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Interested in hearing how local businesses are navigating these uncertain times? WTC Winnipeg's short podcasts series showcases individuals sharing about how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting their businesses, and also how they are adapting their operations. The WTC Winnipeg team remains dedicated to supporting you as it relates to your business activities. For information about our services, please visit our webiste:
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The WTC Winnipeg podcast welcomes Joelle Foster, CEO of North Forge Technology Exchange, to join Mariette Mulaire in chatting with innovative Manitoba businesses. In this episode, Nate Kasten, Founder of Grey & Ivy Inc., spoke about how an activity that he started with his children led to a larger project which he believes could bring economic and career development opportunities to youth throughout Manitoba. Nate is an architect and strongly believes in his responsibility to create equitable access to jobs and opportunities, particularly in indigenous communities. Grey & Ivy simplifies architecture design tools and brings them together with indigenous land teachings to create a platform for career awareness and education. Nate named the company after his childrens’ middle names as their creativity in building a playhouse during the COVID-19 pandemic is what essentially led to the inspiration for the company. 
In this episode, Carole Freynet-Gagné, owner of Apprentissage Illimité, discusses with Mariette Mulaire about how her business is using this slower period during Covid-19 to do some self-learning and planning.Apprentissage Illimité is a publisher of educational resources and fun and interactive materials (in print and digital formats) for children.
Dans cet épisode, Carole Freynet-Gagné, propriétaire de l'entreprise Apprentissage Illimité, discute avec Mariette Mulaire au sujet de la façon dont son entreprise utilise cette période de ralentissement due au Covid-19 pour faire de la planification et de l'apprentissage aprofondi.
In this episode, Rob Read, president of Bison Fire Protection, discusses with Mariette Mulaire about how his company continues to operate during the pandemic as an essential service but on reduced staff due to slower business activities.Bison Fire Protection provides fire safety and fire prevention.
In this episode, Todd Burns, president of Cypher Environmental, discusses with Mariette Mulaire about how his company is still operating full force during the pandemic all while maintaining safety measures. The company has started exploring digital options to service its overseas clients during the travel ban.Cypher Environmental provides environmentally friendly dust control, soil stabilization, and wastewater treatment products.
In this episode, Laura LaPalme, owner of L2 Marketing, discusses with Mariette Mulaire about the importance of remembering to promote positivity and continuing to move forward with your business' social media strategies in the current situation. Laura also addresses her love and appreciation for the trucking industry.L2 Marketing offers custom marketing solutions for medium to large-sized businesses. 
In this episode, Tyler Ibrahim of Protegra discusses with Mariette Mulaire how the newly launched Local Futures platform is a great way for Manitobans to support their favourite local businesses. This not-for-profit initiative will allow businesses to gain access to capital in the short term to support operations and ensure they will be there for Manitobans in the long term. Protegra is a software development company that helps businesses solve problems by offering customization at an enterprise-level software development. The company also builds its own products and services such as The Local Frequency and the new Local Futures. 
In this episode, Allan Friesen, International Business Development Manager for K-Tec Earthmovers, discusses with Mariette Mulaire about the changes in structure that they have been required to make on their manufacturing side. Allan explains how the Federal Government's 75% wage subsidy has been a big factor to allow them to keep going with projects such as one they currently have in Egypt which has challenged them to become innovative in their approach.K-Tec Earthmovers designs and manufactures earth moving scrapers and ships them to global markets such as Japan, Argentina, Egypt, Australia, and the United States.
In this episode, Judy Murphy, president and CEO of Safety Services Manitoba, explains how the COVID-19 pandemic has really turned their world upside down. She discusses with Mariette Mulaire the quick and unexpected changes that needed to take place to continue offering their safety training services to employers. She touches on what Judy likes to call the RUN analysis - Reinvent, Urgent, Near term and how they have converted their courses to a live remote training.Safety Services Manitoba helps employers create a safe workplace that ensures staff retention, keeps production lines moving and avoids pitfalls that might otherwise occur without an appropriate safety program.
In this episode, Fiona Webster-Mourant, president of Manrex Limited, discusses with Mariette Mulaire about the importance of being prepared and to not forget the lessons we're currently learning. She explains that going forward we have to be willing to learn to invest more to ensure that we support Canadian businesses. Ms. Mourant was part of the business pandemic planning task force with the International Centre for Disease Control (CDC) during the earlier 2000s H1N1 pandemic.Manrex Limited specializes in medication error prevention products for pharmacies, nursing homes and hospitals. As part of the supply chain for essential pharmacy services, the company focuses on medication management and safety.
In this episode, Bryan King, president of High Speed Crow, explains to Mariette Mulaire how their internet service has become even more significant during this challenging time. Rural Manitobans depend on his services in order to continue working and keep up with home schooling among other needs. Bryan also notes that he is fortunate for the upgrades that were recently completed in his company just before the beginning of the pandemic.High Speed Crow provides high speed wireless and fire internet to rural areas of Manitoba. In 2019, the company received a Workplace Safety Award and continues to make the safety of their employees a priority during COVID-19. The business itself stemmed from Bryan's own needs for internet in rural Manitoba after working the telecommunications field in foreign countries such as South America and China. 
In this episode, David Dandeneau of the fashion brand Anne Mulaire, reveals how the Métis fashion house and boutique pivoted to design and manufacture face masks to help protect the community. David discusses with Mariette Mulaire how the influx of requests for the masks might allow them to rehire some of their sewers.Anne Mulaire is a Métis fashion house based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They design durable, beautiful, eco-friendly clothing for women with bamboo as its core fabric. 
Dans cet épisode, David Dandeneau, co-créateur et responsable de la stratégie et du développement d'affaires chez Anne Mulaire, explique à Mariette Mulaire comment la maison de mode métis a rapidement saisie sa nouvelle réalité pour fabriquer des masques de protection. Suite à un afflux de demandes, la maison de mode pourra potentiellement embaucher à nouveau ses couturières. Anne Mulaire est une maison de mode métis située à Winnipeg au Manitoba qui produit des beaux vêtements durables et écologiques pour femme.
In this episode, Heidi Remer-Epp, CEO and Co-Founder of Botanical Paperworks, shares the impact of COVID-19 on her business and how they have adapted their strategy to get through this challenging time. Heidi shares with Mariette Mulaire what she calls the 2s and 4c strategy - Safety, Sales, Cash, Create, Cleanup, and Communicate.Botanical Paperworks manufactures special eco-friendly paper made from paper waste which is embedded with seeds. The paper is meant to be planted as it is entirely compostable. The paper then grows into flowers, herbs or vegetables.
In this episode, Amanda Buhse, owner and art director of Coal and Canary, shares the creative approach her company has taken to continue engaging with their customers through a new VIP program. She tells Mariette Mulaire how COVID-19 affected them at a very critical time with the spring trade show season which was already underway. Coal and Canary makes fun, cheeky candles for playful personalities. The candles crackle like a fireplace when lit, have very unique smells and are marketed in a very trendy fashion.
In this episode, Carly Minish, president and founder of Smak Dab Gourmet Mustard, expresses the importance of cooking for comfort during this challenging time. She discusses with Mariette Mulaire how her company which has 200 retail locations across Canada has been forced to focus on the e-commerce side of their business. She speaks about the strong approach they've taken towards social media and marketing to ensure value is given to their customers.Smak Dab is a western Canadian company that manufactures a line of specialty mustards. They have 200 retail locations across Canada. 
In this episode, Catherine Metrycki, founder of Callia Flowers, explains that from a process perspective her business has been busier than usual. She speaks with Mariette Mulaire about the challenges associated to managing customer expectations by ensuring consistency and quality which is proving difficult amid the pandemic. Catherine has had to find new sources of flowers to continue that trusted customer experience.Callia Flowers is a Winnipeg-based tech company that started up a few years ago. It delivers flower bouquets in beautiful packages. After landing a deal with Manjit Minhas on Dragon's Den in November 2019, Callia Flowers was able to expand into 23 Canadian cities. 
In this episode, Mariette Mulaire discusses with 3 of the 4 owners of St-Léon Gardens - Janelle, Luc and Colin Remillard. Fortunately for the company, they had recently tested a small online ecommerce store this past fall. This gave them a bit of a head's up on what expanding the sale of their products online would entail. They are also exploring curb side pickup in addition to online orders for their official opening this spring. St-Léon Gardens is a second generation family owned business which sells locally sourced groceries, plants and gardening goods. They employ young adults and summer students and continue to stay true to their francophone roots.
Dans cet épisode, Mariette Mulaire jase avec 3 des 4 entrepreneurs du Jardin St-Léon, Janelle, Luc et Colin Remillard. Ils discutent de l'évolution de l'entreprise et de son plan d'expansion. De plus, ils notent aussi les changements qu'ils entreprennent pour assurer la sécurité des employés et des clients en vue de leur ouverture le 1e mai. Jardin St-Léon est une entreprise familiale de deuxième génération qui vend des épiceries, des plantes et des produits jardiniers d'origine locale. L'entreprise emploie des jeunes adultes et des étudiants d'été et demeure toujours fidèle à ses origines francophones.
In this episode, Mark Myrowich, owner and CEO of ECBVerdyol, explains to Mariette Mulaire how they have taken a new SBA approach with their team amid the COVID-19 pandemic - Safety, Belonging and Accolades. He touches on the duty that companies have to work with governments to do the right thing and keep the economy going for the future. ECBVerdyol manufactures products such as erosion control blankets for the construction industry. They have two locations in Riverton and Steinbach. Their products are sold in North America through distribution and they import products from Sri Lanka, India and China.
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