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We prepare young adults to be independent powerhouses for life.--Who We Are: The Adulting Decrypted team is composed of a Dad and his three sons: Roscoe(Dad - age redacted), Ashton(22), Gene(18), and Gideon(14). How We Started: As a family we have always tried to have at least one meal together daily. The meal that typically ends up being is dinner. One night in particular near the beginning of the COVID pandemic, our conversation started with Roscoe mentioning that he had recently read a news article stating that an Ivy League college was offering “Adulting,” classes. These classes were being offered in the hopes that they might be able to educate students who were struggling with common “Adult” tasks. It didn't make sense to us that someone would have to enroll in an Ivy League school to learn things that nearly every person has to deal with daily. To us it seemed that things like shopping, laundry, mental health, communication, taxes, loans, and so much more should be basic knowledge before taking on the substantial challenges of modern life. Eventually the idea was floated that there should be a podcast that can be accessed for free that would help people gain insight into these things that we thought we knew fairly well. Since COVID-19 had caused unemployment and school schedule changes for all of us we thought that there could be no better thing than for us to take on this challenge. Less than a month later, after several planning meetings and countless hours of research, we had recorded and uploaded our first episode. Now, over a year later, and with nearly 4,000 downloads(total listens) we are going strong, and are more excited than ever to try and assist our peers in the challenges of life.
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We cover VIP dinners, how to send a compliment how to take one and what do do about it!  Why it is important to give complements, get compliments and say Thank you!  This was a fun way to spend an evening as you will hear from the bloopers section.  We are exited about were this is going and what we are doing!  Support the show
Ashton, Gideon and I talk about What were you thinking!  Ashton shaves his beard, Gideon does level 20 gymnastics but not at level 25.  Dad keeps asking the kids what were you thinking!  Good episode to think back on your life and determine what were you thinking.  And how you can think about your new desired outcomes.  We only hold a few of the indicators, such as how fast can I run.  Then you will know what you were thinking! Support the show
A few things to keep in mind as you are developing relationship and what matters.  We discuss Gideon going on a Hike with his buddy, we discuss transactional relationships and maybe don't call just for help. And actually I think you started off by saying, well, there's all different types of relationships. There's a very transactional relationship. There's a deeper bonded relationship. There's family relationships, there's friendships. I would, I would challenge you and the listener to think about these relationships and how important they are and be able to classify them accordingly, because I think the last parting thought on it is make sure that you celebrate these big milestones with people.And that looks different for everybody. It might be birthdays, might be anniversaries. It might be them graduating from college, them getting married, you know, whatever. Spend the time to, to celebrate their milestones and celebrate with them so that you have a stronger relationship. Any other thoughts on relationships?I think something important to remember is also to not just forgive, but when you're the one to mess up, to say sorry, because I like that. I'm currently going through a course, it's digital marketing and analytics. So we talk a lot about. Keeping relationships with companies and one of the biggest things to grow like trust with company, which is huge in the marketing industry is when you have a problem to solve it quickly and efficiently and make the other party happier.And from that, it there builds a stronger relationship than was there before. And I think that works with friendships or any other type of relationship too, is to say sorry when you're wrong and figure out the way, the right way to fix it, as powerful thanks Gideon, that was very powerful.I think something that tags along on, well, wow, excuse me, something that tags along really well with that. It's something we used to say in a group I was a part of where one of our most important traits that we needed to have in order to be a valuable member of the group is vulnerability. So you need to allow yourself to be vulnerable so that we can all learn and grow at the same pace.And so, like for me, like with relationships, it takes a certain level of vulnerability to take someone who is something you know, to someone you're in a relationship with, whether that be a, a friend, you know, colleague, you take some level of vulnerability to meet someone. So I think, I think vulnerability is important.I like that. And as we've done, or doing more studies, Brene Brown is on vulnerability and, and that I think as a society we're understanding the, how critical that is and how important being vulnerable in that situation and allowing that to open up. To develop into a bigger relationship because if you're not vulnerable what happens you end up with a lot of transactional relationships Versus saying, Oh yeah, Hey, I really need your help.And that's okay. Great. Thanks. Thanks. Great points, gentlemen. So listen, or go out there, celebrate the differences, be vulnerable. As for forgiveness, make it right. When you do something wrong, set your boundaries. And celebrate the victims and yep, and showing some support every once in a while. Go for that hike. Just so you guys know he's crying right now. So just we need to give Support the show
In this episode we talk about were the safe in the house, what items to keep.  What items might now be lost.  How to find them and were to store them.  This should help you think of items you need to take with you or keep safe for your children.  Support the show
In this weeks episode of Adulting Decrypted, Ashton takes an Adulting quiz to see if he qualifies as a real adult. From laundry, to cars and credit scores. We think you will like this episode!Support the show
We answer some questions we have got through reddit, fakebook and friends.  Please keep asking those if you want our opinions.  Best part, Gid take on working, Ashton love of messy home made noodles and dad don't tip for that.  Support the show
We talk Salsa, Habits and Cereal and how to improve using 3 items from atomic habit.  This is the one that Dad makes a mistake and tells everyone he likes weird food at night.  And the British Bicycle team determine to improve 1% a day.  Atomic Habits by James Clear 3 key points..Support the show
Make a Highlight real!  You are not Tom Brady, or Tiger Woods be grateful.  You are you, start each morning with reviewing these or any time the negative thoughts become to much!  Support the show
So today we're gonna cover some financial side of a  as well as a mental health, social help and it's kind of interesting because as we're recording Ashton is feeling a little under the weather.That's correct. Not that you'd probably go to the doctor for this normally anyways. It's a cold but it's something to be, something to think of and we might wonder why is health insurance a financial conversation? Any thoughts on that before we go too far? Because you gotta pay for it. Yeah. Hospital's expensive.There you go, it's expensive right so it's a financial just like our car insurance that we talked about before Car insurance is very much a financial conversation. You say, oh, what's my deductible? What's this and that? Well, a lot of people get nervous around car insurance. They also get nervous around health insurance So we we need to ask the right questions and sometimes we don't know all the answers I overheard Ashton ask the lady the other day a very great question when he was talking to her and said, okay Pretend like I don't know anything pretty much.Do you know do you remember exactly how you worded that question? Well, I basically because for those who don't know The marketplace for health insurance is basically a place where you go, put in all your information, and then from what I understand, they try and pair you up with insurance that is best for your financial bracket, essentially.And they... If you don't make enough money, you get put up for Medicaid or chip. And so those words, marketplace, Medicaid, chip, all that. I had no idea what they were. I just knew I was being told by my parents that I had to get it figured out. And so when I called the lady I said, okay, well, I'm here at the step where it says I have to, I'm waiting to see if I qualify for Medicaid or whatever, can you just explain to me what I'm looking at?I don't need like all the details. But I just need to understand, what we're talking about here. At that point it was just words that didn't have any definitions. Love it. Basically I was just asking for definitions at that point. Perfect. So Ashton touched on a little bit of what we're going to talk about today.We're going to talk about employer sponsored healthcare, health insurance, i. e. the marketplace, which Ashton talked about, healthcare. gov. Then it will kick over to a little bit about state based marketplaces Medicaid and what Medicaid is versus what Medicare is, what COBRA is, and then obviously private health insurance, which are all options.So the reason why this is so timely and relevant is because Ashton and I just spent some time doing that, both of us just at different levels.  I found out that my insurance was going to come end. In the middle of the month, I thought it would go to the end of the month, but so I had to figure out real quick where, where I was going to get health insurance and how that was going to work out.So we've all been kind of scrambling a little bit. The reason why it's a financial decision is because to twofold getting you hit on it first hospitals are expensive,  doctor bills can add up. Yes. The other one is what they call deductibles, and that's how much the insurance companies are willing to pay or that you have to pay before they're willing to take over.So there's a lot of things to consider. Some things aren't covered by deductible, like if actually, if you've got this cold and you go and buy yourself some over the counter antibiotics, will that they're not antibiotics, over the counter just cold meds, cold meds, will that count towards a deductible?Support the show
. Is the home an asset or a liability? Meaning, does it make you money or cost you money? We've had a liability asset conversation before, haven't we? You guys comfortable enough with that to answer the question? Yeah, I have an answer. Yeah. I think, well, I'm fairly certain a home is an asset.Interesting. Because it makes money. Okay. Gideon, I think it's a liability. You know, you're, you're both right. No, how is that possible? Well, most people misunderstand that it is just an asset. However, there's a lot of liability tied to owning a home that people don't think about. And so what we're going to do today is we're going to go through some financial consideration.Buying a home, the length you plan on staying in a home, market conditions, as well as your lifestyle and flexibility of owning a home. I want to start by letting the listener know I'm kind of biased. I have a home, working on a second home right now. So that just is a place to come from as I'm a homeowner by nature, but don't know for sure that  it's for me long term.Support the show
I remember when you guys were little, I'd say something that I would get myself in trouble for often. I'd say, Hey, being an adult just means I'm better at Googling or tubing how to fix something. You guys remember me saying that? I think so. So what I wanna talk about today is there's a few different things.When we, when we talk about, , really the theme I want to get across is Google has all the answers, but not all the answers are always right. So think about this as we get started on this story, , when I was on this trip that  with mom, I hurt my arm. I don't know, did you know about this?So Gideon knew about this. I did not. When I got there, my elbow, my, like, I had a hard time straightening up my arm. I couldn't remember when I heard it. I thought maybe it was when I grabbed some luggage out of, out of the overhead. I wasn't quite sure, but my left arm just hurt really bad. And for an example, it kind of looked like a torn muscle.The only problem is it was like two inches up from your elbow. Like the crook in your elbow is about two inches up when a torn bicep would be. Like right in between the middle of that section of your arm, not right near the bottom. So it was really confusing. Yeah. And there's really two types of torn biceps, which is all I found out from Dr.Google. Right. I don't know how many times I've spent time on Dr. Google trying to figure it out. Did Web indeed tell you you were dying? Yeah. Happening. Yeah. Something. Well, nobody could really tell me. But that's, we, we'll talk more about that later. So it could have been a torn bicep, a broken elbow, arthritis stretch marks, you know, Google's coming up with every, sometimes it's the quality of the question that's being asked.Right. That's it's probably because of your pregnancy. Yeah, probably. , and then today, , as mom was getting in the truck, or earlier this week, mom was getting in the truck and the lights come on says the charging system's bad. So of course, I.  Google mechanic. Mm-hmm. . It could be an alternator, it could be a wire that's broken.It could be, you know, you start looking at everybody else's symptoms and you start trying to diagnose. I need to interject. I hate Google Mechanic. It's so challenging. It's so frustrated. It's so hard. It's like the worst game of match, like, you know, you know the game where you show all the pictures and then you flip it over and then you have to say that one and that one match and Yeah.Memory. Yeah. Google Mechanic is the same. It's so hard because of how many ads and. Pay to be the top spot. It's like I am asking for the best type of Cheeto. I don't need to see this like wonder drug that's up here. Like for other problems that you don't have at 15. Yeah, it's like four 16, so, so number one, Google.Google has all the answers, but not all the answers are right. There's knowledge, which we're gonna talk about. Experience, wisdom, and then I'm gonna leave a c. That you guys are gonna be super excited about. Sure. So how much data are we creating every day? How much content? We're obviously creating content right now.Yeah. But have you ever, , ha have you guys heard, do you know how much content we create? Doesn't. As a world, not just, not just adulting, decrypted less than we should. About an hour today. , no, I, I remember hearing somewhere it was something ridiculous like on YouTube alone, that there was like a year's worth of videos every day or something.Yeah. YouTube. I've heard the statistics for YouTube too. It's crazy. 1.5 Quin trillion bytes of data created each. This was in 2018. They estimated that 90% of the world data has been created in the last two years. So, well, yeah, , Support the show
In this episode we talk about the mental and physical aspects of keeping a clean area.  Some tricks on how to keep the home clean, the car clean and even the toothbrush clean.  When is the last time you cleaned something?  Are you like Ashton do you love one chore and find it rewarding?  Share with us what it is.  Support the show
S-6 E-4 - My Brand

S-6 E-4 - My Brand


We are all in business for ourselves.  We are our brand.  We need to put the best foot forward.  On this episode we talk about Ashton starting a business and making sure he is presenting his best self. Support the show
Support the show
This week the Adulting Decrypted crew dives deep into figuring out how to give and receive feedback. We hope you enjoy this week's episode.Support the show
Welcome to Season 6 of Adulting Decrypted!This week Roscoe, Ashton, and Gideon talk about, starting, developing, and maintaining relationships. With focus on things like conflict resolution, and when certain mindsets are valuable for some relationships, while others may be detrimental. We hope you enjoy this weeks episode of Adulting Decrypted. Support the show
In this week's episode we sit  down with Nick King. Not only is Nick as stellar human being but he is also a fan of the show! So this week we not only get the opportunity to get to know him better but we also get an opportunity to discuss how things he has learned from adulting decrypted has helped him in his life. So not only do we get a look into the human experience but we also get to see certain tips and tricks in action! So if you want a refresher of things like an emergency funds and appreciating yourself as an individual this episode is for you!Support the show
In this week's episode, EksAyn Anderson Takes us through the reality that understanding gravity and how we can use it to our advantage will lead us to success. Ok...maybe not gravity specifically,  but it's the principle that counts. If that doesn't make sense to you don't worry, we will make ourselves clear by the end of the episode. So if you have been looking for a way to fast track your success without taking shortcuts or having unrealistic expectations, this episode will give you the main strategy and mindset behind that success. Support the show
Welcome to Adulting Decrypted, Where we prepare young adults to become independent powerhouses for life. Today is a special episode where we are going to break down two epsiodes from seasons past down to the bare bones and answer the question - how do I find and realize my passion. We will hear excerpts from both Clint Pulver and Dale Majors from full episodes of theirs that we have had on the show. Have you ever found yourself sitting in your car asking yourself the same question? How do I do more than just exist? How do I seek out happiness? How do I make my passion a reality? If you have, today’s episode has been made especially for you, so that you can find and realize your passion, while allowing yourself to be mediocre. If that sounds backwards, don’t worry, it will all become clear shortly… Support the show
This week, professional speaker, Eric Aroca, takes us through what it means to become something. Have you ever found yourself lost or feeling unable to chase your passion? Eric has, and the whole crew of Adulting Decrypted knows what it's like to be there. Some would even admit to being there now. In this episode, Eric takes us through the three core principles of becoming something. We hope you enjoy this weeks installment of Adulting Decrypted. Support the show
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