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I’m taking a break for a couple of months, but first I want to thank a few people.There's some distortion of the sound in this episode. I think I got a bit too close to the mic in all my excitement.
It's hard to focus, to feel like you can do what needs to be done when there's chaos around you when you're living in a time of crisis, but we can’t just bury our heads in the sand. So how do we avoid overwhelm and keep moving forward?
EP 93 Starting Points

EP 93 Starting Points


It doesn’t matter how good your map or your plan is, if you don’t know where you’re starting from.
Dr. Isabeau Iqbal joined me to talk about “imposter syndrome” including where it comes from, how we can deal with our own, and how we can make wider changes to reduce the impact.You can find Isabeau at:website: isabeauiqbal.comsubscribe to monthly newsletter:
Educator and visual note-taker extrodinair, Giulia Forsythe joined me to talk about how doodling helps her be a better listener, problem solver and communicator. She also explains why she shares her doodles openly and freely. Check out Giulia’s amazing doodles on her web site and her Flickr account more on visual note taking, see these resources that Giulia shared:Sketchnote Handbook is a great physical book to reference.Mike Rhodes has a few video webinars online so something like this might be just as good: wonderful is Dave Gray's Visual Thinking Basics page (
Song-writer and recording artist Laney Jones joined me to talk about her new album Stories Up. We also chatted about our out-of-the ordinary family pets while growing up, putting yourself out there to take advantage of opportunities, and about our mutual love of baseball. You can find out more about Laney and listen to her music on her website at
Lena Patterson, the President of Open Education Global joined me to talk about the challenges and responsibilities of women in leadership roles, doing leadership transitions with care, and the role of the open movement in supporting Ukrainian refugees.
There is no one thing that keeps me mentally healthy. There is no one set of things that will work for everyone. In this episode I talk about the 8 pillars of my mental health. Have a listen and make your own list.Link to blog posts I mentioned in this episode:No More Waking Up To ‘Oh crap, I forgot to …” Your Week -
EP 87 Starting Small

EP 87 Starting Small


What small steps could you be taking to make your life, or even just your day, better?
In this episode I talk about a quote from Khail Gibran and the Serenity Prayer, and avoiding anxiety about things you can’t control. You also may hear my dog snoring.As mentioned in the episode:Sign up to receive a weekly email with a summary of the latest content -
We had to say goodbye to one of our dogs last week. As a tribute to her, this episode is about some of the lessons I’ve learned from our dogs over the years.
We can set all the boundaries we want, but often we’re the first ones to violate them.
We should celebrate our accomplishments, including thanking those who helped us. We need to share our failures to help others and fight our own imposter syndrome. And we need to relish the boring days. Have a listen to hear how all of this helps with mental health.
Here are some of the things that are making me happy right now. How about you?1000 Awesome Things (website I mentioned in this episode)
Professor, clinical psychologist, and co-founder of Teach Me Self Care ( Jorden Cummings joined me to talk about not only the importance of self-care, but also finding real self care that works for each individual person.
Having the right words is vital to good communication. Having the right words to describe our emotions is necessary for our well-being
Terry Greene, the host of the Gettin’ Air podcast and the Senior eLearning Designer at Trent University, joined me to talk about our mutual love of podcasting and two new projects where students acted as co-designers to create materials to help other students succeed in higher education.Gettin’Air Podcast - Learners Project - to Be Human Together -
Professor and writer Loleen Berdahl was back on the podcast to talk about dumping SMART goals for EASY goals, why we need to act before we feel motivated and why it’s not selfish to just take time to think. You can read her blog / newsletter at
My good friend Jennifer Diehr joined me again to talk about books, this time focusing on book banning, the importance of learning about history, and Judy Blume. Plus, we talk about how the Green Room for the Better Me Podcast is seriously lacking.You can follow Jennifer on Instagram at @jendiehr
My daughter Sydney joined me on the show for the third time, this time to talk about going from being a tween to a teen, starting high school in a few months, book banning, and baseball. This was a fun and interesting conversation.
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