supporters and podcast listeners, so we wanted to dedicate a whole show to answering them. From abortion to personhood to “white fragility” and racial inequality, we tackle some tough questions with context and clarity. We also discuss the Democratic presidential ticket and take a necessary break from all the tension with a special segment with our youngest son, Justice, who’s got jokes!
There is an all-out War on Our Kids, bombarding them with "lies so clever they sound like the truth." As parents, we are the ones responsible for what fills our kids' hearts and minds. We have to teach them before a broken world reaches them. We also discuss our ground-breaking book, PRO-LIFE KIDS!, and how we can never give up the battle for our children's very lives. We can't allow the world to shout a lie louder than we proclaim the Truth. (Lots of links/resources are in the SHOW #13 block at
In 2013, the nation's oldest civil rights organization--the NAACP--sued The Radiance Foundation and Ryan Bomberger, personally, for (accurately) parodying their name. The National Association for the A̶d̶v̶a̶n̶c̶e̶m̶e̶n̶t̶ Abortion of Colored People lied in court documents that they are "neutral on abortion" when they passed a 2004 resolution supporting abortion, regularly partner with and fiercely defend Planned Parenthood, and publicly advocate FOR abortion. We reveal the shocking details of the surreal federal #freespeech lawsuit and how the radically pro-abortion NAACP is a prime example of civil rights gone wrong. (Links to content in SHOW #12 block on
What do Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger and July 4th have in common? Absolutely nothing. And that's the point of this show. Sanger's religious devotion to eugenic racism and elitism forged a #PlannedParenthood that doesn't believe we're all created equal. We dive deep into the hot mess that was Margaret Sanger and expose Planned Parenthood's white supremacy. Don't miss the special game show segment in the middle of this episode! Links to content at
SHOW #10: Dads Matter

SHOW #10: Dads Matter


Dads always matter. Nature is an extraordinary thing. It reveals to us how important every piece of the biological puzzle is to Life. Each gender, female and male, is significant and different and wondrous. But what happens when we pretend that they’re interchangeable or dispensable? The puzzle starts to fall apart leaving gaping holes. We see that in our modern society as the epidemic of fatherlessness has left behind massive voids. This powerful #FathersDay episode examines the impact of father absence and celebrates the beauty and importance of fatherhood. Links to content at
There is #BeautyInUnity. The only thing that brings the perfect bond of unity is Love. And God is Love. In this episode we explore some really powerful stories of repentance, forgiveness, and supernatural reconciliation. Grab the tissues and take some notes to heart. This episode will move you. (Links to some of the show content in Show #9 block at
Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X both fought for racial justice. Both had radically different approaches to how that could be achieved. MLK believed in non-violence. Malcolm X believed in violence "by any means necessary." King promoted a Gospel-centered approach. Malcolm X promoted an unbiblical one. As Christians who are to seek the truth that sets us free, what IS the #BlackLivesMatter movement's approach? There can be no justice without righteousness; they both form the foundation of God's throne (Psalm 89:14). This show is a must-hear for every one who is called as an ambassador of Christ. Who are we representing? Links to content at
Race. It's a made-up thing, and we're not afraid to go there. We can't shy away from having tough conversations, but we have to have the right starting point. There is no justice without truth, and the only Truth that is immutable is God's Word. It illuminates how we fight the sin of we fight sin, period. This podcast shines a light on how our marriage was once considered illegal, a little American civil rights history, Ahmaud Arbery, LeBron James and blamestream media. Get ready to dive in to some deep waters.
We celebrate those who are #BirthmomStrong. As adoptive parents, we celebrate how adoption is a loving and transformative act that helps to restore what was broken. In this episode we share a powerful phone interview with our friend and Board member, Kristin DePola. She's a birthmom who turned the unplanned into a loving plan. Learn more about The Radiance Foundation's adoption advocacy at You can book a multimedia presentation on adoption for your conference, church, college or organization's event at
This is a very special episode. May 5th--known around the world as El Cinco De Mayo--is El Cinco De Ryo in our house. It's Ryan's birthday! AND, this coming weekend is Mother's Day! What better way to celebrate than to have Ryan's mother--Andrea Bomberger--who raised 13 children (10 adopted) share her incredible journey. This is an exclusive interview with a mother of a multiracial family who navigated through the challenges of racism, disabilities, and disappointments. But her faith and love brought many moments of joy and triumph. Learn more at
Harvard is holding an anti-homeschooling (anti-schoolchoice) summit in June. Harvard Law Professor and summit leader, Elizabeth Bartholet, believes children belong to the State and that parents have no natural rights to their children. She asserts that homeschoolers are religious extremists, misogynists and racists and that homeschooling should be banned. As an interracial homeschooling couple, we shred a bunch of Harvard's Ivy League bogus claims (using things like facts) and provide powerful examples of and resources for #schoolchoice. Learn more at
Show #3 goes deep into the reason for the name of our nonprofit organization, The Radiance Foundation. It's a story of desperation, transformation and redemption. Also, we expose the fake feminism of Planned Parenthood and contrast it with the truly empowering work of pregnancy centers and maternity homes. Don't miss this powerful episode! Learn more at (All song lyrics written and © by Ryan Bomberger.)
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