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Philip Robison is living out his life's mission and purpose to ensure men are Keeping 5 Alive. What is that you might ask, Keep 5 Alive stands for selfcare, move (exercise), regular doctor visits, gratitude, and checking in with another person to see how their mental health is going. It's really a simple yet powerful action to take to help another man during his brightest and darkest hour. Philip is accomplishing this incredible feat around the world and you can learn more by going to his website Saving Brothers. You'll learn all the important resources in this episode and what's happing with Philip's app. Also, the 2nd phase Saving Little Brothers by helping guide them to become better mentors, men, and community leaders.Iron sharpens Iron, so help another bother out and be there for him to lift him up. 
LaShaundra McCarty is a digital content creator, speaker, and entrepreneur who revitalizes brands through mastering visual storytelling and creating compelling stories audiences will consume.You’ll soon find out how LaShaundra was able to transition her previous experience as a pastor into a social media campaign developer. Throughout her life, LaShaundra has always been fascinated with visual media and visual effects, which led her to teach digital media and bring about artistry in the space of digital media. Taking her previous knowledge and experience LaShaundra turned church sermons into a streaming service for the congregation pre-Covid. LaShaundra was also approached by Facebook to participate in reels, and release content and share value obtained through her experience. Digital media is a living animal and constantly changing due to the algorithms, and LaShaundra stays abreast by studying the landscape of social media. Leading her to improve her clients brand and help engage with audiences she speaks in-front of, both online and in-person.To overcome hurdles, LaShaundra works with her clients to transition into something new. Large part is due to ones’ mindset and their focus to break habits in becoming more successful. You can find more valuable insight here and on her website. So, please enjoy this incredible episode chocked full of nuggets and how to sharpen your mindset to succeed. 
Emma-Jane Taylor does not fall short on passion and finding her purpose within life. To manage all that she is involved with, Emma-Jane relies on a trusted and strong supportive team. You will find out rather quickly that Emma-Jane does not refer to herself as "the boss." She plays more of a teammate role, pitching in wherever needed to keep the process moving with ease. Emma-Jane is an activist for child sex abuse and human trafficking, and has founded a non-profit call Project 90/10. This is only one of her companies, and it has a powerful mission and vehicle for influential attitude and action change through education and awareness campaigns in the area of sexual abuse.  The mission is focused on healing, treating, and supporting this pivotal issue. Throughout all of her efforts and actions the best way to view Emma-Jane's versatility is by checking out her website,  She has built an empire and a loyal employee base, as well as client base through trust and due diligence. Even with everything going on within her life. Emma-Jane still finds time to work on her physical and mental health, by exercising 90 minutes a day and taking time off for herself and family. Please enjoy this episode, as I know I did and support Emma-Jane Taylor.
Joel Philhours enjoys pouring his past experiences and knowledge as a CFO into his clients. Joel helps you master three essentials (time, people, and money) that you need to achieve the outcomes you seek.Joel has the experience, skills, and vision to help you see past your immediate distractions and move confidently toward your stated goals. As a licensed CPA, MBA, and Certified Business & Executive Coach, Joel has driven results in businesses and people for over 40 years.You’ll quickly find out that Joel is 100% committed to your success. Leaving a lasting impression on you to thrive and surpass your goals, not only within business but in life. Learn more about Joel in this latest episode and on his website.
Kyle Neuhalfen lives his life with passion and the hunger to share the gospel with anyone. Before Kyle came to know, love, and follow Christ his journey started in martial arts. Kyle received a black belt in Taekwondo and 2 belts under Royce Gracie before suffering a severe ankle injury while riding his dirt bike.  While in high school Kyle started to learn about Jesus, and before he knew it he feel in love with the richness of the word and Christ. There is no denying the fire that burns within Kyle, as he thoroughly enjoys sharing the gospel with anyone he knows...more importantly does not know. He will be the first to tell you, “Strangers are friends I haven’t meet yet.” Kyle courageously and passionately will talk with people he runs into in the coffeeshop, and once shared his message through a Ring Doorbell. There are no lengths to which Kyle will venture to ensure the word of the Lord is heard and spread. I absolutely loved talking with Kyle, and hope you enjoy listening to this episode. If you’d like to learn more about Jesus, you can reach Kyle via Email 
WOW! Eric Barnes has lived a full life and has definitely seized the opportunities before him. One thing is for certain Eric does not shy away from work, or hard work for that matter. Eric started off as a forklift operator and working in a warehouse freezing fish, to ultimately becoming the CEO of The Daily Memphian.Throughout his remarkable journey Eric also found time to write 4 novels and over 40 short stories.  You’ll learn the fuel to his passion and what actually guided Eric into working in news media. Also, the motivation to writing his novels. Sometimes all he needs is to start with a sentence to build upon his idea.  Eric's life voyage is truly remarkable, so please enjoy this latest episode. Four novels:- The City Where We Once Lived, which Emily St. John Mandel, author of Station Eleven, called "an eerie, beautifully written, and profoundly humane book.”- Above the Ether, which NY Times best selling author Tim Johnston called "chillingly recognizable."- Shimmer, an IndieNext Pick likened to the work of Don Delillo and David Foster Wallace.- Something Pretty, Something Beautiful from Outpost19, which The Millions called a "remarkable book … where cars are freedom, stories are everything, and home is thick with ghosts."
Miguel Echols is a veteran that honed his skillset while coaching youth basketball. Leading him to inspire others to becoming more self aware & proficient beings. Miguel balances his time between speaking engagements and coaching individuals on becoming their best self.  Also, he has a blueprint he formulated to achieve success for his clients. Not to mention his money making prophecy.  So let's dive in and learn more about Miguel and how he can help you.  Please enjoy this latest episode. 
Theo is never short on passion when it came to creating his vision, by building VL Magazine. You'll learn how he started out with ZERO capital and ultimately building a 7 figure business. One thing is for certain, Theo always had the belief that he would see his dream become a reality. Along with building VL Magazine, Theo has been involved with creating the Africa Choice Awards. Theo is ever the entrepreneur, and provides valuable insight towards the stepping stones needed when establishing a company. Please listen in as Theo explains how his magazine is now translated in over 120 different countries.
Leading by example and giving all the credit to his team, Mark Heuberger is all about planning the best outcome for the Collierville Chamber of Commerce members. You'll find out quickly through Mark's actions the level of preparation it takes to ensure each member is valued and has the opportunity to grow their business within the community. Being engaged with the chamber is one of the multitude of ways one can expand their business within the chamber of commerce. Mark and his team due an outstanding job preparing for the growth and success for the chamber. As well as being a place were members associated with the chamber can thrive and build a prosperous business. Please listen in and enjoy learning what a productive chamber is doing for their members.
Debbie will be the first to tell you it is her team that deserves all the credit, but without her leadership and guidance the Southaven Chamber of Commerce would not have grown from 200 members to over 700 members strong. Due to her team mentality and being led by faith, Debbie is impacting businesses within the Desoto County and the surrounding area in a positive way. Working in the 3rd largest city in Mississippi is as welcoming as a small town, inviting new or curious members into their chamber to talk about the benefits and perks over a cup of coffee. The chambers doors are always open and willing to help any business no matter the size nor need. Debbie and her team demonstrated that best during Covid with 12-14hrs days on the phone helping small businesses, heck they even prayed, cried, and laughed with people to get through the crisis. Please enjoy and listen in as Debbie brings credibility and value to each one of the chamber’s members. 
Janie Day is the President/CEO of the Germantown Area Chamber of Commerce and is all about doing what's best for their members and giving back to the community. You'll gain insight and behind the scene access to Janie and her team, as they work tirelessly to host events and help keep members plugged in as they look to grow their business within the community. You'll learn that partnerships are one key to success, especially a new business trying to make a footprint within the community. Also, staying engaged by attending networking events hosted by the chamber or even hosting your very own ribbon cutting is another surefire way to grow your business. Please listen in as Janie leads with passion, and gives all the credit to her team to help service their chamber members. 
Alara Vural is helping Tech Founders find their golden nugget to inspire and change the world. As the founders start seeking funding, Alara helps to define their why and makes seeking those funds that much easier. If you are a Tech Founder and find it difficult to convey your message in a simplified manner to draw customer, and more importantly raise money, then Alara has the skills to unlock your unlimited potential. Alara is leading with immense passion, as she helps founders find their voice and clear through the confusing tech jargon. Ultimately leading to the right investor, attract cold prospects, and crush sales presentations through a concise message.Please listen in to the latest episode…
Retire Coastie, Andrea Marcille, is now the President of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association. On this episode we explore how the Coast Guard helped Andrea become the best version of herself, and the leadership skills gained throughout her career. Andrea has a big heart and is all about giving back to her non-profits, and believes we all should serve our community in some capacity. I couldn't agree more. Plus, we'll learn how the Coast Guard helped set-up Andrea for success, and what fuels and drives her today. So, please listen in to the latest episode...
Lee Agbohlah draws from his past experience as an athlete turned certified trainer to help push his clients to their absolute best. Lee will tell you that he empowers business professionals to transform their health to live a better life. Especially in the now and not waiting until when it's needed. It is vital to improve upon your health  now, which transcends into every facet of your life improving your relationships, work, and overall wellbeing. Lee is the owner of LTAPerformance, and works on getting you to your WHY to help push through when the motivations ends. Not only is he about improving your health, but Lee will assist you in overcoming those mental hurdles we all go through when making life altering decisions for the betterment of our life. So, please enjoy the latest episode as we dive into an encouraging conversation with Lee Agbohlah. 
Ashlee Ammons and Co-Founder Kerry Schrader are putting human interaction first to help build a better software. Their company, Mixtroz,  is helping events with 50 or more attendees have a better interaction in connecting wherever your people gather. "They help YOUR people find THEIR people."Ashlee and Kerry have no fear of failing as the continue to build their company, and make the appropriate hire to scale their business. Being an entrepreneur will push you to your mental limits and beyond, but being humble has afforded Ashlee the drive and will to win. She also draws strength from her mother, Kerry, and tackling the unknown together allows them to build a company to help others stay connected while networking. Please listen in as Ashlee draws from her expertise, and ventures into the unknown world of entrepreneurship. Making it seem effortless and scaling with ease, Ashlee will be the first to tell you it's not an easy task but one she faces head-on. 
Richard Baranowski is a business advisor and founder of GrowBara, which guides you to unlimited growth within your business and in life. Richard is all about giving back to small businesses and strives to assist you towards success. Richard brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table ensuring you reach the milestones that lay before you.  You'll find Richard's passion on his website and a few intangibles from his site are listed below. Supporting you throughout your journey.Guide you to reduce your stress & frustration.Uncovering growth opportunities.Strengthening your growth mindset.Most of all, boosting your:Long-term strategic vision.Business stability.Marketing and brand initiatives.Improving revenue and profitsPlease enjoy and listen to the latest episode...
On this episode Emma dives into what it takes to overcome the mental anguish we subject ourselves to sometimes throughout life, or the stress life puts onto us. There are times we get trapped in our own thoughts, and we are not sure how to breakthrough into a positive mindset; well Emma shines a light on how her coaching can assist with that mental obstacle. As Emma's website, Emma J Lifeshaper, poignantly states "Stop stress from controlling your life, health, and happiness." Unfortunately, we get there from time to time, that low point or dark time within our life and have a feeling of needing to be rescued or stuck in a rut. Emma brings over 15 years of experience with health and wellness, and she provides her clients with an outstanding program to help them get over their mental hurdle. All this and more on the latest episode...
Eshmael Mpabanga is fueled by passion, as he brings AI and chatbot to the forefront of South Africa. There's a missing link to success for businesses using chatbot to engage with their customers, and Eshmael has that link or key towards their success. Over 700,000 developers in Africa are on hand to create a formulable chatbot written by Africans for Africans, in a language they understand. This will make the user experience that much easier to read and understand when interacting with a chatbot. Eshmael created The  Digital Transformit to help, not only bring awareness to South Africa, but build an AI chatbot for Africa's thriving $180B economy. He has a polished skill set rooted in adaptability, empathy, and resilience gained from working as an international executive in fast-paced global firms, with responsibilities spanning countries including the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Ghana, Botswana, Kenya and Zimbabwe.So listen in and feed off of Eshmael's enthusiasm as you think about building your startup, or even reshape the world we currently live in. 
An advisor to top leaders, influencers and change maker, global mindset strategist and CEO of her own global consulting firm Nadene Joy Consulting Inc.  Nadene is also an international bestselling author and coauthor of the iconic business book “Cracking the Rich Code Vol. 4 with Kevin Harrington, the Hit star of the TV Show Shark Tank and author of the books “Uncover Your Purpose: Heal and Share Your Gifts With the World” and “Love is...A Guide to the Power of Love.” Nadene Joy is a prestigious member of The International Female Society of Professional and sits as Director on serval non-profit boards including MayBell Developments which helps to combat homelessness in communities and sits as a strategic advisor on the Coaching Suicide Awareness (CSA) Committee.   She believes in giving back and also dedicates her time to various organizations worldwide.  She has worked alongside some of the most prolific leaders of our time and has been featured on several major media outlets including CBC, NBC, Fox, CBS, The Globe and Mail, and Iheartradio in New York City.  Nadene Joy is passionate about bringing together people and helping them find strategic solutions to their problems with a unique proven methodology that brings together experiential wisdom, intellectual knowledge and simple solutions to real life situations so many people face in business and in life during this time of crisis.  Nadene Joy has also been internationally recognized for her work and out of hundreds of submissions she was awarded the #1 2020 top research paper for Canada in the book “Love Can Bring Peace and Happiness During Setback” in affiliation with The Mother Theresa University in India in commemoration and celebration of Mother Teresa’s 110th Birthday.  She is also a proud mother of 4 beautiful children and in addition is extremely passionate regarding humanitarian and environmental efforts, wellness and mental health, educating our children and youth with life and leadership skills that matter, and encouraging gender, cultural and economic diversity and inclusion amongst organizations, communities and nations. 
Noel Fenderson is a local entrepreneur and businessman who is a Co-Owner of multiple local companies under the brand, ‘My Town’. His companies are My Town Movers and My Town Roofing. In addition, he serves as the Founder and President of My Town Miracles, a 501(C)3, What originally started in 2013 as a local/long-distance, full-service, and residential/commercial moving company, My Town Movers has since expanded operations to include its sister company, My Town Roofing, which started in 2014.  Then, one year later in 2015, the Non-Profit arm of ‘My Town’ was established, My Town Miracles.As Noel grew up, he always wanted to help, serve, and protect others which led him into the field of law enforcement for 6 years with the City of Germantown, where he served as a police officer on the S.W.A.T. Team. Currently, he serves as a Reserve Police Officer for the Town of Collierville. But it was during those years with the Germantown Police Department that made such a deep impact on Noel. It was put on his heart to leave the force full-time to focus on leading, providing, and protecting his lovely wife and growing family. So please listen in to the latest episode, and how Noel and his team build their brand.   
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