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I sit down with my partner Michael(aka Dog Zaddy)  and we chare the benefits, frustrations, and advice for bringing your dog into work with you!FOLLOW WITH A DOG:InstagramTikTokFacebookFRIENDS WITH A DOG EXCLUSIVE EPISODESApple PodcastsAnchor/Spotify
Great episode recounting what happens when your dog has a long term medical issue. Megan of @stumpsandrumps shares her story about her dog Koda's eye issues. She shares the financial and emotional impact it's had as well as the lesson's learned that may help all of you!OTHER EPISODES ON THIS TOPICWhat is Pet Insurance? w/ Dr. Stacy of Pumpkin Pet Insurance Not One More Vet w/ Dr. Melanie Goble of NOMV Alligators InCORGnito w/ Megan of Stumps & Rumps Realities of Dog Mom Life w/ @amberaquart & @stumpsandrumps Anxiety Society w/ Amber Aquart FOLLOW US ON:Our FacebookOur InstagramGUEST
Learn all about the vaccinations your dog receives and why! Today we're talking specifically about "non-core vaccines".  Non-core vaccines are ones that are not required by law and some consider to be "lifestyle vaccines", meaning it depends on your dog's lifestyle if they need these vaccines.  Non-core vaccines (for USA):Parainfluenza – often combined with DHP.Leptospirosis – can be given separate or combined with DHP or DHPP.Bordetella Canine Influenza – 2 strains (H3N2 and H3N8), MiscLyme RattlesnakeCore vaccines are the ones that should be given to all dogs/puppies and are usually require by law. Core Vaccines were covered in episode 102 on April 6 2022FOLLOW WITH A DOG:InstagramTikTokFacebook
Been waitin for this one! Em from @misunderstoodmutt is a certified force-free & fear-free dog trainer focusing on reactivity & newly adopted dogs. She gives us a run down of what Positive Reinforcement and Force-Free training is, how to manage difficult problem behaviors.FOLLOW US ON:Our FacebookOur InstagramGUEST INFO@misunderstoodmuttMisunderstood Mutt - Virtual Dog Training
We talk life updates, LOVE ISLAND, and if we'd ever move abroad with our dogs.FOLLOW WITH A DOG:InstagramTikTokFacebookFRIENDS WITH A DOG EXCLUSIVE EPISODESApple PodcastsAnchor/SpotifyGUEST INFO@charlottewithdogs @jonathans.journal
She's baaaaaack! Carly is bac from vacation, feeling refreshed and feeling grateful for everyone. Today's guest is Melanie of @herboozytails who is about to embark on a international move from Texas to Paris France with her 3 dogs. Mel shares how she decided this big move was still doable with withs, the logistics and issues she's encountered so far, and the travels she's most looking forward to.FOLLOW US ON:Our FacebookOur InstagramGUEST INFO@herboozytails Instagram @herboozytails TikTok Three Dogs One Bar - All dog-friendly. All the time.
[From the Archives! This episode originally aired in Nov 2020 but is being re-shared while our host Carly is still on vacation]This week we have an AWESOME interview for you with  the innovative and unique company DOGTV! We speak with Joe to learn about how DOGTV started, how it works, and how it benefits your dog.INTRO-We couldn't figure out how to open the episode so you get to see our crazy side-1K GIVEAWAY- Issy has a surprise announcement- Carly is ready to get back to the grindINTERVIEW- What is DOGTV.- How its a tool in your arsenal- When to use DOGTV- How to use it in your everyday life-Why working in the pet industry is the best!FOLLOW US ON:Our FacebookOur InstagramGUEST
Our monthly FWAD discussion where we give our life updates, With A Dog Wins, and answer a listener question of fun things to do with fellow dog moms!FOLLOW WITH A DOG:InstagramTikTokFacebookFRIENDS WITH A DOG EXCLUSIVE EPISODESApple PodcastsAnchor/SpotifyGUEST INFO@charlottewithdogs @jonathans.journal
Welcome to the dog podcast multiverse! We interviewed the Jack Russell Terrier Parents podcast and they interviewed the With A Dog podcast  on their show too! In this episode Gabe and Becca tell us all about their JRT, Carson, and give us all the details about the JRT breed.FOLLOW WITH A DOG:InstagramTikTokFacebookGUESTJack Russell Parents (@jrtpodcast) • Instagram photos and videosDog Podcast - Listen to Jack Russell Parents Here
WOW 2 YEARS! Solo episode with our host, Carly, talking about her experience over the last 2 years, her current state of mind, and what we can look forward to in year 3.FOLLOW WITH A DOG:InstagramTikTokFacebookFRIENDS WITH A DOG links
FYI: Core Dog Vaccines

FYI: Core Dog Vaccines


Learn all about the vaccinations your dog receives and why! Today we're talking specifically about "core vaccines".  Core vaccines are the ones that should be given to all dogs/puppies and are usually require by law.  Core vaccines (for USA):DHP (also known as DAP): stands for Distemper, Hepatitis (or Adenovirus-2), and Parvo and are usually combined.RabiesNon-core vaccines are given based on your lifestyle and we will be covering the non-core vaccines in a future episode in a couple weeks.FOLLOW WITH A DOG:InstagramTikTokFacebook
APRIL FOOL'S EP!! Great episode today interviewing... a CAT person!  Our guest today, Angela Rafuse, tells us how she adopted her grumpy cat Mackenzie from her grandfather and how that action inspired her to start a nonprofit organization helping elderly and terminally ill people find new and loving homes for their pets.Hope you enjoy!FOLLOW WITH A DOG:InstagramTikTokFacebookGUESTMGC FB: MGC IG:'s IG:'s IG:
Thank you for being here today! In some of those darker times I ever thought I'd get to 100 episodes but here we all are! I couldn't imagine doing this episode with anyone else than these two who have helped and supported me so much during my podcast journey. Together we'll be announcing some exciting new routes the podcast will be taking from here on out.ANNOUNCEMENT LINKS SpotifyAppleFOLLOW WITH A DOG:InstagramTikTokFacebookGUEST INFO@charlottewithdogs InstagramCharlotte with Dogs@jonathans.journal
We're going back to the beginning for the 99th WITH A DOG episode! We interview the Oregon Humane Society where our host, Carly, got her start in animal community. We learn about the amazing services they offer, their impressive facility, and the staff & volunteers that make it all happen.FOLLOW WITH A DOG:InstagramTikTokFacebookGUEST@oregonhumane Instagram Oregon Humane Society Facebook
FYI: Toxic Human Foods

FYI: Toxic Human Foods


We cover a list of foods humans regularly eat that are toxic to dogs and why they are toxic. We also through what to do if your dog does ingest any of those items and how the veterinarian will usually handle it.Animal Poison Control | (888) 426-4435 | ASPCAFOLLOW WITH A DOG:InstagramTikTokFacebook
We talk to a veteran sitter to learn the tips and tricks of the trade to become a rover sitter but also the advice and things to look out for if you're looking for a sitter on Rover for your dog.*** This episode is not affiliated to in anyway its purely based on our personal experiences.FOLLOW WITH A DOG:InstagramTikTokFacebookGUEST@whenlifegivesyouleonards Instagram
We talk about what exactly is a brachy breed, the common health issues these dogs experience, the origination and cause of the brachycephalic skull shapes, and on a more hopeful turn what we in society and we as dog lovers can do to help the situation. FOLLOW WITH A on TikTok @ben.thevet on Instagram 
In this special in person interview Dionna, dog mom to Kevin the Bernese Mountain Dog, talks about how she knew a Berner was the right dog for her, and the fun but trialing times of being a dog mom.FOLLOW WITH A DOG:InstagramTikTokFacebookGUESTWebsite: kevintheberner.comInstagram: @itskevinthebernerFacebook: @itskevinthebernerTikTok: @itskevintheberner
Dog Zaddy is back for his 3rd episode! We talk about our experience moving to London, the places we lived, and what we found so magical about it specifically in relation to life WITH A DOG.FOLLOW WITH A DOG:InstagramTikTokFacebook
Great episode with Jen of Long Haul Trekkers talking all about getting out and about and doing activities with your reactive dog! Jenn tells us about the training she's had to do to turn her dogs into her adventure buddies and her experience traveling the world with her reactive dogs.Hope you enjoy!FOLLOW WITH A DOG:InstagramTikTokFacebookGUESTInstagramLong Haul TrekkersBuild a better relationship with your dogAdventure Dog Camp
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