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Short clips on legal topics with a quirky outlook, but of real, everyday application delivered by lawyer Paul Brennan with wry humour and the odd belly laugh. Whether you are a business owner, corporate warrior, or professional adviser, this will help you to improve your legal knowhow and avoid legal potholes. Disclaimer: The content of this Podcast is to give you legal basics and in some instances, included unashamedly to try and make you laugh. In law, it is sometimes difficult to work out what is serious and what is just for fun. Therefore, if you plan to do anything legal, speak to a lawyer.
35 Episodes
The two rules of natural justice - Handy to know
Threatening to sue your enemy for infringement of your IP can have consequences. So don't bluff. Brennans solicitors Lawyers - commercial, property, IP, litigation, Will disputes
Getting an injunction to stop your enemy
You are passionate about what you do. You brim over with ideas.  Then you are approached by a business that has money, loves your work and wants to take you to the next level. What could go wrong?Paul Brennan 2010. All rights reserved.Brennans solicitors Lawyers - commercial, property, IP, litigation, Will disputes
Moral rights - something that you can take with you. You have the right to ensure that your works are acknowledged as yours and not used in a way that upsets you. (c) Paul Brennan 2020. All rights reserved. Brennans solicitors Lawyers - commercial, property, IP, litigation, Will disputes
After years of waiting, someone has finally copied my work. What to do about it.(c) Paul Brennan 2010. All rights reserved. 
Disputes with Friends

Disputes with Friends


Arguments between joint contributors– who owns what?Brennans solicitors Lawyers - commercial, property, IP, litigation, Will disputes
Groucho and the Name

Groucho and the Name


The Warner Brothers legal department tries to take on the Marx Brothers
When someone uses photographs of you without your permission 
Yes you can
It can happen - Learn how and what to do about it
What happens if, in some distant country, the name of your product is a trademark that belongs to another business. Can they come and get you? 
A Bolt from the Blue

A Bolt from the Blue


What to do if you receive a letter from an IP enforcement agency. 
What to do if a competitor is using your name online(c) Paul Brennan 2010. All rights reserved.
The Law of Confidentiality can protect your trade secrets.
If you do not register your name or product. Can you stop a competitor from using it?
There are only 300 words that you need to know about Patents. Here they are.
With declining cost and ease of registration it a lot easier to register your product and business name. Is there any downside?
The Law of Lists

The Law of Lists


For years, the compilers of lists of names, addresses and other things have claimed copyright protection. Are they protected? Are you infringing copyright by using such lists?Disclaimer : As an entrepreneur you should seek legal advice before you base your venture on someone else’s effort.(c) Paul Brennan 2020. All rights reserved. 
If you produce quality writing, artwork, training materials or other creative works then listen and learn how to protect your works.(c) Paul Brennan 2020. All rights reserved. 
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