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A humorous dive into the world of metal, punk and hardcore with Graham and Kieran, two 30-something headbangers who now stand at the back of gigs. Expect special guests, epic discussions on new releases, hot debates about bands past and present and occasional grown-up banter covering aching backs, screaming toddlers and becoming responsible adults.
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On this episode we welcome Sammy Urwin - guitarist, owner of beautiful hair and all-round pleasant chap. As well as laying down the heaviest riffs in Employed To Serve, he also co-runs the exceptional Church Road Records. He's eaten dog chocolate too.Join  us as we chat with him about Justin Timberlake, the dynamics of being in a band with your spouse,  pyramid schemes and the Titanic. We even ask him your burning questions, 86% of which comprise of "WHEN IS THE NEW RECORD OUT?!"While Sammy psyches himself up for his appearance on the podcast several people have described as "alright", we share the worst jobs you, our wonderful listeners, have ever had - from grave digging to lion shipping. Truly, we are all employed to serve.
One of Dane Campbell's bandmates is his dad. His dad's better than yours though, mainly because he played guitar in Motorhead and your dad didn't. With rock and roll coursing through his blood, when Dane isn't behind the kit getting heavy with Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, he's hosting his excellent podcast, Drum for the Song. A man of many talents, he’s also absolutely bloody lovely to talk with. Dane joins us from beautiful South Wales to shoot the breeze on many interesting topics, such as the dynamics of mixing music and family, working in a cheese-packing factory to make ends meet during the pandemic and the differences between Marmite and Vegemite. Before Dane enters our Zoom call and makes our houses look shite with his collection of wall-hung instruments, we gift your our silliest intro yet as we cover 'penny licks' (not an adult entertainment star), daytime TV and Victorian open-air museum confectionary. We've peaked.
Everyone knows that Bert from Mary Poppins is the earliest example of a one-man band - but that doesn’t mean he’s the best.  Imagine if he was cranking out blackened, doomgazey post-metal, had a less confusing accent and didn't force innocents to dive into his chalk-based nightmarescapes. That's essentially Jason Roberts - multi-instrumentalist and sole member of Breaths. Jason joins us from Richmond, Virginia to chat about Breaths’ incredibly good debut album, Lined in Silver. We talk about influences, juggling music with a full time job and family life, and Jason informs us, in the most relaxed manner, that he once opened for a band so famous even your gran knows them. No big deal.Before Jason ushers the kids out of the house and psyches himself up for being on the world’s greatest podcast*, Graham and Kieran broach a broad range of  enthralling topics - gardening, painting, cleaning and securing the future of this humble show by having babies within ten days of each other. Sometimes we wish we were listeners rather than hosts, so we could ride this audio rollercoaster unaware of the thrills that await us. *subject to opinion
Too Old For This Pit turns one! To celebrate Graham and Kieran have pulled together loads of tasty highlights to laugh at and discuss. Whether you're a veteran listener or a total noob (do kids still say that?) you're in for a treat. Grab yourself a drink, sit back and relax as your ears are enveloped with 'top bants' (they definitely don't say that) and clips from interviews with all the bands and guests that have graced us with their presence over the last 12 months. Find out what Craig from Sick Of It All is growing in his gardenDiscover Four Year Strong's plan for 'intimate' gigsHear Serena from Svalbard chatting about being buried aliveRevel at Raging Speedhorn telling Slipknot to "f*ck off" Laugh at a toddler asking Luke from The Dirty Nil about bagels and pancakesWe're even treated to a personalised metal rendition of 'happy birthday' courtesy of Ste Bauman, and we take some time to thank those who have supported our first year.Honestly, what more could you want?!
Our mental health is incredibly important, especially in these unusual and stressful times. On this episode we're honoured to be joined by Dr Kate Quinn,  a clinical psychologist working in our amazing NHS. Kate is also the founder of Heavy Metal Therapy, an online community and resource for those who find metal a benefit for their mental wellbeing. Kate talks about some of the inspirational stories from the Heavy Metal Therapy community, the vital role alternative music can play as a release for stress and anxiety, and the positivity around the return of live music. Before Kate dons her headset, we chat about Irish curry sauce, Davey Havok, WiFi washing machines and Robin Williams.  Kieran decides to use the podcast intro as the vehicle for  sharing a huuuuuuuge announcement with Graham and takes him by total surprise, but in a good way!
Oven chips. Cruises. Online gaming. We talk about all of these things with Archie Hatfield, vocalist of Bristol-based Immerse. Don't fret, heavy music lover - we also chat about the dynamics of the band, their upcoming second album and their touring plans now that there is a potential return to normality for live music. Archie tells us about his favourite places to play in Bristol, opening for Bam Margera and why they have songs named after Peep Show and Monsters Inc. He also responds very well to a child asking him why his music is so angry. Before Archie fires up his PC and RGB lights, Kieran and Graham discuss gas boiler maintenance, hair length and the new single from The Offspring. They also speculate whether summer festivals will go ahead (spoiler alert: probably not).All aboard the good ship Too Old For This Pit, toot tooooooot! Do ships toot? We clearly haven't thought this through.
Punk rock elitism. CrossFit classes with yoga mums. Exploding dogs. We discuss all of these things with our favourite Canadian, Luke Bentham - singer and guitarist of the mind-blowingly amazing band The Dirty Nil. We even manage to spend a little time discussing their incredible new record, Fuck Art. Imagine that. Luke gets into why the band refuses to shackle themselves to a genre, their varied influences and bassist Ross's history in doom metal, country and, now, rap. We all laugh heartily about the upcoming community-sourced music video for new single Elvis '77 and go off on a tangent about IKEA furniture. For the first time ever, we let a three-year-old ask a couple of questions too. What could go wrong?Before Luke defrosts his microphone, we get into Kieran's snoring, Graham's hot stomach and an epic tale of potato-based consumer fury which will scupper any chance of Domino's sponsoring this podcast. Pizza Hut, let's chat.
It's no big deal at all, but this time we're joined through the wonder of the internet by one of the best drummers in rock and metal - Martin Lopez. Currently sitting behind the kit in prog-metal supergroup Soen, he's also well-known for playing previously in Opeth and Amon Amarth. You knew that though. With new album Imperial freshly released, Martin spills the details on the background of how the record came to be and also informs us how to play an exceptionally messed-up prank with your band mate using an Albino Python. He talks about growing up in Sweden with Uruguayan parents and how his South American heritage led to him sometimes feeling like an outsider in his country of birth and, in turn, forged  Soen's lyrical focus on inclusivity and acceptance.Before Martin boots up Zoom, we talk amongst ourselves about Kieran's M&S-based moral dilemma, extreme couponing, doomsday preppers and starting a Patreon account that lets you remove the audio of whichever co-host you like the least. Or maybe both of us. 
Sonny Vega was getting ready to fly to South America for another overseas tour when he received some news that would change his life. After a frank discussion with his band mates, he left behind a decade of travelling the world with melodic hardcore legends Close Your Eyes and returned home to Texas to prepare for the birth of his daughter and a different life.We sit down with Sonny from a covid-secure social distance of 4,733 miles and discuss his childhood dreams of being a professional musician and how Close Your Eyes cleverly ignited their small town with live music to ink a deal with Victory Records. He also talks about the challenging transition from being a touring musician sleeping in a van with sweaty fellas, to being home with a steady job and sleeping in a nice bed with his wife. We talk podcasts too, as Sonny hosts the immensely witty (and often drunken) Always Sonny Podcast. Don't listen to it though, you might like it more than ours.Before Sonny joins us we get into Kieran's dreams of being a lumberjack, Graham's fancy new microphone, and whether 'crap' and 'bloody' are swear words. 
In our final episode of 2020 we're joined by Rachel, a keen Kerrang! magazine preservationist who set up the incredible Instagram account @moshermags to remind us all of just how good the early 2000s were. We don our baggy jeans and Papa Roach t-shirts and travel back in time to reminisce about nu-metal, sweaty alternative nightclubs and how downloading a Korn song on Limewire took around a month, give or take. Before we open the treasure trove of our teenage past,  we have a chat about our grown-up Christmas gifts, Kieran's snugly-fitting elf costume and we get all misty-eyed thinking about our first year in the podcast business and the amazing guests we've had on. We're probably only a few months away from being multi-millionaires so that's nice. We'll catch you next year and wish you all the best for a healthy and happy 2021 x 
Why is Nando’s way better than it really should be?   What’s the worst movie of all time? How long do you need to leave orange juice in the fridge for it to turn brown? We put all of these questions and more to Brett Boland, singer and guitarist for ethereal post-metal outfit Astronoid. Boasting two incredible albums and a soaring sound that’s almost impossible to define, we do actually talk about music with him too. We also throw in the world’s toughest Simpsons quiz as well. You know, for balance. Before we are connected to Brett through the wonder of remote meeting software, we discuss cereal bars, energy drinks as gateway drugs, shit dads in Christmas films and whether a tuxedo-sombrero combo can be considered ‘smart casual’. We are the cheese, the cracker is your social circle. Place the cheese on the cracker. Thank you. 
Hey you! Do you have eyelids? If you do you probably haven't listened to Svalbard, a band so ferocious that eleven seconds of their monumental music will be  enough to actually remove skin from your lovely face.  We're joined by Serena Cherry, "guitars and growls" for the aforementioned Bristolian hardcore outfit, and this week we go off on a proper tangent. Yeah, we talk about the incredible experience that is their newest album, 'Will I Die, Will I Get Better?', but we quickly shift into a solid chat about Halloween, theme parks and rollercoasters. Don't worry though - we still ask your questions!Before Serena joins us we chat about Butt-Rock, gardening TV shows and new carpets. Graham's son informs us, live on air, that he's done a poo.Welcome to our lives.
I'm calling out to you, can you hear me? Hope so, because Grammy-nominated, multi-million-record-selling bass legend Paolo Gregoletto of Trivium joins us from across the pond for Episode 12. This right here is the section of text where we like to big up our incredible guests but we're not sure we will this time. It's Paolo. He plays bass in Trivium. The band Trivium. Press play and envelope your hungry ears with the sound of us chatting with Paolo about What The Dead Men Say (probably our favourite album of 2020), the construction of a kick-ass Trivium HQ in an aircraft hangar and why, unlike us, he doesn't spend all of his time on Warzone in the gulag chucking rocks at the player next to him. Before we load the pyrotechnics and throw our devil horns up in the air, we (Kieran and Graham, EQUAL co-hosts) engage in some jovial banter about clothes shopping on a budget, living our lives vicariously through other people's holiday videos and the most niche genre of metal out there - Wizard Of Oz-core. 
This time we're joined by Stijn Vanhoegaerden, guitarist of brilliant Belgian band Brutus. Try saying that quickly. To say we were looking forward to chatting with Stijn is an understatement - with two stunning albums under their belt and an epic live record out very soon, Brutus are one of the most exciting, dramatic rock acts out there right now. We talk about music influences, their recent socially distanced gig and how they may not have formed if Refused hadn't gotten back together. We also discuss how it feels to play atop a Napoleonic fort, why you probably shouldn't block Lars Ulrich if he hits you up on Facebook and we ask Stijn your questions!Before we get into it all, Kieran and Graham reminisce on haircuts of yesteryear, share the joys of speed awareness courses and give one lucky non-UK listener the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win some Marmite. Don't say we never give you owt.Please note, Kieran's internet gremlins decided to give him a quick visit a few minutes before recording. In his own words, his audio may sound "a bit shit". 
We're alive! If there's one thing you truly need for a podcast, it's the internet. Unfortunately, Kieran has been without this precious modern commodity for almost two months and it's been a bit difficult to record and upload. But it's finally fixed and we're back on track with a brilliant guest - Justin Schlosberg of Hell Is For Heroes and August Spies!Hell Is For Heroes is a band we've both loved for a long, long time and it was a real honour to chat with Justin about their incredible discography, their explosive live shows and his current solo project, August Spies. Being the biggest HIFH fan of all time, Kieran spends this episode in a state of ecstasy second only to the joyful bliss of his wedding day.  Before that we talk to Justin we have a quick chat about how much we've missed seeing each other's lovely faces, Graham's now-worrying obsession with cooking outdoors and Kieran provides a completely impartial, unbiased consumer report on Sky broadband.Thanks for sticking with us through this lengthy period of technical oblivion, we love you!
We're properly excited to be joined by Craig 'Ahead' Setari of New York LEGENDS Sick Of It All. As well as looking back at Craig's storied history playing bass in one of the greatest hardcore bands of all time, we chat with him about Greggs cheese and onion pasties, growing tomatoes, his love of Motown and the most famous gig venue in the world - CBGB. Before Craig graces us with his presence Kieran slurps a drink, Graham reads his less-than-stellar school reports from 20 years ago and we compare the best Captain Lee quotes as we discuss where we're up to in our binge marathon of Below Deck.Welcome aboard listeners, smooth sailing ahead. 
This time we're joined by Dan Nightingale of Conjurer - one of the most exciting metal bands around right now! We chat about Peep Show, the massive success of their debut album, find out what it's like to record a collaboration record with someone you've never met and we ask your questions - is he really into Carly Rae Jepsen? Does he think a bear could beat a shark in a fight?!We'll fill your ears with Grade F banter before that as Kieran makes great personal progress with his fear of spiders and Graham gets the ultimate adrenaline rush in a park. We also read some excerpts from a book called "Are You Turning Into Your Dad?" and talk about the disturbing noises we make when we sit down or eat. Ronan Keating was right, life really is a rollercoaster.
On this episode we're joined by Dan Franklin, author of 'Heavy: How Metal Changes the Way We See the World'. We chat about how the book came to be, the vast number of bands Dan's seen and the relief he felt after recovering his wedding ring from a Deftones moshpit. There's discussion about a study on death metal fans Vs 'normal' people, how album artwork can shape your experience of a record, and Dan's story about spending two days at the scrapyard prising a certain CD from the "automotive tomb" of his wrecked car.Before we get into it all, Kieran and I discuss pubs reopening, cheap ice-cream, his betrayal of our friendship and the all-encompassing power you gain from throwing a microwave as far as you can. 
This time we’re joined by Gordon Morison of UK metal veterans Raging Speedhorn! Gordon tells us about the early days of the band and the sacrifices they made to play gigs, how he told Clown from Slipknot to “f*ck off” (it’s fine, they’re mates now) and confesses his love for massive 80s pop tunes.  We also get into the new album, the line-up changes the band have been through in the last two decades and the best way to get revenge on your bandmate after a blazing row!  Before Gordon joins us we chat about the perils of Facebook advertising, social distance dog meetups and our recently-established Barbadian fanbase. Boom!
On this exciting episode we're joined by Alan Day and Dan O'Connor of pop punk legends Four Year Strong!Having recently released their new record, Brain Pain, the guys talk about the recording process, the expansion of their sound and the frustration of not yet being able to properly tour the album due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Alan talks about his organic Christmas tree farm, Dan chats about the love/hate relationship he has with a particular item of UK fast food and we explore how the pandemic might change live shows in the future.Before the guys join us we also have a brief discussion about mistaking dog poo for chocolate, James Hetfield's finance spreadsheet and how the phrase "I'm supporting small businesses" can be used to justify buying 50 cans of beer and a kilo of sweets online.If you enjoy what you hear, don't forget to share this episode and join us on social media - just search for Too Old For This Pit. 
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