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Author: Munjiji

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Munjiji is the spokesperson for a group of beings in the invisible world. Their aim is to assist with our soul's evolution. The teachings are channelled through Letizia Mason and have been flowing through Letizia since 2007. The podcasts sometimes use Munjiji's voice but for brevity the majority are conveyed by Letizia's husband Richard. More teachings, radio interviews and contact are on YouTube also hosts more recordings and videos under the name Munjiji.
9 Episodes
Life After Death

Life After Death


As infinite beings living in eternity we ought to have a better sense of what happens when we discard our physical body. Most of us don't. However we grateful to Munjiji for giving a clear, step by step account of the processes we experience on leaving the body.
Years of Fire

Years of Fire


2020 and early 2021 are momentous times in our history. In this podcast Munjiji gives us a perspective that puts this into a spiritual context as well as reminding us that we entered the years of fire around 2012. The teaching gives us hope and a practice to use as an opportunity to grow consciously. Munjiji rarely gives predictions but instead gives us the tools and understanding to help us through the ever expanding cycle of life. Reminding us we are infinite beings living in eternity.
Does the pandemic affect the wider cosmos?
Why is the virus more deadly to the elderly?
Munjiji is asked "Should we put all our faith in the scientists at this time?"
Munjiji is asked:1) Will it be business as usual after the pandemic2) Will the world be poorer?
In this episode Munjiji is asked if there is a greater purpose behind the pandemic.
Munjiji says "Unregulated expansion kills."
Munjiji, a friend from the invisible world speaks through trance channel Letizia Mason. In this series of 7 episodes Munjiji answers questions put by  a small group of people concerning COVID 19.In this episode the questions are:1) why might we be more concerned about this virus than others?2) why has the virus appeared at this point in our history and not before?
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