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Author: Danielle Mills Walden

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Each week our goal is to motivate you, inspire you, and get you to take action in your life.

If you are feeling stuck or stagnant where you are, or aren't where you want to be we’ll give you a Headstart to reaching your fullest potential.

Each week we see different guests come on to the show to share how Mindset has impacted their success.

Learn from Pro Athletes, Business Owners, Entrepreneur's, Executives, Artists, and Entertainers that leave an impactful message every week.

With mindset anything is possible.

We are Unlocking your Champions Mindset ™ One Episode at a time
41 Episodes
We sit down with Derek Hosey from Grind City Racing. He is the Co-founder of GrindCity Cycling, and team principal of Grind City Racing, 32 yr old Memphis Native. 2022 Tennessee State Champion. Brand Ambassador for “The Setup Drink” Website - ⁠⁠ IG - @grindcitycucling FB - ⁠⁠ Twitter - @grindcycling Youtube - @grindcitycyclingclub4737 --- Send in a voice message:
Season 3 of The Headstrong Podcast is starting off on the highest note with our special guest Mita Mallick. Mita is a corporate change maker and is currently The Head of Inclusion, Equity & Impact at Carta.  She is Linkedin Top Voice winner of 2020. She Co-hosts The Brown Table Talk Podcast with Dee Marshall where they discuss an array of issues that happen every day to women of color in the workplace.  As a skilled contributer her work has been seen in Harvard Business Review, Adweek & Entrepeneur Magazine.  My Husband was actually the person who showed me the posts Mita was doing on Linkedin and encouraged me to reach out to get her on the show. Im so happy we connected and I know this discussion will help so many people! Connect with Mita  Linkedin - Twitter - @MitaMallick2 Brown Table Talk - --- Send in a voice message:
Ciara Brown is the award winning founder of The Diamond Hanger, a designer vintage clothing retailer. Ciara has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. At the age of 10, she was selling pencils and erasers to the neighborhood kids out of her garage. 10 years later, she was a Division l athlete and full-time student at San Diego State University. During this time, she was determined to build a sustainable business from her college bedroom, so that when she graduated she would be able to support herself, her family and eventually hire other young women and men employees. While the bedroom of an athlete was an unusual place to start, Ciara was determined to build an enterprise to address fashion, impact the environment and create jobs: All things that would make the world a better place for herself and future generations. Ciara Brown was awarded Ebay’s SHINE Young Entrepreneur and has also been featured on The Today Show. The Diamond Hanger's customers include some of the largest fast-fashion retail companies who's designers' use vintage fashion for modern day design inspiration. Items can also be seen in TV Shows such as Narcos, Music Videos and in various Fashion Magazines including Off the Rails, Sticks & Stones, & Sheen Magazine. Now, her online business is poised to take its next steps to becoming a virtual and physical shopping destination. Ciara has the drive, passion and business acumen to make her vision a reality with an omni-channel presence. She describes the future of The Diamond Hanger as the “ultimate destination” for customers looking to shop, purchase or rent a large selection of unique, high-quality vintage fashions. Follow Ciara IG - @ciara__brown & @thediamondhanger FB - Linkedin - Website - --- Send in a voice message:
Asante is an author, podcast host, and ad tech professional from Sacramento, California. Prior to those careers, he spent four years in the NFL playing for the 49ers, Patriots, and Chargers. As he transitioned away from football, he began a journey of self discovery where he had to address his past traumas of child abuse and began writing his first book Working Through the Dark. Realizing how tough the transition is, he and his co host created the The Next Season Podcast, where they focus on how to play the game of change. They have interviewed professional athletes, olympians, and high performing business professionals helping shed light on how to best navigate transitions. Asante also helps other athletes make the transition from professional sports. He helps them address their mental health, find a new creative outlet, and new purpose. Connect with Asante  IG - @asantecleveland Linkedin- Website - --- Send in a voice message:
Have you heard of a SWOT Analysis before? Basically its analysing your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats.  This is something a team could do as an exercise, a business owner, or any individual could complete themselves.  I recommend it every quarter. By laying it all out there you now have a plan of action of what you will need to focus on and do to make improvments.  This Episode is sponsored by Jluxlabel Use my code HEADSTRONG for 20% off your next order This Episode is sponsored by Clientele Beauty Use my Code HEADSTRONG10 for 10% off your next order Connect with Danielle  IG- @headstrongllc & @danielle_mills_walden Twitter @daniellemwalden Linkedin - --- Send in a voice message:
Born and Raised in Houston, Texas but currently relocated in San Diego. Will is a full time Entrepreneur and Business Owner with a passion for Personal Development. His purpose is helping people get closer to freedom one products at a time.  Coming from Corporate America and switching to leaving it all behind to create his own legacy he knew that the most prominent way to freedom financially was by leveraging the power of the internet to sell products. Through ups and downs in the industry for over 5 years and multiple six figures in sales generated, he now helps people across the country do the same by teaching them how to gain freedom of time and freedom financially through selling products online. He is Owner of Faultless LLC an E-Commerce Empire.  Connect with Will Allen Twitter - IG - FB - Website - Email - Sponsors  Jluxlabel offer code HEADSTRONG for 20% off! Clientele Beauty offer code HEADSTRONG10 for 10%off Lina Zuniga Makeup (lashes) Website --- Send in a voice message:
Durran Cage has spent more than 20 years in the Auto Industry. His unique qualifications include serving as an OEM District Sales Manager, High-Performance Internet Director and GSM, led a team of consultants for one of the largest vendors in the automotive industry, and 3 years ago he took the leap into entrepreneurship as the founder of Cage Automotive.  Through Cage Campus and Cage Automotive, Durran along with his team has the drive and passion to reach farther and impact greater to leave everything better than he found it. Founding Cage Automotive--a company that strives to leave everything better than they found it through their product or service. Durran is passionate about this mission and along with his team works hard every day driven by their drive to impact greater throughout auto markets worldwide. Away from work, Durran enjoys spending time with his wife Paige(the fearless leader in his home that makes this all possible), and his 4 children Alexander, Preston-James, Addison and Connor. Hobbies include playing basketball, hitting golf balls in the backyard, bowling, and reading books. Connect with Durran --- Send in a voice message:
King Hoodie (born Jean Raymond Jean-Philippe) is an American recording artist, label owner, NFT creator, actor, model and songwriter from North Miami Beach, FL. An insightful storyteller, King Hoodie’s lyrics and melodies embody the soul of the inner city entangled with strands of multi-cultural expression. Being of Haitian and Puerto Rican decent, his consistently impactful message pierces through his nostalgic yet, homegrown style and gritty tone. Often drawing comparisons to dynamic lyricists such as J-Cole, Kendrick Lamar & Chance the Rapper, King Hoodie creates a lane of his own and cements his place as a leader in this new generation of multi-genre hip-hop. Raymond made his music industry debut with his 18-track mixtape, "Under The Bridge" released in 2015. As the founder and co- owner of his indie record label imprint, House Of Pain Entertainment (a.k.a, H.O.P.E) , Hoodie has organically grown a loyal fan base through carefully curated experiences and masterful content. Releasing subsequent projects such as; "T.R.I.P", "Playgrounds Ep" and his 2019 mixtape "Figuring Out How To Drop Music." Hoodie is gearing up to release the next layer of his growing catalog with his highly anticipated “The Kid Is Unfinished” album set to be released later this year. King Hoodie has been featured on Sway In The Morning, NPR’s Tiny Desk, Vibe Magazine, WEDR-FM 99Jamz, 1AMFest, SunFest, Getty Images and other highly notable platforms. @KingHoodieRaps on all social media --- Send in a voice message:
Melanie Borden has worked in various atmospheres from public tech companies to private start-ups, retail automotive, and now has established her own marketing consultancy, Melanie Borden, LLC. As a natural outgrowth of her work as a marketing executive, Melanie recognized the opportunities available to use online marketing strategies to build corporate and personal brands. She has successfully built her own brand, and helped others to do so as well.  She has been published or interviewed by Good Morning America, Daily Mail, The Epoch Times, Working Mother Media, Auto Remarketing, Hip New Jersey, New York City Biz List, Mega Dealer News, and more.  Her expertise includes the full gamut of marketing oversight and implementation, such as budgeting, strategic use of vendors, enhancing digital footprints via social media, reputation management, online monetization, and building and managing advertising processes.  Melanie provides marketing and branding consulting to both businesses and individuals, as a resource for guidance as well as an outsourced marketing department, depending on a client’s needs and preferences. Worth With/ Connect with Melanie Website - YouTube - Linkedin - Instagram - Twitter - --- Send in a voice message:
Its the beginning of a new week.  Its a fresh start. How are you going to start your week? On this episode Danielle shares some key things that she does every single week to ensure she is in the best position possible.  She talks about the important of Gratutude and having a gratitude journal.  She talks about setting her intention for the week and how having the right intention is so important.  This episode is focused on mindset and how by having the right mindset you can be in control of your destiny.  Danielle mentions her favorite Book The Power of Not and why it is so important to be in the present.  Please dont forget to Rate & Review the Show this greatly helps!!! Connect with Danielle  Linkedin - IG - @danielle_mills_walden @headstrongllc Twitter- @daniela_boricua Podcast Website - Book Website - --- Send in a voice message:
Kathy Davis is a plant-based accountability and empowerment coach, the CEO of VegInspired, and the author of three cookbooks: The 30-Minute Whole-Food Plant-Based Cookbook, The Super Easy Plant-Based Cookbook, and The Budget-Friendly Plant-Based Diet Cookbook. Kathy empowers high achieving professionals to elevate their energy by adopting healthy living habits so they can step into their genius and crush their ambitions! Kathy has been eating and creating vegan meals for more than seven years. Over the past two years, she shifted her daily habits to follow a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle. She experienced amazing results: renewed energy, a newfound sense of joy, and a healthier mind and body! Kathy’s brand, Veginspired, is dedicated to providing high-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs with the resources to make a similar transformation. She is eager to guide others on their journey to step into their genius and crush their dreams! Fun fact: Kathy and her husband, John, are living their plant-based dream while simultaneously traveling the United States in an RV with their cats. They’ve been to 26 states and 19 national parks so far, and have a goal to visit all the US national parks! Things we discuss · Using food as fuel to achieve your personal and professional goals · Simple, healthy, creative meal-planning strategies to maximize your free time · 3 high-energy and easy recipe ideas for busy people · How what’s on your plate can help you achieve your next goal · Plant-based and on-the-go: what life in an RV has taught me Connect with Kathy: Linkedin /in/kathyallendavis/ IG - Veginspired/ Twitter - veginspired/ Facevook - veginspired Email - --- Send in a voice message:
The newlyweds are back and ready for a jam packed episode.    Javier & Danielle talk about their recent marriage, moving across the country, gender roles in relationships, and how to be a power couple.  The Walden's posted on social media to ask what questions did people want to hear them answer.  You don't want to miss this discussion as they have never shared many of these details publicly before.  Connect with Us  IG - @danielle_mills_walden @tycoonjah @headstrongllc Linkedin - & --- Send in a voice message:
A native of Chicago, Illinois, Dre Evans joined a gang on the South Side of Chicago at the age of 12. But one terrifying moment, with bullets flying past his head in an attempt to kill him, he had to decide: was his desire to belong and find reputation in the streets worth dying for? Just a few days prior, a man he considered his enemy spoke to him about the opportunity of a lifetime. After years of violence through fights, drive-by shootings, and other actions, Andre decided to pursue a better path in life. What happened next shocked the city of Chicago and made history. In 2016 Dre graduated from the U.S Naval Academy at the top of his class with a degree in Engineering and became an MIT Fellow and Truman Scholar. Dre’s journey into real estate started when he bought his first $2 million-dollar 4-unit property in the Pacific Beach, San Diego. Today, Andre owns 98 apartment unit doors, co-hosts the #1 real estate meetup in San Diego called” Opportunity Knocks” (450+ members), and is the host of the “Multifamily by the Slice” real estate podcast. He is also an expert on the San Diego rental market and was featured on KUSI News San Diego to talk about the economic outlook of real estate trends, housing, and rent growth within San Diego. He is an author, motivational speaker, and the Founder and CEO of “That’s My Property”, a firm that specializes in purchasing apartment real estate that not only provides investors with lucrative, stable returns to achieve financial freedom, but that provides financial education and outreach to young adults and youth in underserved communities. He is an experienced Naval Officer. Where he has been responsible in leadership roles for hundreds of people in high-stress environments and is experienced in accounting, sales, and the management of over $3.8 million in high value military assets. Dre lives in San Diego and enjoys working out, reading, art, movies, traveling, and the beach. Connect with Dre IG - @drmultifamily  Linkedin- Website - Podcast - Multifamily By the Slice Podcast --- Send in a voice message:
Macy Jahoda is the CEO of entertainment platform and fashion brand, “MACE thebrand”. While currently in school practicing dance performance, Macy uses her love of dance and film to connect with her community. Amidst the performance side of her platform, Macy is also the head creative director for the wearable merchandise of her brand. With experience in social media marketing she uses all of her skills actively to live a life by her design. When she’s not creating for her brand she busy being a mom of her beautiful daughter, Sylver. Her overall goal is to create a media hub that produces entertaining and timeless visuals for lovers of the arts. Connect with Macy IG - @macethadon & @macethebrand Show Sponsors Clientele Skincare Use Promo Code headstrong10 for 10%off JLUXLABEL Connect with Danielle & The show IG - @danielle_mills_walden & @headstrongllc Twitter - @daniela_boricua Youtube - Headstrong Mind with Danielle Mills Walden Linkedin - Buy our Book -  How to Master Linkedin on Amazon --- Send in a voice message:
Victoria Rose is CEO & Founder of Executives Extension. They provide Business services for entrepreneurs, business owners and high net worth individuals. She is the owner of another company called Virtual Victoria which allows Business owners to work with Virtual Assistants in the USA that deliver the highest level of service. Their Motto is Why have an Alexa if you can have a Virtual Victoria. Throughout our conversation we dive into the behind the scenes of how Victoria has achieved so much success & Overcame a lot of struggles on her way up.   Victoria is our 1st Power Player of 2022 and in our Power player Series we will be speaking with people who are truly making a difference with their work.  Contact Info: Address: 3400 Cottage Way Ste G2 #3057 Sacramento, CA 95825 Website: & Phone: (858) 901-4096 Email: Instagram: Facebook: Other: --- Send in a voice message:
Hey Guys! Super excited for us to wrap up 2021 with a Bang.  On this episode I talk about my Wedding, My Promotion, and ways to end the year better than ever!!!! Have a Happy Holiday!!! Don't forget to leave a review & Follow the podcast so you can be alerted every-time there is a new episode.  IG - @danielle_mills_walden Twitter @daniela_boricua Linkedin - tik tok - @danielle_mills_walden FB - --- Send in a voice message:
Brian is the General Manager of Germain Toyota of Naples, Florida.   He is responsible for leading the dealership’s digital transformation initiative, working to eliminate traditional dealership “pain points” that cause unnecessary friction in transactions. Brian is a recipient of the Automotive News “Top 40 Under 40”.  After working in all variable operations positions, he was promoted to General Manager of a Mercedes-Benz dealership at the age of 24. His experience as a General Manager covers 19 years and a diverse range of franchises such as Lexus, Chevrolet, Mercedes-Benz,  Cadillac and Toyota stores for AutoNation and the Germain family in the Midwest and Southeast. During our conversation we dove into his background and how his mindset is a huge reason why he has achieved so much success.  Be on the lookout for things Brian is releasing in the near future.  Connect & Follow Brian Kramer on ALL social media platforms  using this link --- Send in a voice message:
Season 2 of the Headstrong Podcast starts off with a BANG as Danielle Sits down with Patrice Hoffman.  Patrice is consistently a Million Dollar Producing Real Estate Powerhouse.  She is also soon to be family of mine. I learned she has so many exciting things up her sleeve.  Throughout their discussion we hit on some very critical points around: Being a Working Mom How to Balance it all The Importance of a Morning Routine Not Letting Fear Win As you are listening try to think about how you can use the amazing tips she gave in your own lives.  Bio -  Patrice Hoffman offers all her clients the highest level of service.  Patrice has dedicated herself to provide and educate our US Military Veterans with all the benefits that are available to them. Being a Wife and Daughter of a Veteran she is personally vested to seeing that all our Veterans and their families are taken care of.  Patrice prides herself in always putting honesty and integrity before all else. With a certification in Life Coaching Patrice has great communication skills.  She has the ability to help client's navigate between making life altering decisions.  Patrice is dedicated to meeting all your Real Estate needs such as, selling your home and purchasing another, also working with first time homebuyers.  Her focus is to make your Real Estate experience as pleasurable as possible by getting to know each of my clients needs. When Patrice is not selling Real Estate, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 very active children.  She also enjoys volunteering as a Sunday school teacher where she attends Church. Connect/work with Patrice Patrice Hoffman HomeSmart PV & Associates P: (209) 404-5474 Social Media --- Send in a voice message:
Sunitha Rao is a former professional tennis player and Olympian, turned corporate finance professional and residential real estate investor. Although currently based in Indianapolis, Sunitha started investing in the Midwest while still living in Boston, before moving to Indianapolis in 2019 to more quickly grow her business. She has built a nine door portfolio over the last two and a half years while working a full time job in Financial Planning and Analysis at a global biopharmaceutical company and completing Villanova’s MBA program, despite having only sixth grade education. Throughout our conversation we discuss how our unconventional upbringings have really shaped our drive & success.  Sunitha's story is truly remarkable. She has inspired me and hopefully all of you to look into being a Real estate investor! Connect with Sunitha  Linkedin - IG - @griffixpropertygroup & @suni_rao Website - --- Send in a voice message:
Katie Sonier is an American personal fitness Coach, who is famed across social media for her tall, lean, sculpted physique and intense training methods. She is famous for her Handstands and how she incorporates them into her workouts.   She has her own business called Train with Katy where she works with thousands of people across the world & Her own Gym Katie Sonier Gym in Miami Florida.  Her social media continues to grow every day. She had over 420k followers and her videos constantly go viral because she is lifting such heavy weight, and making it look easy.   Throughout our conversation we speak about  Overcoming insecurities Gaining confidence, and Inspiring others. Connect with Katie IG- @katiesonier & @katiesonierfitness --- Send in a voice message:
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