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Author: Bryan Green

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Two Best friends, Bryan Green and Krissy Hoadley, take a break from the regularly scheduled insanity to bring you new and improved insanity. Carrying advanced degrees in Internet expertise, each week they share their thoughts, discuss and dissect current events, politics , pop-culture, odd & ends and everyday life.

No ground is sacred. Everyone is loved and laughed at...Tune it in and ride it out!

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This Episode available on YouTube: The Bit: Henry Fonda from Podcast Universe wishes Jeff Hoadley a happy birthday. Hoadley discusses how hard this podcast is taxing her time. Bryan is blamed for more drama in Hoadley's life, Bryan goes to vote and runs into a "official poll watcher" from Kinkos, Bryan relays his most embarrassing teenage romance moment and the gang hope for a quick end to 2020. This and much, much more on Episode 28 of The Commercial Break Podcast!
This Episode On YouTube: Online: On this episode: The Break: Samuel L. Jackson takes no sh&t! The Show: Bryan and Hoadley get noticed by other podcasters...for all the wrongs reasons. Bryan discusses a new favorite British addiction. Hoadley makes some tough choices in the all new game " F'-Marry-Chill". You can play along at home. Bryan recalls a Finger Dip'n Good time! This and so much more on Episode 27 of The Commercial Break! Join the Break Room at to get access to the Aftershow, Live Shows and more...
The Show: Bryan and Hoadley chime in on breaking President Trump Covid-19 news. Mishel Karen from Married at First Sight Australia joins the gang for a funny and wide ranging interview on life under the lights, the reality of reality T.V. and love at first bite. This and much more on The Commercial Break episode 26!
The Bit: We're on mission from God! The Show: Bryan discusses passing on his OCD, Gustavo is our producer extraordinaire, the gang is too lazy to do a newsletter, Bryan's brother Danny gave him an update on Brian Dunkleman, Bryan tries to fly his in-laws to the U.S., Hoadley and Bryan discuss there psychedelic days and Bryan's dad kick hims out of the house (story correction. This and much more on Episode 25 of The Commercial Break! To get access to the TCB After Show go to
The Bit: Jim Bakker food buckets are selling fast and his theme song is rising up the charts. The Show: Bryan and Krissy are inviting guests. Will they come? Will Bryan press record? Bryan's mom is back with phone problems, Zac Efron has a new show about magic water, Moldova has cool weddings and so much on this episode of The Commercial Break.
The Bit: Crabapple resident Nancy gets ready for Hurricane Daffodil. The Show: Bryan welcomes Hoadley as the "official" co-host of TCB, they reminise about their early days as friends and they ponder the future. Bryan then explains why he won't be joining any boat parades anytime soon. This and so much more on Episode 23 of The Commercial Break!
S1-EP22: #DryHumpDay

S1-EP22: #DryHumpDay


The Bit: Howard Dean rallies his troops. The Show: Bryan remembers his first band gig at the Wreck Room. then Bryan and Krissy discuss the long lost art of the dry hump and Bryan tells Hoadley about his blast from past music video watching. Truly. Creepy. Stuff. This and so much more on Episode 22 of The Commercial Break. Don't forget to join The Break Room at to view the first YouTube show available now.
The Bit: Join WSHIT's continuing coverage of the Election 2020 with special commentator Roseanne Barr. The Show: Bryan and Hoadley discuss the legality (or not) of the poppy seed. Bryan reaches out to Podcast Universe for more help with subscribers. The RNC 2020 just happened and one speaker made quite the plea! Bryan recalls the scream heard round the election with from Howard Dean and Hoadley reminds Bryan he is BAD at internet research. This and so much more on Episode 21 of The Commercial Break
The Bit: Leave Britany Alone! The Show: Bryan reveals he may have Covid-19 and fears quarantine may make him more productive. Bryan and Krissy swap stories about Italian Massages and Bryan buys ad space from every podcast platform on earth...and beyond! This and much more on Episode 20 of The Commercial Break!
The Bit; WSHIT goes live to the Pecan Nut Potato Music Festival to find reporter Brian Jacobs enjoying himself...too much. The Show: Bryan's Mom stops by to discuss the local nail and hair salons, tries to find her boyfriend new grandchildren and leaves longer and longer messages on Bryan's voicemail. Bryan takes the kids to Jurassic Park the Driveway and he fixes a flat tire the best way he knows how...ask someone else to do it. This and so much more on episode #19 on The Commercial Break!
The Bit: Puddle of Mudd stops by WSHIT's "Heart Of The Arts" and lead singer Wes Scantanilin graces us with his angelic voice! The Show: Bryan realizes his worst nightmare regarding having a daughter...teenage boys. Then Bryan tells Hoadley about their first rejection from the "global Hollywood podcast elite ". Hoadley shares exciting news about house hunting, Bryan tells her to be careful of the crazy neighbor and he follows up on his bad reality show plot lines. This and so much more...on this episode of The Commercial Break!
S1-EP17: Gobble Gobble

S1-EP17: Gobble Gobble


The Bit: Bryan and Hoadley review Chuck E. Cheese pizza. The Show: Bryan and Hoadley discuss Only Fans pages and the marketing that goes into a successful campaign, Bryan tells Hoadley about his trashy television habits and revisits the time his date brought Thanksgiving dinner to the bedroom. This and so much more...on episode 17 of The Commercial Break!
The Bit: George talks to his friend about his "dirty" thoughts. The Show: Bryan and Hoadley discuss the marketing campaign that went horribly awry, Chuck E. Cheese brings back some fond and not so fond memories and Bryan's Mom needs to have her phone taken away because she might be Qanon. This and so much more on episode 16 of The Commercial Break.
The Bit: Mikey Jr. tries to read the line. The Show: Bryan and Hoadley are back from vacation after taking no time for vacation! Hoadley and Jeff encounter the Florida heat, Bryan has a baby and makes himself useless as usual.
The Bit: WSHIT's Dr. Dee talks to Karen about masks. The Show: Rachel joins Hoadley and Bryan to discuss dating, working in radio and the Rhodes Scholar Rachel brought to a dinner where Krissy enjoyed the seafood special!
The Bit: Jim "Touchdown" Jefferys gets ready for WSHIT's Game Of The Week. The Show: Bryan and Krissy discus the disappearance of Covid-19, Bryan's trip tp Home Depot, bad motivational speakers and his inability to get The Bit done each week. Plus, they laugh like they have never laughed at Bryan's New Year's eve story from France.
The Bit: Phil visits Dr. ASMR for an ear ache. The Show: Bryan and Hoadley review feedback on the "mask" rant from episode 11, Bryan reminisces about the Masters and the unfortunate puppy his roommate abandoned during one trip to Augusta National. Also, Ron Jeremey is officially a creep in the eyes of the law, baby showers can be rowdy and Bryan gives a Social Studies lesson on a subject he knows little about...this and more on Ep#12 of The Commercial Break.
The Bit: WSHIT's Heaven @ 11. The Show: Bryan and Hoadley discuss wearing masks..or not, the Trump Tulsa rally and the role Tik Tok had in the turn out, 90 Day Fiancé, Bryan's mom and her role in his son's life and more...
The Bits; Tina, Tan and Tweeze is now re-open! The Show: Award winning voice artist and youtube star Rachel Mcgrath stops by to discuss life, love and the pursuit of fame.
The Bits: Bryan visits therapy to discuss his "small numbers". The Show" Krissy and Bryan swap stories about sneaking out their childhood homes.
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