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The CX Live! podcast is an interview-style show for briefing programs and meetings. Our goal is to be your dedicated channel for all things customer experiencer where we ask industry thought leaders the tough questions about building a world-class program. Each month we’ll explore a new topic or trend that impacts customer experience, employee engagement, digitization and more…We’re unfiltered. We’re authentic. We’re having a conversation… join in!
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In this episode, we talk with Pete Riddell of Derse about what it means to “choreograph unique” experiences for customers - in an effort to combat Zoom fatigue - and make your own virtual meetings/experiences stand out.Episode Highlights:Deconstructing and recognizing the building blocks of experiencesAccounting for the  loss of white glove immersion The power of ‘Dr Pepper & Doritos’The simplistic nature of delivering an extraordinary moment by being extraordinarily humanSuggested reading: “The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact” by Chip Heath and Dan HeathIdentifying the how and where you can flip the virtual scriptCreating ‘to go’ containersConsider exclusivity for your customers (i.e. limited access to people, content, resources)Addressing ‘pushback audiences’ by creating stories and experiences that resonateGuest Thought Leader: Pete RiddellExecutive Creative Director, Customer Experience (CX) & Storytelling, DerseExperienced Executive Creative Director / Storyteller with a demonstrated history of working in the experiential industry. Strong creative, writing and marketing professional skilled in Sales, Event Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Corporate Identity, Integrated Marketing ... and general spellbinding.
We’re reaching out to thought leaders from different industries to share their perspective on topics important to the briefing community.  Adam Alfia, Founder and Managing Director at Real Time Feedback, shares best practices to elevate the customer experience from making first interactions matter to addressing the Service Recovery Paradox that increases customer loyalty. He discusses how to overcome survey fatigue and the rise of the Customer Effort Score (CES). Episode Highlights:The importance of training team members to actively address customer pain points and provide next level customer service Why the first interaction matters and impacts the remainder of the experience - positively or negativelyThe Service Recovery Paradox and how to empower your team to make decisions that increase customer loyalty Key insights into developing a 2-way feedback mechanism that encourages customer responses and suggestions for overcoming survey fatigueTechnologies that allow customers to give real time feedback and make them feel they have made a difference in the process The value of the Customer Effort Score (CES), a way to measure success and ease of customer interactionsEpisode Resource:Gartner: What's Your Customer Effort Score (CES)? Guest Thought LeaderAdam AlfiaFounder & Managing Director, Real Time Feedback Adam is a serial entrepreneur and currently involved in over 25 businesses. He started a European auto repair shop out of college, expanded to 4 locations and sold them all in 2005 for $7.5M. He then founded Maestro, a white-labeled virtual personal assistant service catering to the automotive industry with clients including Infiniti, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Subaru.  Most recently, Adam is the Founder and Managing Director of Real Time Feedback, an important tool that helps companies learn more about customer experiences as they happen, giving them a chance to correct issues. Additionally, Adam manages a successful chain of restaurants called Shell Shack.
In our first ever “Icons of Impact” podcast episode, Ann Benett, formerly Manager of the Global Executive Briefing at Apple and President of Benett Communications and now happily retired, shares her valuable insights on the evolution of the briefing industry and key strategies for today’s briefing professionals all while reflecting on her love of the briefing profession and community.Episode Highlights:The most important shift in the briefing industry over the past 25+ yearsWhat she loves most about the briefing professionHow the pandemic changed the briefing landscape and positive outcomesKey hurdles briefing teams need to overcome to gain credibility with executive managementThree key strategies for today’s briefing professionals to: looking outward, looking inward, looking forwardEpisode Resources:Harvard Business ReviewABPM HomepageGuest Thought Leader: Ann BenettFormer Manager of the Global Executive Briefing at Apple & President of Benett CommunicationsAnn began her briefing career as Manager of the Global Executive Briefing Program at Apple. In 1999, she founded Benett Communications - the first consultant firm that was completely focused on helping build and support briefing programs around the globe.  She has been a leader and an integral part of the ABPM Community from nearly the time ABPM was founded. After 23 years leading Benett Communications, 11 years at Apple, 6 years with Silicon Valley startups, and her first job at WDIV-TV Detroit, Ann is happily retired from the executive briefing world.
In our first episode of 2023, John Heiman, Consultant with EBP Consulting, shares how to capture meaningful data to demonstrate the briefing program’s ROI. With a focus on effectiveness and efficiency, he highlights the importance of having a baseline to measure sentiment and methods for reporting the impact to executive management. Episode Highlights:The importance of understanding C Level “care abouts” related to data collection and analyticsWays to refocus the collection of metrics into two main categories: Effectiveness and EfficiencyThe power of the Net Promoter Score to demonstrate briefing impact on changing customer sentimentThe top 3 most impactful metrics to report to executive managementStrategies for communicating with executives for buy in on your long term program requirementsHow to build advocacy for prioritization with IT teams to utilize CRM tools for reporting briefing program influenceEpisode Resource:The Ultimate Question 2.0Guest Thought Leader: John HeimanConsultant, EBP Business ConsultingJohn has 30+ years of innovative experience in driving measurable growth through implementation of strategic experiential marketing programs.He oversaw Sprint’s Experiential Marketing Department, including the EBC Program for 14 years. John served on the ABPM Advisory Board for 10 years and is a frequent session and workshop leader often focused on strategy and analytics. Sprint has been presented with over 25 APBM awards including Program of the Year in 2014. In 2016 John was awarded the ABPM President’s Service Award.
In this episode, Elizabeth Simpson, President of ABPM, and Candie Hurley, Coach, Trainer & Consultant at, share key insights from our 2022 episodes dedicated to the main categories of the ABPM’s Characteristics of World Class Briefing Programs document and give a “first look” into recent changes to this aspirational guide that briefing programs reference to achieve world class.    Episode Highlights:An understanding that this document offers the foundational principles that briefing programs reference for each of the five categories: Customer Experience, Analytics, Management, Operations, and Multi-Center ProgramsThe importance of the characteristics within each of the five categories, how they continued to guide briefing teams through the pandemic, and remain applicable for programsKey insights from each of the five thought leaders who were interviewed along with examples they shared for achieving world classA review of the process for making changes to the document, a “first look” at those changes and the thinking behind themInspiring words of wisdom for briefing programs as we move into 2023Episode Resource:ABPM’s Updated Characteristics of World Class Briefing ProgramsGuest Thought Leaders: Elizabeth SimpsonPresident, ABPM Elizabeth has been with ABPM for over 20 years and took on the role of President in 2018. She works closely with Briefing Program teams to understand their challenges and to provide resources that will help them successfully meet those challenges. She has been instrumental in strengthening services and evolving ABPM as an organization.Candie HurleyTrainer, Coach & Consultant, Candie supports briefing professionals in benchmarking their programs across the briefing industry. She also delivers training and coaching to help briefing programs create more impactful customer experiences that strengthen customer relationships, uncover new business opportunities, and accelerate the sales cycle. A frequent session leader at ABPM conferences, she is also very involved in facilitating ABPM advisory board discussions to continue advancing the briefing profession.
In this episode, Emily Kester, Creative Director and Marshall Thompson, Director of Strategic Growth, both of Hyperquake, share how to build stories that are rooted in truth, making people connect emotionally and inspiring them to take action. Episode Highlights:The importance of creating powerful stories that build deeper connections and strengthen trust with your audience - motivating them to think, feel, and do How the Experience Framework guides the development of unique stories that resonate with customers by tapping into how humans communicate on an emotional level Tips for ensuring the customer journey through your space addresses the right elements to achieve your goal, specifically a sense of safety that grounds the rest of the experience so guests can receive what you are sharing New ways to leverage experiential environments to demonstrate key corporate values that inspire your internal stakeholders including your discussion leaders Ideas for creating more inclusive stories that resonate with a new breed of today’s decision makers - sustainability, equity, collaborationEpisode Resources:Hyperquake - Storybuilding CapesHyperquake - Highlight Reel VideoGuest Thought Leaders: Emily KesterCreative Director, Hyperquake As Creative Director of the Storybuilding team at Hyperquake, Emily brings a high level of creativity to every immersive experience she creates. With a strong experience design background, Emily has helped create experiences of all shapes and sizes for clients such as Walmart, Cummins, Procter & Gamble, and HPE. As a strong female leader, she brings a seasoned thought leadership in addition to a high level of empathy, humor, and hard work to every team she is a part of.Marshall Thompson Director of Strategic Growth, Hyperquake Marshall has spent the last decade helping the world’s largest brands accelerate their most valuable opportunities through impactful storytelling, and memorable experiences. His diverse experience has spanned across hardware, software, and consultative services for the EBC space. He is passionate about helping businesses evolve with unconventional, disruptive thinking. Marshall is a recognized thought leader in the Executive Briefing space, with a focus on how immersive brand experiences can help build lasting relationships and drive revenue.
In this episode, Sid van Wijk, Executive Briefing Center Lead at Miro in Amsterdam shares the journey he and his team are on to reimagine how briefing experiences can be more collaborative including a new approach to the briefing planning process that involves the customer much earlier in the conversation.Highlights:How to explore the different ways that technologies can be integrated to bring a whole different level of collaboration to all briefing phases  The importance of building for scale and flexibility including various approaches for designing the initial physical briefing center space and amenities How to immerse your guests in the tools even before their engagement date so they can drive the objectives and the agenda to a more positive outcome Ideas for elevating the hybrid briefing experience including moderators who advocate for both virtual and in-person guestsThinking “outside the box” and being flexible when defining the customer journey such as changing from “talk, talk, talk” to “talk, show, prove”Resources: Miro Virtual Center - Full ScreenshotMiro Virtual Center Zoomed In  - 4 Rooms ScreenshotMiro Virtual Center Zoomed In - Lounge and Speaker Room ScreenshotGuest Thought Leader: Sid van WilkExecutive Briefing Center Lead, Miro Sid started presenting professionally when he was 17, about online gaming. This experience led him to launch a Presentation Design Bureau only a few years later - kick started by a new presentation tool at that time: Prezi. He did all of this while getting his engineering degree at university.In 2015, Sid joined NetApp where he discovered Executive Briefing Centers. In May of 2022, Sid joined Miro, taking all that presentation and Briefing experience and creating Miro's very first Briefing Center Program based in Amsterdam.
Description  In this episode, Jennifer Anthony, BSc (Hons) Therapeutic Radiography and Customer Engagement Manager at Elekta explores how many professionals find success in the briefing industry by connecting their previous technical background to interactions with customers, further strengthening relationships and accelerating sales closure.     Highlights:  How previous technical knowledge can be valuable in the corporate world by supporting product releases, testing hardware and software for efficiency in the field, educating other employees and finding new solutions The importance of speaking the customer’s language to build trust and tell a story that evokes a feeling that makes your briefing experiences memorable How to use expertise to have empathetic and insightful conversations with customers while facilitating conversations between customers and discussion leaders  Ideas for building genuine spaces within a physical center based on one’s technical knowledge and deeper understanding of what will resonate with your guests Guest Thought Leader: Jennifer AnthonyBSC (HONS) Therapeutic Radiography and Customer Engagement Manager, ElektaJennifer was qualified as a Therapeutic Radiographer in 1997 and worked clinically treating cancer patients in prestigious hospitals in London for 10 years. In 2004, an opportunity came up to work at Elekta in new product development for radiotherapy projects.  While there, Jennifer led a team of radiographers working on Elekta’s product portfolio.  In 2018, she moved into Global Marketing to manage Elekta’s first Executive Briefing Center and is currently a Customer Engagement Manager. 
Description In this episode, George Astacio Jr., Sales Manager of Client Experiences at Jupiter Systems explores how audio visual (AV) technology can elevate the customer experience and increase engagement at Briefing and Experience Centers. Highlights: How AV technology supports meeting equity and brand messaging What new and innovative AV technologies are emerging and how they’ve impacted briefing centers How AV technology is a tool that organizations can use to increase employee retention, improve productivity, add excitement to their program and encourage guests to visit in-person Key considerations to keep in mind when evaluating if you need to introduce new AV technologies or upgrade existing ones in your program Ideas for maintaining a strong relationship with your AV Partners to stay informed about technology to align to your short and long term needs Guest Thought Leader: George Astacio, Jr.Sales Manager of Client Experiences, Jupiter Systems  George has over 25 years of technical marketing and customer experience success, having focused on providing thought leadership, strategy and growth for enhancing the way you engage with your customers. Implementing leading edge customer engagement techniques, especially when it comes to  integrating technology to create immersive brand experiences, George has the ability to grasp the technical and human side of technologies. George has contributed to many beautiful yet innovative Briefing Centers including McAfee, Boeing, and SAP just to name a few. Currently, George is the Client Experience Manager for Enterprise at Jupiter Systems, a 40-year-old innovation company focused on real-time collaborative visualization technology. 
Description In this episode, Laurent Picot, Director of EMEA Innovation Centers at Salesforce discusses how to manage regional briefing centers while staying consistent with the goals of a global briefing program.  Highlights: The value of building trust with your team members while remaining focused on the shared vision and strategy  Strategies for prioritizing shared tools, gaining access to executives and discussion leaders, providing metrics in dashboards, and evangelizing the value of the program across the companyThe importance of communicating with new hires and the sales team on what the overall goals are to stay aligned with the same measures of success Why it’s crucial to prove the value of your briefing program to executive management and continuously innovate  How the Salesforce Innovation Center incorporated virtual reality to add another layer of interactivity to their customer engagements Guest Thought Leader: Laurent PicotDirector of EMEA Innovation Centers, Salesforce Laurent started his professional career as a technical writer having graduated from University outside of Paris with an engineering degree in Electronics. He then moved into writing administration guides for missiles, and became a tester of Telecom networks equipment. Having managed the Corporate EBC of Alcatel-Lucent outside of Paris, and moved to the Microsoft EBC in Brussels in 2013. Having joined Salesforce in 2015, Laurent now manages the Salesforce Innovation Centers (SICs) in London, Paris, Munich and Amsterdam which are aligned with the SICs in the US, actively supporting the business of Salesforce.  Salesforce is one of the most innovative companies and the 4th largest Enterprise Software Company in the world. Additionally, Salesforce France has been listed as the Best Place to Work since 2018. 
Description In this episode, Darby Mason-Werner, host of the CX Live! Podcast, celebrates episode 50 with a bonus episode, providing exciting new updates on the podcast and inviting guests to share best practices they’ve learned from the podcast over the years. Highlights: Elizabeth Simpson, President of ABPM shares the impact the podcast made on the briefing community A variety of guests share which podcast episode was their favorite, and key takeaways they learned and implemented in their own briefing programs Andrea Williams, Director of Marketing at Inpixon shares the journey of the podcast since its inception in 2020 Exciting updates on the new re-brand of the podcast, and what’s to come in the future Host & Guest Thought Leaders:  Darby Mason-WernerSenior Director, Events and CX Briefings, Inpixon This episode features a variety of guests, including: Elizabeth Simpson, President of ABPM; Andrea Williams, Director of Marketing at Inpixon; John Panek, Sr. Manager North America Executive Briefing Program & Experience Centers at Zebra Technologies; Heidi Granado, Manager of the Executive Briefing Program at Equinix; Lisa Hansen, Staff Executive Briefing Manager at Illumina; Candie Hurley, Trainer, Coach & Consultant at; Brian O'Neill, Capabilities Team at W. L. Gore & Associates; Coryn Connelly-Cabreros, Executive Briefing Manager at Autodesk; and Ellen Barnes Pfiffner, Consultant at EBP Business Consulting.
Description In this episode, John Panek, Senior Manager of Zebra Technologies’ North American Executive Briefing Program & Experience Centers explores the idea of promoting the value of executive briefing programs within the organization, and the opportunities that can create for growth.  Highlights: How internal promotion creates excitement among the sales team and executive leadership, and can help gain their support  The value in creating internal resources to report on the success of the briefing program, such as annual reports and newsletters  How to encourage the promotion of briefing sessions on social media to share with an entire network and increase awareness  The power of analytics in gaining insights that enrich the briefing program and evangelize its success How empowering briefing team members to be more consultative and recognizing discussion leaders builds a stronger, more dedicated team Find John Panek’s examples of internal resources, here. Guest Thought Leader: John PanekSenior Manager of North American Executive Briefing Program and Experience Centers, Zebra Technologies John is known for his ability to foster powerful customer interactions, through account-based marketing, events and most recently in the Zebra Experience Centers. A hands-on professional with 27 years of experience marketing technology providers, channel partners and distribution. John has been recognized for the ability to plan and execute highly measurable marketing programs, impactful brand experiences, and effective corporate communications. And he was recently recognized as the 2021 Marketing Partner of the Year by Zebra North America sales leadership for his contributions growing the Executive Briefing Program.  
Description In this episode, Simon Grice, Senior Director in the Chief Innovation Office at ServiceNow discusses how to build a global briefing center program to support company objectives and customer success, capable of evolving with the organization. Highlights:How to set a clear vision for reimagining the customers’ experience while aligning to your corporate brand and valuesThe importance of understanding that re-designing a briefing space takes time, and the value in patience when building global briefing centers How to adapt the briefing center to its region and work with executive leadership around the world The process of building brand new briefing centers from start to finish, and how to leverage technology to improve storytelling How to create innovative and dynamic spaces such as boardrooms, theatres, broadcast studios or spaces for strategy sessions  Guest Thought Leader: Simon GriceSenior Director at Chief Innovation office, ServiceNow In his role, Simon oversees the global Executive Briefing Program and also an internal creative agency called the Story Studio. Simon supports organizations in their efforts to transform, modernize and create a better experience for customers and employees. He is a hands-on practitioner who is passionate about making the world work better for everyone. Prior to joining ServiceNow, Simon was the Director of Project & Portfolio Management at CA Technologies. At CA, Simon performed several key roles focused on the integrated set of software systems that together optimize the resource utilization, presentation, and delivery of IT services.  Simon’s 20+ years of enterprise software business experience began at Chorus Application Software, providing ERP solutions to a diverse range of vertical markets, where he was an implementation manager responsible for over 30 successful deployments of the software. His resume includes gaining government experience working as Lead Planner at Winfrith Nuclear site, run by the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Agency.  
Description  In this episode, Jan Mark Holzer, Senior Distinguished Engineer at Red Hat Inc. explores how having a data-driven approach in your briefing strategy can help gain insights to further customize your briefing program and deepen your relationship with customers.  Highlights:  How data enables us to get a holistic view of the customer lifecycle to identify the best opportunities to engage  The importance of visualizing data in an accessible format to make it valuable to a variety of stakeholders, including tracking account activity for the sales team  How evaluating pertinent data supports briefing program teams in building more impactful agendas that achieve customer objectives The way tools and technologies can be useful in receiving alerts or subscription updates around new engagement and activities   How the use of data can inspire a data-driven approach in other departments of the organization, streamlining various processes Guest Thought Leader: Jan Mark HolzerSenior Distinguished Engineer, Red Hat Inc.Jan has been with Red Hat for over 16 years when the company had about 400 employees. It now has over 20,000. His role in Red Hat covers many areas and organizations with a focus on emerging technologies and bringing customer/partner input into the various product/engineering groups. Jan is also the lead for Red Hat’s Executive Briefing program, focusing on strategy and continuous innovation to uplevel the experience. He consults on many of Red Hat’s executive programs and initiatives. In his role as a member of Red Hat’s CTO office he was also the architect for Red Hat’s relationship with Boston University and the creation of the Red Hat and BU Collaboratory. He works closely with many of Red Hat’s largest accounts and partners to help them deliver innovative open source solutions to solve their business challenges.
Description In this episode, Nathan Pisik, Global Strategy Senior Advisor for the Dell Technologies Executive Briefing Program discusses the importance of building trust with the sales team to create customer-focused briefing agendas, that will ultimately help sales reach their goals and elevate the experience for customers. Highlights: The importance of having a collaborative partnership with the sales team to establish a focus for the briefing agenda, especially as virtual briefings are shorter than in-person briefings  How briefing program managers can benefit from understanding the perspective of the sales team and use sales focused terminology to capture customer specific details and build trust with them  The value of embracing the ‘why’ to create meaningful briefings that address the customer’s objectives while clearly communicating your company’s purpose How developing a methodology to offer an outcome-based topic catalog along with suggested discussion blocks that are delivered by qualified discussion leaders ensures global consistency Guest Thought Leader: Nathan PisikGlobal Strategy Senior Advisor, Dell Technologies Based out of Headquarters in Round Rock, Texas, Nathan is responsible for leading Dell Technologies global content & Messaging strategy for the EBP, managing Briefing Consultant Enablement and training across Dell Technologies 11 global locations, and serving as a Discussion Leader facilitating and presenting in C-level executive briefings for Dell Technologies’s largest Enterprise customers around the world. Nathan holds Bachelor’s degrees in International Business and Chinese Language Studies from Texas A&M University. And he has served on the Round Rock Chamber of Commerce representing Dell Technologies for the last two years and has held a seat on the Board of Directors for the Texas Homeless Network, the largest Homeless advocacy group in the State of Texas since 2018. Recently Nathan was a first-time session leader at the ABPM Spring Conference.
Description  In this episode, David Rogers, Director of Operations & Technology Integration at Microsoft explores the topic of analytics and performance measurement strategies that can help briefing programs achieve world class.  Highlights:  The importance of having a measurement strategy that measures success and meets the needs of stakeholders  Key metrics used to evaluate briefing program effectiveness The value of gaining immediate feedback to assess the impact of the briefings How to adjust your analytics methodology for virtual vs in-person briefings   The importance of utilizing tools for collecting meaningful analytics and reporting to management Guest Thought Leader: David RogersDirector of Operations and Technology Integration, Microsoft David has supported Microsoft’s Sales teams, Executives and top customers for the past 18 years. 10 years ago he took over leading Microsoft’s Executive Briefing Center Operations and in 2019 began looking after the entire portfolio of centers within the newly formed Customer Engagement Team. He now also oversees Executive Engagement, Sponsorship, and the Applications and Analytics team. David serves on the ABPM Advisory Board and regularly teaches classes on managing world class programs and how to use metrics and data to maximize results. He’s also graciously hosted the ABPM European Conference and made sure his Centers are included on ABPM conference and workshop tour days whenever possible.
Description In this episode, serving as the second of two parts in a conversation on multi-center briefing programs, Ellen Barnes Pfiffner, Consultant at EBP Business Consulting, discusses how briefing programs can achieve consistency across multiple locations. Highlights: The most common structures of multi-center programs and how each one can achieve success through coordination How virtual briefings are here to stay thanks to the value of virtual briefing platforms  The importance of regular communication among briefing center locations Key insights in maintaining cohesive branding and customer experiences  What factors to use when defining segmentation criteria for global program location tier levels Guest Thought Leader: Ellen Barnes PfiffnerConsultant, EBP Business Consulting Ellen is a Management Consultant with over 20 years of business experience spanning sales, marketing, operations, customer experience and training. She advises and coaches briefing programs globally on how to achieve their goals, increase revenue, and how to be best in class. Ellen is so well-known in our briefing community and is perhaps the most frequent session leader at ABPM Conferences, Fall Workshops events and provides ABPM Core Competency courses via webinars. She is an ABPM Advisory Board member emeritus and received the ABPM “Hero Award” at the 2021 Spring Conference for her tireless work to provide valuable information and resources to our entire community as soon as the pandemic hit and throughout 2020. She’s now serving on the ABPM Hybrid Taskforce, and wrote the ABPM World Class Multi-Site Category and characteristics.
Description In this episode, serving as the first of two parts in a conversation on multi-center briefing programs, Ellen Barnes Pfiffner, Consultant at EBP Business Consulting, explores the best practices for programs to reach excellence across all their locations.  Highlights: The importance of sharing a common business strategy among all centers to maintain consistency  How centralized tools enable visibility and cohesiveness across various locations The headquarters’ role in balancing the workload, giving regional centers more room to focus on their customer experience How having defined standards and metrics of success provides a roadmap to reaching world-class Guest Thought Leader: Ellen Barnes PfiffnerConsultant, EBP Business Consulting Ellen is a Management Consultant with over 20 years of business experience spanning sales, marketing, operations, customer experience and training. She advises and coaches briefing programs globally on how to achieve their goals, increase revenue, and how to be best in class. Ellen is so well-known in our briefing community and is perhaps the most frequent session leader at ABPM Conferences, Fall Workshops events and provides ABPM Core Competency courses via webinars. She is an ABPM Advisory Board member emeritus and received the ABPM “Hero Award” at the 2021 Spring Conference for her tireless work to provide valuable information and resources to our entire community as soon as the pandemic hit and throughout 2020. She’s now serving on the ABPM Hybrid Taskforce, and wrote the ABPM World Class Multi-Site Category and characteristics.
Description In this episode, Marcy Nelsen, Director of AT&T’s Corporate Briefing Program, shares insights on the best strategies to achieve world-class operations in your briefing program, and staying competitive in a continuously evolving industry.  Highlights: The importance of storytelling and creating engaging experiences for customers How situational fluency and clear communication among your team is key to operational excellence The value of customer feedback in evaluating the quality of your briefing program How providing regular analytics to executives on a regular cadence increases their awareness and support The importance of a complete discussion leader engagement strategy to ensure successful engagements How leveraging technology can optimize operations and create personalized experiences Guest Thought Leader: Marcy NelsenDirector, Corporate Briefing Program, AT&TMarcy is Director of AT&T’s Corporate Briefing Program in Dallas, Texas, and long-time member of the ABPM. Under Marcy’s leadership the AT&T program swept the World Class awards in 2018 winning in all 4 categories of Customer Experience, Management, Operations and Analytics. Marcy is also a member of the ABPM Advisory Board. Marcy graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and then earned her MBA in Marketing from Fairleigh Dickinson University in NJ.
Description In this episode, Jesse Hanz, Director of Customer Experience at Schneider Electric dives into the Management category of the ABPM’s Characteristics of a World Class Briefing Program and how to create a strategy for success in management best practices. Additionally, Jesse offers some examples of important challenges he has faced and successful ways to overcome them.     Highlights: Approaches for gaining executive support  How a strategic business plan should be dynamic and consistently reviewed   The value of investing in and empowering your team  How to prioritize how your resources are being used to best support your strategy  Different methods for fostering program advocacy and feedback  The power of promoting your program with customized value propositions Guest Thought Leader: Jesse HanzDirector of Customer Experience, Schneider Electric Jesse is the Director of Customer Experience specifically for Schneider Electric’s IT Division. His role involves helping global customer visit locations succeed in the quest to deliver a world-class experience whether they are manufacturing sites, technology centers, or executive briefing centers. His primary passion is in managing the vision, strategy, and overall advancement of the award-winning Innovation Executive Briefing Center, in St. Louis, Missouri. Jesse is an active member within the executive briefing community championing the development of the profession by serving on the ABPM Advisory Board and presenting frequently at ABPM conferences. Jesse began helping sales teams reach customer visit sites using advanced virtual methods with full-screen video back in early 2017, and now, Schneider Electric has adopted the St. Louis virtual system at over 20 sites globally.
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