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Author: Dr. Megan Galaske, MD, Sara Rosser, CPM

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The wall has been built between Western medicine and alternative healing, and it's time to demolish it. Wild Healers is an innovative, inclusive podcast bridging the divide between science-based Western medical expertise and more ancient, intuitive healing for the modern era. Visionary hosts Dr. Megan Galaske, MD and Sara Rosser, CPM bring an expansive, transformative, and powerful message of hope for a healthcare system that is split at its core. They teach us that when the polarizing world of medicine is approached by sage, educated women, healing can begin...and they hope to provide a good laugh along the way. Dr. Megan Galaske, MD, is a physician trained in contemporary Western medicine with a passion for alternative healing and whole patient care. Sara Rosser, CPM is a home-birth midwife practicing with revered experts in the field at The Farm Midwifery Center in Summertown, TN.
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The healers get witchy in this episode of Wild Healers. We are honored to interview Holly! Holly Ramey is an intuitive Tarot reader, a Reiki Master (and Dr. Galaske’s Reiki teacher), an over 1,000hr yoga certified practitioner, and Chakra worker. Holly has been a healer for over 15 years and has so much deep knowledge and wisdom to share with Megan and Sara. Sara feels a close connection with Holly, being an assistant at her birth. Megan feels honored to have Holly, who gave her her Reiki Attunement and training. Holly delves into various forms of energy and intuitive healing, and answers the question of this is too “out there” for you.PLUS the healers get a LIVE tarot read on-air with Holly...and the results will surprise you and give some more insight into your hosts.Find Holly D. Ramey on Instagram @hollydrameyAnd join her upcoming Sacred Wheel course coming October 2020 at http://www.holeyramey.comYou can also sign up for her virtual new and full moon ceremonies as well as Reiki and Tarot reads! 
Your hosts Sara Rosser and Dr. Megan Galaske were fortunate to interview the founders of TRILUNA Wellness, Ashley Brooke James and Elizabeth Moore. Join them as they discuss community, corporate and individual wellness that surpasses the boundaries of “wellness culture”.  If you’re tired of being fed a version of this industry that is exclusive, inaccessible and one-size-fits-all,  then we invite you to join this conversation. We’ll dig into necessary conversations about reforming and demanding justice in a culture that once thrived on elitism. Follow the powerful work of TRILUNA at: or on Instagram
Dr. Galaske makes a personal announcement on this special episode of Wild Healers.Dr. Megan Galaske and her husband Nathan are excited to announce their new online community for busy parents adjusting to schooling from home this year- Camp School. They provide an interactive daily schedule, community, and enrichment courses in everything from axe wielding to ballet lessons. They have a passion for leading families from overwhelm to survival. They are ready to guide others, just as they have worked so hard this year to keep their own family afloat. From Dr. Galaske: I'm not going anywhere-not away from Wild Healers. Sara and I still have so much to say about the current state of healing, and we are so grateful for the opportunity to share our musings here with you. Leaving clinical practice was a difficult decision-one that's been a year in the making. I've been waiting for the right time to tell you all, and that time is now. I may not be leaving forever, but for now, this is what my family-and I- need. I've been keeping this close to my heart since I resigned in February of 2020-3 weeks before COVID-19 hit. I felt my duty as a doctor during this trying time continue to call me to the practice of medicine for all these months. But now it's finally time to leave.I believe in my intuitive Knowing that I am on this earth to help families and children. My path has led me down a very windy road-one that I honestly have not understood at multiple times during my life. But I know it has led me to just where I'm supposed to be. I'm honored you all have let me into your lives and I will continue to serve you where you need me. I hope as we all learn what it truly is to die to ego and to self daily, and to resurrect the True Self, that I can continue to grow and change and learn from you all and that I can be a conduit of love in whatever way I am blessed to be able to. Thank you all truly, it is an honor to love you and feel your love back in return.
As we have our children in our homes, have them possibly around others outside the home (2020 will end one day...), and send them to school, how can we discuss our autonomy over our bodies in an effective way? It's a conversation we all need to be having, yet sometimes it feels so difficult to navigate we can find ourselves avoiding it. Maybe we feel uncomfortable due to the way we were raised or taught. Maybe we have experienced trauma ourselves and bringing it up is painful. We hope to provide support and ideas for you in this episode, by approaching a delicate task in a way we hope empowers you and your family.Resources"Hands are Not for Hitting" by Martine AgassiNational Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-4673Websites to report abuse/seek helphttps://www.plannedparenthood.orghttps://www.rainn.orghttps://thehotline.org
Homeschool! Masks! Public School! Ahhh! The next seemingly overwhelming but potentially transformative step in this pandemic is deciding what to do with our children’s schooling. What’s best for our family? What’s best for health? What’s best for the economy? What’s best for my immunocompromised neighbor? What’s best for me?! In a world of never-ending swirling questions that sometimes make it feel like we are more opposite than ever, we remember:  We are more alike than we are different. 
Mid 2020 Check Up

Mid 2020 Check Up


2020, the year of rebirth. Your hosts check in on each other, in the midst of global upheaval. It’s a picture quite different than they had anticipated for the year they started this journey—but perhaps the perfect time for surrendering to birthing pains of a new world. As Dr. Galaske and Sara open up about how they feel during a global pandemic and social revolution, they give each other (and hopefully you) encouragement to keep up the fight even when weary.  We are just, as Ram Dass said, walking each other home. 
In our continuing mini series "Racial Disparities in Healthcare",  we have the great honor of hearing from Dr. Kooka Joseph, a palliative/hospice care healer, mother of two, and all-star doctor. She discusses her experiences in moving to the US from Haiti to continue her medical education, and what she has seen from both a patient and physician viewpoint. She enlightens us on what it means to provide end-of-life care for patients and families, and how much culture and racial/ethnic differences play into how we want to be treated in the most vulnerable of times. She provides actionable steps to how we may forge a better way forward in our treatment of Black patients and their families, as well as Black healthcare providers. 
In this first installment of our series "Racial Disparities in Healthcare", we are so pleased to open the floor to Kiki Beswick, a doula in the Minneapolis area. Your hosts feel so honored to hear from Kiki and her perspective on the state of healthcare for Black people in America. The Chocolate Milk Club breastfeeding education and support to low income African American women at no cost. We provide education and support through home visits, support groups and other activities throughout the year.——————————————————————————the crisis nursery a trusted resource for families, the Nursery focuses on prevention by offering free, voluntary services for parents who face barriers such as unemployment, homelessness, medical or mental health concerns, poverty, domestic violence, or other difficult situations.——————————————————— our ongoing work to end prison birth in America. For the month of June 2020, all donations to the Ostara Initiative and it's programs will go directly to the salaries of Black birth workers on our team with the intention of securing these positions throughout these co occurring crises. ——————————————————————black immigrant collective Black Immigrant Collective is a Minnesota Black-led immigrant org that works at the intersection of Blackness and migration. Our work includes: mutual aid support; deportation & detention defense; local, state & federal policy and resource sharing inc————————————————— Minnesota Healing Justice Network is a collaborative network of over 100 community healers, bodyworkers & birthworkers, therapists & herbalists, artists & educators, nurses & more centering the wellness of Black and Brown families through mutual aid, health equity and solidarity.donation link:“4 ways to help” :
Today we dig deep into what makes your hosts work. What lights up their brains? What are some of their greatest challenges? Some of you may be sick of the Enneagram, and some may have never heard of it...we try to cater to both. For those of you that have been hiding under a rock, here are the Enneagram types:1) The Reformer- High moral standard; perfectionistic tendencies2) The Helper-Thrives off of helping others; often acts young in the best way3) The Achiever- Loves hitting goals; aims high, often gets what they set out for4) The Individualist-Values being different; longs for understanding of self and others5) The Investigator-Holds knowledge in the highest regard; values learning6) The Loyalist- Committed and reliable; trustworthy7) The Enthusiast- The life of the party; loves making everyone feel good8) The Challenger-Holds space for the broken; values redemption and equality9) The Peacemaker-Your best friend; conforms but may lose sense of selfWe urge everyone to seek out better ways of communication so that we may understand each other better as health care providers, patients, and humans. 
In this episode of Wild Healers, we interview Dr. Nathan Riley, OBGYN and Palliative Care Physician. Following his viral article on his departure from hospital based birth, we discuss respect, consent & collaboration. Dr. Riley’s advocacy and dedication to human rights in obstetrics is unmatched. Join Dr. Megan Galaske, Midwife Sara Rosser & Dr. Nathan Riley as they delve into the necessary discussion of consent and autonomy in obstetrical care.
If you've ever loved your body, hated your body, missed how your body was, wished your body was different, or all of the above...this is your episode. Megan Galaske, MD and Sara Rosser, CPM sit down to have a frank discussion on the body positivity movement, diet culture, obesity, and health. Yes, we said it, the "O" word-obesity. In a time were a celebrity is simultaneously applauded and shamed for losing weight, which side is right? Is there a way back to loving and accepting our bodies and ourselves? Can we grow to love our changing bodies? And do doctors and health practitioners actually care about us? Or do they make snap judgements based on weight? How does having extra fat on our bodies actually risk our health? And why do we care?We would love to return to ourselves and start loving ourselves in a deep way again. A way that respects our bodies physical wellbeing to the best of our abilities instead of going on auto-pilot. A way that allows us to listen to what our bodies tell us they need. We hope to begin at least healing in our own journeys, and hopefully you will find the entrance to your own healing path along the way. 
Bridging the Great Divide

Bridging the Great Divide


In this episode, hosts Megan Galaske, MD and Sara Rosser, CPM approach the cause of the divide among cultures within medicine. They’ll discuss the history of their practices, the social response, and then practical approaches to healing. How did we get here and what to we do about it? Join us for this pivotal episode of Wild Healers. Resources:AMA Journal of Ethics - Sneha Mantri “Holistic Medicine and the Western Medical TraditioWitch Dekker, PhD: Bible:Exodus 1:17Sex Explained, Childbirth
In this episode, we bring you our first powerhouse guest, Dr. Ni-Cheng Liang, a pulmonologist and mindfulness expert based out of California. COVID-19 has brought a wave of uncertainty and (let's be honest) brings up our deepest fears, old habits, and stress responses that we feel in our minds and bodies. Enter the perfect doc for healing those wounds-- Dr. Liang. We talk about mindfulness as a way of living, beating breast cancer, and ummmm...toilet meditations? She also leads us through a calming and oh-so-needed guided body scan/meditation that Megan and Sara leave feeling super relaxed. Dr. Liang is nationally recognized for her work with mindfulness practices and for her role as a pulmonologist and teacher. She is also a breast cancer survivor, avid paddle board racer, and all-around medical queen. She is the director of Pulmonary Integrative Medicine at Coastal Pulmonary Associates through Scripps. She is an assistant professor at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine and has served as the USCD Center for Mindfulness Executive Director. She has received the UCSD Academy of Clinician Scholars Kaiser Teaching Award two times and is the 2019 American Lung Association San Diego Lung Health Provider of the Year. She has formed the newly appointed Mindful Healthcare Collective, a group of coaches and physicians taking the reins in helping healthcare workers and patients alike with the ever-changing landscape of health. Episode Resources:BAT acronym:BreatheAttend to your thoughtsTransition to how you will handle the situationRAIN acronym:Realize discomfortAccept what isInvestigate your responseNurture yourselfSTOP acronym:StopTake a breathObserveProcede http://www.mindfulhealthcarecollective.com
The wall has been built between Western medicine and alternative healing, and it's time to demolish it. In this inaugural episode, we introduce your hosts Dr. Megan Galaske MD, and Sara Rosser, CPM-a vivacious, mouthy, and whip-smart duo that guide you through the seemingly dichotomous world of modern medicine. These wise women want to bridge the gap between the apparent discordance of Western medicine and more holistic, ancient healing. They spread a message of unification rather than division. They see how tension in healthcare effects both the provider and the patient, and hope to provide an innovative, visionary, and relevant approach to medicine that gives space for their listeners to contemplate boundless opportunities for healing...and hopefully provide a good laugh along the way. 
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