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Author: Helen Reynolds

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Welcome to the more love podcast.

The more love podcast is for reassurance that love is real, that love heals and that love is all the really matters.

Hello my name is Helen Reynolds, I am a Heart Based Self Empowerment coach and the reason I am creating this podcast in the big hurry is because right now we are surrounded by extraordinary amounts of fear, uncertainty and doubt.

These feelings can be very convincing and overpowering if we let them, which is why we need reminding that love is really what we want, love is where our power is and love is what creates what matters to us.

Fear, uncertainty and doubt disconnect us from who we really are, inhibit our natural self healing ability and severely limit our ability to express and experience love.

The purpose of these podcasts is to remind you that love is real, that love does heal and that love is all the really matters. When you choose love over fear you are connecting to your true self and tapping into your own power, your own power to create.

I'll be talking with wise and loving people who've experience love in compelling ways. People who've experienced the miracle of all that love is.

These conversations are for you if you know that there is more to life than meets the eye and you know that love matters but need a little reassurance. Also, if you're sensitive to your emotions and how you feel then through these conversations you're likely to discover that you have all that you need for raising your vibrational frequency to love.

Let these conversations open your mind and give yourself permission to listen to them from the heart - as if it were your heart that had ears to hear the messages held within them and to connect to them to empower you with who you really are.

I am excited to bring these conversations to you. Subscribe now to the More Love Podcast so that you get to hear every single episode.

The More Love Podcast is brought to you by me, Helen Reynolds. I am a Heart Based Self Empowerment Coach and you can find all the supporting materials to these podcasts on
11 Episodes
This More Love Podcast episode with Rob Foster delves into the his work as a Systemic and Family Constellation counselor. I found Family Constellation work quite hard to explain/understand until Rob worked through an aspect of my family constellation.As I explained my family tree to Rob, I mentioned that my Grandmother had lost a brother at a young age in a horse riding accident. Rob was able to 'draw' my family constellation and work through the entanglements that that loss of life had left.Now, I'm not saying that family constellation work is only relevant when there's been death of family member, rather, I'm using my family as the example to help explain what his work does. So what did it do? Rob, through the family constellation he created for my family, was able to tap into negative patterns that had been held in our family tree that none of us could see or explain. Hidden patterns that were evident in the family dynamic but had become normalised and thus invisible or hidden to us."Family and Systemic Constellations is a healing modality which facilitates fast and long lasting change." Rob FosterThe hidden family dynamic... Rob was also able to 'map' how the burden of the grief over that boy's loss had been transferred down through the generations and was able to free me of the burden I had 'agreed' to carry. After the session I felt lighter, freer and glad for my session. Interestingly, the individual session I had was able to work through the constellation process even though it was just me - thanks to the ultimate connectedness that we all exist within!"we are all connected in this field of consciousness - it's through this fundamental truth that life can heal itself." Rob FosterWe also talked about mental health, consciousness and the challenges of spiritual journey. We talked about how to stay safe as you grow and explore your spiritual self. Rob was also very specific in advising us all that if we want to do systemic and family constellation work that we must find a qualified professional to work with. We also were very specific that this work does not increase traumatic stress, rather through loving consciousness the family constellations work releases trauma effortlessly.
Ever felt like you were running with self doubt? As if you're going through life, doing all the things you're meant to do, but on the inside you're not sure if you trust yourself, if you trust your body and if you can really "have your cake and eat it too".No-one would've ever imagined that that was how Lorraine Moller felt in her long and very successful marathon career.Lorraine Moller is a 4-time Olympian, Olympic bronze medalist, world track and field finalist, multiple Commonwealth Games track medalist, and winner of 16 major international marathons, including the Boston Marathon. She holds the distinction of being the only woman to have run all of the 20th century Olympic marathons for women.And Lorraine is a very generous guest in this episode of the More Love Podcast. She tell's her powerful story of self acceptance (releasing and overcoming self doubt) and finding her true self. She's authentic, she's raw and I hope her story will move you as it did me.During this interview Lorraine weaves her personal life story into deep and meaningful messages about unconditional self acceptance, mindfulness, healthy body-mind habits, positive self talk and understanding our whole self, even the importance of our emotional heart centre.She talks openly about times when negative thoughts and negative emotions (unleashed by the inner critic) took hold, the consequences of those moments of self doubt and the impact they had on her mental health and overall wellbeing.She tells us how desperate she became to outrun her age and how her personal growth came in an unexpected way, at an unexpected moment in an unexpected experience of unity and self compassion. It was the greatest gift.That moment changed her life forever, freed her from all her self doubt, gave her inner peace and energised her to be her highest self.Just by listening to her story you will gain insights on how to practise self-acceptance and how self-acceptance connects you with pure consciousness and your true self.This episode is Gold Medal Coaching on the metaphysics of the mind, consciousness and body-mind-soul connection. It's definitely worth your time if you experience imposter syndrome, low self esteem and struggle to find self compassion. Or, if you are working to overcome your own self doubt and inner critic that continually streams negative thoughts and negative emotions into your life, compromising your mental health. Or, if you are on the personal development journey and want to listen to an amazing, authentic story that bolsters your own self empowerment, self compassion and wellbeing.Lorraine discusses what she learnt from her 28 year marathon career about aligning the body and mind through the power of creative imagination, the power of experiencing the coherence and rhythm of our heart field and how she developed positive feedback loops for herself through body, mind connection, practices that helped her reach her full potential.This episode runs beyond positive thoughts, positive affirmations and positive aspects to a place of higher self acceptance, a true self acceptance that comes through knowing the unity of pure consciousness. If you listen with an open heart you will feel it deep within your being. It is a story of unconditional self acceptance.Enjoy. xo
The mathematics reminds Jain that there is order within the apparent chaos. His search for answers about who he was, why he felt like an alien in his family and why he loved numbers only enhanced his mathematical genius.Soon he was finding linkages between mathematics, geometry and then the Fibonacci sequence and the doubling sequence. Leading him to be able to explain our place in the cosmos through numbers and the intimate connection between the Fibonacci sequence and the doubling sequence.It’s an all-encompassing episode, certainly not a boring lesson on mathematics! We talk about how to mathematically bring heaven to earth, mobile phones, the internet, our dna, the pyramids, space travel, turning times tables into atomic art and much, much more!
How he enjoyed surviving a terminal brain tumour by plugging into the source of all life, staying in communion with the source of life and formulating a real world plan to look after his health.In July 2007 Keith collapsed suddenly while writing a report in his newly built and heavily-financed chiropractic office in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.He’d had a grand mal seizure.His life changed in a moment.The apparently healthy, successful chiropractor, with a family of four and one on the way found himself facing neurosurgery in hospital in Melbourne.
In this special interview Grant Rickert speaks publicly for the first time about three very significant experiences that shaped his life, gave him a deeper understanding about who he really is and opened the door to his spiritual strength. Through his experiences, Grant gazed through the windows of truth when he was very young, giving him insights into the truth of our existence and leaving him emotionally sensitive and able to feel energy. If you listen with an open heart you will pick up the spiritual gems held between the words that will help to expand your spiritual journey.
This is a very personal conversation where Lia shares her key turning points on her spiritual journey and offers great insight into how we can better understand our own spiritual strength to better combine our spiritual and physical earth plane experiences. She freely offers spiritual guidance through her music and we discuss the joys of self empowerment by knowing who we really are.
Marion has been able to maintain, even grow her relationship with her mother since her mother’s death. This is a very special interview, though you won’t know it unless you open your heart and listen from the heart. Marion hasn’t ever shared these special moments of her life publicly before; you are in a privileged position to be able to hear them.Essentially, through the telling of her story, Marion is showing us how to build spiritual strength in emotional sensitivity through relationship.Marion’s story exemplifies the Spiritual principle that we can’t create love alone; love can only be experienced in relationship because love (or life force energy) is the potentiality of creation, without relationship love is both everything and nothing.
“If you have that soul fire, with the question of what is love, is it real, do I know it? – keep seeking.”“our hearts and our bodies are so wired for love”We've all had Transcendent Experiences. Dr Nicole Gruel is adamant that we’ve all experienced transcendent experiences, experiences that aren’t considered normal in our current western culture, and her enthusiasm for explaining our connection to life force energy, clarifying our experience of love and for encouraging us to know love is undeniable.You’ll love this conversation!Here is what we cover:Summary if you want to fast forward to the different parts of this conversation:Q1. 2:10mins - What is your definition of a Non Ordinary Transcendent Experience, how many people experience them and can you tell us about one of your experiences?Q2. 17:55mins - Would you say that Non Ordinary Transcendent Experiences enhance the experiencers connection to life force energy and is life force energy and unconditional love the same thing?Q3. 25.30mins - How can we know in everyday life, even if we haven’t had a Non Ordinary Transcendent Experience that love is real?Q4. 33.50mins - You offer support for people who’ve had NOTE’s, why is offering support so important, should we be scared of these experiences?
Anne shares her compelling love experience that happened the night she had a cardiac arrest. She freely talks about how it affected her health, her family, her work and her her relationship with life and with God. She wants you to know that you are loved with a love that is deeper and more encompassing than you can imagine. You'll enjoy this conversation.
Dr Eben Alexander has a very unique perspective on life, death and love because he has devoted his inquiring, scientific mind to understanding, as much as possible about his compelling love experience. In this conversation he shared his scientific, quantum and spiritual understandings on life, death and love in a way that we can use to deepen our connection and our relationship with who we really are.
Reassurance that love is real, that love can heal and that love is all that really matters.
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