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Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine, a cutting edge podcast, bringing in a new paradigm in the consciousness-shifting movement. On “Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine,” Jill will share astrological information and psychic hits on current and upcoming events. Relax as she leads her listeners into a peaceful place through guided meditations, and sharing the Yoga of Sound, Sanskrit Mantras, and Gong healing. Jill will interview guests who are healers, yogis, thought-leaders in the Consciousness movement, who will deliver insightful and inspiring information to her listeners. Jill Jardine, M.A. Counseling/Psychology, is a seasoned Professional Astrologer, Psychic, Healer, Hypnotherapist, and Yogi. She is certified in several healing modalities including Acupressure/Shiatsu, Kundalini Yoga teacher and Instructor of Sanskrit Mantra. Jill’s wisdom and experience from facilitating clients to more hopeful, happier, and healthier lives will be revealed to the listeners of Cosmic Scene so they may enjoy the benefits!
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Jill's guest on this episode is Amy White, an international best-selling author and Intuitive Medium on a mission to help indivudials heal the past, discover personal truths and thrive.  A once reluctant Medium, Amy now embraces her innate intuitive gifts and has made it her intent to show up in the world as a truth-teller by bringing forward powerful messages for personal transformation.In 2016, Amy's book, Closer to Paradise: A Mother's Journey through Crisis and Healing  was published by Motivatonal Press. Amy's ability to share messages from those who have crossed over has created the space for her clients to access deep healing, inner peace, love and forgiveness.Amy channels "The Greater Consciousness" also known as universal consciousness to bring forth messages for individuals and groups.  Amy describe the Greater Consciousness as  a group of energies that describe themselves as all of the wisdom that ever was all of the wisdom that will ever be, and all of the wisdom that's here, right now, in this time and space, and every living being. So in essence, they are the connection into the infinite wisdom, but not just the infinite wisdom of the cosmos, they are connected to the infinite wisdom that resides within each one of us individually.Amy discusses the importance of the physical body to connecting with inner knowing and our intuition.   She shares a process to do each morning to get grounded and connected in your body.In this episode, Amy does a special channeling  of Greater Consciousness for Cosmic Scene listeners on what is happening in 2021. Some of this wisdom advice is: "Don't lose faith in the momentum that you've already started. Whether the outward appearance looks like it's going to be bumpy or smooth or somewhere in between,  keep your eye on the prize. Because the energy of this eclipse that just happened here over the last few days, has laid the groundwork for more and more and more creation, creative energy, permeating the spaces that we want. Creating the dreams that we want, allowing the dreams that we want."
June 2021 Astro Update

June 2021 Astro Update


Professional Astrologer, Jill Jardine, M.A. Counseling/Psychology shares her insights on the Astrology for the month of June 2021.  Stay tuned til the end of the episode for Sun Sign forecasts for each Zodiac sign.Here are the key dates of Astrological activity for June 2021:June 2:    Venus transits into Cancer until June 26June 10:  New Moon Solar Eclipse in GeminiJune 11: Mars transits into LeoJune 14:  Saturn-Uranus square (2nd one in 2021)June 20:  Jupiter retrogrades until  October 18, 2021June 20:  Sun transits into Cancer/ SUMMER SOLSTICEJune 24:  FULL MOON with Sun in Cancer/Moon in CapricornJune 26:  Venus enters LeoJune swoons in under ecliptic light and retrograde redux, still reverberating from the astral antics of late May's full moon lunar eclipse and Mercury retrograde on May 29th.  Mercury goes direct on June 22 just in time to witness all the major planetary players going retrograde.  Eclipse season is in full swing, courtesy of a Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse blasting in on June 10.  This solar sequence leads into the June 14th penultimate Saturn-Uranus square of 2021.  The month ends with retrograde revolution as all the big boys in the planetary party are now traveling retrograde including Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto  We can't move forward until we revisit the past and heal it.  Remember you have to feel it to heal it!Gemini Full Moon Solar Eclipse blasts in on June 10th, activating connections and socialization. This is an annular eclipse of the Sun, with the sun being seen as a thin band of rays behind the moon.  Solar eclipses usher in new beginnings.  This New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs at 19 degrees Gemini.  The Sabian Symbol for 19 Gemini is:  "A LARGE ARCHAIC VOLUME REVEALS TRADITIONAL WISDOM."  The Keynote is: "Contacting the all-human planetary Mind underlying any cultural and personal mentality."  This speaks to the wisdom of the cycles and history, and even the Akashic records of the Earth, meaning everything that has happened here is stored in an energy record of the planet. By knowing the past we can rewrite the future.Get ready for surprises and expect the unexpected at the 2nd Saturn- Uranus square on June 14th.  Hidden punches will be played.  Big shifts in consciousness are possible now.  Throughout June we will see two sides of the story or two different agendas at play, thanks to Mercurial duplicity, as well as the head butting of insistent Uranus in stubborn Taurus versus steadfast Saturn in antsy Aquarius.Full Moon with the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn occurs on June 24th.  Moon and Pluto both in Capricorn force of the re-evaluation of the outer life, specifically business and money matters.  Sun and Venus in Cancer focuses on the inner life and comfort.  This full moon offers a time to look at how we can feel more comfortable and secure in our life, whether it is from reorganizing the business or financial life to provide more security, or looking inward for a sense of peace and stability from
Join certified Sanskrit Mantra instructor, Parashakti Jill Jardine, as she teaches Sanskrit mantras for happiness.  This is the 12th episode on Cosmic Scene featuring Sanskrit Mantras. Review and listen to  earlier episodes on Sanskrit mantras, on Cosmic Scene,  including the initial “Introduction to Sanskrit Mantras, Mantras to Remove Obstacles, released in October 2020.  REMEMBER SANSKRIT MANTRAS ARE SACRED FORMULAS PASSED DOWN THROUGH THE YEARS FROM THE ORIGINAL GURUS OR RISHIS TO HELP HUMANITY.  Sanskrit is a vibrational language, meaning it affects our body, mind and spirit.  Sanskrit mantras help to clear blockages in our physical, emotional and mental body. In our spiritual physiology we have 72,000 subtle pathways called nadis, and 7 major energy centers called “Chakras.”  These pathways and chakras can can occluded, meaning blocked, not allowing life force energy (known as Kundalini in Sanskrit) to flow through. We can do yoga, get acupuncture or massage, do Chi Gong, or other practices that move these blockages.  But we can also Chant Sanskrit mantras!  These sacred sound formulas evoke change in our mind.  In yogic teachings, from Pantanjali's Yoga Sutras we learn that the "Monkey Brain" is called Chitta Vritti, which literally translates from Sanskrit as the whirling of the mind stuff or mind chatter. Just like a monkey hopping from tree to tree, your mind is chattering away at you.Mantra translates to “Still the mind.”  Our mind can be our biggest block to happiness. SO A BIG KEY TO HAPPINESS IS TO STILL THE MIND from negative or repeating thought forms that sabotage our happiness, joy and positive outlook on life.THE WORD FOR HAPPINESS IN SANSKRIT IS:  SUKHA- which literally translates to “GOOD SPACE.” coming from the Sanskrit, SU = Good, and KHA=Space.  SuKHA means, happiness, pleasure, ease, joy or bliss in Sanskrit, or sweetness in life.  You will see some of the mantras I share today, actually have the word SUKHA in them.THE DALAI LAMA wrote a book called “THE ART OF HAPPINESS.” In that book the Dalai Lama says: “FOR A HAPPY LIFE, physical well-being is important, but the wellness must include a happy mind.” Some keys to happiness shared by the Dalai Lama are:“ACCEPTANCE IS KEY - of good or bad - find solutions to your dilemmas.RECOGNIZE THE POSITIVEFILL YOUR LIFE WITH LOVEMAKE EVERY MINUTE COUNT.PRACTICE SELF CARE - engage in activities that make you feel good and help you rechargeSeek out exciting experiencesSet goals that give you purpose and motivation.Express endless gratitude.Be CALMyour reality into a blessed existence.SMILE Stop comparing yourself to othersSANSKRIT MANTRAS for HAPPINESS:3 Ganesha mantras to remove blockages to happiness:1) OM GURU PRASANNA MOORTAYAE NAMAHA:  (Om Gu-ru Pra-san-na Moor-ta-yei Na-ma-ha) Salutations to Lord Ganesha who is the embodiment of supreme happiness.2) OM GURU RAJA SUKHA PRADAYA NAMAHA: (Om Gu-ru Ra-ja Sook-ha Pra-da-ya Na-ma-ha)Salutations to Lord Ganesha who is king of the Gurus who brings happiness3) OM GALAT KUSHTI SUKHA PRADAYA NAMAHA:  (Om Ga-lat Kush-tee Sook-ha Pra-da-ya Na-ma-ha)Salutations to Lord Ganesha who is the great energy that brings happiness to all4) OM SHAMBU SHANKARAYA NAMAHA:  (Om Sham-boo Shaank-ah-ra-ya Na-ma-ha)Salutations to Shiva who brings happiness-  invokes Happy Shiva.5) OM SHAMBAVE NAMAHA:  (Om Shaam-ba-vay Na-ma-ha)Obeisances to the God who exists for our happiness- another Shiva mantra.6) OM SHARMA DAYINYEI NAMAHA: (Om Shar-maa Da-yeen-yei Na-ma-ha)Salutations to the Mother who is the Giver of
In this episode, professional Astrologer, Jill Jardine, M.A. Counseling/Psychology, discusses the Blood Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of May 26, 2021 and the Solar Eclipse of June 10, 2021.  Go back and listen to the previous episode of "Cosmic Scene" entitled "Total Eclipse of the Heart: What you need to know about eclipses,"  released on May 22, 2020.Stay tuned until the end of the episode when Jill gives her eclipse Sun sign forecasts for each Zodiac polarity . This eclipse season is being heralded as "The Great Bifurcation" or split of consciousness in humanity.  These eclipses occur in the sign Gemini, symbolized by the twins, or the ability to hold two polarities or realities at the same time.  We will see the division between realities become wider as these eclipses will reveal where people stand in regard to awakening to higher realities and truth, or believing everything they hear in the media like "sheeple." Eclipses affect all of us in different ways, but if one falls on or near your birthday, you will be in for six months of big changes.  Eclipses can hide something from our consciousness, take something away or reveal hidden information.  Lunar eclipses tend to be more malefic and can bring up unexpected challenges.  Eclipses mark turning points for the collective consciousness, society, and the world. There's a reason why our ancestors feared eclipses.  They saw them as big fires in the sky, or would see the sun disappear or the full moon go away, or a ring around the sun.  They would mark big changes and regime shifts.  Eclipses are precursors to weather anomalies such as earthquakes, hurricanes and other weird weather phenomena.Full Moon Lunar Eclipse begins on May 26, 2021 at 7:14 am EST. This Blood Moon Full Moon Eclipse will be visible in Australia, parts of the western United States,, western South America or in Southeast Asia, weather permitting. At this Lunar Eclipse, the astrological polarity of Gemini and Sagittarius is triggered, as the Sun is at 5 degrees Gemini and the Moon at 5 degrees Sagittarius.  Those born as May Geminis or November Sagittarians will be impacted.New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs on June 10, 2021 with the Sun, Moon, retrograde Mercury  and the North Node of the Moon all in Gemini.  This continues the theme of revelations, disclosures and hidden information coming to light. The Sabian Symbol (an archetypal interpretation system describing the symbolic meaning of the the 360 degrees of the Zodiac) for this Solar Eclipse degree of 19 degrees Gemini is: "A LARGE ARCHAIC VOLUME REVEALS TRADITIONAL WISDOM."  This emphasizes that we must turn to spiritual or intuitive wisdom to seek the truth, and evolve into our higher mind where everything is revealed.Book your astrological reading:
Seasoned Professional Astrologer, Jill Jardine, M.A. Counseling/Psychology shares her astrological insights on the transit of Jupiter through the sign Pisces. Stay tuned to the end of the episode when she gives her predictions for the Jupiter in Pisces transit for each Zodiac Sign. Jupiter, considered the most benefit planet in astrology, also known as the GURU in Vedic Astrology and referred to as the “Cosmic Santa Claus” in Western Astrology will come bearing gifts of wisdom and spiritual unfoldment in his esoteric home sign of Pisces. This Jupiter is Pisces transit has special significance because it occurs three times during May 13, 2021- December 20, 2022.  Here are the dates when Jupiter transits in Pisces:May 13- July 28, 2021  (it goes back into Aquarius from July 28, 2021-December 28, 2021)December 28, 2021-May 10, 2022 (May 10-October 28, 2022 it goes into Aries).October 28-December 20, 2022During Jupiter's transit in Pisces it will make some powerful aspects to other planets. February 17, 2022: Jupiter in Pisces sextiles (60 degree aspect) to Uranus in Taurus.NEW MOON IN PISCES occurs on March 2, 2022, aspected by Jupiter.April 12, 2022: Jupiter conjuncts Neptune in Pisces.April 14-May 24, 2022: Mars transits Pisces, conjuncting Jupiter during that window.PREVIOUS TRANSITS OVER LAST 70 YEARS OF JUPITER IN PISCES :April 15, 1950 -September 14 1950; December 1, 1950 t-April 21, 1951 March 25 1962 -April 3, 1963,March 8, 1974 - March 18 1975. February 20, 1986 -March 2, 1987. February 4 ,1998 -February 12, 1999.January 17, 2010 -June 5, 2010; September 9, 2010 - January 22, 2011.What was happening in your life during those years ? (if you were alive during these cycles).Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, and in astrology is known as the Greater Benefic and The Expander. It is generally agreed upon by astrologers, that any Jupiter transit to your natal birth chart will be a good transit. I like to refer to Jupiter as  bestowing the "Midas Touch"- because wherever Jupiter transits it will bestow blessings and bring expansion. Here are some positive Jupiter attributes: Aspiration, Generosity, Benevolence, Confidence, Reverence, Charitableness and Kindness.Jupiter has some negative sides including: extravagance, Indulgence, Fanaticism, Bigotry, Pompousness, Impracticality, and Gullibility.Pisces is the last Zodiac sign so therefore it indicates endings.  It also rules the 12th house, which is the last house in the Zodiac and indicated that which is hidden, karma we haven’t completed from previous incarnations, which we bring into this life and things we may have to deal with in this lifetime whether from ancestral or soul karma.
Have you ever wondered what Numerology is and how it can help you in your life?  Jill's guest is Numerologist, Veronica Shaffer (aka Ronnie).Veronica Shaffer has been a Healing Arts Practitioner since 1988 with certifications as both a Reiki teacher and Polarity Practitioner. She is a graduate of Elizabeth Stratton's three-year healing course, "Touching Spirit." She lectures extensively on relaxation and stress reduction techniques, and leads a monthly meditation group in Abington, MA. She teaches the popular Psychic Self Awareness class and Prosperity course in Boston and the New England area.Ronnie taught yoga and meditation to women incarcerated and creative writing to men in prison. Her book, "I Hear Your Cry: Women in Prison” is an insightful and compassionate look about the lives of women incarcerated.Numerology is an ancient art and science, similar to astrology in using symbols, in this case numbers, to determine your life path and purpose.Ronnie explains how to calculate your personal year for 2021.  She shares the interpretation for each of the nine personal year numbers. Ronnie discusses how to calculate your " Life Path Number" (Lucky Number),  based on your birthday.  She shares the description for each of the nine Life Path numbers. Your Path of Destiny (the importance in your name) can be calculated when each letter in your birth name is given a numerological value.These tools will provide you access to new opportunities and a better awareness of what is happening in your life, your family and friends ESPECIALLY in
Professional Astrologer, Jill Jardine, M.A. Counseling/Psychology, shares her Astrology Forecast for May 2021. Stay tuned to the end of the episode when Jill gives Sun Sign predictions for each Zodiac sign for May.  www.jilljardineastrology.comMay portends planetary pranks with several planets parading through genial Gemini, making for gregarious and convivial conversations. The pace picks up in a madcap manner as if we're all galloping to an end of the month finish line, like horses at the  May 1st Kentucky Derby. Astrologically we are hitting celestial showstoppers at the end of May, including Saturn going retrograde on May 23, followed by a Blood Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on May 26th with the Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius, topped off with the cherry of manic Mercury in Gemini turning retrograde on May 29th! That's right- it's eclipse season again, with a Saturnian and Mercurial twist! Hang on to your hats!  Go back and listen to Jill's previous podcasts on eclipses: "TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ECLIPSES" released on May 22, 2020. Key Astrological Dates in May 2021:May 3:   Mercury transits Gemini through June 22, 2021May 8:   Venus transits Gemini through June 2, 2021May 11:  New Moon in TaurusMay 13:  Jupiter moves into Pisces (until July 28, 2021)May 20:  Sun transits into GeminiMay 23: Saturn goes retrograde in AquariusMay 26:  Full Moon Lunar Eclipse with Sun in Gemini and Moon in SagittariusMay 29: Mercury retrograde until June 22New Moon in Taurus occurs on May 11, asking us to get very grounded and centered, while focusing on financial and physical security and well-being. Restoration of health, upgrading our physical body,  and regenerating our life force, to ride the wave of change on the evolving New Earth.  This New Moon occurs at the Zodiacal degree of 21-22 degrees Taurus.  According to the Sabian Symbol interpretation (a system of archetypal descriptions of the 360 degrees of the Zodiac): 22 degrees of Taurus - "WHITE DOVE FLYING OVER TROUBLED WATERS/" Keynote:  The spiritual inspiration that comes to the individual in overcoming of crisis.FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE occurs on May 26, 2021 at 7:14 am EST. This is a Blood Moon Total Lunar eclipse, visible in Australia, parts of the western U.S., western South America, and South East Asia.  At this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse the astrological polarity of Gemini and Sagittarius is triggered, and those born during those sun signs will be impacted.  The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon at 5 degrees of Sagittarius is: "AN OLD OWL SITS ALONE ON THE BRANCH OF A LARGE TREE." The keynote: "A poised and wise approach to existence based on a clear perception of unconscious factors and their operation."  We need to honor our innate wisdom or inner "sage" to get true information at this time.  Our culture has lost the age old tradition of honoring the wisdom of our elders and learn from them when it is spiritual or mundane knowledge.  The internet and technologies of our current age can share plenty of information, but true wisdom may be harder to come by. SUN SIGN FORECASTS FOR EACH SIGN....A snippet for the birthday kids, TAURUS:  "Your Solar Return features a torrid Taurean Love Fest with 4 planets, including Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus basking in the fertile and fecund Taurean terrain in early May. Uranus keeps bouncing new realities your way ..."
Jill's guest is Johnny Coe, aka Shakti Das. He is a devotee of Divine Mother and a musician. Johnny Coe, who likens himself to the Vedic Mr. Rogers,  is a modern day Yogi that challenges people to realize their infinite potential. He's also a very talented musician who started playing Irish music as a child. He is also a kirtan musician,  which is the singing Sanskrit mantra chants.  Johnny Coe follows the guidance of Divine Mother.In this episode Shakti Das shares how to raise our love freqencies by dropping into the Anahata (heart chakra), but especially the Hrit Padma or Hridaya known as the transpersonal or spiritual heart.This episode transmits Shakti (divine feminine healing energy) so listeners will receive a profound healing.  Shakti Das several Kirtan songs including:OM NAMO BHAGAVATE VASUDEVAYARADHA RAMANA HARI GOVINDA JAYA JAYAGOVINDA JAYA JAYA, GOPALA JAYA JAYA, RADHA RAMANA HARI GOVINDA JAYA JAYARADHE RADHE RADHE SHYAM GOVINDA RADHE JAI SRI RADHEHARE KRISHNA HARE KRISHNA, KRISHNA KRISHNA HARE HARE, HARE RAMA HARE RAMA, RAMA RAMA HARE HARESITA RAM, SITA RAM, SITA RAM, JAI SITA RAM
The Wesak Moon, the great Eastern festival of the Buddha, is a day of supreme impact and occurs on April 26, 2021 at 11:32 am EST. This Full Moon marks the high point of the spiritual year and serves to revitalize the aspirations of Humanity.  This Lunar Festival is a present, living event, that occurs each year with the Buddha, the Christ, Ascended Masters and other enlightened and liberated beings pour blessings down to our planet.The annual Wesak Festival occurs at the Full Moon in Scorpio when the Sun is transiting the sign Taurus (in Western Astrology). Wesak is celebrated in traditional Buddhism as a tribute to the birth, death and enlightenment of the Buddha.In 2021, Wesak Full Moon occurs on April 26th.  The two days before, April 24 & 25, the day of the Full Moon itself 4/26, and the two succeeding days , 4/27 & 4/28, are very powerful times for prayer, meditation, mantras, and conscious intention to raise the vibration of the planet.Suggestion to enhance the energies for personal and planetary evolution at this powerful Full Moon are to chant the Great Invocation and Sanskrit Mantras."THE GREAT INVOCATION - (Original version)From the point of Light within the Mind of GodLet Light stream forth into the minds of men.Let Light descend on Earth.From the point of Love within the Heart of GodLet love stream forth into the hearts  of men.May Christ return to Earth.From the center where the Will of God is knownLet purpose guide the little wills of men-The purpose which the Masters know and serve.From the center which we call the race of menLet the Plan of Love and Light work out.And may it seal the door where evil dwells.Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth."Recommended Sanskrit Mantras to chant during Wesak Moon:HUNG VAJRA PEH:  To Vajrapani : The protector of Dharma and great initiatorOM HA KSA MA LA VA RA YAM SWAHAThe Kalachakra Mantra which the Dalai Lama says will hasten personal and planetary evolution.  Kalachakra means the spirit of "The Wheel of Time" and invokes the Tibetan Shiva.  It is all seed mantras so is very powerful.  Some have purported to travel to different times and dimensions while chanting this mantra.OM NAMAH SHIVAYA:  (To Shiva: the great spiritualizing principle of consciousness).OM MANI PADME HUMTo Avalokiteshwara: The being of Great Compassion, who has put off final Liberation until of sentient beings have achieved Enlightenment.  Meaning:  "The jewel of consciousness is in the Heart's Lotus."
WELCOME TO THE 60th EPISODE OF COSMIC SCENE WITH JILL JARDINE!In this episode, ,Jill Jardine, M.A. Counseling/Psychology, shares Sanskrit Mantras to Lakshmi, Goddess of Prosperity and Abundance.  These mantras will help to vibrate more wealth and prosperity into your life.Jill Jardine is a certified Mantra Instructor through the lineage of Namadeva Archarya, Thomas Ashley Farrand, and his gurus Sat Guru Sant Keshavadas and Guru Rama Mata.Jill shares Sanskrit Mantras received through these Gurus and their son, Sri Muralidhar Pai, who transmitted to her the powerful Lakshmi mantra, "OM SHRIM AISHWARAYA LAKSHMIYEI NAMAHA."In Vedic teachings Lakshmi is considered as the Goddess of Abundance and the primordial and essential mother of all.  According to Thomas Ashley Farrand: "The oldest references to Lakshmi refer to her simply as "Sri." In the Vedic hymns Sri is she who bestows capability, power, and skillful advantage, that manifest as beauty, luster, glory and high rank. In later texts, "Sri" is referred to as the cushion upon which the royal one sits.  Those who are esoterically educated know immediately that this refers to Kundalini Shakti, The Great Feminine Power sitting at the base of our spines."1)  OM SHRIM SRIYEI SWAHA: (Om Shreem Shree-yei Swa-ha)"Salutations to all pervading primal energy."  It is chanted to bring abundance of the desired type into one's life.  To attune with the primordial feminine energy of the universe.2) OM GUM SHRIM MAHA LAKSHMIYEI NAMAHA:  (Om Gum Shreem Ma-ha Laksh-mee-yei Na-ma-ha)"Salutations to she who provides great abundance.  I invoke the great feminine principle of abundance."  The addition of the "Gum" seed sound to the Maha Lakshmi mantra is to remove blocks to prosperity, known or unknown.3)  OM SHRIM DHANA LAKSHMIYEI NAMAHA:  (Om Shreem Donna Laksh-mee-yei- Na-ma-ha)To bring in more material wealth in the form of cash, money or gold.4)  OM SHRIM AISHWARAYA LAKSHMIYEI NAMAHA:(Om Shreem Aish-war-yah- Laksh-mee-yei- Na-ma-ha)- Aish is pronounced like ICE but with an SH)"Om and Salutations to the Royal Lakshmi, Goddess of Prosperity who is the Goddess of Riches."  Aishwaraya  Lakshmi is another name for Dhana Lakshmi5) HA SA KA LA E I LA HRIM      HA SA KA LA E I LA HRIM:  (Hrim is pronounced "Hreem")Mantra to Kubera, the celestial treasurer who assists Lakshmi in showering wealth to their votaries.  This mantra will increase prosperity, especially when chanted with Lakshmi mantras. Attunement to Kubera, who is called God's
Professional Astrologer, Jill Jardine, shares her Astro Update and Sun Sign Forecasts for April 2021.Here are the key dates:April 3:  Mercury transits into Aries until April 19 (11:41 pm EST)April 11: New Moon in Aries (10:31 pm EST)April 14: Venus goes into TaurusApril 19: Mercury and Sun enter TaurusApril 23:  Mars transits into CancerApril 26: FULL MOON with Sun in Taurus/Moon in Scorpio (WESAK MOON)April 27: Pluto goes retrograde (until October 6, 2021)All planets are traveling direct at April's onset with Sun, Venus and Chiron in Aries, joined by Mercury on 4/3 harmonizing with Mars in Gemini and Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius.  These fire and air planets stoke up creative potentials and make for instant manifestations.April will feel like two months in one, as things move fast and furious in the beginning with the influx of fire and air.  Then we thud down to earth in mid-month as planets shift from impulsive and antsy Aries into the earth sign of Taurus.  Then Mars marches into moody Cancer,  making way for the powerful Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon on 4/26 and shifting drastically as Pluto begins its 2021 Retrograde Tour from April 27- October 6.New Moon occurs on April 11 at 22 degrees Aries.  The Sabian Symbol (archetypal system describing the 360 degrees of the Zodiac) for 22 degrees Aries is:  "The Gate to the Garden of All Fulfilled Desires...."Full Moon illuminates on April 26 ushering in the Buddha Full Moon known as the Wesak Festival. This is a very spiritual Lunar celebration that can be honored by meditating and praying to connect with the Cosmic Christ and Buddha energies showering the planet at this time annually.Stay tuned for the Sun Sign Forecasts for each sign for April 2021.Book your astrology reading at:
Parashakti, Jill Jardine,  certified Sanskrit Mantra instructor, yogi and healer, teaches Sanskrit Mantras for Liberation: Moksha Mantras. in the Vedic teachings, there are four aims of incarnation. Those aims are Artha, Kama, Dharma and Moksha. "Artha" relates to worldly gains and other fruits we are here to experience on the earth plane during this incarnation. Why did we come into a body anyway? The second aim is "Kama" which means love or desire. The third aim is "Dharma" and Dharma is basically our soul purpose. What is my sole purpose? What is my Dharma? What are our gifts? What are our talents, and how can we share them?  Dharma doesn't necessarily mean your job or your professional calling.  The  fourth aim of life or incarnation in a body, according to the Vedic teachings is Moksha, which means liberation.  Once you have obtained the three aims of Artha, Kama, and Dharma, it's time to release it all and seek Moksha.These Moksha mantras may help liberate your soul, if practiced consistently. But they can also free one  from situations that are oppressive, such as an unhappy or unhealthy marriage,  a bad job situation ,or any difficult situation. Or you may want to be liberated from your mind state that is creating anxiety or fear, and break free of limiting mental patterns.Parashakti Jill, was initiated into all these mantras by her mantra Gurus, Thomas Ashley-Farrand, (Namadeva Archarya) and Guru Rama Mata, in the lineage of Satguru Sant Keshavadas. Here are the Moksha Mantras:1) OM NAMAH SHIVAYA (OM  NA-MAH SHI-VA- YA): "I bow to Shiva."Om Namah Shivaya is the initiation mantra of the Siddhas, the lineage of perfected masters that traces its origin back to Shiva, the primordial guru. Initiation mantra in Siddha Yoga by gurus Swami Muktananda and Gurumayi Chidvilasananda through shaktipat and mantra transmission.  Shiva is the supreme reality the inner self. Shiva is the consciousness that dwells within all,2) OM NAMO NARAYANAYA: (OM NA-MO NA-RA-YA-NA- YA):Vishnu Mantra, to Narayanaya, the preserver.  Helps somebody who's passing or transitioning out of their body, at the time of death and after they have passed away to go to the higher dimensions of light. It can help us to achieve self realization and oneness with the divine. Thus amongst the mantra, as a means of humbling the ego.3)  OM NAMO BHAGAVATE VASUDEVAYA: (OM NA-MO BHAG-AH-VA-TAY VA-SU- DEV-AH- YA)Honored and hailed as prime among Vishnu mantras. Can provide spiritual guidance for one to attain the ultimate freedom from samsara, the eternal cycle of birth and death.  Frees one from the recurring cycle of death and reincarnation.  Can also bring in a spiritually advanced being if a mother chants this to her baby in utero.4) OM SRI RAMA JAYA RAMA JAYA JAYA RAMA:  (OM SRI RA-MA JAY-AH RA-MA JAY-AH JAY-AH RA-MA): Victory to Rama, the self within, victory victory to Rama.Helps when making transitions from one stage in your life to another.  Liberate the soul at the time of death, and it is also very good for attaining higher levels of consciousness.  This mantra will take one across the ocean of rebirth. In a more immediate way, it is most powerful in reducing negative karmic effects, no matter in which life they may have occurred, according to Namadeva Archarya.  This was the mantra of Mahatma Gandhi. He was chanting it at the time of his death.5) OM MANI PADME HUM: Sanskrit translation.  (OM MA-NEE PAD-MAY HUM)Buddhist mantra invoking love and compassion. Heart centered mantra.  Connects  you to your innately loving and compassionate nature.  Can help assist someone when they are leaving their body, and dying, to transition smoothly to the higher realms. 
Jill's  guest is Johnny Coe, aka Shakti Das. He is a devotee of Divine Mother and a musician. In today's episode, get ready for a real treat as we transmit healing Shakti out through the quantum field through kirtan chanting and singing in Sanskrit.  Johnny Coe is a modern day Yogi that challenges people to realize their infinite potential. his episode will transmit "shakti,"  Divine Feminine healing energy, so listeners will receive a profound healing. This episode during Shivaratri, the Festival of Shiva, a sacred Sanskrit Vedic festival called Shivaratri, the Festival of Shiva. In the mascuine trinity of the Hindu Pantheon, Shiva is the destroyer aspect. Brahma, is  the creator, and Vishnu, the preserver. So Shiva serves a purpose in our lives to release and get rid of all that no longer serves whether we realize it or not. Shakti Das will sing kirtan, chanting in Sanskrit, with musical instruments.  This episode is designed to take you on a journey through the "Grantis" or spiritual knots, using chant to unblock these knots.  First the "Rudra Granti" which encompasses the subtle body of the the first chakra, (the Muladhara), the second chakra (Svadisthana) and third chakra (Manipura) will be unblocked by chants to Shiva. Then Shakti Das will sing to Krishna for the heart chakra (Anahata) or Vishnu Granti. Then Shakti Das will chant to Sita and Ram for the Brahma Granti of the upper three chakras of the throat center, (Vishuddha), the 3rd eye  (Ajna chakra), and the crown center (Sahasrara chakra).This episode will transmit very powerful healing energy and you may want to chant along with Shakti Das.  Find the lyrics to each kirtan song below.  Shakti Das opens with an invocation to the Guru and a song to Shiva.  Here are the lyrics.Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwaray, Guru Sakshat Parabrahma, Tasmai Sri Gurudev Namaha. Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara, Guru Sakshat Parabrahma, Tasmai Sri Gurudev Namaha. Jaya Shiva Om Kara, Jaya Hara Shiva Om Kara, Brahma Vishnu Sadashiva, Brahma Vishnu Sadashiva, Hara Hara Hara Mahadevaya, Hara Hara Hara Mahadev. Jaya Shiva Om Kara, Jaya Hara Shiva Om Kara, Brahma Vishnu Sadashiva, Brahma Vishnu Sadashiva, Hara Hara Hara Mahadevaya, Hara Hara Hara Mahadev. Jaya Shiva Om Kara, Jaya Hara Shiva Om Kara, Brahma Vishnu Sadashiva, Brahma Vishnu Sadashiva, Hara Hara Hara Mahadevaya, Hara Hara Hara Mahadev. Shiva, Shiva, Shiva, Shambo. Shiva, Shiva, Shambo. Shiva, Shiva, Shiva, Shambo. Shiva, Shiva, Shambo. Mahadeva Shambo, Mahadeva Shambo, Mahadeva Shambo, Mahadeva Shambo. Shiva, Shiva, Shiva, Shambo. Shiva, Shiva, Shambo. Shiva, Shiva, Shiva, Shambo. Shiva, Shiva, Shiva Shambo. Mahadeva Shambo, Mahadeva Shambo,  OM NAMAH SHIVAYA, OM NAMAH SHIVAYA, OM NAMAH SHIVAYA, OM NAMAH SHIVAYA...Hara Hara Mahadevaya Shambo Kashe Vishwa Nata Gange. Hara Hara Mahadevaya Shambo Kashevishwa Natagange. Hara Hara Mahadevaya Shambo, Hara Hara Mahadevaya Shambo,  Kashevishwa Natagange,  Kashevishwa Natagange. Govinda Hare, Gopala Hare, Hey Prahbu, Dina Diyala Hare. Govinda Hare, Gopala Hare, Hey Prahbu, Dina Diyala Hare. Govinda Hare, Gopala Hare, Hey Prahbu, Dina Diyala Hare. Govinda Hare, Gopala Hare, Hey Prahbu, Dina Diyala Hare. Sita Ram, Sita Ram, Sita Ram, Jai Sita Ram. Sita Ram, Sita Ram, Sita Ram, Jai Sita Ram. Sita Ram, Sita Ram, Sita Ram, Jai Sita Ram. Rama Bolo, Rama Bolo, Bolo Bolo Ram. Rama Bolo, Rama Bolo, Bolo Bolo Ram. Rama Bolo, Rama Bolo, Bolo Bolo Ram.  Rama Bolo, Sita Bolo, Bolo Bolo Ram. Rama Bolo, Rama Bolo, Bolo Bolo Ram. Jai Mata Kali, Jai Mata Durge, Jai Mata Kali, Jai Mata Durge. Kali Durge Namo Namah, Kali Durge Namo Namah. Jai Mata Kali, Jai Mata Durge, Jai Mata Kali, Jai Mata Durge. Kali Durge Namo Namah, Kali Durge Namo Namah. 
Professional Astrologer, Jill Jardine, M.A. Counseling/Psychology shares her astrological insights for March 2021 and Sun Sign Forecast for each sign for the month. Here are the key dates astrologically for March 2021:March 3:  Mars transits into Gemini until April 23March 13:  New Moon in PiscesMarch 20:  SPRING EQUINOX arrives at 5:37 am EST when Sun enters AriesMarch 28:  FULL MOON with Sun in Aries/Moon in LibraMarch slides in with all systems go as all planets are traveling direct until April 27th when Pluto goes retrograde.  Take advantage of this two month period to move plans and projects forward which were delayed.  Mars marches into Gemini on 3/3, whipping up a tornado of new ideas and spurring the desire to reach out and connect.New Moon arrives on 3/13 with a Piscean plethora of planets including the Sun, Moon, Venus and Neptune casting rays of love and healing.  The Sabian Symbol (an archetypal interpretative system for the 360 degrees of the Zodiac) for the New Moon at 23 degrees Pisces is:  "A MATERIALIZING MEDIUM GIVING A SEANCE."  Keynote: "The ability to give of one's own vital energy to substantiate one's conscious ideals or unconscious desires.  The person who believes he or she has a mission or mandate, or any special gift that can be of value to his community, must substantiate the belief.  It has to produce results." Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere arrives on 3/20/21, marking the beginning of the Astrological New Year, as the Sun transits into Aries.  Spring is the natural season to initiate new regimes, especially concerning health and diet.  During Spring we can cleanse and detoxify the liver, gall bladder and colon.  Releasing toxic people and situations from your life now is a good idea.  Anything we implement at the Spring Equinox has staying power!Aries Full Moon kicks in on March 28 with the Moon in Libra and Sun, Venus and Chiron conjunct in Aries opposing the Libra moon.  Chiron is the wounded healer/teacher archetype which will expose personal and collective/societal vulnerabilities.  Stay true to yourself during this full moon cycle.  The new energies are available to us to activate our intentions!Stay tuned for Sun Sign Forecasts for March 2021.
Jill's guest is Johnny Coe, aka Shakti Das. He is a devotee of Divine Mother and a musician. Johnny Coe is a modern day Yogi that challenges people to realize their infinite potential. He's also a very talented musician who started playing Irish music as a child. He is also a kirtan musician,  which is the singing Sanskrit mantra chants.  Johnny Coe discusses his life following the promptings of Divine Mother.  He suggests that the Pandemic was Kali's way to make us go and metaphorically "clean our rooms."This episode transmits Shakti (divine feminine healing energy) so listeners will receive a profound healing.  Shakti Das several Kirtan songs including: "Sarva Mangala Mangalayei, Shive Sarvatha Sadhike, Sharanye Tryumbake Gauri, Narayani Namostute.""Kali Durga Namo Namha""Shiva Shiva Shambo"
In this episode, Parashakti Jill Jardine, Sanskrit Mantra instructor, shares Sanskrit mantras for protection.  Parashakti Jill was initiated and certified in Sanskrit mantras by Thomas Ashley-Farrand, "Namadeva Archarya." Ashley-Farrand is the author of well-known books in English on Sanskrit mantras including, Healing Mantras, Shakti Mantras and Chakra Mantras. Namadeva's Sanskrit mantra  lineage was introduced to the United States during the 1960's by Sat Guru Sant Keshavadas, and Guru Rama Mata.  Their son, Sri Muralidhar Pai, previous guest on Cosmic Scene, teaches mantras and is a world renown tabla musician. During these precarious times, these protective mantras come in handy to feel safe and secure, and release anxiety. Sanskrit Mantras are sacred sound formulas from ancient Vedic, Puranic, and Tantric texts.  They are powerful, they are formidable and they work!Stay tuned to chant the mantras with Jill and feel the powerful Shakti!For the past decades, the internet has been exploding with techniques and tools to help one become "more spiritual," or to "open your 3rd eye," or connect with your Spirit Guides, etc.  However, we must approach this psychic "free-for-all" with discrimination and protection. Spiritual protection is taken quite seriously by Eastern spiritual traditions and true esoteric teachings such as in Tibetan Buddhist and Tantric teachings.  Thus these traditions have many techniques and practices to help seekers stay protected while on the spiritual or esoteric path.The Ganesha or Ganapati principle is discussed in an earlier episode on Cosmic Scene, "Introduction to Sanskrit mantras - Mantras to remove obstacles."  Jill share's two Ganesha/Ganapati mantras to remove obstacles for protection;1)  OM UCCHISTA GANAPATAYEI NAMAHA: (For protection, to destroy negativity, hatred, inner or outer enemies, demonic ego).2) OM SHAKTI GANAPATAYEI NAMAHA: (To cast away evil spirits from a haunted house or from the body or mind of a person or yourself)Jill also shares a Shiva Mantra and two mantras saluting the Divine Feminine for protection:3) OM NAMAH SHIVAYA:(Invokes the Shiva principle, to cast away demons, negativity and bad energies)4) OM DUM DURGAYEI NAMAHA:("Salutations to She who is beautiful to the seeker of truth, and terrible to those who would injure devotees of truth - Salutations to Durga, kindly protect me")5) OM EIM HRIM KLIM CHAMUNDAYEI VICCHE NAMAHA:("Om and Salutations to She who is radiant with power and wisdom." For proactive protection, destruction of negative forces or entities.)6) NARASIMHA TA VA DA SO HUM: (Invokes Narasimha, the half man, lion-headed incarnation of Vishnu, in his inconquerable aspect."
Seasoned Professional Astrologer, Jill Jardine, M.A. Counseling/Psychology, shares her astrological update and Sun Sign forecasts for the month of February 2021. February is a busy month astrologically with a historically epic conjunction of the planets in the sign Aquarius.  Some astrologer are calling this the "Dawning of the Great Mutation," according to Mountain Astrologer magazine.  Stay tuned to the end of the episode when Jill gives Sun Sign forecasts for each sun sign. We begin February in a Mercury Retrograde cycle which was initiated on January 30, 2021 and goes until February 2021. We can use Mercury retrograde cycles to do the "RE" words, and take advantage of the time to regroup, reassess, re-evaluate, renegotiate, revisit and restructure our lives.Here are the key astrological aspects during February:MERCURY Retrograde 1/30/21-2/20/21Feb. 1:  Venus transits into Aquarius until February 25th(5-6 planets in Aquarius from 2/1-2/18/21)(6 planets in Aquarius from 2/9 @ 8:20 pm - 2/12 @ 2:23 am EST)Feb. 11:  New Moon in AquariusFeb. 12: Lunar New Year/ Year of the Metal OxFeb. 18: Sun enters Pisces (early this year)Feb. 25: Venus enters Pisces until March 21, 2021Feb. 27:  FULL MOON with Sun in Pisces/Moon in VirgoAquarian six planet stellium kicks in on February 9 at 8:20 pm EST when the Moon transits Aquarius, joining the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter all traveling in the sign of the Water Bearer since 2/1. This is the time of the Great Awakening! Take advantage of the planetary pulsations for illumination and liberation and the GREAT TRANSMUTATION OF THE SPECIES! New Moon in Aquarius arrives on February 11th ushering in the Lunar New Year. The Year of the Metal Ox transpires from 2/12/21 - 1/31/22.   This year we will continue to be stoic with any situations that arise, and be vigilant in pursuing health and healing methods.  People born in 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 & 2009 were all born during the Year of the Ox, so this is an important year for them and can be life-changing. The two week period from the Aquarian New Moon on February 11 through the Pisces Full Moon on February 27, 2021 brings the opportunity to perform certain activities that will insure healthy and prosperous Lunar New Year.   Here are my recommendations:  1) Clean your house and clear the clutter!  2) Make sure all lights are working, clean windows and polish mirrors;  3) Have plenty of fresh flowers and colorful fruit displayed during this time to enhance prosperity and health in the coming year; 4) Write out your lists of intentions and give yourself another opportunity to implement the New Year's resolutions you made on 1/1/21!HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!
Everyone will experience major astrological transits during their lifetime, that will affect them profoundly.  These times of intense transformation occur at these pivotal astrological alignments: First Saturn Return from 28-30 years old, Uranus Opposition between 40-44 years old, Chiron Return at 50 years old,   Second Saturn Return at 58-60 years old, and if one lives long enough, the Uranus Return at 84 years old.The first Saturn return occurs from 28-30 years old.  The current group experiencing their Saturn Return during 2021-2022 was born during February 6, 1991-January 1994.During the first Saturn return, one is being pressured to constructively actualize oneself in life.  Big shifts can happen, sometimes initiated by loss, some by choice, such as changing jobs or career paths. Relationships can end or become solidified during a Saturn return. People may move geographic location. Ultimately at the first Saturn Return,  one must mature and become more responsible in their life.Uranus Opposition occurs between 40-44 years old.  Those experiencing their Uranus Opposition during 2021-22 were born in 1976, 1977, 1978 and 1979 when Uranus was transiting Scorpio. Uranus Opposition is viewed by astrologers as the classic mid-life crisis that people hit when they reach 40 (although these days many experience that mid-life crisis at the Chiron Return at 50 years old!) Uranus in astrology, is an indicator of freedom.  So consciously or sub-consciously when one hits their Uranus opposition they want to make changes in their life, or desire more freedom and excitement. People may act erratically at their Uranus opposition and have an affair, end a marriage or quit a job.The group experiencing their Chiron Return during 2021-22 were born in 1970, 1971 and 1972. Chiron Return occurs approximately at 50 years old. Chiron, in astrology, is the "wounded healer/teacher," so at the Chiron return, one revisits their core wounding, whether it is emotional, psychological, mental or physical.  It goes without saying, this is a good time for therapy and healing. Second Saturn Return hits between 58-60 years old. Those born during 1962, 1963, and 1964 will be having their Saturn returns during 2021-2022. Saturn is the lord of time in Astrology. When one reaches their second Saturn Return, they may realize that their time in this incarnation is running out.  Health concerns are paramount at this time, as one strives to keep their health good to achieve future goals. It's a time to "make hay while the sun shines." People may travel more, restructure their lives for more free time, reassess career goals and contemplate or plan retirement. Those born in 1936, 1937 and 1938 will have their Uranus Return during 2021-22. If one lives a full astrological lifetime, they reach 84 years old and experience their Uranus Return.  This is when the planet Uranus, ruler of Astrology, goes back to where it was when someone was born. Uranus is the great awakener, so people wake up to what this lifetime was about for them.  It's important they realize all the connections they've made in this lifetime. There may be past-life recall, and remembering where the soul was before, and also preparing for the next stage. As the Tibetan monks say, "Life is preparation for Death."
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