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Masonic talk radio with the Rocky Mountain Mason.
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The Grand Lodge of S Carolina has been prone to authoritarian inflections in the past. It's done it again. In a travesty of overreach and marked abuse of office, the Grand Master of the M.W. Grand Lodge of S. Carolina has usurped all reasonable Masonic Jurisprudence, convened a unique trail forum rife with conflicts of interest, scuttled due process, simply to expel a rival. What was the egregious offense? Holding an untiled ZOOM meeting in the midst of the pandemic. Support the showwww.rockymountainmason.comwww.esotericmason.comSupport the show:
Join the RMM for a candid interview with one of Masonry's best known Masons, Illustrious Bro. Brent Morris 33ºGC.  You've probably seen Brent on TV, where he frequently represents the House of the Temple for the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States of America. Or read his book, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Freemasonry, available at all booksellers nationwide. Or perhaps you are already a member of the Scottish Rite Research Society and are familiar with his work as the managing editor of Heredom?  Brent has a distinguished civilian as well, among other worthy exploits in service to our country, lecturing on cryptographer at the NSA. Support the showwww.rockymountainmason.comwww.esotericmason.comSupport the show:
We share a Christmas morning with the Officers of the Grand Encampment. Hope you will join us for this candid chat as we contemplate Templary in the 21st century.For info on the Knight Templar Eye Foundation, please visit: info on the Holy Land Pilgrimage Program, please visit: the showwww.rockymountainmason.comwww.esotericmason.comSupport the show:
We're Back!

We're Back!


The Rocky Mountain Mason Podcast is back! In this short episode, Ben remembers his friend and mentor, Rex Hutchens, who succumbed to cancer the day before recording this episode. Rex was a highly decorated Mason in both the York and Scottish Rites, widely known for his authoring of A Bridge to Light, now given as a companion to the 29 degrees informing the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for the Southern Jurisdiction. But he was so much more. Listen to our informal interview with him in episode 052: the showwww.rockymountainmason.comwww.esotericmason.comSupport the show:
Join us for this interview with the Grand Executive Director of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States of America, Ill. Bro. William G. Sizemore II, 33º, Grand Cross, Rear Admiral for the U.S. Navy (Retired) and former instructor at the Navy Fighter Weapons School (aka TOP GUN)!Support the showwww.rockymountainmason.comwww.esotericmason.comSupport the show:
Join us for the audio of the Oxford style debate (modified format for the Masonic Lodge in open meeting) on the proposition that "The M.W. Grand Lodge of Colorado should recognize female Freemasonry!" For the motion: W.Bro. Peter Preston.Against the motion: W.Bro. Ben Williams.Moderated by: W.Bro. Grover Sardeson. Support the showwww.rockymountainmason.comwww.esotericmason.comSupport the show:
M.W. Bros. Corey Shackleford, Sr., Grand Master Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Georgia, and Don Combs, Grand Master Grand Lodge of Georgia F. & A.M. join me to discuss the historic signing of mutual recognition between their jurisdictions on April 9, 2022. Support the showwww.rockymountainmason.comwww.esotericmason.comSupport the show:
Join us for a friendly chat with the elected officer line of the Grand Encampment! The Grand Encampment has been through the ringer recently. See why that's about to change. Support the showwww.rockymountainmason.comwww.esotericmason.comSupport the show:
High strangeness in the Utah desert. Join the Rocky Mountain Mason in this candid conversation with Thomas Winterton, the Superintendent of the world's most active paranormal site, the notorious SKINWALKER RANCH!Support the showwww.rockymountainmason.comwww.esotericmason.comSupport the show:
Despite much disinformation on the topic, the Grand Encampment has the right to discuss all business noticed in the call for the Special Conclave. Back from a few months off, the Rocky Mountain Mason shares some insights why. Support the showwww.rockymountainmason.comwww.esotericmason.comSupport the show:
In this episode we explore the history of the"CBCS," a system of esoteric Freemasonry originated in France in the latter 1770s and charted in the US in 1934 which, for reasons that become apparent, has been targeted by a particular faction of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar's leadership for over a decade.(And hear me screw up Thomas Smith Webb's name - for some reason I always want to call him William Webb!! And Thomas Dunckerley - for some reason I call him Robert!)[EDITOR NOTE: Turns out the cufflinks mentioned in this podcast, sported by various members of the Grand Encampment leadership are not indicative of membership in a clandestine version of the CBCS, they are a group endeared to S.K. Howard W. Koon II, and known as "cousins" (I do not believe this is a Knight Mason deal either, but I could be wrong). Nonetheless, most likely at least several "cousins" are members of Koon's  CBCS group.]Support the showwww.rockymountainmason.comwww.esotericmason.comSupport the show:
It must be the hats.... For some reason, an apparent series of ultra vires acts from the Grand East of the Grand Encampment have now escalated to include unilateral removal of the Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Encampment (an elected officer) without specific cause. Meanwhile, theGrand Encampment is reeling from the unilateral overturning of a super-majority decision to end the feud with the Rectified Rite. What is going on?  As the cover of the Knight Templar Magazine boldly stated, the Grand Master "never forget[s] loyalty." Nor does he "forget betrayal." There's a new sheriff in town. And, evidently, he's gonna smoke 'em out... obligations to the brethren and knights be damned.Support the showwww.rockymountainmason.comwww.esotericmason.comSupport the show:
After maybe nine months after being asked, Ben was finally able to attend a session of the Masonic Legacy Society. In this episode, Ben shares his experience during one of the sessions and posits why the format the Society has adopted is so effective - for prompting reflection, for articulating and sharing discovery, and for bringing light to your Brethren in masonry. We become the change we wish to see in the Fraternity. This format is a strong step in facilitating that becoming. And... Ben wraps the episode with Chapter XXXIII of the Three Books of Occult Philosophy, "Of the Seals and Characters of Natural Things."Support the showwww.rockymountainmason.comwww.esotericmason.comSupport the show:
After a two week hiatus following the death of his Dad, the RMM returns, but popular demand, with an update on the Grand Sessions of the Grand Lodge of South Carolina. Masonic procedure may seem like pomp and circumstance 99% of the time. But when needed, the rules of assembly Masons adopt prove their worth. Then, is there efficacy in Masonic ritual outside the intent of the Brethren working the degrees? Yes! Listen to find out why.Finally, we return to the Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Chapter XXXII, for more on the heavenly virtues and their corresponding manifestations upon the Earth.Support the showwww.rockymountainmason.comwww.esotericmason.comSupport the show:
On April 15 I received an anonymous email from a person claiming to be a Past Grand Officer of the Grand Lodge of South Carolina. He claimed to have incontrovertible evidence that Mike Smith violated the Grand Master's Edict, that he held a Zoom meeting that was more than a simple "wellness check" and constituted a business meeting for the Scottish Rite. The evidence? A copy of an email from Mike Smith and screenshots of the Zoom meeting. But what possible dispensation would a Scottish Rite valley need from a Grand Master of Masons to hold a business meeting in whatever format its own membership found agreeable? Additional problems in this anonymous Past Grand Lodge Officer's interpretation of Masonic law abound.Support the showwww.rockymountainmason.comwww.esotericmason.comSupport the show:
The Grand Lodge of South Carolina meets this Thursday, April 22, at 10 a.m. in Charleston, SC. Ahead of what is sure to be a contentious session, we interview W.Bro. Billy Wall, the Secretary of Union-Kilwinning No. 4. In December 2020 the Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master showed up at Union-Kilwinning to arrest their Charter. Billy, his son, and some of the Officers have been charged with unmasonic conduct for holding a meeting of 6 Masons after, allegedly, an edict was pronounced that required a minimum of 7. While this requirement from the Grand Lodge is contrary to the ritual and the ancient usages and customs of the Craft, and while the Constitution of SC mandates that an edict must be properly noticed, the Grand Lodge nonetheless took offense to Union-Kilwinning's meeting, barged into their Lodge and demanded the Charter. As seems to be something of a pattern of behavior under this Grand Master, a special Trial Commission was hurriedly appointed most probably to simply expel W.Bro. Billy and the Brethren of Union-Kilwinning No. 4 ahead of the Grand Sessions meeting in just five days.Check out the record of events at Union-Kilwinning's website, the showwww.rockymountainmason.comwww.esotericmason.comSupport the show:
In this episode, Ben explores the controversial but well documented correlation between certain antidepressant drugs and homicidal mania. Nearly every mass shooter seems to have a history with this class of drugs, including Eric Harris (Columbine), who was on Luvox, and James Holmes (Aurora movie theater), who was prescribed a high dose of Zoloft. Could these drugs lead to a type of emotional disassociation, where the reward-reflex is vitiated, and a type of bio-chemical echo builds a lethal impulse? Or is it just access to firearms?Get ac joy of Dr. Hahn's book, Prescription for Sorrow, Antidepressants, Suicide and Violence, here.Support the showwww.rockymountainmason.comwww.esotericmason.comSupport the show:
We reluctantly bring you this breaking news from the GLSC where charges of unmasonic conduct have been filed against the Grand Master and his officers for, essentially, dereliction of duty for failing to hold an annual Grand Lodge as soon as reasonably practicable (or by alternative means necessary under the present COVID situation) and for, by the sounds of things, abuses of power. The Grand Lodge is the members in lodge assembled. It is not the officers of the Grand Lodge. And it sure 'aint the Grand Master who must answer at each annual convocation to the Brethren it is his honor to serve. In February we reported on the ongoing problems in S Carolina where the Grand Master was, apparently, overreaching his mandate in officiously preventing online meetings of masons (whether "in lodge" or not). He seized charters. He even expelled the SGIG. Now Union-Kilwinning Lodge No. 4 is striking back.Support the showwww.rockymountainmason.comwww.esotericmason.comSupport the show:
Dr. Gallagher is a board-certified psychiatrist and professor at Columbia University. He has been a practicing psychiatrist for over 25 years. He is the longest-standing American on the International Association of Exorcists, where he served as scientific advisor (and the only layman) for its governing council. He has personally witnessed over 150 cases involving phenomena for which there is no plausible alternative diagnosis than demonic possession.Read his book Demonic Foes, My Twenty-Five Years as a Psychiatrist Investigating Possessions, Diabolic Attacks, and the Paranormal, published by Harper Collins. Available on Amazon, here. Support the showwww.rockymountainmason.comwww.esotericmason.comSupport the show:
Are there predicate beliefs required for masonic standing? Do certain philosophies contradict masonic philosophy? In this episode Ben examines the question of whether certain belief systems contravene masonic conduct per se.Support the showwww.rockymountainmason.comwww.esotericmason.comSupport the show:
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union killwinning, was exonerated and 6 members also

Apr 23rd
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please contact me I will fill u in on details

Apr 22nd


PGM SC Mike Smith was voted overwhelming over 550 yes to less than 90 no to return fully to Masonry

Apr 22nd
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