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Even if you're not involved in the church or are skeptical of scientific theories and the New Age stuff, you CAN connect with something bigger than yourself and live a healthier spiritual life. All it takes is learning how to identify your true values in life, be more optimistic, apply more hope, and put yourself out there to just simply believe.

Every week I upload new HD and/or audio podcasts on how to become more connected to your own personal relationship to this Higher Power and shape your life in the matter you want to live it free of bondage. That way you can have the wife, house, and purpose destined. Hosted by Marcus Hart and Augustus V who you will meet.
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Have you ever felt guilty about something? Or has anyone ever made you feel very guilty? There's a way to view this in a better way and to cure yourself fast of the anxiety that you experience. Listen to this episode and find out how.Check out our Sponsor North Bay Freight!
Many people think they know God and often draw a ton of conclusions about God. What if your assumptions and what you think or feel aren't exactly based on truth but more influenced by the outside depictions of God from everyone else's misconstrued point of view.Learn more in this episode today with Augustus V!Check out our Instagram! this website now!
Bill and Melinda Gates's divorce has been the biggest news in the mainstream as of late. More inside alleged stories are coming out about Bill Gates's long-time affairs with a Microsoft employee. The question we want to address in this episode is if a husband has a high sex drive or vice versa a wife, shouldn't there be a better commitment to improving the sex life of the marriage?What are your thoughts?Follow us on social media! these two websites out:https://augustusvaughn.com
Elon Musk was highly criticized for his willingness to be a guest host of SNL (Saturday Night Live). Many of the critics took shots at his reputation rather than giving him a chance to let his true character shine through. Was this wrong and what does God have to say about it? Find out in this episode.#ElonMusk #SNL #GodPillWisdomFind more information here:https://augustusvaughn.com by Marcus Contrell HartTransform U! Media Network, Corp -
If you are familiar with the Matrix, then you can think back and remember the different pills. The red, blue, black, and white (which is also the God Pill). If you have had questions about where I podcast title comes from this will help you understand the inspiration behind it.In this episode, Augustus V breaks down the benefits, full details, and how to have an encounter with the God Pill to take it and apply it into your life.More information here: by Marcus Contrell Hart ( and Augustus V
What is thought? Can thinking be evil? Can thinking overrated. Thinking is done every day but sadly many lack the ability to tap into their true potential.Find more episodes of the God Pill Wisdom by listening on any Podcast App or follow on Instagram @godpillwisdom#powerofthoughts #godpillwisdom
Former police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted on April 20, 2021, of the murder of George Floyd. The jury that comprised 6 whites, 4 blacks, and 2 multi-racial entered a collective agreement of guilty. The biggest revelation from the fast decision was the fact that it mirrors the current state of mind of the majority in the nation. Is this a sign of progress away from the racial tensions or do we have a ton of more work to do?Check out the following sites:https://augustusvaughn.com
With the Derek Chauvin case and the recent killing of Daunte Wright, many may be wondering how do we get peace and justice when the world seems to be at odds against creating it for us. The answer and solution may not be in what you may have been taught. This episode will guide you through the different versions of peace and how to arrive at righteous living for spreading justice and more peace.Find more information:
NBA future Hall of Famer and now former ESPN analyst Paul Pierce has found himself taking a lot of heat from multiple outlets. It is alleged that his most recent Instagram Live Video has to lead to him being fired. The content of the video isn't what many would call the best appealing for some who expected the former analyst to protray publicly. What is the big moral issue if any here in this culture of WAP?For more information visit:
What is the biggest issue surrounding the controversy with Lil Nas X new music video Montero? Is it the fact that he was assumed that he was a role model to kids or something deeper? This episode will look at the potential dangers of the spread of demonic influence, mental health, and spiritual brokenness. Find more information here:
Do you struggle with not knowing what your purpose should be once you come to know that you are one of God's children? Has there have been doubts that is my faith enough or is it how well I do through all of my good works in this life that will count me as righteous? In this episode, we attempt to find some solice in this dilemma that has a lot of believers and followers of the Way and Truth paralyzed.For more information:Follow us on Instagram
Does anyone tell white lies meaning to? Oftentimes, you are telling white lies and forgetting the lies you have told resulting in you getting caught. This can lead to shame and tons of regret. In this episode, we are going to help you stop it and realize who you truly are to remind you why the white lies can strip you away from achieving your ultimate success as a person in this life.For more information:https://augustusvaughn.com
As damaging and painful as it sounds, this is quite common among those who are also struggling spiritually to tap into what God has to offer for them. We explore clear cut solutions on you can begin to move forward and away from this insane habit that becomes deeply ingrained once you feel a sense of undeserving rather impeded to you by outside sources or your own internal trickery manipulated by evil.For more information:
Black History month has rolled out some intense movies and documentaries such as the most talked about Judas and the Black Messiah. In this episode, we address the concept behind most of these movies and this movie in particular and the underlying message of betrayal, lies, and demon inflamed hate. We look at the story of Judas and Jesus of Nazareth for help to provide us wisdom to answer the questions of why.For more information follow us at: Cover Photo Art: Judas and the Black Messiah (film)Retrieved from: (February 28, 2021)
How Does God See You?

How Does God See You?


Do you ever wonder how does God views you? The outside world has so many programmed perspectives about what you should be and we have mistakenly accepted these repeated recordings as our own. It has further us from our true essence. Now we in order to get back to the depths of understanding we must answer the question of can we truly know how God views us in this episode.What you will discover:- God isn't in your own personal box- Your personal journey gives hints to God's secret- You have been chosen and it's not by mistake or because God wears special glasses to see youFor more information and to connect further: out our partner channel:
Now that you have been enlightened on both the extremes and lie that got you into the codependency state. It’s time to learn how you can begin to really start new and get on the right path. It begins with valuing yourself and this what will talk about and how despite the outside noise that it is very possible with some things that doesn’t cost you anything to move you forward and free you. The shaming and constant tape recordings that are played back in your head doesn’t have to continue to exist. Marcus shares his own personal story and Augustus V echoes with wisdom that will be both profound and sound for immediate change. About this series When you are a man, being called needy can hurt. The people pleasing can be deflating and keep you going into an endless circle. Most men are ready to level up their lives but feel a woman and a relationship first is necessary. This deception has been caused by generations of programming and trauma from childhood. It’s time to break free and get what God called you to get in your life. Exercise your authority, gain respect, and happiness. For more information about the show find us on Instagram at
The biggest lie commercialized and sold is the fairytale ideal of marriage. The real meaning of marriage isn’t discussed or modeled in our society. It has crippled men and left them to fall prey to being forced into the institution and wicked female idea of marriage. The divine order of man and woman is removed allowing no defining roles in the courtship to marriage transition. Men are made to believe that they are a bad person if they don’t get married, if they have criteria in a wife, and if they want to follow the spiritual traditions of how the household should be lead. This has further the codependency issues and those who suffer are trapped feeling anxious about what to do in order to either avoid making a decision to say “I do” or choosing the route to continue in their purpose. This series will help equip you to be able to know what a healthy relationship looks like and what a spiritually contracted bond between a man and woman looks like versus the toxic Westernize version of marriage. Sponsored by https://niznusan.comFor more information about the show find us on Instagram at
Generations of programming have created a very confused generation of men that think that they can find themselves in the external things of life, specifically in their relationships and in jobs that don’t speak to what their true divine calling is. Trauma has hit us all in the face of countless war crises and some men have experienced the trauma on top of trouble which pushed them to cope with emotions in unhealthy ways or regress looking to find protection of these hurt by using a woman to compensate for the unrealized strength. We address what it is men really need. It isn’t what most would generalize based on the basic human needs but something deeper to escape the trap of remaining codependent on a woman or an absence of purpose and mission.Key Value Bombs:1.Men must find mission and purpose2.Men should answer to a higher calling remain to know they have found a true purpose in life3.Every man has a job and a role to do4.Apparent validation over flattery will lead you on the journey out of codependencySponsored by For more information about the show find us on Instagram at
When you are a man, being called needy can hurt. The people-pleasing can be deflating and keep you going into an endless circle. Most men are ready to level up their lives but feel a woman and a relationship first is necessary. This deception has been caused by generations of programming and trauma from childhood. This episode will help you understand more in-depth about the manipulation and the guilt trips that contributing to keeping men from escaping this condition and how to break free.Value Bombs-Western society is the biggest contributor of codependency-Your mission in life shouldn’t be put last-Abandonment is a manifestation from childhood trauma and what the programming has put in us-God didn’t make you to be a slave or to feel trapped Sponsored by For more information about the show find us on Instagram at
What about being spiritually different makes it so hard to be nice to the ones we love the most? We are becoming more conscious and it's like we are being bullied for wanting to connect more to something bigger than ourselves? How do we manage this? Should we stop what we are doing to idolize those around us?Value Bombs-People try to confuse nice with love.-People try to trick you into lying to them or telling a truth that will hurt.-Be easier with the truth.-You can not trust and still loveSponsored by WTLB-DB Transform U! Radio Free 24/7 music and sports around the clock!For more information about the show find us on Instagram at
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