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The Nami Podcast is an anthology podcast of lightly dramatized stories and poetry by West African writers. At TNP our goal is to promote the works of writers and different voice talents. We also seek to bridge the cultural gap between oral narration of stories and writing. In doing this, we find that it is also an excellent way of archiving original works and their expressions in a world where audio publications continues to grow popular. It is our wish that listeners will find it a suitable a channel for enjoyable original African content. We do not specify on genre or theme. We focus mainly on content that has to do with the African story, in whatever form the African writer perceives that to be. The Nami Podcast is a singular project under the umbrella of The Nami Projects, a not-for-profit organisation that runs progressive programmes, to champion the causes of African creative work, featuring projects that cut across various artistic mediums, from painting to literature. What we seek to achieve, beyond the exposure of African creatives to intra-continental and intercontinental markets, is substantial and sustainable growth of the creative and his/her art. We pride ourselves in identifying and nurturing talent, as well as connecting said talent to relevant audiences. In order to do this, together with our partners and patrons, we build platforms and channels, organize events, training programmes, and seek out talent.Welcome to our dream.
9 Episodes
In the lives we live and work on, our actions towards changing situations become the muse to our lives. But by the fireside, the observations of an old onlooker shows us life in stasis.Sufferer, written by Korley Adjaottor, considers the unchanging situation of life.
Blink twice and you might miss it. Amoafa tells us a heartwarming love story that sheds light on the Magic of the moments we share and how quickly they come by. This beautiful story was narrated by Priscilla Plange and features Tsiddi.
Short and sweet, Paul's poem," Humus", puts you in a familiar place of sober reflection.
Victor Forna gathers elements of a world that existed long before ours, telling tales of forgotten beings, deceit and betrayal. Masterfully narrated by Tsidi, and produced by The Residence Studio. The Nami Podcast is proud to present :"Of Those In Darkness"
What is the cost of revenge? This week our narrated story is written by Fui Can-Tamakloe. In 'Unforgiveness', Fui weaves a tale of loss and anger set in the colourful background that is Ghana.
What does life have in store for those who live boundless lives? Find out as this amazing writer offers a glimpse into the history of a soul that betrays nothing short of an enchanting life.If you're a African writer or narrator, send your submissions and voice samples to Follow us on twitter and instagram @thenamipodcast.
After the burial of a beloved grandfather, tensions are realised amongst the family when customs conflict with the changes in the thoughts of younger generations. Dagawadze gently unfolds the conflict between traditions and the free- thought age.Submit your short stories, poetry and voice samples to Follow us on twitter and instagram @thenamipodcast
Here's to the secondary school days! One thing that connects us across generations are the memories of the things we did while in secondary school. Korley 'Green' Adjaottor, a Ghanaian poet, leaves us full of nostalgia with a poem, masterfully narrated by Tsiddi, that recounts the adventures of some mischevious boys in a boarding school.||Submit your short stories or poetry to Follow us on twitter and instagram @thenamipodcast
TRAFFIC ROMANCE, written by Fui Can-Tamakloe and narrated by Tsiddi, transports you into the rush of Accra traffic. The blaring horns, the angry shouts of impatient drivers, and the loud engines of stationary cars. And, in all that chaos, brief interludes of romance exist. -Nana Yaa S. Osei, The Glue  ||Submit your short stories or poetry to Follow us on twitter and instagram @thenamipodcast
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