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In this episode, Chris Johnson, Co-founder and CEO of Permission Click discusses with Mariette Mulaire and Joelle Foster about how his company helps schools around the world to automate forms and workflows and establish a digital audit trail. With over 50 countries served so far, their goal was to make sure their program could just as easily be used in regions such as the United States and the Middle East as it is locally. Permission Click primarily serves the education market for schools from Kindergarten to Grade 12. After the idea stemmed from participating in one of North Forge’s Ramp Up weekends, Chris knew that there was a problem to be solved. Since launching the company, their product offering has grown from permission forms to a full program that can be used at various degrees in schools and to improve time efficiency in administrative tasks. 
In this episode, Ketaki Ogale, owner and co-founder of BHyve, spoke with Mariette Mulaire and Joelle Foster about their peer learning platform that she believes will innovate how skills and knowledge are exchanged in the workplace. She explains how knowledge can be lost in an organization if it is not necessarily part of their job description, and that is why she and her co-founder set out to resolve this issue. BHyve is a gamified peer-learning platform that is at the intersection of online learning and human resources products that are meant for engagement. They aim to help companies see meaningful interactions between their staff while creating a space to share proficiencies. 
In this episode, Kerry Stevenson, founder of Fabbaloo, discusses with Mariette Mulaire and Joelle Foster about the advancements that are taking place in the world of 3D printing, and how his team uses its news service to keep on top of trends.  Kerry speaks about the technological advancements which have allowed them to go beyond prototyping and manufacture materials for custom markets making supply chains more efficient. Fabbaloo is a news service dedicated to innovation and advancements in 3D printing. They are one of the top 3 news outlets for this technology in the world and currently host 150,000 readers per month. 
In this episode, Melanie Derwin, founder of Serenity Productions, spoke with Mariette Mulaire and Joelle Foster about her prototype and fem-tech company. She discusses her product development journey from applying for a patent, to finding engineers that would be able to help with a prototype and even how she was able to find funding opportunities for a niche market.  Serenity Productions aims to normalize and promote a conversation around female sexual wellness with their new discreet product. Their first product is still in the prototyping phase, but they hope to have a variety of products that will serve the niche market. 
In this episode, Brenda Cardenas, founder of Digital Army, discusses with Mariette Mulaire and Joelle Foster about her involvement in the evolution of AR and VR filters used in social media. With a background in digital marketing, Cardenas was 1 of 10 people selected to conduct some beta testing for Facebook in 2018 when creating filters for Instagram. Digital Army is based in Winnipeg and has an international reach. Their work has had over 2 billion impressions worldwide and been used by celebrities such as Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. They continue to help SMEs with marketing and making AR and VR more accessible. 
In this episode, Chris and Lawrence Warwaruk, owners and "beer brothers" of Farmery Estate Brewing spoke with Mariette Mulaire and Colin Ferguson about the positive impact that their rural brewery has had on the community. They pride themselves in focusing their efforts on the local economy and offering quality products. In addition to being available in numerous Manitoba locations, those products are also offered in a craft beer shop that they run on Highway 16. The modest brewery was in fact one of the first movers when the pandemic hit. They quickly pivoted production to make hand sanitizers for those in need. Farmery Estate Brewing is a located on their working farm near Neepawa, Manitoba, where they grow the barley and hops that are used in the production of their products. In 2019, the brewery received the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce Outstanding Small Business of the Year.
In this episode, Caleigh Christie, General Manager of Falcon Trails Resort spoke with Mariette Mulaire and Colin Ferguson about the 4-season experience they offer just a short drive from Winnipeg. Christie prides herself on the experience that her and her family have been able to offer their visitors through private lakefront properties. She also discusses the pandemic which has had minimal impact on their level of service, but has allowed them to upgrade their visitor experience by improving amenities. Falcon Trails Resort is a family owned and operated lakeside cabin rental resort. Their modern and rustic-style lakefront cabins boast beautiful views of Falcon Lake and High Lake located in the Whiteshell area. In addition to summer lakeside activities, they also offer a ski slope in the winter and a vibrant winter music festival. They also cater to those that are looking to experience living off-grid with their 3-season Eco Cabins that are on High Lake, operating fully by solar power.  
In this episode, Liz Wilson, President and CEO of FortWhyte Alive discusses with Mariette Mulaire and Dayna Spiring about the beautiful reclaimed greenspace that gives Manitobans the opportunity to experience the outdoors in a fun way. With modified hours and capacity, the establishment continues to engage visitors through their knowledgeable ambassadors who are always on hand to provide insight and a memorable experience for all.FortWhyte Alive boasts 660 acres of reclaimed land in the southwest corner of Winnipeg. These lands include outdoor recreation, education aspects and a unique bison safari. Among other amenities and activities, visitors are able to rent bicycles and watercrafts as well as enjoy 7 kilometres of quaint walking trails.
Dans cet épisode, Jean-Marc Champagne, propriétaire de la Fromagerie Bothwell discute avec Mariette Mulaire et Michelle Gervais de l'appui continuel qu'il offre aux autres commerçants manitobains en vendant leurs produits dans son magasin. Jean-Marc dévoile un nouveau projet d'été en partenariat avec le CDEM et Voyage Manitoba qui encourage les gens de pique-niquer à Saint-Boniface et de découvrir davantage le quartier. La Fromagerie Bothwell est un magasin de distribution situé sur le boulevard Provencher et qui a ouvert ses portes en 2018. En plus de ses propres produits, la fromagerie offrent ceux de partenaires manitobains pour faire vibrer davantage l'économie locale. Avec leur mascotte Teemoo bien perchée (et toujours bien habillée) sur le toit de l'établissement, le magasin est devenue un arrêt essentiel à Saint-Boniface.
In this episode, Jean-François Vary, General Manager of Fairmont Winnipeg, discusses with Mariette Mulaire and Dayna Spiring about the procedures and incentives that they have put in place to help Manitobans be tourists in their own backyard. In addition to their rigorous cleanliness procedures that have been implemented with the guidance of specialists, they began offering special packages for guests such as the "Summer Staycation Package". The Fairmont Winnipeg is located on Lombard Avenue in downtown Winnipeg and the hotel offers world-class amenities such as a saltwater pool and rental bikes for guests to enjoy the city. 
In this episode, Jean-Marc Champagne, owner of Fromagerie Bothwell spoke with Mariette Mulaire and Michelle Gervais about being proactive in selling local products within his store. He reveals a new and exciting 'Picnic in St. Boniface' summer project in partnership with CDEM and Travel Manitoba. Jean-Marc is also the president of Provencher Biz and speaks to that role as well. Fromagerie Bothwell is located on Provencher Boulevard and is the factory outlet for Bothwell Cheese. They've been selling Manitoba products since their grand opening in 2018. With their mascot Teemoo perched on top of the store and always dressed to impressed, this quaint store has become a staple in St. Boniface.
In this episode, Trudy Schroeder, Executive Director of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, spoke with Mariette Mulaire and Dayna Spiring about how they recomposed their current season to continue to enliven the summer through pop-up recitals, collaborations with local artists, and online events. They continue to strive to celebrate the community through music.The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (WSO) has been recognized for its emphasis on Canadian artists and composers. In fact, the Canadian Music Centre has awarded the WSO with an Award of Excellence for performing and commissioning the most new Canadian compositions of any orchestra in the country. 
In this episode, Adolfo Cuetara, Executive Director of the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre, discusses with Mariette Mulaire and Colin Ferguson about Manitoba's rich history and how archaeologists are still unearthing 80 million years later. The centre's tours and galleries continue to depict the large marine reptiles that used to inhabit this area of the world, including Bruce, the world's largest Tylosaur.The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre is located in Morden, Manitoba and focuses on interpreting life that inhabited the Western Interior Seaway, an area that covered most of what is now known as Manitoba, during the late Cretaceous period. 
The WTC Winnipeg welcomes Dayna Spiring, president and CEO of Economic Development Winnipeg, to our conversations with businesses in the Tourism Industry. In this episode, Jeff Mayo, General Manager or Thermea by Nordik Spa-Nature talks about how the lock-down period allowed them to do the necessary changes and renovations to ensure the safety of their staff and customers. The adapted contactless check in and cleaning procedures have been reviewed to enhance the customer experience. Thermea by Nordik Spa-Nature is a thermal spa located in Winnipeg. They offer their signature thermal experience as well as a restaurant, esthetics services and massage therapy. Their multisensory experience is designed to immerse guests in a natural setting to help promote health and well-being. 
The WTC Winnipeg welcomes Colin Ferguson, president of Travel Manitoba, to our conversations with Manitoban businesses in the tourism industry.In this episode, Barb Gluck, president of the Gimli Glider Exhibit shares the amazing story of how a plane that was transporting 69 passengers made an emergency landing on an air strip in Gimli on July 23rd, 1983. This world-famous aviation story is told with passion by volunteers that are dedicated to making sure that all visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience. One of the highlights of the exhibit is the flight simulator which is appealing to visitors of all ages. The Gimli Glider Exhibit is a comprehensive display of the entire story, and the community involvement that surrounds the landing of the Air Canada flight in 1983. 
The WTC Winnipeg is happy to welcome Michelle Gervais, Director of Tourisme Riel, to our conversations with Manitoban businesses in the tourism industry. In this episode, Darrel Nadeau, Executive Director of the Festival du Voyageur discusses how they have adapted their summer programming in response to the pandemic restrictions while still showing their joie de vivre! In addition, he talks about how they are looking to kick-off their summer with an Outdoor Kitchen Party on July 30th.  Festival Du Voyageur offers francophone and bilingual programming around the French-Canadian history and culture. The organization manages several artistic, educational, and cultural experiences throughout the year, but it is most well known for its 2-week winter festival taking place in February.
Le WTC Winnipeg est heureux d'accueillir Michelle Gervais, directrice de Tourisme Riel, aux conversations avec les entreprises manitobaines dans l'industrie du tourisme.  Dans cet épisode, Darrel Nadeau, directeur général du Festival du Voyageur, discute avec Mariette et Michelle comment l’organisme a dû adapter sa programmation au Fort Gibraltar pour sa réouverture cet été. En gardant la joie de vivre comme priorité dans l’expérience pour les visiteurs, Darrell vous parle aussi de leur évènement spécial le 30 juillet : Party de cuisine plein-air ouvert au public.Le Festival du Voyageur offre une programmation francophone et bilingue autour de l'histoire et de la culture canadienne-française. L'organisation gère plusieurs expériences artistiques, éducatives et culturelles tout au long de l'année, mais elle est surtout connue pour son festival d'hiver de deux semaines qui se déroule en février.
In this episode, Dan Belhassen, president of Neovation, spoke with Mariette Mulaire and Joelle Foster about how his learning and development company helps other businesses understand and retain information. Through Ottolearn, their software is customized for their clients by identifying where employees lack familiarity and focuses on those knowledge gaps for a couple minutes a day. Dan describes how this microlearning method leads to more effective long-term retention of information. Neovation launched in 2012 and has been recognized as one of the top growing companies in Canada by both The Globe and Mail, and Canada Business Magazine. Neovation is able to work with companies as they become more conscious of how they can improve their knowledge management. 
In this episode, Carly Shuler, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Hoot Reading discusses with Mariette Mulaire and Joelle Foster about how their online tutoring company helps kids improve and excel at reading. Hoot Reading’s application connects kids with real teachers to help them learn. Their technology is based on research that was done at Sesame Workshop, where Carly previously worked. Over the past 2 years, Carly Shuler and her Co-founder, Mia Kotecha, have grown Hoot Reading to include English, French, and are now working on launching Spanish. Their catalogue of 600 books is designed for reading education to give kids the best tools to help them learn to read successfully.
In this episode, Declan McDonald, founder of PriceRazzi speaks with Mariette Mulaire and Joelle Foster about how he started his company and how he pivoted and grew over the past 6 years. After discovering the lengthy process for traditional price matching when purchasing appliances for his own kitchen, Declan made the decision to launch PriceRazzi with the goal of facilitating this process for others. PriceRazzi is a consumer and value added application for personal use as well as for larger companies to create more value for their customers in the financial services industries. Earlier in 2020, Meridian Credit Union won an innovation award for the integration of PriceRazzi’s software, which was white labeled as a service offered to their members. PriceRazzi continues to offer what customers are wanting by developing what they need. 
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