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What's the latest on "Long-COVID"? What is the current predominant sub-variant in the United States? What do we know about the new vaccine coming out in the fall of 2022? Do we have any data on why some people never test positive for COVID? Recently, President Biden experienced a rebound effect from the antivirals. How common is this? What should we know about monkey pox? Dr. Brad Pollock from UC Davis joins us for our monthly COVIDcast to answer these questions and more!
In this minicast, we talk with Sean Flynn, an assistant professor of economics at Scripps College, about the economics of our healthcare system: why consumers don’t pay much attention to healthcare costs, why health insurance companies spend so much, and why employers don’t push for reform. He also profiles Whole Food’s experiment.
In this Fight Back episode, we welcome Dr. Howard Zucker, former New York State Public Health Commissioner who led New York through the initial impact of COVID-19. He has held public health positions at the state, federal, and international levels and academic appointments at the Yale, Columbia, and Albert Einstein medical schools. He served as head of the Pediatric ICU at New York Presbyterian Hospital and was a research affiliate at MIT.Dr. Zucker shares New York’s experience as the first hot spot for COVID-19, dealing with shutdowns, masks, vaccines, and overrun emergency rooms. Join us as we look back at the start of COVID-19 in New York and how local, state, and federal governments interfaced with the healthcare system.
Should we be worried about the Ba5 COVID subvariant? Is a “master” vaccine that targets all omicron variants possible? Should I vaccinate my child? Dr. Pollock joins us for our monthly COVIDcast to answer these questions. He also talks about the COVID global outlook and vaccine boosters.
Service animals—especially canines—have proven to be able helpers to those in need. In this Fight Back Minicast episode, Michelle Williams, Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator for Canine Companions, and Stefanie Lund, a volunteer breeder of service canines, discuss the difference between service, therapy, and emotional support dogs and how they can improve their owner’s health, especially veterans.
In this Fight Back episode, Dr. Ted Mazer discusses various ear, nose, and throat conditions and disorders. From ringing in the ears, the causes and treatment for hearing loss to the loss of smell, we will cover it and get real-world answers for you.Dr. Mazer specializes in treating ear, nose, head, throat, and neck disorders. He was named one of the “Top Doctors” in the 2015 San Diego Magazine “Physicians of Exceptional Excellence” and is a former President of the California Medical Association. 
On this special Fight Back minicast, we hear a clip from our very first LIVE Telephone Town Hall where we discussed the latest Covid-19 outbreak and the endemic with University of California COVID-19 expert, Dr. Brad Pollock. Hundreds of listeners interacted and asked questions of Dr. Pollack and Healthcare Consumer Rights Executive Director and the host of the Fight Back podcast, Steve Poizner.
In this unique Fight Back podcast, we hosted our first LIVE telephone “Town Hall.” Hundreds of Fight Back podcast listeners called in to hear the latest news about the COVID-19 endemic, ask questions and interact with our two moderators: Dr. Brad Pollock and Steve Poizner.Dr. Brad Pollock hosts a monthly “COVIDCast” on the Fight Back podcast, where he discusses the latest news and information about COVID-19, its variants, treatments, how to stay healthy, and other topics. Dr. Pollock is Chairman of the Department of Public Health Sciences at the University of California Davis School of Medicine.Steve Poizner, Director of the Healthcare Consumer Rights Foundation, is the host of Fight Back.
Health insurance is critical for individuals and families. When you suddenly lose your health insurance because of COVID-19 or any other reason, it can feel overwhelming and difficult to determine where to start and what to do. Fortunately, there are many options available. Jenn Moore, Health Net’s chief commercial officer, joins us to talk about how to navigate this complicated and challenging process.
In this Fight Back episode, we welcome our special guest, Dr. Brad Pollock, to discuss childhood and young adult cancers. Dr. Pollack is a Distinguished Professor of Epidemiology, Chairman of the Department of Public Health Sciences, and Associate Dean for Public Health Sciences at the University of California (UC) Davis School of Medicine. He is also the Principal Investigator of the Children’s Oncology Group at the National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP) and a leading researcher on the epidemiology and control of childhood and adolescent cancers.He joins us to talk about how cancer is not just an older person’s disease, the types of cancers that strike children and young adults, the research that goes into finding effective treatment options and identifying causes of cancers, the long-term health outcomes for those who have cancer at a young age, and more.
Lifestyle Medicine focuses on educating and motivating patients to change personal habits and behaviors by focusing on whole food, plant-predominant diet, regular physical activity, restorative sleep, stress management, avoidance of risky substances, and positive social connections.We discuss this topic with lifestyle medicine expert Dr. Cate Collings, Director of Lifestyle Medicine at El Camino Hospital and President of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.
In this Fight Back episode, Dr. Ted Mazer joins us to talk about how you can make your medical expenses fit into your budget. We discuss the importance of shopping for medical procedures, ways to avoid surprise billing, understanding how in and out of network physicians and procedures affect your final bill, how to negotiate hospital bills and more.Dr. Mazer is a former President of the California Medical Association. In 2015, San Diego County Medical Society named him one of the county’s “Top Doctors” in their annual “Physicians of Exceptional Excellence” survey published by San Diego Magazine.
In this Fight Back Minicast, we cover the critically important topic of advanced healthcare directives, a legal document that addresses such end-of-life issues as “do not resuscitate” orders, treatment options, healthcare proxies, and more.
Do you need a second COVID vaccine booster shot? Are the home rapid tests able to detect the newest variants? What's the latest data regarding long COVID? Dr. Pollock joins us for our monthly COVIDcast to answer these questions. He also talks about vaccine availability in third world countries, and how other countries are currently struggling with COVID outbreaks.
This minicast discusses whether it is possible to negotiate your medical bills with the hospital and what that means for you and your bottom line. (Hint: You have options.) Our special guest Allan Fox, a former hospital CFO, offers his unique insights on the topic.
Most people with COVID-19 don’t become severely ill and will often get better within weeks of falling sick. By staying up to date on your COVID-19 vaccine, including a booster dose, you can lower the odds of a severe illness and the risk of hospitalization. However, even a mild COVID infection can cause what doctors and researchers call “long COVID.”  Long COVID is a wide range of new, returning, or ongoing health problems people may experience more than four weeks after being first infected. Researchers estimate that 10% to 30% of patients might experience long COVID after recovering—even if they experienced mild symptoms. This leaves many COVID long-haulers with questions about symptoms and what to do. In this Fight Back episode, our special guest, Dr. Aras Mattis, a research scientist at the University of California San Francisco, will discuss the ongoing research and understanding of long COVID.
Many states in recent years have legalized the use of cannabis as a treatment for various medical conditions. We welcome our special guest, Sally Brammell, Senior Corporate Counsel at PAX Labs, a cannabis vaporizer company. She is also a parent of a young adult son who is developmentally disabled by a rare pediatric epilepsy syndrome. Although his seizures are resistant to most medications, they have been well-controlled for the past seven years with medical cannabis. We discuss with Ms. Brammell the science behind medical marijuana, insurance and legal issues, different cannabis delivery methods, and more.
Do you need a fourth COVID vaccine booster shot? Will we need annual COVID vaccine shots, just like shots for the flu? Dr. Pollock joins us for our monthly COVID update to answer these questions. He also talks about the possibility of new variants, the importance of strengthening the global network of laboratory surveillance to detect such strains, and how wastewater monitoring has proven helpful in tracking COVID.
Debby Johnson, a third-generation pharmacist and former President of the California Pharmacist Association, gives us a peek into the world of a pharmacist.  She explains the important role pharmacists play as they interact with patients, how computer technology has become an indispensable tool and offers advice when insurance companies deny coverage for prescription drugs.  Click here to listen to the complete “Pharmacy 101” podcast.
Despite tremendous progress, smoking is still a leading cause of death from lung cancer and a significant contributor to heart disease. Our special guest, Erica Costa, discusses how to quit smoking. Erica is the Director of Advocacy for Tobacco Control in California for the American Lung Association.In this special Minicast, Ms. Costa talks about how fast your body heals the moment you quit smoking, are vapes good for you, and the first steps to take to quit smoking.
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