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Author: Greg Moore Jr & Jason Hamlin

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Exploring theology, culture, and politics within a biblical and reformed worldview. Welcome to the Dead Men Walking Podcast.
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This week Greg & Jason welcomed Josh Lofthus from the Reformatory Podcast. We discussed the local church, the importance of gathering, small groups, home churches, and why church attendance is down nationally. We also covered the Rittenhouse verdict and the kidnapped missionaries from Ohio in our Newsie News segment. We also introduced a new "Mailbag" segment where we respond to your comments and questions. Enjoy! Dead Men Walking Website & *all new* Merch CaveSupport the show ($dmwpodcast)
Tech Censorship

Tech Censorship


This week Greg & Jason discussed Tech Censorship. Why is it happening? Why do tech companies seem to target Christian and Conservative media? What is the Christian response? We talked about these questions an much more. As always, be sure to tell a friend about the podcast. Enjoy! Support the show ($dmwpodcast)
Greg & Jason kept it lose this week and streamed a live episode about current news headlines. We discussed the recent Virginia Governor's race, Arron Rodgers stance on vaccines, Joe Biden's visit with the Pope, (and his accident?) and the Appeals Court decision to suspend the vaccine mandate order from the Executive Branch. We had a lot of fun on this episode, we hope you enjoy listening to it! As always, be sure to tell a friend about the podcast! Support the show ($dmwpodcast)
Dr. R.C. Sproul (1939—2017) preached his final sermon on November 26, 2017, at Saint Andrew’s Chapel in Sanford, Florida. The title of the sermon was “A Great Salvation” from Hebrews 2:1-4. He concluded that sermon with these words: “I pray with all my heart that God will awaken each one of us today to the sweetness, the loveliness, the glory of the gospel declared by Christ.” Enjoy! Support the show ($dmwpodcast)
This week Greg & Jason were invited to be guests on the Theology of Music Podcast with Joel Arcieri. We talked about how Dead Men Walking go started, how all three of us being musicians has effected out lives as Christians and family men, and we also told some pretty solid dad jokes along the way. We had  lot of fun with this one. A big thank you to Joel for having us on his podcast, and letting us drop this episode along side his! Go check him out. Enjoy!Support the show ($dmwpodcast)
This week Greg & Jason welcomed back Dr. Sam Storms to the podcast. A few months ago, we had Mackenzie Holloway on the show, and we discussed her popular Facebook post about the error in theology in Bethel and Hillsong worship music. Dr. Sam Storms wrote a blog post in response. Some of our listeners reached out and wanted to know what Sam's response to this issue would be. We listened to your requests, and we had Dr. Storm back on the podcast to expound on his defense of singing Bethel and Hillsong worship songs, and to dig down on how we square some of the erroneous statements made by the leaders of the churches where this music is coming out of. It was a really informative episode. Enjoy! Support the show ($dmwpodcast)
This week Greg & Jason discuss the biblical ramifications of "church hopping". It seems to be a a serious epidemic within modern churches. Is it biblical? Does it harm our spiritual life? Why is it so prevalent? They also covered the U.S. Attorney General's orders to the F.B.I. to declare parents opposing CRT curriculum "domestic terrorists", the Facebook whistleblower case, and the tallest weightlifter ever in the Newsie News segment. Enjoy!  Support the show ($dmwpodcast)
While Jason was away this week, Greg discussed his recent trip to the 2021 G3 Conference in Atlanta, GA. He covered some of the speakers sermons on the theology and doctrine of Christ. Speakers included John MacArthur, Paul Washer, Voddie Baucham, James White, Steve Lawson, Phil Johnson, Josh Buice, and many more. Greg also covered a startling magazine cover, upcoming supreme court cases, and persecution taking place in India in the Newsie News segment, as well as giving a shout out to all of the other podcasters he met with at the conference. Enjoy! Support the show ($dmwpodcast)
Greg & Jason were excited to welcome back Joseph Granda to the podcast this week.  Joseph is a Director, Producer, and Actor known for The Healing Garden (2021), Amongst Friends (1993) and A Walk in the Clouds (1995), and is currently working on a movie adaptation of Doug Wilson's book "Ride, Sally Ride".  We discussed his current projects, Kanye's new album "Donda", and creating culture instead of mimicking it.  This will be a great listen. Enjoy! Support the show ($dmwpodcast)
Joshua Kuipers

Joshua Kuipers


This week Greg & Jason had Joshua Kuipers on the podcast. Joshua owns Kuiper Belt Productions and is the creator of the wildly popular "Reformed Funny Moments" YouTube channel. We discussed how his channel got started, the popularity of it, every movie reformed guys should watch, and funny stories from church and youth group. It was a fun episode to record. Enjoy! Support the show ($dmwpodcast)
This week Greg & Jason sat down with Mackenzie Morgan Holloway. Mackenzie is a worship leader at Refine Church in Lascasses, TN. In July of this year she posted about the theology of the worship music coming out of churches like Elevation, Bethel, and Hillsong on her personal facebook page. It was quickly viewed and shared by millions of people, covered by Christianity Today, and was responded to publicly by Dr. Sam Storms. We discussed why theology matters in worship, the error of some popular worship music, and the fallout from her now infamous facebook post. It was a great episode. Enjoy! Support the show ($dmwpodcast)
Josh Stacey

Josh Stacey


Josh Stacey returns! Josh is the Director of His Purpose Ministries and a long time friend. For his third sit down with Greg & Jason, Josh focused on Hebrews 6, and how the redemptive work of Christ practically and pragmatically plays out in the life of a believer. It was a great episode. Enjoy! Support the show ($dmwpodcast)
This week Greg & Jason were excited to sit down and talk with Zack Morgan and Desi Maes of the Provoked Podcast. Their podcast is all about provoking believers to sharing the gospel. So that's what we discussed: How to street witness, why that's important, how to witness to different faiths, and much more.  We loved these two. It was a very interesting episode. Enjoy! Support the show ($dmwpodcast)
Dale Partridge

Dale Partridge


Greg & Jason were blessed to have Dale Partridge on the podcast this week. Dale is the Founder and President of—a reformed house church planting ministry based in Bend, Oregon, Director of Reformation Seminary, and host of the Real Christianity Podcast. After a Newsie News segment with Dale, we discussed if running a church from the business model is biblical or effective, the difference between a house church and a small group, the accountability of those types of churches, and the future of what church will look like in America in the coming decades. It was a very interesting and eye opening discussion. Enjoy!Support the show ($dmwpodcast)
Chris Huff

Chris Huff


This week Greg & Jason had Chris Huff on the podcast. Chris is the host of the Matter of Theology Podcast as well as the Public Relations Manager for the Just Thinking Podcast. After an Olympic themed Newsie News segment, we discussed the Normative and Regulative Principles of worship, how this effects modern worship music, the unbiblical theology of Bethel and Hillsong music, as well as how we seek out and define biblical worship. It was a great episode. Enjoy! Dead Men Walking WebsiteSupport the show ($dmwpodcast)
Greg and Jason discuss the economic system of capitalism, contrast it to communism and socialism, as well as bring to light the many biblical principles that capitalism shares with the Word of God. Enjoy! Support the show ($dmwpodcast)
Greg & Jason opened up the show discussing classic rock, Christian music in the 90's, and also how things are funnier after 10pm. They then got into the subject of faith. What is biblical faith? What is the doctrine of faith? Can faith be abused or misused? What's the difference between a dead faith and an alive faith? As always, if you like the episode, leave us a positive review and check us out at Dead Men Walking Podcast! Enjoy!Support the show ($dmwpodcast)
Darren Doane now has the title as the first three time guest on the podcast! We sat down with him and talked about being creative, some of his past projects, what it means to podcast and how to bring value to your listeners, and being all in on his creative agency. It was a very informative episode, and the last one we have for you from the Fight Laugh Feast Rally! Enjoy!Support the show ($dmwpodcast)
Another double episode for our wonderful listeners! Greg and Jason snagged Nick from Reformed Sage! We are huge fans of this guy! His facebook page is always  fire, and his merch is phenomenal. Definitely go pick something up from their website! We discussed how he got started, and what reformed means to him. We also have John Branyan on this episode. John is a very funny stand up comic, and the author of a new book titled "Life is Hardy Har Har". We talked working clean, his new book, and talked a bit about his podcast. Enjoy! Support the show ($dmwpodcast)
Jay Cameron

Jay Cameron


This week Greg & Jason had a very interesting conversation with Jay Cameron. Jay is the Litigation Director for the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms in Canada. His organization is overseeing the cases of Pastor James Coates and Pastor Tim Stevens, who have both been arrested for holding church services in Canada. We discussed the constitutionality of these health orders, why bureaucrats and politicians are openly choosing to infringe on these rights, and what these attacks on religious liberties means for the United States. This was a very informative episode! Enjoy!Support the show ($dmwpodcast)
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