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Join Unexplained Inc. for the conclusion of What's Keeping Us Disempowered? featuring Spiritual Hypnotherapist Jennifer Schlueter:You can see part two here as this is what's discussed in this episode... theme perfectly fits the newly revamped Unexplained Inc. of how the unknown connects with the empowered. In the outro Phantom Phil has two more points to add that don't get discussed in this episode. Also hear why the recording location had to unexpectedly move and why audio connection issues may be a thing of the past with this show.Here is the largely discussed clip from The Never-Ending Story: Schluether is a spiritual hypnotherapist and facilitateshttps://mindyoursubconscious.comConnect with Jenny on social media here:
Jennifer Schluether is a spiritual hypnotherapist and facilitateshttps://mindyoursubconscious.comIn the late spring / early summer of 2022 she posted two Instagram posts on the theme of what is keeping the collective disempowered and how can they break out of it?You can see part one here as this is what's discussed in this episode... theme perfectly fits the newly revamped Unexplained Inc. of how the unknown connects with the empowered. The conclusion of this discussion will air the following week.Connect with Jenny on social media here:
Unexplained Inc. is back!!!!It is kicking off the first ever seasonal format with an explosive episode one!In this episode Phantom Phil flies solo to discuss his healing journey through heavy metal music. Also the misconceptions and false stereotypes get examined. Phantom Phil even takes us back to his interview with Phil Jacobs of Toronto Sound Therapy from earlier this year to reinforce key points of this show.But the main themes revolve around two concepts1. Music heals and ascends consciousness of the individual or the collective2. Phantom Phil's journey with Metallica's Master Of Puppets and how the inclusion of the song on the Stranger Things season finale was a MAJOR breakthrough for collective consciousness and a victory of epic proportion for long serving metalhead worldwide.Here is a clip of that scene below: up as this new incarnation of Unexplained Inc....where the unknown connects with the empowered...gets real spicy and real emotional. Stay curious cause if you ain't curious you may as well already be dead.ConnectUnexplained Inc. on FB or InstagramConnect w/ Phantom Phil:Phantomphilunexplained@gmail.comIG: @phantom_phil_unexplainedTwitter: @phantomphil3
Happy Black Nobility Friday folks!During this mad time of the year it is the perfect day to drop the November edition of the Light Worker we are joined by Jennifer Schlueter who is calling in all the way from Capetown, South Africa. Here are some of the talking points of this episode...which had some time constraints:- Is the mania around Black Nobility Friday a form of hypnosis or spell-casting?- Steps to becoming a hypnotherapist and how it can boost your meditation practice- Past Life Regression- How Jennifer channels higher beings (ie: extraterrestrial entities) to aid with her practice- Is channeling really as dangerous as some say?- Are dark entities that sneak through channelling and other modalities a byproduct of unconscious shadow-work or unconscious personal manifestation?All this and much more on this edition of the Light Worker is where you can connect with Jennifer and learn more about her work:Website:https://mindyoursubconscious.comFacebook: to the Mind Your Subconscious podcast on Apple today!
Rev. Borwaski identifies as many things and has a remarkable story...her and Phantom Phil only scratch the surface on this chat that easily could have gone another couple of is some of the topics discussed:- Mela's difficult upbringing in an abusive religious cult- How she overcame that as well as years of bad luck and misfortune- The concept of forgiveness- Living with a rare condition commonly known as 'face blindness'- The definition of a green witch, a hedge witch and the real lowdown on the origins of witchcraft and how its supposed to be used for good- Hypnotherapy and Phantom Phil's misfortunes involving it- Spiritual entrepreneurialism- Ghost stories from South Carolina including the haunting of 'Bubba'Much more is discussed but stick around for the outro as you won't believe what happened after the two of them stopped recording!Find Mela and her work here: & Instagram under BelleBookCandleSCYoutube:
Calling an audible in the 11th hour a brand new guest comes to Unexplained Inc...Dr. Kristy Sumner PHD of Soul Sisters Paranormal stops by for an enlightening chat..Kristy and her twin sister Jenny founded this paranormal investigation team on a trip from their home base in central Florida all the way up to West Virginia where they stayed in an allegedly haunted penitentiary!!From there they had such a thirst for knowledge of the unexplained and coupled with their passion for road trips that they started Soul Sisters paranormal which would expand to include friends and more family...some of the topics discussed in this episode are:- The history of Soul Sisters Paranormal- How a twin connection can help aide paranormal investigations- The 'unromantic' side of investigating- Television ghost hunting shows & Unsolved Mysteries- Some hidden haunted gems in the US- Future investigative spots in Europe- Motorcycles...and much morehttps://www.soulsistersparanormal.comLearn more about the team and watch amazing video footage on unexplained phenomena caught on camera at their websiteAlso give 'em a follow on Facebook and Instagram!
Meet Daniel Jackson. He's a spirit medium...he refuses to use the term 'psychic'...his story is as real and unreal as any guest that has been on Unexplained Inc. He hosts the podcast Beyond The Veil. Here are just a few of the fascinating topics discussed in this interview:- Keeping a sound mind in and amongst the craziness- Daniel's odd paranormal experiences growing up- His incredible journey into mediumship after the age of 50- What really took him and his wife to relocate to southern Arizona?- His encounters with The Hat Man...who he is, where he's from and why he's here- How do his spirit guides and Archangel Michael communicate with him?- What are aliens in his view?- Shamanic Psychopomp- How many past life incarnation has Daniel had? How about Phantom Phil?- Approximately when are both of them going to die?- Just what is going on with that damn light switch?All this and much much more in a conversation that includes some red hot takes with synchronicity that you will not forget anytime soon! Stay curious!Connect with Spirit Medium Daniel here: to his podcast here:https://beyond-the-veil.comSupport our wonderful friends at the Sinister C&C: code PHANTOM10 for 10% off any purchase
I just turned 40 True Believers....and a new episode is available as my gift to you!This will detail where the show is at...where it is headed and why this ride for the Legion Of The True Believers will never be the same again!!!Stay curious...cause if you ain't curious you may as well already be dead!
Another edition of the Friday Night Fright brings  on a guest who shares a real-life haunting that deeply affected her and her surrounding family.Rene and her family moved from Michigan to Arizona and share a terrifying experience they had to live through when a former residence was placed onto an ancient Native burial ground. Rene grew up a member of the Apache tribe but had to seek out another one to help alleviate the situation. Phantom Phil then discusses famous alien and UFO stories tied to the Grand Canyon State...oh yeah and their family currently lives close to Superstition Mountain....more reason to drop this episode to Friday the 13th....hope you don't suffer from paraskavedekatriaphobiaAlso pay attention for several announcements throughout the episode including a new social media platform & an Unexplained Inc. store ready to be open for business??? More coming soon....
In this episode...Phantom Phil wraps up the true events that inspired Serpent And The Rainbow and breaks down the history and misconceptions of voodoo with CJ of the Infinite Rabbit Hole will hear...- How Phantom Phil and CJ perceived voodoo through pop culture- A David Lee Roth tie-in...yes you read that correctly!- How voodoo arrived in Haiti from Western Africa and how it helped ignite a revolution to overthrow French Colonial Rule- How the US government could have played a major role in the misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding voodoo- The story of Wade Davis and the events that helped him write the book Serpent And The Rainbow and how he wasn't thrilled with the film- The similarities voodoo shares with other theistic religions- The power of drumming and sonic drivers- Animal sacrifice  and so much more...Follow Infinite Rabbit Hole and Unexplained Inc. on social media!
Phantom Phil and Angel Card Amy explore the bizarre 1988 Wes Craven movie The Serpent And The Rainbow...there was so much to get into it couldn't be contained all in one is what was covered...***WARNING***This episode contains graphic content and is not recommended for sensitive ears...if this does not apply to you...carry on....- A rundown of the cast and crew- A brief rundown of the true events that lead to this movie- Canadian anthropologist Wade Davis and his book exploring the 'Zombie Powder'- The good the bad and the downright ugly of this film- Why Zekes Mokae makes a terrifying villain- What scene made position #29 on Bravo Network's Top 100 Scariest movie scenes ever?- Why the crew only lasted eleven days out of the thirty day filming schedule in Haiti- Was this film production cursed?- Phantom Phil recites a popular Youtube theory connecting this to another film dissected in a past case study...- Plus much more...Serpent & Child's Play theory: 
Jim Dean is based out of Canada's capital, Ottawa, ON. He started with the Haunted Walk as a tour guide and worked his way up the ladder. He started The Haunted Talks podcast in 2015 and his company have brought forward some unbelievable innovations to thrive during the second wave of this pandemic. Phantom Phil tried out these innovations before recording and shares some astounding findings in his report...they also talk about popular haunted spots within Ottawa and around the country...For any True Believers who dare try The Haunting at Home with a group of friends or family sign up here and use the promo code below: "unexplained" to get 40% off The Haunting at HomeFollow Unexplained Inc. on FB, Twitter & Instagram...also check out for past episodes + additional content
In this episode Dan Cumerlato (the very first guest of Unexplained Inc.) returns for one fun and informative this episode you will hear:- A rundown of the Niagara-On-The-Lake and Hamilton Ghost Tours- When and how Ghost Walks resumed amid the pandemic- Why Toronto and Cambridge had to go to on a temporary hiatus- Ouija Boards- Further insights from Dan's paranormal investigation days- 'Ghost-hunting' shows on television- Dan and Phantom Phil trading 'war' stories of strange 'street' peoplephantomphilunexplained@gmail.comEmail your stories or photos....Facebook & Twitter: Unexplained Inc.
Like the title says...Richard Fiennes-Clinton joins Unexplained Inc. and tells us about his business Muddy York Tours....Muddy York does many different tours focusing on the amazing hidden history of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. However the focus of this discussion will remain on his ghost tours and happenings at famous Toronto theatres and concert halls. Mysterious details of a former Canadian Prime-Minister will also be how ghost tours compare from here to the United KingdomUnexplained Inc....FB, Twitter....thephantomhub.comSoundstripe – A subscription based service that delivers high-quality and royalty-free music to licence for your podcast, videos or any other projects. All music used on Unexplained Inc. is delivered through this service. Click this affiliate link to sign up and get 10% off…promo code FRIGHT Soiree Fundraiser: Oct. tickets still available! Arbonne website: 
In the May edition of the Light-Worker series...psychic medium (and fellow Canadian) Courtney Dawson make her first appearance on Unexplained Inc...this is a highly articulate chat you DON'T want to are some of the subjects discussed:- Courtney's ability and development- Her online medium workshops- Her work as a spiritualist minister- Transparency and ethics in the profession- Protection tips- A commentary on the state of the vibration in the modern world- Of course...her work with Angel Card Amywww.mediumcourtneydawson.comFacebook Medium Courtney DawsonInstagram: mediumcourtneydawson
Tonight a good friend and colleague of previous guest Jason Hewlett stops by Unexplained Inc. for the very first time. Kelly Claire Berge is the leader of what is arguably considered the oldest not-for-profit paranormal research group in all of Canada. Here are some of the talking points touched upon in this episode:- Kelly's life-altering apparition that she saw in the summer of '72- How would one potentially join the VPS as in investigator?- Kelly's intense and dramatic spiritual awakening- NDE's and guardian angels- Those 'TV Ghost Hunters' again!- Final thoughts on Phantom Phil's photo from Halloween- Phantom Phil's Shamanic course on Psychopomp and how it loosely ties to paranormal investigation (or could)- Psychic mediums and why the VPS doesn't use their aidThis one really started to heat up as we were running out of time so Kelly will return one day for a second round. Here is where you can find out more about her work and the VPS: to Unexplained Inc. here: for updates here:
In this edition of Unexplained Inc. we are joined by someone who put their passions of motorcycle riding, photography and the paranormal all together and created Ghost Biker Expeditions. Her name is Miranda Young and she is a business partner of former Unexplained guest Dr. Kristy Sumner. Miranda joins us from the Scott County Jail near Huntsville, Tennessee where she works.In this episode she talks about their current offerings / activities and explains that spirit activity is very lively in that place. Although she didn't have any paranormal experiences growing up she has a fascinating story involving her elementary school that was allegedly haunted. She also explains the spiritual side of being a biker and how it has helped her grow her business and its tie ins to paranormal investigation.Perhaps the best part of this is show is how Miranda explains that her travel expeditions led her to uncover a treasure trove of hidden haunts that few outside of their selected counties even knew about. Also hear what kind of tricks she has up her sleeve to communicate with may surprise you!Check out Ghostbiker Explorations here:
For the first time since the spring Karly Van Every returns with a longer, deeper and more substantial chat with Phantom Phil on a variety of topics that include:- Breaking down on of Karly's Youtube videos on Residential Schools and energy loops- How to work through and avoid staying in victimhood- Shifts in the collective consciousness- The concept of Soul Families and the different types of them- Conversations and downloads from inter dimensional beings- Downloads from the dream world and spirit animal totems- Alternate realitiesPlus a surprise collective reading involving the Autumn SolsticeThis one goes in a number of amazing directions so sit back, relax and make sure you pack an open mind and you will enjoy!You can visit Karly's website and book services with her through here:karlyvanevery.comYou can view Karly's Youtube channel here:
On this edition of Unexplained Inc. after two near misses we finally have Stef from the Scottish And Scared podcast to grave our this episode she tells her stories of her own paranormal encounters and how they affected those around her!This episode follows a different format as Phantom Phil goes through each episode of the Scottish & Scared podcast as they true trade stories and analysis...this is an amazing history lesson of a small country north of include various themes as cryptids, curses, true crime, vampires, castles and of course the Loch Ness Monster!You can listen to Scottish and Scared here...or wherever you consume your podcasts:
In this episode Lindsey from the Rogue Ways podcast returns to discuss the relationship governments and power structures around the world have their hands in the occult and (possibly) dark magic rituals than you probably want to believe....this episode was inspired by the craziness of the upcoming US Presidential this episode we break down:- Lindsey's UFO stories she didn't get to on her last appearance- Canadian PM William Lyon McKenzie King- The Elite Families and generational bloodlines- Bohemian Grove- Hitler, the Nazis & The Thule Society's relationship with Vrill- Princess Diana's death & The Royal Family- Disgraced former British PM Edward Heath- Why this upcoming election may be a no-win situationFurther reading on Bohemian Grove: Soiree Fundraiser Oct. 29-31st...Some tickets still available:Purchase yours at the site below:
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