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Author: Christopher J. Miller

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A Spiritual Artist with Christopher Miller is a podcast series that shares stories of enlightenment and growth from conversations with today’s spiritual artists and thought leaders. An artist is defined as anyone that is consciously connected, present and inspired while practicing their discipline. Conversations with guests explore how making art engages us in emotional, wholistic and spiritual growth. Christopher Miller is an artist and produces the Urban Artist Market in Dallas, Texas.
16 Episodes
Cincinnati Prize-winning Violinist and Life and Artistry Coach for musicians Jennifer Roig-Francolí shares her “The Art of Freedom® Method” and its roots in The Alexander Technique. Jennifer uses her method to help musicians feel better and play better by overcoming physical and mindset hurdles getting in their way. The conversation includes Jennifer’s hands-off process to integrate the mind and body with non-doing. The human organism is a two-way system of mind and body.  When we choose to think differently, we can change lifetime habits for greater physical ease and happiness. As humans, we can’t always trust our feelings due to faulty sensory appreciation. Still, by learning how to be consciously curious, we can begin to identify the root causes of blocked energy and creativity and effect positive change in our lives and artistry. Access the Primal Alexander™ Awareness Etude called TheCyCle™ mentioned in this podcast by visiting: learn more about Jennifer’s services, visit or join her free Facebook group for musicians:
What are the gifts of creative expression? Can creativity help us navigate illness and grief? Artist and Certified Educator for Golden Artist Colors Melanie Brannan uses painting and writing to share stories of her journey with House Manager and Gallery Director Maryann Wegloski through nodular melanoma diagnosis. In this podcast, Melanie reveals her current solo show "A Celebration of Friendship" at the Eisemann Center for Performing Arts in Richardson, Texas. Each painting includes a descriptive story that explains the love, laughter, and lament experienced through Melanie’s and Maryann’s journey together. Conversation highlights include the importance of appreciating our relationships, investing in our friends, and the art of listening. There is a spiritual gift in every life experience if only we decide to be present to what is. The exhibit remains on display from March 3 through May 31, 2021. One hundred percent of the sales after expenses will be donated to AIM at Melanoma Foundation. For more information about Melanie and her current exhibition, visit or purchase paintings at 
Previous guest and musician Robin Hackett returns to share her new book release, “The Creative You; a step-by-step guide to recovering that part in you that wants to express creatively. Robin introduces her Fairy God Muse and how she follows her intuition. She explains how many people, especially women, experience an artistic wound in their childhood. As a result, a rowdy cast of characters, including Negative Nelly, take residence in their heads and hold them back from their creativity. The discussion reviews the importance of being in the action of allowing rather than focusing on the finished product and how “thinking disturbs the flow of creativity.” As an artist, we are in service to others and touching their lives. The podcast ends with Robin’s seven-step process; remember, release, reclaim, reconnect, receive, rejoice and repeat. For more information on Robin’s albums and books, visit
New Mexico Fiber Artist Cheryl R. Janis explains her meditative preparation before weaving, her conscious choice of cruelty-free, ethical fibers, and the use of her intuitive and empathic faculties while weaving. How do we connect with Spirit during the creative process? Does our choice of material carry a consciousness ? As a highly-sensitive person (HSP), Cheryl shares her walk through her "Dark Night of the Soul," where she cleared past issues and revealed her connection to all that is. She emphasizes the importance of setting a firm intention before beginning work and listening to Spirit's subtle energies.The conversation includes references to Eckhart Tolle's meditative practices and Elaine N. Aron's "The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You."Cheryl R. Janis is a fiber artist with a wellness design background. Cheryl specializes in high-texture modern weaves made with small-batch, organic, raw, and ethical fibers. For more information, visit or For assistance with HSP, visit Cheryl's energy healing website:
Host Christopher J. Miller interviews spiritual songwriter Gary Lynn Floyd on his newest album and the presence of love when writing his music. The episode begins with a sample of the first song on Gary’s latest album,“Back to the Essence” based on the first days of COVID.Gary shares his thoughts on accessing creativity with love consciousness during the moments of forced separation that we are all experiencing during the pandemic. What’s the difference between choosing alone time and being forced to be alone? Gary reflects on past relationships and the need to return to love for healing.Conversation reviews the challenge of duality in spirituality, the use of infinite intelligence, and the power of your thoughts when manifesting. Gary reminds us to take personal responsibility for the world we have created in our lives and showing up in love.Is God in everyone, as one of Gary’s song titles implies? According to Gary, that spark of divinity is in all of us to that extent that we are self-aware and can embody.Chris shares his thoughts regarding Gary’s newly released song, “Nothing’s Alright,” and the ability to accept the current situation during the creative process and welcoming the final creative result as is.Gary Lynn Floyd is currently the Artist in Residence at the Center for Spiritual Living Reno and has performed since 14. He has produced many albums including, BodySoul, My 88Keys vol 1 Unplugged, My 88Keys vol 2 Quarantined, and Floyd-Lula 2. For more information, visit
In this episode, Host Christopher J. Miller plays turn-about with recent guest and wordsmith Wilene Dunn. Wilene initiates a dialogue with Chris about his new book, The Spiritual Artist.  Chris also shares his creative expression through the Urban Artist Market and the founding of The Spiritual Artist Podcast.In addition to sharing his journey while writing the book, Chris explains how names separate us from our relationship to  Greater Power and Spiritual Truths, and why he uses the practice of inserting a blank line within the book's copy to allow the reader to participate by using their name for this Greater Power.What is that power that we connect with when creating? How can we practice revealing that consciousness within? In his book, Chris suggests a process to achieve this state. As the interviewer, Wilene invites him to highlight one of his favorite chapters, The Intelligence of Being, where he explains that everyone has a unique creative expression, whether they are conscious of its presence or not.After Chris shares his Spiritual Life Coach training at A Center for Spiritual Living in Dallas, the interview closes. According to Chris, "Everyone is special and worthy in Spirit." For more information, visit
Host, Christopher Miller shares Harold Rosenberg’s concept of Action Painting with Painter, Sumi-e Painter, and Collagist Randy Padorr-Black. Padorr-Black details his understanding of the timeless state of flow, a portal between two zones, time-space and no time-space where intuition creeps into his creative work. He explains that when an artist creates in that space, they create a “portal piece.”The conversation includes the importance of the meditative state in the creative process. Padorr-Black shares being inspired by Chogyam Trungpa’s book, “Meditation in Action,” and Zen Buddhism, when he was young. He explains how abstract expressionism and Sumi-e painting help him move through fear and unblock his mind.For more information on Randy Padorr-Black, see his work at
Host Christopher Miller interviews North Texas jewelry designer and painter Dana Brock on the opportunities presented by perfectionism during the creative process. Dana details how she learned to embrace imperfection in her jewelry design and was surprised to discover customers seeking out those inconsistencies. Dana introduces the ancient Japanese tradition of Wabi-sabi; an aesthetic described as one of beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.” While pursuing imperfection requires vulnerability, the rewards are endless according to Dana. Conversation also includes discussion of Twyla Tharpe’s exploration of hardwired Creative DNA in every artist. Dana participates in the Urban Artist Market and the Millhouse Art-fest. Her work is always presented at the MillHouse ArtBlock in the Cotton Mill, where she keeps a studio under the name, “Dzyn by Dana.” For more information, visit and
Host Christopher Miller interviews actor/director/teacher Terry Martin on practicing intentional presence during the creative process. Reveal your authentic point of view by turning off the critical editor in your head, withholding judgment and walking through the fear. Terry shares insights into the repetition exercise, the foundation of the Sanford Meisner Technique, discusses “Intention of Attention” and the importance of being in the moment when acting or doing any creative process. Discussion includes quotes from Anne Bogart’s “What’s the Story: Essays about Art, Theater and Storytelling” and the challenges of performing in “The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey” by James Lecesne. According to Terry, “Your unique point of view is your voice to the world.” For more information, visit
Host Christopher Miller interviews Dallas yoga teacher Lisa Coyle on the mind-body connection. She shares how the body carries the burdens held by the mind and the ways that we can release these stored emotions. Conversation highlights include using breath as a bridge between body and mind and what Eckhart Tolle means by his term Pain Body. Plus, discover how Yoga Nidra can shift your mind with the 61 Point Relaxation Practice that corrals the mind’s movement. According to Lisa, the cure is right next to the body and when we learn to quiet the mind we reveal the intrinsic power of healing. Practice with Lisa at The Mat Yoga Studio in Dallas,
Host Christopher Miller interviews Dallas singer/songwriter Robin Hackett about the source of her creative inspiration. Robin introduces her song, "Love is what we're here for," and its message. She cites her recognition and connection with oneness as the driving force behind her lyrics and notes that people use different terms for this energy. Some call it God, Divine Intelligence, Source but they are all one according to Robin. She believes in receiving from this source rather than forcing a manufactured creativity. Episode includes the importance of showing up, original connection and gratitude in the creative process. For more information, visit Miller is an artist and producer of the Urban Artist Market. Visit or for more information.
Host Christopher Miller interviews Dallas mixed-media artist Rebecca Collins on her process of working with and through fear when creating art. Rebecca shares her insights  dealing with Stage 4 Cancer and a global Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to these external fears, Rebecca discusses showing up and the use of detachment while struggling with internal fears of failure. Collins details her use of meditative sketching while drawing healthy cancer cells and terms the process as a form of cellular mythology. Episode also reviews mindful mark making and the healing practice of art. For more information on Rebecca's art, Chris Miller is an artist and producer of the Urban Artist Market. Visit or for more information.
Author and Business Entrepreneur Wilene Dunn details the importance of our everyday language. Are our words moving us toward our goals or further way? Host Christopher Miller interviews Wilene about the importance of word choice when speaking and manifesting.Conversation includes highlights from Florence Scovel Shinn’s books “The Game of Life and How to Play it” and “Your Word is Your Wand.” According to Wilene, Shinn emphasizes that words should reveal a “flash of the fulfillment of the demand.”Understanding what you want is key to your word selection. Wilene explains how each word has a specific energy and visual power. She demonstrates our ability to stand in peace during something as strenuous and stressful as the COVID-19 epidemic by our conscious choice of words.Wilene Dunn is an entrepreneur, innovator and author focused on building creative businesses that foster and strengthen individuals through networking, coaching and program development. For more information on Wilene, visit and
Host Christopher Miller interviews Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Therapist, LCSW Peggy Roberts on the definition of Transpersonal Therapy. Discussion enlightens what it means to connect to a power greater than one's own and be in the state of a “Spiritual Artist.” Peggy details the difference between the creative process performed by ego as opposed to Spirit and reviews Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.Conversation highlights the importance of ritual when engaging Spirit, creating a sacred space and solitude. Peggy presents different tools to employ that release your creative Spirit including music, dance, meditation, yoga, memory recall and even humming!Peggy explores her use of color therapy as a healing mechanism and explains its roots in Steven Vasquez’ process of Emotional Transformation Therapy. Conversation ends with the importance of learning to “be present to oneself” and remembering the truth of your being.Peggy provides therapy and coaching in issues of anxiety, coping skills, divorce, processing grief, life coaching, relationship and self esteem. She is available in person or online. For more information, call 817.988.3578.
Host Christopher Miller interviews landscape architect/teacher Michael Parkey, ASLA on the art of listening during the creative process. Michael introduces listening for the Genius Loci or “Guardian Spirit of a Place.” As artists, we’re asked to be still, be present and avoid the temptation to force a solution. Conversation details Michael’s learned process including years of practice, focused concentration and “dreaming with his eyes open” that helps him identify the emotional feeling of a project.  He cautions to avoid formulaic work while letting the creative process unfold. Discussion also includes reference to Mark Nepo’s “Seven Thousand Ways to Listen,” and the learnable ability to visualize a project before it’s begun. Michael has taught courses on landscape design and native plans for Southern Methodist University, and frequently lectures on the same topics. His articles, designs, and illustrations have appeared in several books and periodicals, and he has frequently contributed to The Dallas Morning News. His designs have received awards from the City of Dallas and the American Society of Landscape Architects. For more information, visit
Host Christopher Miller interviews writer, speaker, and spiritual coach Tracy Brown on breaking through limiting beliefs and writer’s block during the creative process. When we step “into” the creative process, we can choose a different behavioral response to develop new beliefs that are grounded in feeling. Tracy reviews 12-step programs and their focus on changing behavior to create new thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  Discussion includes building a framework for creativity while learning to listen for inspired guidance in the process. Tracy Brown is the author of “Stained Glass Spirit: Becoming a Spiritual Community Where Oneness Does Not Require Sameness” and, “I Turn to Prayer” a collection of prayers written in a variety of formats. Many people know her as the moderator of the public Facebook group: What is Mine to Do, where group members focus on personal responsibility to break the cycle of race-based hatred and violence. For more information, visit or
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