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Author: David Mulonas

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Husband and wife financial gurus David and Cindy provide a refreshing view on personal finance with a side of humor. They also share offbeat current events and real-life experiences. The two hosts crack jokes while also diving into financial literacy and success. This podcast finds the perfect balance between having a laugh and getting down to business.

Cindy has been a leader in the financial industry for the last 27 years. She is a registered professional and COO for a nationally recognized wealth management firm. She has a background in a variety of areas of wealth management, including 401(k) analysis and education, branch management and client service. Her passion is helping others understand the value of planning and achieving their long term financial goals.

David is a published author and accomplished corporate project manager in the IT field. His book I'm Not Flipping Burgers When I'm 70! explores personal finance, budgeting, home ownership and investing for the future. David also launched a project called the Personal Finance Squad in which he offers guidance on all areas of budgeting and achieving financial freedom. You can find more information here:

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In this episode David and Cindy take a question from a listener who asks . . . Is there a standard ratio on how to allocate savings? I do not know how to decide how much to put into my retirement account versus my taxable investments, vs. CDs/High-yield savings, etc. So, David and Cindy break down each scenario and provide guidance for the best way to invest. In addition, they cover the story of three sisters who determined through DNA testing that their father was a missing person and had been raised by the family who kidnapped him. Lastly, they review odd and unusual quips from what people revealed about their family DNA stories.  
In this episode David and Cindy discuss how to save money on products that you buy while at the same time helping the environment. The goal is to purchase items that reduce waste (mainly plastic and single use items) and this can be done by replacing your current products at a lower cost to your budget. They also pay tribute to our veterans and highlight the story of a hundred-year old World War II pilot who still flies and set Guinness world record in doing so. Lastly, they pay homage to Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek.  
In this episode David and Cindy interview Myles Gage and Brian Curcio from the award winning investment app, Rapunzl. These two gentlemen met in high school and began trading in the stock market and consequently, decided to create an app to trade stocks in simulation with contest payouts. In addition, they engage with high school and college students to teach them final education and put them on the path toward good financial decision making. Both of them have a great story to tell in this inspiring interview.  In addition, David and Cindy cover oddbeat stories; one about a man who had a large thorn imbedded in his arm for fours years which almost killed him and second, they cover the story of a couple that appeared to be swallowed up and spit out by a whale.  
In this episode David and Cindy explain how stock dividends are established, how they benefit the shareholders and how to use them to buy back stock and build up a retirement nest egg. In the offbeat stories montage, they cover stories around the history of Halloween, how much candy is spent each year, the top 10 ten scary movies and costume stories that people have shared from past Halloween’s.
In this episode David and Cindy review the FIRE movement which stands for Financial Independence Retire Early. It incoporates many of the tools needed to retire; however, the goals may not be sustainable once the plan is in place. In the offbeat stories montage they cover stories that people have shared in how they cut back on costs when choosing extreme frugality. Lastly, they cover to story of a couple ordered an $18 bottle of wine yet received a $2,000 bottle that was meant for the table that they were sitting next to.
In this podcast David and Cindy review feedback from listeners and how they made positive impacts with their personal finance choices to improve their futures. Next, they discuss how much life insurance that you need to cover your loved ones and guidelines that you can follow to prepare for the future. Lastly, they discuss a recent survey that says there is an increase percentage where democrats and republicans will not date each other.    
In this podcast David and Cindy discuss the impact that past presidential elections have had on the economy and the overall stock market. They provide personal financial tips that you can use leading into the upcoming election. In the Coronavirus montage, they tell the story of a well-known UFO hunter who claims that he identified a bible on Mars from a NASA photo. Next, they discuss results from a recent study that humans are reducing as well as adding body parts faster than any time in history. Lastly, they tell the story of a woman who began saving money at age 11 and bought her first home when she turned 19.
In this episode David and Cindy interview Tim Bates who has 20 years of experience in the film industry managing projects from concept to production. He is also an experienced voice over artist and is a board member for the Kentucky Film Association. In the interview Tim discusses how COVID has affected film budgets and the way they are made. In addition, he provides insight on how actors feel about their jobs including the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Steve Zahn, Julia Roberts, Dana Carvey, Dustin Hoffman, Paul McCartney and others Kentucky Film Association Kentucky Film Office  
In this episode David and Cindy discuss lifestyle creep which is when people spend more because they make more money and do not adjust their budgets to manage their debt and save properly for retirement.  In the Coronavirus montage they discuss the snafu with the upcoming election due to the many mail-in election ballots being cast and individual state rules. Also, they cover the story of a surfboard that was lost in the waters of Hawaii and was found in Philippines six months later. Fast Times at Ridgemont High Lost Surboard  
In this episode David and Cindy review a cash out refinance versus a home equity loan versus a home equity line of credit. They also provide an analysis of what may be the best option to use one of these loans and the drawbacks to borrowing the money. In the Coronavirus montage they discuss the story of a woman who cut off her hand in an effort to receive an insurance payout and the story of a national park in Thailand that sends people’s litter back to them and posts it on social media.
In this episode David and Cindy field the financial question of the week from a listener asking how to evaluate debt-to-income ratio (DTI). They explain how to calculate it, what to watch for in your budget, and how it used for evaluation when buying a home. Next, they interview Dr. Peter Rork, the co-founder of Dog is MyCoPilot. He created a charity where used his own airplane to fly dogs and cats to adoption shelters to save them from being euthanized. He has saved over 15,000 dogs and cats over the past eight years.  In the Coronavirus montage they cover the story of a man who custom built a bar just for squirrels and the story of a man who nursed a mouse back to health after it somet of his marijuana plants.    
In this episode David and Cindy review the Robinhood online trading platform. They breakdown their pioneering marketing, unusual trading practices and their history of website outages causing some traders to lose large amounts money. David and Cindy also provide tips on how to protect your money using Robinhood especially with day trading. In the Coronavirus montage they discuss common words and phrases that people say incorrectly and the story of a woman whose kept a McDonald's hamburger in her closet for last 24 years. Lastly, they discuss the story of a woman who was pronounced dead at her home; however, was found alive at the funeral parlor.
In this episode David and Cindy interview highly decorated former Navy Seal Tom Chaby. He spent 26 years the military and was leader commanding teams from four to 1,000 in over 60 countries throughout the world. He has led missions in many critical areas of the world including Operation IRAQI FREEDOM and Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. In addition, he was a SEAL Instructor leading the current generation of SEAL operators.   Over the past six years, Tom has provided consulting to 100+ high performing corporate organizations including the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, & Olympic sports teams, to help them build empowering cultures and team effectiveness.  He’s also helped Fortune 500 organizations become more effective which include two collegiate football teams become national CHAMPIONS, a collegiate tennis team win the national championship, a World Series runner up, an Eastern Conference NHL runner up and two high school state football champions.  Tom’s Website: Tom’s Charities for Benevolence: Sugggested Reading: Top Dog: The Science of Winning and Losing  
In this episode David and Cindy interview Ryan Doyle the founder and Owner of Video Vision 360, a global video production company. They discuss how he started video recording with a $400 camera and developed it into an international business. He also discusses his philosophy on recording “all things epic” and his outlook on running his business with respect to forming long lasting relationships. Additionally, they discuss Ryan’s passion and success with his philanthropic efforts starting with his non-profit venture where he and his partners raised $1 million dollars for charity. Website: YouTube: Walk a Mile Fund:
In this episode David and Cindy discuss how the Coronavirus has changed plans for couples to have a traditional wedding which has forced them to opt for micro weddings. They discuss the advantages of choosing this option. In the second financial topic they discuss the upcoming stock splits of Apple and Telsa. In addition, why does a stock split and why investors often continue to drive up the stock price after the split. In the Coronavirus montage, they discuss how a couple bought a storage locker for $100 without looking at the contents first and then after they opened it up, they uncovered a $1 million treasure. For the last topic, they cover a wedding story that is one of a kind and why it may never be repeated. Don’t forget to subscribe to the show! Wedding Story: $1 million storage locker story:    
In this episode David and Cindy discuss the ins and outs of what can happen to people when they win the lottery or receive large sums of money. In the Coronavirus montage, they discuss the executive order given by President Trump to ByteDance for them to sell their American TikTok business unit due to security flaws that can lead to stealing intellectual property. Next, they discuss how the Cascade brand says to use the dishwasher every night even if it isn’t full, as it uses up to five times less water than rinsing dishes by hand. Lastly, they discuss the “Night of Living Dead” disease that the cicadas are facing due to them eating mushrooms.        
In this episode David and Cindy discuss food cost in that American’s waste 40% of the food that they buy. They discuss what can be done to reduce the waste while saving money and helping the environment. In the roundtable, they discuss a real-life dating story that differs to that of Indian matchmaking which is currently being shown on Netflix. In the Coronavirus montage, the food edition, they discuss an unusual partnership between Crocs and KFC whereby they created “Country Fried Crocs” as a promotional novelty release. Next they discuss how retailers such as Costco are no longer selling sheet cakes and have opted to sell the 9-inch round cakes to cut down on social distancing. Lastly, the discuss the history of the Happy Birthday song.    
In this episode David and Cindy explain the scenarios where credit card debt can be given to your heirs; however, credit card insurance can be used to waive the debt when the cardholder dies. In the Coronavirus montage, they discuss the story of a dog that traveled 57 miles back to its former residence two years after moving out and the hilarious story of a women who intended to pay for the murder of her ex-husband using the fake web site, Hire a Hitman. Lastly, in the human interest topic they discuss the story of an original Rosie the Riveter who formerly made bandanas to honor the women in factories during World War II and now is repurposing the cloth to make masks in the fight to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. FDCPA - The Balance - 5 Steps for Credit Card Insurance
In this episode, David and Cindy discuss how you can shop for your medical surgeries and how it can be beneficial to you if you spend the time to research before you go under the knife.  In the next topic they cover the tragic story of a 20-year old who took his own life after being misled into thinking that he was over $730,000 in the negative while trading with the Robinhood online brokerage firm. David and Cindy will breakdown strategies the young man was trading with and what could have been done to avoid his situation. In the Coronavirus montage they cover why you don't need prewash your dishes before using the dishwasher and how the Los Angeles Dodgers are giving the fans the opportunity to have their image posted onto cardboard cutouts and placed into the stands for a charitable cause. In the last story, they cover some misconceptions around using moisturizers and facial creams. In the human-interest topic, they cover the story in Tenino, Washington who is printing wooden money for people in need that can be used as a real currency within the town limits.  Margin Call explained:
In this episode David and Cindy discuss tips that you can use to get an estimate of the taxes that you need to pay to the IRS. Next, they discuss why you do not want a tax return as there are ways to use that money during the year to your advantage.  Next they discuss the historic and unique contract that NFL superstar Patrick Mahommes agreed to. Lastly, they cover the story about the Japanese company Yamaha, who is testing an app that pipes in crowd noise from people's phones to simulate fans in stadiums.   
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I'm 26 and striving for fat fire making 50k currently and debt free. Saving and investing 50%+ per month and just looking for financial freedom and not retiring early completely early. I'm living very comfortable right now. Doing this cautiously

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airports actually have vending machine with personal protective equipment

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MinhPhuoc Hong

Your podcast's idea is great. But I do not know why the volume is quite small even I volumed up my phone. I think it is better to improve volume so that all your listeners can listen more clearly. Thank again for the podcast.

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