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Hi, I'm Hannah. And this is a podcast about my messy musings as a trained counsellor.

Each episode I take you with me as I think-feel out loud and try to make sense of the world around me.
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Follow the feeling

Follow the feeling


It's been one hell of a day--and week. I've had my feelings on high and I'm only *just* making my way through them. Hot tip if you're all feeled-out this week: Don't try to change the feels. Follow them.
In case you thought the opposite. In case you think that people who are brave don't get scared or feel fear. Because they do--lots. They just know how to Mr. Miyagi their way through it. 
Born in London, England. Grew up in Ontario, Canada. My parents and grandparents are from East Africa. But if I never told you, you'd never know--because I don't look or sound like any of the above. 
The time I broke up with my now-husband. And how that single break up conversation pointed me to a box I had carefully made for myself---a definition, that I was suffocating inside of. 
A work in process

A work in process


What is your personal process for making and doing things? Sometimes I am so head down in the muck of mine that I forget I'm in one. And that it will end. But also it starts up again on auto-repeat, if I'm not careful.
Husband says I used a bunch of safe words in this episode alone. How rude. But also, he's right. I'm a work in progress, people. How many did you count? 
Some people speak two languages. I speak in two accents. And I've spent most of my life hiding one from the other.
This episode I talk about rules. Invisible rules. The kind that make us give (unwarranted) side eye to "that guy over there" who is chewing way too loud, or that bully us into laughing at a joke we definitely do not think is funny but everyone else is laughing, so. 
#StayHome is hard. Not just because I thought I had Corona and freaked out. But also because staying home means no distractions. No escape, really. It's down to me and the mini horror series in my head I call my thoughts. 
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