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Dr. Ina-Weinbaeur Heidel reveals some of the easy to implement key factors to make training more effective. Find out what you can do by listening to this podcast.
Many of us have migrated to using digital technology during the pandemic but not everyone is seeing the benefits. Tina Harris, one of our Senior Learning Specialists tells us how and why she has become a digital fan. Take some top tips from Tina and you'll never look back.
Feedback or feedforward, empowerment or control, focus on skills or outcomes? All questions that Bruce Fechyr-Lippens, founder at Huapii, addresses in this podcast about shifts the C-suite need to make to futureproof their organisations.
Can learning drive organisational growth? We believe it can. And so does James Hampton, Head of Development and Engagement at SeaSalt Cornwall. In this podcast James shares his experience with and research on how learning can impact organisational growth, boosting financial, human capital and social capital success.
Stellar Labs Founder and CEO, Raf Seymus joins the podcast to talk about the CEO's role in preparing businesses for the future. Exploring the connection between future-proofing businesses and learning, Raf explains how effective, collaborative learning cultures are critical to business growth.
In our latest podcast, Stella is joined by Jocelyn Darbroudi, Chief Information Office at Securex. Jocelyn believes that success is about getting the right people on board to do the right things and achieving greater results for people, planet and prosperity. But to do that, we must first address the elephants in the room.
Team working – that is top of mind for Brent Kedzierski, Head of Learning Strategy and Innovation at Shell in Texas. He is passionate about the importance of team work in learning growth and joins Stella on our latest podcast to explore how team working, coupled with creating an environment of psychological safety, is paramount for effective learning experiences.
David Kelly is a sought after speaker and writer on technology in learning and also Executive Vice President and Executive Director at The elearning Guild.  He’s huge experience of working in the elearning industry but doesn’t see it as the only tool for learning.  Dave is generous with his insights and knowledge and as well as being a recognised and valued speaker on the Learning and Development circuit he’s active in numerous digital conversations about learning.
An interview with Julie Delham, a student who has discovered some essential new learning skills.
Will Thalheimer and Stella Collins define learning and its value to the organisation.
Michael Ioffe is co-founder and CEO at Arist, the text message learning platform.  Michaels inspirational story began with a simple realisation; that digital learning was broken and ineffective.  So he created Arist to make learning personal and frictionless, one text message at a time. They started with a project teaching entrepreneurship to teenagers in Yemen, a conflict zone half a world away from them in the USA.  Michael has been selected to be one of the Learning Technologies 30under30.
Listen to our exclusive interview with Laura Overton, about her move to Tulser and how L&D is a driver for business value.
Trish Uhl is Principal at Owls Ledge and founder of the Talent and Learning Analytics Leadership Forum.  Trish is a globally experienced strategist and consultant leading award-winning teams in leveraging data science, artificial intelligence, emerging technology, analytics to deliver people impact and business value through workplace learning, change and project management.  She works with clients globally building their Learning & Talent Development teams' analytical capabilities and digital fluency, transforming them from design/delivery of instructional outputs to delivering organizational outcomes. She’s also a fantastic communicator.
Nicola Whiting MBE, CSO Titania Ltd is an experienced Chief Strategy and Operations Officer specializing in cyber security software tools for 'every information security professional’.  She was recently awarded the Member of the British Empire in the UK for her services to business and diversity. She’s also a mentor on the UK CYber Diversity Group Board and talks to us today about the value of diversity to both cyber security businesses and people.  She will have you thinking differently about cyber security and the people who work there. 
Amanda Nolen and Stella Collins talk about developing the skills that organisations need to stay relevant and keep people employed and it's not leadership. If leaders aren't already leading right now it's too late for that.
Patrick Coomans describes himself as a long time entrepreneur, turned intrapreneur, then extrapreneur. His commentary on the world of technology and especially cyber security are insightful and inspirational. We invited him to share some of them in our Stellar Labs podcast and the conversation ranged widely. If you're a startup in any field then you need to hear what he says about building your business with cyber security in mind from the start. And if you've been thinking cyber security is only for techies then think again - there's a bright career opportunity for you whatever your skills.
How to build a learning culture?Georgia Blundell is a Learning and Development co-ordinator at clothes retailer Seasalt. She talks to Stellar Labs about the privilege of being one of Learning Tech’s 30 under 30 group and the opportunity to meet learning experts and mentors early in her career. Georgia’s passion to build a learning culture, help people develop their self directed learning skills and improve the reputation of apprenticeships show she’s highly committed to L&D across the board. 
Raf Martino is Cyber security consultant at Cyber4z and one of our expert trainers on the Stellar Labs‘ Cyber security: become an ethical hacker programme. He talks to Stellar Labs about how hackers exploit simple vulnerabilities in web applications – the tools most of us use every day. More importantly he describes some vital steps to take to secure these vulnerabilities to keep yourself and your organisation safe. We all have a role in preventing cyber crime but it can seem technical and daunting. Fortunately you don’t need to be a cyber security expert to listen to Raf because he explains so that everyone can take action.
Practical ideas to boost your business success!Sharon Claffey Kaliouby is currently VP, North America at Learning Pool, a significant player in the field of digital learning. Sharon is a results-driven, performance consultant and works globally increasing revenue and business results.  She’s won numerous awards for learning in the world of Learning and Development including 2018 Learning Professional of the year.  She’s hugely approachable and enthusiastic, highly connected and is a strong advocate for raising the profile and status of women in learning.
How to build a cyber security team and why you should do it?Matthijs Nelissen is a cyber security expert through and through having specialized for more than 15 years.  He’s co-owner and senior security consultant at Cyber4Z, who are experts in the field of strategic and tactical design of cyber security, IT, Privacy and Blockchain technology. Matthijs’s strengths in communication mean he’s one of our Knowledge Partners leading some of our Cyber Security specialist programmes.  Matthijs is clear about the core values he applies towards his customers: hard work, open communication and fun.  We can definitely see all of those in action. 
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