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Mark attended and presented at the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland. He shares some of the highlights of his presentation and offers solutions for both professionals in the procurement sphere and as everyday individuals to help combat climate change. NASPO Resources; Marks contact: Office (505) 827-0472;
The Pulse talks with Delbert Singleton, Director for the Division of Procurement Services, South Carolina, and the 2022 NASPO Board President. Delbert discusses his Priorities as  Board President, as well as some of the biggest challenges for state procurement this year.
Josh and Kevin look back on 2021, discussing their favorite moments, and look ahead to 2022 as NASPO celebrates its 75th anniversary. 
The Pulse podcast talks with Russell Porter, a senior executive for the National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC), and Dugan Petty, former NASPO and National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) President. They delve into the relationship between NCSC and NASPO, what's unique about government IT, the risks facing digital government, and how CPOs and their staff can mitigate some of these threats. 
We talk to McCall Ginsberg, Deputy General Counsel for the Georgia Department of Administrative Services. We discuss lawyers' relationship to the procurement office, best practices to follow when working with a new procurement specialist, what the procurement office can do to engage attorneys better, and more! Special guest Megan Smyth, NASPO General Counsel, tells us about NASPO Annual Law Institute.
Alaska's procurement office has been going through a centralization process for the past few years, so we asked Thor Vue, Chief Procurement Officer for the great State of Alaska, to discuss some of the challenges his office has faced thus far during the process. We'll talk to Thor about Alaska's new Centers of Procurement Excellence, and we play a new game called the Key takeaways game, where Josh and Kevin each present A key takeaway from the interview. Hold on to your hats!
We keep the fun going Live from NASPO's 2021 annual conference in Austin, TX! Dan May, Deputy Director of Operations, in the great State of Florida, walks us through rating two vendors: Wise Guys Office Furniture and MODSolution Furnishing. We give you the Q&A  from procurement officials and the infamous takeaway game!
Coming to you Live from NASPO's 2021 annual conference in Austin, TX! We talk with Dan May, Deputy Director of Operations, in the great State of Florida, about their Vendor Performance Tracking (VPT) system. Dan provides us with an overview of the improvements and evolution of vendor evaluation. We discuss how performance data provided by vendor rating systems can increase transparency and accountability throughout the contract life cycle.  Our speakers will share their experience implementing an evaluation process and system. 
We Welcome Josh Descoteaux, Procurement Content Manager for NASPO, and the pulses new cohost!Josh and Kevin interview Brandi Ann Willard, NASPO Academic Affairs Manager, about why it's important to offer procurement/supply chain management courses at the collegiate level and how states can take advantage of NASPO's academic affairs program and get involved. 
In this special episode, we interview the 2022 NASPO Board of Directors President-Elect Jaime Schorr, Chief Procurement Officer for the State of Maine, and Mark Hayden, Director, Chief Purchasing Officer, and state purchasing agent for state purchasing agent the state of New Mexico. If you have any questions about the NASPO Board of Directors elections, don't hesitate to get in touch with Maya Griffin, membership engagement database coordinator, at
We discuss ways of implementing change in an organization. Whether it be training needs, providing staff support, or retention issues, the concept of change management draws on many different theories from psychology, behavioral science, etc.  Victoria Steeger, Chief Learning Officer of Maryland, and David Gragan, Chief Learning Officer, for DC’s Office of Contracting and Procurement explain the responsibilities of a CLO, and how they work to introduce and manage change in their offices.
 Kelly and Andrew take us on their journey over the last few years of acquiring an eProcurement system. We'll talk about the unique Kaizen events they held with state agencies, why Kelly calls this an agency-driven solution, the concept of “competitive dialog,” and so much more!
Today we're talking cybersecurity with Meredith Ward, Director of Policy & Research at the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO). We examine NASCIO and NASPO's new joint publication, “Buyer Be Aware…Integrating Cybersecurity into the Acquisition Process," which addresses steps state governments should take to ensure cybersecurity is an integral part of the acquisition process. Meredith, Amanda, and I briefly examine NASCIO and NASPOs relationship, the relationship of the CIO and CPO, and why cybersecurity is important to the state procurement office.
We talk with Rachel Dougherty, Enterprise Contracts Counsel, who manages the Professional/Technical Contracts team for the Minnesota Office of State Procurement.  Rachel and her team partnered with the Minnesota Department of Transportation to come up with an innovative RFP.  Based on NASPS's new case study, "Minnesota Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) Challenge" (link below), we discuss early interagency collaboration between MDOT and MN OSP and look at some of the challenges the team initially faced and how they overcame them. NASPO's new case study.Minnesota Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) Challenge: A CASE STUDY
Dr. Robert Handfield of North Carolina State University and Dr. Zhaohui Wu or Oregon State University walk us through their work on NASPO's Research report Assessing State PPE Procurement During COVID-19. We discuss PPE shortages that occurred throughout the United States in 2020 and examine the structural influence of state procurement offices on the ability to respond in an agile and effective manner.Download the report here!
We talk with Leah Mcgrath, the Executive Director of StateRAMP. Leah explains what StateRAMP is, the role StateRAMP plays in educating state officials about cybersecurity, and how states can participate in this project. Important Links:Stateramp.orgEvents:
We're talking with Matt Oyer, the acting Chief Learning Officer for NASPO.  We discuss his roles and responsibilities at NASPO. He shares his thoughts on the importance of professional development in an association, Procurement U's recent IACET accreditation, the new Pro U Gives Back program, and future projects that we can look forward to.
We discuss Roz’s responsibilities in Florida, her vision for her 2021 leadership role, and what she’s most looking forward to this year within NASPO and the public procurement profession. Roz describes the challenges and successes CPOs have seen over the past year and what Roz sees on the horizon.
In this special edition episode for our upcoming 2021 NASPO virtual Exchange, April 13th–15th, we talk to Bart Lemmon. Bart is NASPO ValuePoint's Director of Supplier Development and Global Initiatives. We examine ValuePoint's Emerging Markets Initiative and how the initiative aims to benefit state procurement officials. Bart also gives helpful advice to potential Exchange attendees.Register for the 2021 Exchange here or by visiting
In our season 1 finale, we interview George Schutter, Chief Procurement Officer for D.C. and 2020 NASPO President. We discuss George's role in the district pre/post COVID-19 and the challenges his jurisdiction is facing. We also examine his year as NASPO president, and the accomplishments made in the face of uncertainty. 
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