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Skeptical activist Kenny Biddle (pictured) is a former ghost-hunter and paranormal investigator who was converted by what he learned while trying to prove ghosts are real? Source: "Kenny Biddle… was a paranormal investigator until he began questioning ghost photographs he and his peers kept shooting”.
Author of 2 books and Now radio host - Real Talk with Dom Joins us for an hour chatting about his show and more. His show debuts Monday at 10pm on, Spreaker and more. Make sure you check it out. Dom books are specifically - Poetry! These are not your normal poems. But, take a look support an artist and enjoy!
Urban legends, Ghost stories. Do you have any? We sit down with Liz & Frank Clevenger from the Roots Bleed Red Show and Psychic Cindy from Just Cindy and Paratalkradio and discuss local tales, Legends and stories.
Just spending some time with friends, chatting about the Craft! Witchcraft of today.
just visiting with friends.
Pokémon Go shattered download and sales records when it was introduced in 2016, utilizing a unique mix of Niantic’s Augmented Reality (AR) technology and Nintendo’s monster-catching franchise. When the mobile video game first debuted, some critics wondered whether the game would be sustainable and attractive to users beyond its fad stage. Two years on, Pokémon Go is showing no signs of going away any time soon, with more than 800 million downloads.
When the world, like today has so much hatred and drama, it seems some people look for the fun and laughter that still exists in the world. If they don't find it, they create it for all the world to see and feel. Though some topics they cover are sometimes real and spooky, the fun just seems to pop out when they least expect it. A couple of my good friends have started this venture and have decided to share with Talk with Teddy and his followers. So, tune in Tues evening and lets laugh a little.
We talk with a couple fireman about volunteer service and more. Get out there and make a difference
Talk with Teddy Game Night. Family Feud style game. Lots of fun. It gets a bit weird.
The Tejon Street Corner Thieveshail from the Colorado Rockies. The outlaw blues and trash-grass pioneers forged their original brand of whiskey roots from the ground up. Honing their craft on the streets, they swiftly gained recognition from the music community with the 2015 Gazette “Best of the Springs” award, 2017 Pikes Peak Art Council “Best In Show”, and 2018 Colorado Springs Independent “Best Original Band”. As a nationally touring act, the band has become notorious for their shenanigans and over the top live performance. TSCT’s consistent show schedule and heart filled showmanship has captured the hearts of show goers everywhere. These guys are wild.
Rarely do i take on a topic of something too serious and bring it to my show However, I just did! We will be talking with some gentleman about the issues and fear of Monogamy in the gay world of men.Does this exist?Why is it so hard to find?Has gay society gotten so full of themselves they cant see LOVE? With One person?Why cant so many Gay Men find a relationship with just one Partner?What is left for us that want a monogamous Relationship?Special Guests CoHostsKevin & T-RoyJoin me and my 4 guests as we chat about real issues of LOVE in the gay community. ( This topic is not for everyone. Rated R .) If your a guy with old fashion ideas of a house, white fence, a husband to kiss every morning and then at home after work wanting the love of one man? This show may just be one to watch. Issues in all relationship happens but what if your boyfriend or husband says he wants to bring in a third person?
5 Guests on a panel - Topic - Godzilla King of the Monsters and all that comes with the BIG "G"! We will be talking about his history in the movies, his merch and the upcoming Film - " Godzilla vs King Kong".Frank Clevenger - A Boy fan since his introduction by his father . His love of Godzilla was a huge bond between Frank and his father until he passed. Frank to this day still looks at Godzilla thru child's eyes with his fathers spirit by his side.Emanuel Class - I started out obsessing over Godzilla as a young man. Fast forward 20 years and I discovered the game Monsterpocalypse a Kiaju board game it reignited my Kaiju passion and I've been bing watching Godzilla movies non stopRobert Durham II - From the earliest of memories it was King Kong and dinosaurs. Then, one day around the age 9, his grandmother happened to pick him up a VHS copy of 'Godzilla King of the Monsters' with Raymond Burr, from Goodwill. It wasn't long after that, that his grandmother would bring home another film. This, the obsession with Godzilla would begin. It was King Kong vs Godzilla, afterwords Robert had made it his small-time childhood hobby, to collect Godzilla figurines & movies wherever he could. It wasn’t until Robert was 16 did he finally take figurine collecting seriously. With not only Godzilla but other franchises as well. Now at the age of 25, he decided to start a his own YouTube channel, CloakingArbiter- Figurine Toy Reviews.Gerard Zagumny - My father introduced me to Godzilla 1985 and since then I've been hooked. Saturday morning watching Monster Vision were a nice memory to share with him.Vince Moore - I’ve been a fan of Godzilla since about 1976. The first movie of the series I’ve ever seen is Ghidorah: The Three Headed Monster on an old black and white tv. I grew up watching Godzilla and Kaiju movies, especially over thanksgiving break when they were on WOR - saw Godzilla vs Megalon in the theaters too. I’m more of a fan of the movies of the 60s than of the later years (1984-present, except Final Wars and King of the Monsters); maybe it’s nostalgia. I’ve passed that love of Godzilla on to my son.My first tattoo is the Japanese symbols for Gojira. Anyway, I love watching Godzilla movies they are a part of me.
Horror Films and movies from B Cult classics to today's not so scary films. Co Hosted by Mother De Le Morte. A night of great conversation. To the fan, we love this kinda chatting.
Paranormal Investigator Dave Askew joins Ted & Skeptic Kenny Biddle. They talk about everything about the paranormal
Biggins and T-Roy his best freidn join us for some out of this world fun. Yeah its hillbilly and its not what yawl would expect but we laughed. and hard..
Singer songwriter Jeff Anderson, joins us for a 90 min conversation about being an up and coming touring recording Artist. Great Guy. I enjoyed chatting with him.
Hey guys! I'm Liz, the other half to Frank the Godzilla Fanboy! I'm here to have fun chatting with Ted about plants and what not. I have a plant science background and love talking about spooky things, so why not combine those two interests and chat about the deadly side of the plant world, some may even come as a surprise.
We sit down with a young man from Nashville, TN and discuss his love of music and even hear a few songs. Sunshine James is amazing folks. Country Music Fans will love him. Expect to see him on the big stage in the near future.
Fan guying over Godzilla, Part 2. New Movie coming out!
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