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Host Steve Fredlund engages with (i.e grills) interesting people to explore their lives and mine for insights to help all of us live our most fulfilling lives. Support at
22 Episodes
Steve Fredlund chats with Renee Dineen, owner of RMD Coaching and Consulting, specializing in Leadership Development. After a career in high tech and biotech, including five years in Switzerland, Renee launched out on her own. In this episode she explores that transition and the journey of becoming a TEDx speaker. Find out more or connect with Renee at,, or through Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can watch her TEDx talk at 
Steve Fredlund chats with Amor Traceski who wrote "Been There, Done That" as a reference manual for those diagnosed with cancer. Amor is a two-time cancer survivor (breast, ovarian) who talks about our hidden strength and the placebo affect, inviting us to continually believe in a positive future. She can be reached through facebook or
Steve Fredlund chats with Bonnie Flemington, a nutritionist specializing in helping people use nutrition too support their ultimate life goals.  Grounded in her own journey to overcome join pain as a young mother of three, Bonnie empathizes with the emotional side of dealing with chronic pain yet as a former accountant she has the analytical prowess to find optimal solutions. You can find out more about her at, where you can also find out how to reach her.
 | Matt Berkey has been playing and profiting as a professional poker player- amassing nearly $4 million in tournaments to date. He run the Solve for Why poker training academy and is a student of life, always trying to improve himself but not to the detriment of others.
Steve Fredlund chats with Andrea Ngui, a results mindset coach & functional medicine practitioner living in Nova Scotia, Canada. She has a passion for helping people become healthier both physically and mentally. She can be reached through
Larry Ostrom is one of those people with an interesting story and perspective that host Steve Fredlund has wanted to chat with for a while. In this discussions they talk about Larry's history teaching art, living during the hippie period in history, and his great times making music with others. 
Steve Fredlund hangs out with Krista Rizzo, who transitioned from the corporate world and began speaking and coaching, with a focus that ultimately became relationship improvements. Her book, "Why am I Yelling?" became a best seller. You can find all her information at or through social media outlets with the handle whyamiyelling_ or just look for her on YouTube.
Steve Fredlund chats with Morag Barrett, Founder and CEO of Skye Team ( with expertise in leadership development. Morag changed coursed from engineering to leadership development several years ago and has not looked back, bringing her passion for people to the forefront of helping organizations become the best they can be. Connect with Morag at
Steve Fredlund chats with Maria Romano, who is a dating coach and "ministry of love." As an entrepreneur, Maria runs Love Knots Las Vegas (find at to give people amazing marriage experiences.
Steve Fredlund welcomes Luke Soderling, a cancer survivor and winner of the Discovery Channel survival show, "The Wheel." As a speaker, Luke connects everyday life to these experiences, inspiring people to never quit. Connect with him at
Steve Fredlund chats with Terri Lonowski, who created a five-component approach, culminating from years of personal and professional experiences, which offers ways to weave higher-level communication skills into all of our interactions, "one Soulful Listening" conversation at a time.  Information is available at
Steve Fredlund welcomes John Kriesel who shares his story of losing his legs in Iraq and how he has turned that tragedy into positively motivating people to overcome adversity through his speaking and writing. John was also elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives and is a part-time on-air personality at KFAN 100.3FM in Minneapolis. Get more information at
Ep 010 - Fedor Holz

Ep 010 - Fedor Holz


Steve Fredlund chats with Fedor Holz who, at the age of 26, has made more than $30 million playing poker and was widely regarded as the top player in the world. He now focuses on other ventures and has a compelling perspective on the world.  You can follow him on Twitter @crownupguy or check out his website at
Ep 009 - Cuyla Coogan

Ep 009 - Cuyla Coogan


Host Steve Fredlund hangs out with Cuyla Coogan who is a coach and a mentor helping people, especially those in the LGBTQ+ community, become fully alive. This fantastic discussion went by way too fast, but if you want to hear more from Cuyla, go to
Ep 008 - Mike Iskandar

Ep 008 - Mike Iskandar


Host Steve Fredlund chats with Mike Iskandar, who is Founder and Guide of "Time Travel Journeys" which can be found at  - Mike has an interesting outlook on life and his notion of looking back and understanding life at every age is truly unique.
Steve Fredlund chats with Giampiero Scattolon, who is committed to helping become become their true selves. Through empathetic listening, Giampiero brings people to a realization that they are the hero on their journey, a quest to be the light at the end of their own tunnel. If you just want someone to speak with, or want to find out more, reach out to
Ep 006 - Amy Lyle

Ep 006 - Amy Lyle


Amy Lyle is an author, comedian, actress, screenwriter, and host of the streaming show, "In the Burbs." Her books include "The Amy Binegar-Kimmes-Lyle Book of Failures: A funny memoir of missteps, inadequacies, and faux pas" and "We're All A Mess, It's OK: A collection of funny essays and one-liners about the struggles of everyday life." You can connect with her at or on Twitter @amylyle or instagram @AmyLyleAuthor
Ep 005 - Kim Korven

Ep 005 - Kim Korven


Host Steve Fredlund sits down with Kim Korven who leads the Gentle Way Divorce Consultants. Kim works with her clients to approach divorce as a life event, helping them walk through that process in a way that minimizes the stress and long-term negative ramifications of divorce.
Ep 004 - David Daniel

Ep 004 - David Daniel


David Daniel is a high-performance coach inviting all of us to be the person the world needs us to be. He has a deep knowledge of the human brain and how that can help, and get in our way, of being fully released to live our best lives. David lives in Maine with his wife and daughter. You can connect with David through
Emily has lived, worked and studied in the UK, USA and Australia, where she advocates for people’s best life. She is offering a free hour of visioning for listeners of "just Steve" and would love to have you take her up on it!  Check out her website at or email her directly at
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