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Self-Care for Healers
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Self-Care for Healers

Author: Truist, Truist Leadership Institute, Anna Slaydon

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Feel better, Lead better, Treat better. Developed by experts in neuropsychology, psychology, human resources, and education, the Self-Care for Healers podcast is designed for healthcare leaders on the front lines of COVID-19 and other medical crisis. Each 5-7 minute episode will provide actionable insights that healthcare professionals can apply to their every day life.
12 Episodes
Special Announcement

Special Announcement


The BB&T Leadership Institute is now Truist Leadership Institute
Conquering your Fear

Conquering your Fear


Dr. Steve Swavely announces a new podcast, devoted to healthcare professionals responding to the coronavirus.  Informed by psychology, rooted in research, this podcast will take just a few minutes to provide you with the mental boost you need to power through your day.  
How can you use Cognitive Reframing to stay agile during stressful times?  Join Anna Slaydon and Jeremy Spidell in this episode to learn more.  
With everything going on in your life, how do you ensure that you are bringing your best self into everything you do?  Jenni Marsh of Truist Leadership Institute shares insights to keep you at your best, even when under pressure.
Does saying "Thanks" really make that big of a difference?  Dr. Chris Smith explains the science behind gratitude.
Our brains sort through massive amounts of data and form conclusions.  What happens to our brains when there isn't data available?  Jenni Marsh helps us understand how biases work and shares insights to gain clarity.
With so much uncertainty, how do we recognize and act on what we can control?  Dr. Chris Smith shares a simple technique that will enhance your approach.  
Have you given much thought to how you define success?  What happens with that definition isn't working anymore?  Jeremy Spidell helps us understand what success scripts are and what to do when they get in the way.  
When you have that nagging negative thought that you can't get rid of, how do you get control of your mind and get into a more positive space?  Dr. Sally Woods shares some meaning filled questions to help you cut through the negative thoughts.  
How do leaders make sure their leadership style meets their team's needs?  Dr. Steve Swavely, Neurospsychologist from Truist Leadership Institute, shares the 3 components of Compassionate Leadership.  
How do you provide transparent communication to your teams when you don't know the answers?  Eileen Hogan from Truist Leadership Institute shares with us the power of "I don't know".  
With so much going on and so much work to get done, is it OK for us to focus on task completion at the sacrifice of relationships?  Jeremy Spidell from Truist Leadership Institute shares the role of Task and Relationship in success.
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