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Benas Digital podcast is all about building websites, SEO, affiliate marketing, business experiments and everything in between. The main goal is to build a digital business that generates over $300,000/year. Are you in for a challenge?
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Today I would like to talk about something that I thought of doing for the past 3-4 years, but only really started in 2020. It's Youtube. If you remember from my first ever post on - one of the 3 income sources that I listed was Youtube. However, at the time I didn’t know what specific direction I want to take, but I think I have figured it out! My Youtube Studio:
Today I would like to talk about my new affiliate website that I have started this year, in 2020. I already published a blog post about it on, but on this podcast I would like to expand a little and provide more details and thoughts. You can find the blog post here:
Today I would like to talk about the website that I sold for $14,000 back in July of 2019. It was my first big break in affiliate marketing and in today’s episode, I want to recap all the steps I took to achieve that. Check out more at:
Today I would like to talk about the SEO landscape during this pandemic. These are quite unusual times, the crisis seems imminent and marketing budgets are being cut. However, I do believe there is an opportunity to get ahead of your competitors. Check out more at:
Today I would like to talk about the Amazon affiliate program. As you probably heard by now, Amazon has cut down their commission again, but this time by as much as 70%! A lot of people rely on this as their primary or secondary source of income and losing more than half of your income overnight is very scary!
Today is going to be an introduction, it is the first episode after all. But then we will discuss my precise goals, how I am planning to achieve them and now that we have a global pandemic, how is that going to impact, change or maybe even help me get started. Check out more at:
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