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In today's episode, Rick was joined by Wade Tonkin of Fanatics, Inc. Wade and Rick talk about one of the hot topics in the Affiliate world, Affiliate Recruitment. They also discuss the common mistakes in Recruiting and how to have a consistent and effective process. Wade also shares his experience, tips, and learnings in the industry.
Today is part 2 of Rick’s visit to the podcast “Amazing FBA” where he spoke with Michael Veazey about e-commerce and affiliate marketing.
Rick shares an episode of the “Amazing FBA” podcast that he was a guest on. He and Michael Veazey sit down to talk about how to set up an e-commerce affiliate marketing program. 
In this episode, Rick and Jessica Totillo Coster talk about all things related to affiliate marketing for your eCommerce business. They discuss what affiliate marketing is, how to get started, and some tips that will help you along the way. 
Today, Rick shares an episode of the podcast “Gift Biz Unwrapped” that he was recently on. Rick and Sue Monhait talk about all of the ways affiliate marketing can bring in extra income. 
In this episode, Rick sits down with Jeremy Aaronson of UpSellit to discuss the conversion experience. The focus of the discussion is how optimizing conversion experiences leads to increased profitability and how UpSellit assists in that.
Today, Rick shares an episode of the podcast “Brave + Boss” that he was recently on. Rick and Kristi Soomer talk about everything you need to know to setup a successful affiliate marketing program. 
In this episode, Rick was a guest on Chloe Thomas’s show: Keep Optimising. The topic of discussion is how to revive your existing affiliate account. Rick shares tips on how to begin reviving an affiliate program and everything needed to make it successful. 
In this episode, Rick goes over the types of affiliates to recruit into your affiliate program. He reviews the top 11 groups of affiliates and why you might need each one.
In this episode, Rick discusses setting up an affiliate program and what it takes to succeed. He goes into detail about the specific costs that are involved that many people are unaware of. 
Are you wondering how you can leverage TM+ (Trademark Plus) with your brand? In this episode of The Rick Magennis Show, Rick was joined by Chelseah Murphy of Wickfire. Wickfire guides consumers through online purchasing decisions and helps brands by utilizing custom coupon codes and TM+ campaigns. Chelseah shares how she began in affiliate marketing and talked about her experience in the business over the years. This episode is about Trademark plus (TM+) and all the things you need to know about it. The benefits of TM+  are astounding.
Want to learn how JV (Joint Venture) Marketing can help your brand increase its revenue? In today's episode, Rick had a chance to talk to one of the JV Marketing experts, Marty Fahncke. He has been in affiliate marketing since 1999 and has been utilizing JV marketing just as long. Rick and Marty elaborate on what JV marketing is and how affiliate managers can leverage it to grow their programs. Marty also shared proven tips and tricks to execute a successful campaign.
This is the first interview with an affiliate done by Rick! In this episode, Rick sat down with Nick Andrews of ReviTrage. Nick gives advice on how to grow an affiliate program from the perspective of an affiliate with over a decade of experience in the business. Plus, he shared his inspiring story on how he ended up working as an affiliate. Nick and Rick also discussed why "Relationships" are the core of every affiliate's success. Check out this episode and enjoy.
If you want to learn how to compete with Amazon's Associate Program, then this episode of The Rick Magennis Show is for you! I got a chance to talk to Jesse Lakes of Geniuslink. Jesse shares his tips and strategies about affiliate marketing that he has acquired over 20 years in the business. We talked about Amazon's Associate Program and how brands can compete with it in 2021, plus the importance of building strong relationships with affiliates and innovation aspects. Listen to this episode today and watch out for the 2 pieces of advice that Jesse shares for every affiliate manager.
"Make your Affiliate Program Fun"This podcast episode is one of the most value-packed ever recorded. In today's episode of the Rick Magennis Show, Rick and Matt McWilliams aka "The Affiliate Guy" of Matt McWiiliams Consulting Inc., talk about the three common mistakes affiliate managers make that need to avoided if they want to grow a successful affiliate program. Matt was so generous by sharing his knowledge and expertise and he gives away tips and strategies in running your affiliate marketing program to reach your goals in 2021 and beyond! Get ready to learn from one of the very best the industry has to offer.
While 2020 may be considered the year of remote work, it is just the beginning as we see the trend continuing in 2021. For the second time around, Rick was joined by Jeannine Crooks on the Rick Magennis Show Podcast. Jeannine is the Partner Acquisition and Development Manager of Awin. They talked about several techniques and strategies that Awin has used to maintain a good culture during the pandemic. Jeannine also talks about what to look forward to in 2021.
Rick has a special guest who will share her knowledge and expertise about Mass Media and its role in affiliate marketing. Jessica Spira of Ziff Media Group joins Rick and they get into the evolution of Mass Media affiliates. Jessica is the VP of Partner Management and Growth in Ziff Media under Ziff Davis. Jessica shares her insight about the Rise and the influence of Mass Media publishers. Plus! She also talked about how Mass Media publishers work and how it can help brands with their content strategies. It is one of the great episodes you don't want to miss.
We can all agree that recruitment is the most time-consuming and labor-intensive part of managing an affiliate program. In this episode, Rick sat with his good friend Chris Tradgett of Publisher Discovery. Chris shares his knowledge in affiliate marketing from almost 16 years of experience. They talked about how brands and affiliates have changed in 2020 and the system of quality over quantity in recruiting and why it's more important than ever. What makes this conversation really interesting is that they shared thoughts about improving the recruitment process and common mistakes of brands in recruiting affiliates.
In today's episode, Rick is joined by Brett Owens of Afluencer and they discussed Influencers vs Affiliates. This episode is the first influencer talk on The Rick Magennis Show podcast. Rick and Brett go into a detailed discussion about the best practices working with influencers, plus, they differentiate affiliates and influencers. It is a valuable talk in which Brett also shares tips that will help your upcoming influencer campaigns.
On this episode of The Rick Magennis Show, Rick chatted with Sarah Bundy of All-Inclusive Marketing. Sarah has won countless affiliate marketing awards since she started in the industry 17 years ago. Rick and Sarah go over the essential elements for an affiliate program to succeed and where they see affiliate marketing going in the future. Sarah also shares his expertise and her successful journey in the business. This is a value-packed episode and perfect for those brands either just starting or looking to start an affiliate program.
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