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Forget the hair dryers, this salon follows the model of the original French salons in the Age of Enlightenment. Those gatherings featured thoughtful conversation, reasoned debate, and the refinement of ideas. Now through Bâton Salon, consultants from Bâton Global, selected partners, and invited guests can meet (virtually) to do the same. Listeners should expect to be challenged, inspired, and equipped with new ideas for their own organizations.Would you like to share your story on our podcast? Is there a certain topic you’d like to suggest? We’d love to hear from you at
21 Episodes
Bâton Global’s Kavi Chawla had the pleasure of speaking with Beth Shelton, CEO of the Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa, in our latest episode of the bâton salon podcast. The discussion centered around finding inspiration and cultivating innovation through servant leadership. From culture to cookie crisis to even craft beer, Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa has been flexing their innovation muscle in a big way. 
 Join hosts John Economos and Molly Lopez, MS, CAE for our latest bâton sâlon episode: Workforce Development in Manufacturing: Aligning People with Work.Two talented business leaders and difference-makers in manufacturing, Stephanie Gott and Molly Varangkounh, share their stories about the successes and failures they’ve witnessed when it comes to driving business results by optimizing talent and aligning people with work.Whether you work in the manufacturing industry or not, there’s a truth that often eludes us as we go about our day-to-day responsibilities. And that is that business problems stem from people problems. When business goals aren’t achieved, many of us have the tendency to make changes to a process, to implement new internal policies, or to invest in new resources in hopes that they serve as the idealistic “quick fix”. The reality is that steps like these are often reactionary, and they do not thoughtfully consider what is typically an organization’s most expensive asset – its people.
Disruption affects business in many different ways and the global sports business of Formula 1 has witnessed a number of significant challenges since 2000, making change and transformation a permanent part of the business landscape.Join Kavilash Chawla and Formula 1 management expert Mark Gallagher for a conversation on "Managing the speed of change and the lessons learned from Formula 1's journey through business transformation and disruption" and a look at how the learnings from Formula 1 can be applied within our own organizations and customers—wherever and whoever they may be.
Recent headwinds have accelerated the need for manufacturers to utilize emerging technologies to leverage automation, increase their digital capabilities, and retain top talent in new working conditions. We have the privilege of speaking to Charles Sukup, Chairman of Sukup Manufacturing Co., who has successfully tapped into culture to create a high performing innovative organization.Charles shares key takeaways in how manufacturers can build and maintain cultures of innovation within their organizations. 
Welcome to the KSA edition of the bâton sâlon podcast, which was broadcasted live from Riyadh in partnership with Advanced Elements Management Services and will be the first in a series of podcasts that will be specifically focused on topics relevant to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the broader GCC region.For this first episode of the series, Saud Al Omair, president of the Saudi Human Capital Club is joining Kavi Chawla, founding partner of Bâton Global and partner responsible for the region for an in depth discussion on Vision 2030 and human capital as an engine for growth.
As the global economy continues to evolve towards the next normal and emerge from the initial impacts of COVID-19, we focus on one of the key industries behind global growth: Manufacturing.Join Bâton Global for our latest podcast, moderated by Kavilash Chawla and featuring Mike Ralston and Joe Murphy, where we explore the manufacturing economy in general and share insights into how Iowa Manufacturers are increasing their competitiveness globally.
Covid-19 has forced sensitive conversations and critical information from on-premise, corporate-owned devices, operating on corporate networks to personal devices, personal networks, and public cloud infrastructure. This has forced organizations to reassess their risk controls, policies, and procedures.On our most recent podcast, Wade Hampton Britt, IV, COO at Bâton Global is joined by David Nelson, Founder and CEO at Pratum, to discuss how organizations can best protect their data and technology infrastructure.
Check out the fourth episode in our special series with Trility Consulting, A New Normal in Banking and Finance: Exploring Human-Centric Transformation. Moderated by Kavilash Chawla, this podcast features Amy Hunold-VanGundy, Head of Talent Management at Principal Financial Group and Brad Rasmussen, CIO at Merchants Bonding Company along with regular guests Wade Hampton Britt, IV and Matthew D Edwards.In past episodes, we have discussed the necessity of technology to complement human processes and actions to minimize points of friction and create flow. We have also explored the accelerated evolution towards virtualization as a result of COVID-19 and how organizations need to utilize the right sets of data to inform and guide decision making. We now hear how leading financial services organizations are meeting these challenges head-on and positioning their teams for success. 
2020 has seen the imperative for business transformation rise to the top of every healthcare CEO’s agenda. Join Bâton Sâlon host Kavilash Chawla as he welcomes Edward (E. C.) Muelhaupt, MBA to discuss how healthcare organizations can successfully navigate the need for virtualization, transition to outcome-based delivery, and effectively manage operations in the face of significant cost and revenue pressures.
Listen the third podcast in our multi-part series with Trility Consulting, A New Normal in Banking and Finance: Exploring Human-Centric Transformation.Moderated by Kavilash Chawla, the discussion with Wade Hampton Britt, IV and Matthew D Edwards explores how the virtualization of customer experience has lead to changes in who is driving human-centric transformation. The episode further considers the concept of managing data in a virtual world, ways that companies like Uber are guiding trends in customer experience, and the ensuing implications on the virtual workplace and data management. 
This week's Sâlon will welcome members of the new Central Iowa SHRM People Analytics Committee. The panelists, all experts in their respective fields of data and analytics, will help us demystify people analytics and guide us in enhancing data-driven decision making. The interactive discussion is hosted by Matthew Mitchell PhD and Jeffrey A. Kappen, PhD, the panelists will share perspectives on their areas of focus, provide insights on future trends, and answer any questions audience members may have based on their own analytics journey. Subscribe to Bâton Sâlon to follow along with new content.
In a discussion moderated by Kavilash Chawla, Wade Britt and Matthew D. Edwards explore how leaders can empower distributed workforces through human-centric transformation. The episode further uncovers the idea of Flow, the necessity of performance metrics that measure throughput, qualitative experience, and humanistic value, as well as the subsequent implications on organizational culture and data management. 
This episode of Bâton Sâlon features Todd Shaw of Shaw Organization Design and hosts Jeffrey A. Kappen, PhD and John Economos in an interactive discussion that explores how organizational responses to COVID-19 in human capital, work design, and technology are revealing new opportunities for virtual work in traditional corporations. The discussion also addresses proposed large-scale changes in culture, leadership, and various workplace practices required to capture the benefits of these opportunities.
Join Bâton Sâlon for COVID-19 Perspectives: Agriculture and the Food Supply. The interactive discussion hosted by Jeffrey A. Kappen, PhD will feature Billi Hunt, the Executive Director of America's Cultivation Corridor. This week's Sâlon will explore the impacts of COVID-19 on agriculture and our food supply including variations in purchasing and production, shifts in workforce needs, disruption in supply chains, and changes in consumer consumption.
This salon, moderated by Kavi Chawla and featuring Wade Britt and Matthew Edwards, considers how data and technology support the transition towards a distributed workforce, particularly during and post- COVID-19. This podcast is part of a series produced by Bâton Global and Trility Consulting discussing strategies and tactics to guide financial services organizations in responding to industry headwinds and pressures including those amplified or created by COVID-19. 
This sâlon features special guest Peter S W Hesslin, head of e-commerce and logistics for Sweden’s postal service PostNord Sverige. Hesslin discusses global supply chains, logistics, and business opportunities. 
This sâlon hosted by Jeffrey A. Kappen and Kavilash Chawla features panelists from our global hubs in Australia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. The interactive discussion explores how businesses, governments, and communities across the world are responding to COVID-19 and planning for long-term implications.Guest panelists include:• Periklis Thivaios (Europe)• Christianna Tsiterou (Middle East)• Iqbal Rafi and Mark Chan (Southeast Asia)• Mark Lindley (CAHRI. MCIPD) (Australia)View our latest podcast updates on our website at
COVID-19 Perspectives: Community & Physical Safety is an interactive discussion hosted by Jeffrey A. Kappen, PhD and Matthew Mitchell PhD. It features guest panelist Trevor Meers from Graham Construction Company, Inc. This Sâlon explores innovative ways in which organizations are physically protecting their employees and communities in light of COVID-19.
This Sâlon, hosted by Bâton Global’s Kavilash Chawla and Work & People Analytics's Stephen Smith, explores Creating Psychological Safety: Protecting Front-Line Employees During COVID-19. The discussion examines how organizations can protect the psychological safety of their front-line employees during these stressful and uncertain times. Listeners should expect to be challenged, inspired, and equipped with new ideas and solutions for their own teams. 
Our first Sâlon, hosted by Bâton Global’s Matthew Mitchell and Jeffrey Kappen, explores strategy, crisis response, and agile/effective execution during COVID-19. Additionally, it explores self-care and leadership to sustain individual and organizational resilience. Live podcast participants include executives in PR, information technology, real estate strategic planning, hedge fund management, and consulting (in Des Moines and Riyadh). 
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