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Author: Scott Meyers

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This is the Self-Storage podcast, where we share the knowledge and skills from the industries leading investors, developers, and operators to help you launch and grow your self-storage investing business. Over the past 20 years, we have acquired, converted, developed, and syndicated over 2 million square feet of self-storage nationwide. Along with my amazing team at Self Storage Investing, we have helped thousands of people achieve greatness in self-storage.
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Set your goals right for 2023 by listening to this episode, learn the strategy on how to be resilient during a recession, and take the necessary action steps for success. Tune in to prepare yourself for what’s about to come in the self-storage industry so you won’t miss a single opportunity starting today!WHAT TO LISTEN FORA guru’s prediction and perspective of the economyWhy there’s good fortune in 2023 for self-storage investorsHow to get through and take advantage of the recessionThe importance of tracking your portfolio more frequentlyUltimate advice for self-storage investors for 2023RESOURCES/LINKS MENTIONEDLet The Wild Rumpus Begin PDF Dot Plot (December 14, 2022 Release) WITH USWebsite: so you never miss a NEW episode! Leave us an honest rating and review on Apple Podcast.
Before we start new investing adventures this year, let’s take a step back and showcase five of the most-downloaded episodes of this podcast in 2022. These episodes were our conversations with self-storage rockstars and real estate experts (04:32) Herby Bowman, (14:08) Scott Dahin, (24:45) Dustin Heiner, (34:37) Brandon Grebe, (44:07) Brett Swarts, and Jake Mellor.  Check this out!WHAT TO LISTEN FORFresh idea on injecting entrepreneurship in the self-storage spaceThe power of knowing where to focus in your storage businessWhy you should start making passive income todayExpert’s outlook on developing new self-storage facilitiesIdeal exit strategies for your real estate investmentsRESOURCES/LINKS MENTIONEDEp68: The Best-Kept Secret To Storage Business Success - Scott Dahin Effective And Strategic Approaches To Tax Codes - Brett Swarts And Jake Mellor Diversifying Your Business Model in Commercial Real Estate - Brandon Grebe Learning More About The Economies Of Scale In Self-Storage - Herby Bowman Passive Investing In Self-Storage To Beat The Recession - Dustin Heiner WITH USWebsite: so you never miss a NEW episode! Leave us an honest rating and review on Apple Podcast.
You’re in for a treat because Agostino Pintus joined us to share the perks of investing in diversified commercial assets and how to strategize during economic downturns. Start listening to learn more about raising capital, plus his advice on becoming a savvy investor today!WHAT TO LISTEN FORThe two-way benefit of real estate development projects  What’s the biggest mistake people make when owning a houseA good source of capital for small commercial investments3 things to do to maintain capital coming from passive investorsEconomic condition now and in the next few yearsRESOURCE/LINK MENTIONEDAirbnb AGOSTINO PINTUSAgostino is a real estate investor, syndicator, and the Founder and CEO of Bulletproof Cashflow, where he sources, negotiates, and acquires commercial properties by applying his nearly two decades of experience in real estate. He is a sought-after speaker for real estate events, Meetups, and global media engagements. He hosts the Bulletproof Cashflow Podcast, a series highlighting topics every real estate investor should know to achieve success. Agostino invites experts to teach and share their real-life experiences as investors, marketers, and capital raisers.CONNECT WITH AGOSTINOWebsite: Bulletproof Cashflow Bulletproof Cashflow Bulletproof Cashflow LinkedIn:  Agostino Pintus Bulletproof Cashflow Agostino M Pintus Twitter: @agostino_pintus @bulletproofcashflow WITH USWebsite: so you never miss a NEW episode! Leave us an honest rating and review on Apple Podcast.
In this episode, Jim Pfeifer highlights investor communities and how they help starters gain comfort and confidence to get into their first real estate deal. Listen to how he started educating members and investing passively with them in multiple syndications. Stay tuned!WHAT TO LISTEN FORThe value of joining a community of like-minded investorsThe main benefit of investing passively alongside a community 2 attributes to look for when selecting operators to invest with What it’s like to join the Left Field Investors RESOURCES/LINKS MENTIONEDTribevest Hands-Off Investor by Brian Burke JIM PFEIFERJim Pfeifer is a co-founder of Left Field Investors and the host of the Passive Investing from Left Field podcast. Jim focuses on investing in real assets that produce cash flow and is committed to sharing his knowledge with others who are interested in learning a different way to grow wealth. He advises and helps people get started in passive real estate syndications and invests with them in small groups to allow diversification among multiple investments and syndication sponsors. Jim earned a degree in Finance & Marketing from the University of Oregon and a Master’s in Business Education from The Ohio State University. He has worked as a reinsurance underwriter, high school finance teacher, and financial advisor and now works exclusively as a full-time passive investor.CONNECT WITH JIMWebsite: Left Field Investors WITH USWebsite: so you never miss a NEW episode! Leave us an honest rating and review on Apple Podcast.
If you have cash sitting before 2023 starts, we can help you maximize it through the Tricore Storage Fund. Generate huge returns and offset your gains by investing passively with us in the best-performing property type out there!RESOURCE/LINK MENTIONEDIf you’re interested to invest in the Tricore Storage Fund, email us at or ir@passivestorageinvesting.comCONNECT WITH USWebsite: Subscribe so you never miss a NEW episode! Leave us an honest rating and review on Apple Podcast.
Take advantage of current market conditions to succeed in real estate investing and find out which factors affect the self-storage industry, its benefits, and the vital steps to get started as an investor. Don’t miss the opportunity to invest in one of the world’s most recession-resistant assets by tuning in!WHAT TO LISTEN FORReasons you should invest in self-storage during a recession2 things that increase your odds of closing a self-storage dealWays to gain from a downturn as a real estate investorChallenges of self-storage investingWhat investors should do as the economy enters a crisisCONNECT WITH USWebsite: so you never miss a NEW episode! Leave us an honest rating and review on Apple Podcast.
In this week's episode, we'll answer some questions from our most recent Self Storage Academy live event. Stay tuned to be educated about topics that'll help both seasoned and rookie self-storage investors acquire their next property successfully.WHAT TO LISTEN FORWhat you should do when buying your next self-storage propertyLetter of intent: What it is and its purposeWhy you should be ready to present multiple offers to sellersRESOURCE/LINK MENTIONEDSelf Storage Academy WITH USWebsite: so you never miss a NEW episode! Leave us an honest rating and review on Apple Podcast.
Check out this episode and be impressed by Gil Siedner as he discusses SecondRE and its innovative feature of buying and selling residential and commercial real estate investment shares. Keep an eye out for an outline of the company's methodology and how sponsors and investors might benefit from the marketplace.WHAT TO LISTEN FORA major problem of real estate investingHow does SecondRE’s marketplace work SecondRE opportunities to accredited investorsWhy syndicators should join SecondRE?What makes the secondary real estate market betterRESOURCE/LINK MENTIONEDFINRA GIL SIEDNERGil Siedner has been in the real estate space for 15 years and is now the Vice President of Business Development at SecondRE. He is also highly skilled and experienced in the tech industry. Before SecondRE, Gil was the Vice President of Investments at Skyline AI. Gil finished his Bachelor of Arts in Economics at Tel Aviv University and his Masters of Business Administration at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.CONNECT WITH GILWebsite: SecondREEmail: CONNECT WITH USWebsite: so you never miss a NEW episode! Leave us an honest rating and review on Apple Podcast.
Listen to Ryan Strub as he shares why you shouldn't hesitate to invest in commercial real estate. This episode will give you the criteria for working with a sponsor and what makes CrowdStreet a good vehicle for your success as a passive or active investor. Be resilient during inflation and make your money work for you, so dive in to learn more! WHAT TO LISTEN FORThe value of sharing free investing informationWhy patience is a vital ability to develop as a real estate investor2 things you need to consider when choosing sponsorsA helpful guide for new investors in real estate syndicationTips to be good at deal underwritingABOUT RYAN STRUBRyan Strub is currently Head of Commercial Investments at CrowdStreet, Inc. Here, Ryan serves as a key decision maker for CrowdStreet investment offerings and drives viable new offerings to approval. Ryan is a voting member of CrowdStreet's Investment Committee and oversees all aspects of applicable investment offerings from the derivation of investment criteria through funding on the CrowdStreet Marketplace. Ryan defines the evolving criteria for eligible office, industrial, hospitality, retail, and niche deal flow for the CrowdStreet Marketplace while collaborating with the Chief Investment Officer to determine CrowdStreet’s investment thesis.CONNECT WITH RYANWebsite: CrowdStreet WITH USWebsite: so you never miss a NEW episode! Leave us an honest rating and review on Apple Podcast.
In this episode, Dean Rogers shares how he became a real estate investor and took a significant shift in his career in search of freedom. Dial in to learn about finding the best wholesale and fix-and-flip deals and why you should start getting into the self-storage space. Tune in and develop yourself for tremendous success!WHAT TO LISTEN FORWhy you should nurture your interest in real estateThe power of having grit and making the most out of itWhat makes self-storage better than multifamily investingAdvantages of seller financing in today’s marketThe primary benefit of self-storage investingABOUT DEAN ROGERSDean Rogers began his career in the NFL with the San Diego Chargers. Dean soon realized that if he kept playing, his health would be at stake. After walking away from the NFL, he has been in the real estate industry since 2013, leading him to build a successful business in California. Since then, Dean has flipped and wholesaled hundreds of houses and has a rental portfolio of eight figures. He is passionate about real estate and helping others learn how to build wealth and freedom. In 2022, Dean created The Wholesaling Playbook to provide a resource for others that want to take their real estate investing business to the next level. The Playbook shows step-by-step proven systems and best practices that we are using in our active 7 Figure business.CONNECT WITH DEANWebsite: Dean RogersPodcast: The Dean Rogers ShowInstagram: @deanrogersrealestateYoutube: Dean RogersTiktok: @deanrogersrealestateEmail: dean@deanrogers.comCONNECT WITH USWebsite: so you never miss a NEW episode! Leave us an honest rating and review on Apple Podcast.
Today, you’ll know why self-storage is a data-driven industry and how to seize the best opportunities with Drew Dolan. Start listening to learn more about how he manages his funds and investments, the value of risk mitigation, and why mistakes are essential to your overall success. Check this episode!WHAT TO LISTEN FOREffects of having new investors entering the self-storage industryHow you should look at your investments and become a good investorWhy it’s important to be cautious and knowledgeable about business risks2 things to add to your criteria for selecting team membersWhat you need to implement to find success in self-storageABOUT DREW DOLANOver his 20-year career in development and construction, Drew has focused on deal structure, debt, and capital procurement and management. He has raised over $500 million and placed over $1 billion in debt for real estate investments. As fund manager and Principal at DXD, Drew created the fund structure, oversaw the capital raise for DXD Self Storage Fund I, which launched in 2020 and exceeded the goal ending with $53 million, and placed $50 million in debt in the first year. Drew has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times as an expert in the self-storage industry. Previously, Drew was Fund Manager For Titan Development Real Estate Fund I, a $112 million fully-discretionary fund focused on ground-up development.  Before becoming Fund Manager, he was President of Titan Development. Drew is currently a member of YPO, active on his ULI Council, and was formerly on NAIOP's national board. He holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from Arizona State University. CONNECT WITH DREWWebsite: DXD CapitalCONNECT WITH USWebsite: so you never miss a NEW episode! Leave us an honest rating and review on Apple Podcast.
Are you wondering if self-storage investment is still as good as advertised amidst the surging inflation? Let’s look into the data as to how self-storage does in different economic cycles, and Cory Sylvester joins the show to walk us through it. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn what demand drivers are and how to achieve cash flow even at increasing rates!WHAT TO LISTEN FORWays to approach the marketplace in the face of recessionEffects of inflation on the demand for self-storage facilitiesHow you can utilize the third-party management as an investorReasons to go after developmental opportunities in a changing economic cycleWhat high rental rates and square feet per capita means for the self-storage spaceABOUT CORY SYLVESTERCory leads site selection, investment committee, and technology architecture for DXD. His innovative efforts drive the evolving proprietary technology that is core to DXD's differentiation. In addition to participating in the $53 million capital raise, Cory has built out the national real estate development team. He is a founding Principal of Radius+ and is responsible for overseeing the data validation efforts for Radius+'s core datasets. Before founding Radius+, he spent six years investing in technology companies at Columbus Circle Investors and J.P. Morgan Asset Management. He started his career at J.P. Morgan's Investment Bank after graduating with a BA in Economics from Skidmore College.CONNECT WITH CORYWebsite: DXD Capital Website: Radius+ Website: Union Realtime LLC @hh1326 WITH USWebsite: so you never miss a NEW episode! Leave us an honest rating and review on Apple Podcast.
Are you paying too many taxes and letting go of your hard-earned profits? If so, check this episode out as Melanie Sikma and Byron McBroom outline seven things you need to be aware of for your financial success! Market crises are nothing if you’re an innovative and strategic investor!WHAT TO LISTEN FORDo you have to pay self-employment tax on passive income?A way to include your children in your own business’ payrollWhat is the “kick the can” tax plan?Walkthrough of the 4 strategies for paying taxesImportant advice on investing your cash despite an inflation RESOURCE/LINK MENTIONEDBizminer MELANIE SIKMA AND BYRON MCBROOMMelanie is a tax and financial strategist, IUL specialist, and speaker from Ripon, California. She is the CEO of Abundant Life Services. She is a Business Development Consultant at Measured Results, CPAs. She works with families to understand their finances and small business owners around the United States to minimize their tax bills, maximize their impact, and make their dreams a reality. She is a California State University Chico alumni with a B.S. in Kinesiology. Byron is the founder and President of Measured Results, CPAs. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). He leads the full-service accounting firm, Measured Results, CPAs, which offers a broad range of services for business owners, executives, and independent professionals. Byron loves snowboarding, mountain biking, road biking, and backpacking with friends and family. He is a huge San Francisco Giants fan.CONNECT WITH MELANIE AND BYRONWebsite: Measured Results @melaniesikma Financial Strategy Session WITH USWebsite: so you never miss a NEW episode! Leave us an honest rating and review on Apple Podcast.
Self-storage is the best-performing commercial real estate asset class when it comes to recession resiliency, and Marcus Faller is with us to tell us more about it. Tap in to know the difference between how institutional and retail investors make a move during a market crisis and more reasons to start investing in self-storage now!WHAT TO LISTEN FORWhy more people are interested in self-storage investing recentlyThe important role of a management group in your investing journey3 qualities that build the reputation of Tricore Storage FundAre there still opportunities to get into the self-storage space?The 3 primary advantages of being a self-storage passive investorABOUT MARCUS FALLERMarcus is the Executive Vice President of Tricore Investment Group and a sales/marketing professional with over 20 years of experience exhibiting superior strategic planning and capital development skills with industry leaders (Fortune 50), Wall Street Financial Services Firms and Investment Companies.) He has a broad spectrum of knowledge across a diverse array of businesses. And that allows an ability to garner a distinct talent for developing general business and master plans, building national territories, creating investment programs, and raising capital in Real Estate, Venture Capital, Pre-IPO, Technology, Energy, Biotechnology, Film, and Tax Strategy sectors.CONNECT WITH MARCUS FALLEREmail: mfaller@tricoreig.comPhone: (407) 420-3011CONNECT WITH USWebsite: so you never miss a NEW episode! Leave us an honest rating and review on Apple Podcast.
This week, Dutch Mendenhall joins us to reveal how to promote betterment and excellence when leading a team and why it’s vital to uphold your integrity at all times. Find out how to be good at preparing for market crises, making better decisions, and more! This episode is a conversation you don’t want to miss! WHAT TO LISTEN FORKey principles in developing a successful team to work withWhy you need to grasp and figure out your callingHow to prove your integrity as an investor and business ownerThe power of humility in the real estate businessInspiring pieces of advice on your kickstart in self-storage investing ABOUT DUTCH MENDENHALLDutch Mendenhall is the co-founder and CEO of RAD Diversified REIT and currently oversees six Real Estate Investment Funds (REITs). His company has commercial, residential, farming, and construction assets. He was a former baseball coach for the University of San Francisco and later pivoted to the business and real estate industry. He believes in taking care of people first: investors, the team that drives the funds, vendors, contractors, tenants, and many more. In his spare time, Dutch enjoys spending time with his family. His top priorities in life are God, Family, and Health. He has a passion for assisting individuals to achieve the level of financial success that they could only dream of.CONNECT WITH DUTCHWebsite: RAD Diversified Dutch Mendenhall LinkedIn: RAD Diversified WITH USWebsite: so you never miss a NEW episode! Leave us an honest rating and review on Apple Podcast.
In this episode, Chris Long shares his success story in growing a company that offers custom yards and storage spaces for contractors from the ground up. We’ll also chat about the importance of conducting market analysis, why you should trust the process, and believe in the value of your business ideas. Start listening to know more!WHAT TO LISTEN FORThe essential nature of identifying the ideal and perfect avatarWhen is the right time to raise rents for your storage facilitiesHow to select the best markets and the factors to considerWhy it’s a priority to cater to the needs of the local communityHelpful pieces of advice on how to keep going as a real estate investor ABOUT CHRIS LONG Chris is the founder, CEO, and operator of Longyards Storage. He was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, and had an entrepreneurial vision and mindset at a young age. Before venturing full-time into the real estate industry, he opened Conrad Construction in 2013 and served as a licensed carpenter. The first Longyards storage facility was built in his hometown. After seeing the massive potential of his business, he decided to move to the United States to grow and scale the business and provide storage spaces for more contractors and construction companies.CONNECT WITH CHRISWebsite: Longyards Longyards Storage clong@longyards.comPhone:(941) 278-1995CONNECT WITH USWebsite: so you never miss a NEW episode! Leave us an honest rating and review on Apple Podcast.
Scott Lewis is back on the show and will walk you through how to scale your business with your team effectively and why you should strategically head into a recession. We’ll also chat about decision-making and what makes optionality and flexibility valuable, so listen now ‘coz you don’t want to miss out on this episode!WHAT TO LISTEN FORThe power of being flexible for both great and risky circumstancesBest thing to exercise when bringing in new team membersWhy its recommended to have more than enough cash reservesHow to create lasting relationships with your buyers and sellers A practice that can assist you during market downturns RESOURCES/LINKS MENTIONEDThinking In Bets by Annie Duke | Hardcover & Audiobook by Nassim Nicholas Taleb | Paperback & Hardcover by Doris Kearns Goodwin | Hardcover & Paperback The 4 Disciplines Of Execution by Chris McChesney, Sean Covey, Jim Huling | Hardcover & Audiobook SCOTT LEWIS Scott Lewis is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Spartan Investment Group, LLC (SIG). He is responsible for the company's strategic direction and ensuring it aligns with its mission, Improve Lives Through Real Estate. Before Spartan, Scott was a regional sales manager for a biotech firm, had various positions in strategic and project management for the federal government, and was on active duty as an Infantry Officer. He is an Iraqi Freedom Combat Vet and now an active US Army Reserves. Scott has degrees in Chemistry and Marketing, graduating from Michigan State University. He also has an MS in Management from Catholic University and a Certificate in Project Management from Georgetown University.CONNECT WITH SCOTTWebsite: Spartan Investment Group, LLC Scott J. Lewis WITH USWebsite: so you never miss a NEW episode! Leave us an honest rating and review on Apple Podcast.
Finding the right sponsor could be risky and complicated for you as a new investor, but we'll have you covered in this episode! We invited Brian Martinez back on the show to guide us with his expertise in evaluating sponsors, building connections, and advice on how to get started in real estate the right way. Tune in and take this opportunity to invest wisely in a changing market environment!WHAT TO LISTEN FORThings investors should consider when looking for the right sponsorWhy sponsors must identify investors’ motivation, goal, and purpose for investingBest advice for people to start investing in real estateThe role of having an online presence in attracting more investorsTips for underwriting deals for self-storage and other asset classesRESOURCES/LINKS MENTIONEDBetter Business Bureau Definitive Guide to Underwriting Multifamily Acquisitions by Robert Beardsley | Paperback BRIAN MARTINEZBrian Martinez is the Senior Business Development Representative of NuView Trust Company. Brian began his career in sales and business development with 15 years as a sales coach for a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company, where he built teams to adapt to new market trends. Brian has since used his industry knowledge to work his way up to his current position as the Retail Sales Manager at NuView Trust – a premier, regulated custodian for self-directed alternative investments. Since working with NuView, Brian has had the privilege of developing new relationships with his clients and referral partners while helping them to continue building their wealth using self-direction. Brian’s passion lies in educating others on the endless investment possibilities afforded by using self-directed accounts and providing individuals with the right tools to get started on their alternative investment journey.CONNECT WITH BRIANEmail: Phone: 407-519-9172CONNECT WITH USWebsite: so you never miss a NEW episode! Leave us an honest rating and review on Apple Podcast.
From being a medical professional to becoming an active investor in multiple real estate niches and other business ventures, we’ll be talking about what it takes to be on another level of success through real estate investing. Ross Stryker reveals secrets to his accomplishment, the value of taking action as an investor, and why your health should be your top priority. Take this opportunity to learn more, so tune in!WHAT TO LISTEN FORThe reward of joining real estate and mastermind groupsHow taking action and staying persistent could take you further in businessAdvantages of investing and navigating different types of investmentsExisting issues and crises in the housing market and affordable housingAdvice on how to prioritize self-care and focus on good health habitsRESOURCES/LINKS MENTIONEDLife Force by Tony Robbins | Hardcover & Audiobook Win-Win Wealth Strategy by Tom Wheelwright | Hardcover & Audiobook Ate Lunch With Abraham by Asher Intrater Master the Game by Tony Robbins DR. ROSS STRYKERRoss Stryker is a founder and CEO of Smart Asset Opportunities – which helps educate busy small business owners to take charge of their own financial freedom plans. He practiced dentistry and specialized in Orthodontics for over 35 years – 12 of those years were while serving in the US Army – reaching the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and later in private practice where he grew one of the largest single doctor practices in the country. Ross has owned 40+ single-family homes and written two books – one specifically on real estate investing. He has been part of 4 different masterminds and attends additional conferences, seminars, and meetings with elite real estate investors. He knows that unlike wall street where insider information will get you thrown in jail – in real estate investing – that is where the real opportunities can be found. It is not the asset that makes the opportunity work – it’s the people behind the asset. Having participated in a multitude of commercial projects, including Self Storage facilities, mobile home parks, office complexes, ATM purchases, a coffee farm in Panama, apartment complexes, and even a resort in Belize. Ross has invested in and in many cases helped with capital raises on projects worth 10’s millions of dollars. His latest project is StoreEase of Fultondale. CONNECT WITH DR. ROSSWebsite: Smart Asset Opportunities 417 664 0880CONNECT WITH USWebsite: so you never miss a NEW episode! Leave us an honest rating and review on Apple Podcast.
Lead generation is crucial to every business, and in this episode, we’ll be helping you learn a bit more about effective marketing strategies that bring results. Today’s guest Julie Houston will uncover her secrets and methods for you to discover what you can do to convert leads into profitable deals. Join us in this conversation and get tons of value.WHAT TO LISTEN FORThe importance of building client relationships in a businessWhat makes TikTok an effective way to find leadsStrategies for creating a good social media presenceThe best marketing strategy for self-storage lead generation2 things self-storage investors should focus on in their marketing plansRESOURCES/LINKS MENTIONED Gary Vaynerchuk It by Gary Vaynerchuk | Paperback & Audiobook, Jab, Jab, Righ Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk JULIE HOUSTONJulie Houston has been in the affiliate & marketing space for over 10 years!  She is a U.S. Navy Veteran, carrying a Master’s of Science Degree in Psychology, empowering her to build incredible relationships and inviolable value in various niches. Julie is dedicated and committed to working in professional relationships that carry high integrity & honesty. She has extensive experience in creating substantial business growth in lead generation and list building in the coaching and online education industry. She is skilled in creating marketing plans and implementing vigorous lead generation techniques.Julie is also an investor buying homes in her local market following creative deal structures with private money.CONNECT WITH JULIEWebsite: Fuller Wallet Media CONNECT WITH USWebsite: so you never miss a NEW episode! Leave us an honest rating and review on Apple Podcast
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