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Author: Rocky Mountain Propane Association

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Ignite The Propane Conversation. The State of Energy is a podcast / broadcast show that brings you everything you ever needed to know about propane. For your home, business or farm. For fleets of school buses or forklifts. We will discuss how “Propane Can Do That”.
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The State of Energy hosts Tom Clark and Rand DeWitt invite special guest Tucker Perkins CEO of the Propane Education and Research Council for an open discussion about PERCs new Podcast "Path to Zero" . With Texas still reeling from the aftermath of Winter Storm Uri  Tucker talks about his idea of a “three dimensional grid” to ensure resiliency and decarbonization at the same time. Path to Zero Podcast link
Why would Zions National Park go backwards in their progress for clean air? for almost a 1/4 century Zions has been running its shuttles on Clean Propane.  This year the park has received $33,000,000.00 to replace its 20 propane buses with new Coal Burning Electric buses. Why would US tax payers allow the government to spend a massive amount of money on a bus that gets its power from coal? Why would we want to produce more emissions and spend more money? Who are the people profiting from a bus that cost 10X the amount of a propane bus?
Propane is the Cinderella of EnergyTom Clark and Rand DeWitt hosts the State of Energy podcast   The State of Energy is a podcast / broadcast show that brings you everything you ever needed to know about propane. For your home, business or farm. For fleets of school buses or forklifts. We will discuss how “Propane Can Do That”.Rmpropane.orgPropane.comFindapropanejob.comPropane mower calculator 
Clean up your community with a your own personal power plant  "Combined Heat and Power System" The State of Energy Hosts Tom Clark and Rand DeWitt talk about protecting your home, business, farm or ranch from natural disasters and take energy security into your own hands with a combined heat and power system.
The State of Energy discusses recent ice storms, how propane comes to the rescue in Texas and a potential Pineapple Express headed towards the North West.  (CNN) -- An atmospheric river event known as the "Pineapple Express" is forecast to bring a prolonged period of wet weather and the potential for avalanches to Washington and Oregon beginning Sunday.The effects from rain and considerable mountain snow will be felt through early this week. With the ground already saturated from previous storms, flooding is possible even from the few inches of rain the storm is forecast to produce.Avalanche warnings have been issued for much of the Cascades across Washington ahead of this heavy snow. A "high" avalanche danger warning (level 4 out of 5) has been issued for Sunday by the Northwest Avalanche Center. Large natural avalanches are possible even at lower elevations.Avalanches have killed 30 people across the United States this winter season, according to the Colorado Avalanche Information Center. you to our sponsor FEI Inc.FEI, Inc., an employee-owned company, provides fertilizer and chemical application and handling equipment and parts to the agriculture industry, and a full line of propane equipment, hearth products, and propane parts to the propane industry.
Chillin in Texas

Chillin in Texas


The State of Energy discusses the recent Polar Vortex effects from Montana to Texas.Frozen wind mills,  gooey diesel fuel and how propane saves the day with easy start engines, temporary heat, back up power generation. But propane cant survive as the backup for emergencies. We need a big mixed bag of clean energy and propane needs to be a primary player. Don't let propane  get pushed to the sidelines when the clean energy conversation hits your hometown.  RmPropane.org



Unobtainium is a hypothetical, fictional, or impossible material, but it can also mean a tangible but extremely rare, costly, or reasonably unobtainable material.Are wind, solar, and batteries the magical solutions to all our energy needs? Or do they come with too high a price? Mark Mills, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, analyzes the true cost — both economic and environmental — of so-called green energy.
Ford & Roush bring "Godzilla" to Life with "Propane- The Original Clean Energy since 1912"The State of Energy welcomes special guest Adam Wilkum from Roush CleanTech. Our hosts Tom Clark and Rand DeWitt  discuss the new Ford 7.3 Godzilla LPG Powered by Roush. legislators raise registration fees on electric vehicles to make sure EV useres are paying for the roads they use Polluting Company agrees to buy 2 Million worth of clean school busses
Keystone XL

Keystone XL


Keystone XL Pipeline shut down. What can you do to help stop climate change? will stopping a pipeline have unintended effects?The State of Energy discusses the pipeline and how you can clean up your community with a a fuel that CARES = Clean, Affordable, Renewable, Efficient, SafePropane can do National Grants: Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA)
Safety 3rd

Safety 3rd


Safety 3rd- The Wasatch Front is notorious for dirty air. We have seen several days of unhealthy air in 2021. You can track the air quality on the Utah DEQ website.You can do your part in cleaning up the air quality by switching your dirty electric and wood burning appliances to a energy source that CARES - Clean, Abundant, Reliable, Efficient, Safe- Propane. And to help make sure you new appliance is installed correctly we are offering the the "Safe Appliance Rebate" of $200 for each appliance you switch to propane.1- Affordability- If you can't afford it does it matter if its safe?2- Clean, American, Renewable, Efficient, Safe 3- Safely installed by a propane profesionalCovid has increased the need for outdoor dining. KSL has posted a map of heated outdoor dining location in SLC.        
Christopher Cox is a Partner at Flash Point Energy.  Also, a co-host of The Propane Buzz Podcast. Chris has a Master of Science Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University.The State of Energy hosts Tom Clark and Rand DeWitt talk with Chris about propane supply and demand, exports, and the future of propane. TheStateofEnergy.comPropane.comRMpropane.orgPropaneBuzzFlash Point Energy Partners 
The North Frac... The North Face refused to fulfill a clothing order to Innovex Downhole Solutions, a Houston-based oil and gas company. The irony of the refusal is that the great polyester and poly blend outdoor products contain materials produced by oil and gas companies. Anti fossil fuel activists need to understand that the great products they use everyday are made from fossil fuels. What can you do to really make an impact on your daily carbon footprint? Replace your electric water heater and wood fireplace with a propane water heater and fireplace. You will save money and the environment! RMPA has $200 rebate if you switch your wood burner or inefficient electric appliances to propane. Propane Can Do That
The 12 Propane's of Christmas Top 5 Propane gifts for the holidays 6 Safety Tips For Outdoor Propane Heaters Zions National Park is awarded "Fleet of the Year" by Utah Clean Cities for their use of Propane Powered Shuttles
States across the US are adopting new policies to protect its citizens from local governments banning gas infrastructure. The State of Energy hosts, Tom Clark and Rand DeWitt discuss energy choices and why this ban on bans is important to your energy security and how propane and renewable propane can help your community with its clean energy efforts. The State of Energy    Rocky Mountain Propane Association
The State of Energy interviews  Michael Baker,  Director of Legislative Affairs for the National Propane Gas Association.  Michael give us his perspective of the election results from Washington DC and highlights of work that the NPGA is doing to help propane be included in the Clean Energy arena. The State of Energy Rocky Mountain Propane Association 
"Salt Lake City-Utah Committee for the Games" Chaired by former CEO of Rocky Mountain PowerThe State of Energy uncovers a $50,000,000.00 rate increase to Rocky Mountain Power customers to pay for Electric Vehicle charging stations required by the Salt Lake olympic committee whose Chairman is  the former CEO of Rocky Mountain Power.... Sounds like Salt Lake Olympic Committee Scandal 2.0 
Olympic Committee Requiring Zero Emissions Vehicles for 2030/2034 Bid  The State of Energy talks about Zero emissions vehicles, dirty electric vehicles and how Utahns are being scammed into paying for electric vehicle charging stations.
What will the election outcome do to US Energy? The State of Energy hosts Tom Clark and Rand DeWitt discuss energy changes we can expect from two different election outcomes.Sponsor our podcast today!Contact Tom@rmpropane.orgRmpropane.orgThestateofenergy.comFindapropanejob.comFree Propane Detector 
The Dirty Secrets Of ‘Clean’ Electric VehiclesThe State of Energy discusses the recent article by Forbes about the dirty secrets of "clean" electric vehicles. We also share news about Uhaul providing 1 million gallons of renewable propane for vehicles use in California.Renewable propane is derived from renewable sources such as beef fats, vegetable oils, grease residue and other biomass feedstocks. It boasts a lower carbon intensity than traditional propane while providing similar performance metrics. Renewable propane also has one of the lowest carbon intensity scores compared to gasoline, diesel and compressed natural gas, thus reducing harmful contributors to greenhouse gases. To learn more about renewable propane you can attend The Path to Renewable Propane conference a live, virtual event that explores the many opportunities for propane to provide sustainable energy. This online conference will bring together hundreds of individuals and companies that want to learn from the thought leadership in propane energy.
Bryan Cordill Director of Residential and Commercial Business Development at PERC joins us from the Propane Showcase Home.The Propane Showcase Home was created to help educate Builders, Realtors, Buyers, Plumbers, and Inspectors on all the amazing things Propane Can Do in a home. Bryan discussed projects at the Propane Education and Research Council live from the Propane Showcase Home in Twin Falls Idaho.If you want to host an event at the home contact us today  Tom@rmpropane.orgRocky Mountain Propane Showcase Home Propane Education and Research CouncilSponsorIntermountain Truck Want to sponsor our next episode?Contact us today  
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