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Author: Qali Id

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A platform exploring stories of purposeful life lived across and between cultures and celebrating our common existence and humanity. Hosted by Qali Id, a world traveller, advocate and storyteller, this weekly interview podcast champions the individual story as being the fabric of our common humanity and connecting us to a new way of seeing the world. You will hear everyday people’s stories on identity, culture, lifestyle and purpose as guided by personable, introspective and intimate conversations.
10 Episodes
In this episode I look back on some of my favourite moments, wisdoms and learning lessons from this season.This episode will recap on overcoming beauty standards, what inspires one's creativity, overcoming imposter's syndrome, black women in academia and intersectionality, creating for the African audience and removing oneself from anything that doesn't serve you.Follow my social media's to keep in touch and find out when the next season comes outInstagram & Twitter: @qaaliciid
In this weeks episode, I speak on the protests happening all around the world after the extrajudicial killing of George Floyd. I touch on the psychology around riots and protests, how this is connected to different parts of the world, what organising and mobilising looks like, and so much more.For different resources on BLM please check out aashni.meInstagram & Twitter: @qaaliciid
“you need to practice self care as a black woman for survival” Vee is a young East African girl and the host and producer of the At The Table Podcast which is all about centering women, wellness and self care - particularly women of colour. She is currently doing her second masters, an MBA in Global Business in London and hopes to start her PhD this fall in Gender Studies and decolonising knowledge. Her interests include poetry, wellness, feelings - the beauties of life including God, yoga, music, art and nature.  Join us for a conversation on how Vee stays grounding during times of uncertainty (2:07), what role religion plays in her life (5:05), what music makes her dance (13:33), the inception of the At The Table podcast and its importance (14:56), where she has found representation (22:03), Bell Hooks and black women being safe to fully exist in theory (24:07), advice on finding your voice and speaking up (27:39), poetry and hip hop (29:42), importance of sisterhood (37:50), boundaries (41:21) and advice to her younger self (44:07). Find her elsewhere on the internet:At The Table Podcast ( Instagram (@vee_kimani) Twitter (@vee_kimani)
"follow the clues that God has given you" The Kenyan native Effy Kawira began her career in film as an actor and producer creating short films and music videos in Minneapolis with local filmmakers and friends which then led her into the world of directing and from there her interest and devotion blossomed.Effy’s propulsive passion for storytelling is the driving force behind every project. Effy’s versatility in her experiences in acting, modeling, producing, and illustration has been a key player in providing her with the skill to adapt and collaborate with a diverse range of artists. She is dedicated to telling the stories of those who may feel voiceless and unheard. Not only does Effy seek to execute content that mesmerizes the viewer, but she aims to aid in propelling the change for more representation of various communities in the media.  Join us for a conversation on what drew Effy to filmmaking (5:00), what inspires her (8:05), what going to college to study economics taught her (14:25), importance of having a tribe (20:06), the values that shape her work (23:08), her favourite work to date and In Praise of the Shadow (28:45), confidence (35:25), what representation looks like in the current film industry and her favourite directors (46:12), Hunger Magazine Editorial - Devenir Femme (52:22) and a message to her younger self (60:00).  Find her elsewhere on the internet:Website ( ( ( Praise of the Shadow (Youtube)Hunger Mag Editorial (
In this solo episode Qali speaks to listeners about the struggle she has faced with motivation lately and the importance and need for self-compassion. She touches on the need for more mindfulness, acceptance and patience with ourselves. Have a listen for a little pick me up!InstagramTwitterWebsite
"you belong, the space is yours to occupy"Khadija is a Kenyan-born documentary and travel photographer with an interest in climate change, faith communities and women's issues. After spending her formative years living in Texas, Khadija moved back to Kenya in 2014 and got a job at Dadaab refugee camp in northern Kenya.In the year she served in Dadaab, she witnessed dozens of photojournalists come through the camps and felt that the work they published was very one-sided and portrayed only one facet of the refugee experience. Photographing the lives of refugees with dignity, telling the stories they wanted to tell about their own experiences, allowed Khadija to understand that there was space for a Somali woman in this field.Join us for an in-depth conversation about her photography journey (2:01), how her values and experience shape her approach to photography (3:04), becoming a freelancer (8:23), therapy (12:25), burn-out and her decision to quit (16:49), fake-allies and the industry (21:30), importance of creating institutions and mentoring photographers (26:15), shooting seven-time world marathon majors runner Mary Keitany for ESPN (31:40), why we use the word collaborator instead of subject (36:30), Eliud Kipchoge breaking the 2-hour marathon barrier and his GQ shoot (37:50), advice to budding photographers (45:10), dealing with imposter’s syndrome and self doubt (50:36)Website: www. kmfarah.comTwitter: @kmfarahInstagram: @farahkhadEliud Kipchoge's GQ Shoot:
“there’s no way you can come into my house and tell me not to make a cup of tea”Noni Muchiri is a modern-day nomad! A "third culture kid" of sorts with her roots firmly planted in Kenya! She's currently a Digital Journalist at BBC Africa and also runs a lifestyle YouTube channel under her name: Muthoni Muchiri. Noni is hella passionate about Africa, it's vibrancy, it's deep culture, it's beauty - even in complex/less ideal scenarios. Her aim is to one day visit every single African country (once Ms. Rona is done with her world tour) and her content has always tried to reflect her love and passion towards what we have to offer the world, not only as a country but also as a continent.Join us for a conversation on how Noni started on Youtube (12:38), moving back to Kenya (19:24), TikTok (27:17), difference between content creators and influencer (30:23), taking the perfect photo (33:52), working with brands (38:48), removing yourself from negative situations (44.19 and Africans creating for themselves (54:28). Find her elsewhere on the internet:YouTube: Muthoni Muchiri Instagram: @noni_muchiri
Join Qali on a solo episode as speaks about why storytelling matters, their influence on our identities, the relationship between stories and empathy and how stories have helped her journey and why she implores more people to show their real selves.InstagramTwitterWebsite
"the sky is too big for two birds to clash" Terembe currently leads knowledge management and learning efforts for CARE International's future focused organisational development. This involves supporting the CI Confederation to become more agile, diverse and relevant for the future and supporting global governance and leadership teams to understand changes underway and make informed decisions about future directions. Terembe is also an avid content creator, using her YouTube channel, to share her perspectives on everything from the workplace, hyper-connectivity in a time of social media to Nairobi’s burgeoning art scene. She is proud to have created The Arena Kenya, a community for campus students to engage, learn from each other and build career skills to propel themselves.Terembe believes in the connectedness and intersections of disciplines and has particular interests in art, history, literature, politics, pop culture, social justice and urban African cities.  Join us as we have a conversation about Arundhati Roy's latest article for the Financial Times, why Terembe changed her name (10:45), knowing your roots and the passing of her grandparents (21:21), feminism through her lens (32:56), dealing with desirability and beauty standards and centering oneself (38.28), The Arena (49.53) and whether the current NGO/ International Development model is sustainable (1:02:20). Find her elsewhere on the internet:Youtube Instagram Twitter 'The Wall I Love'
"Did I tell you about the time I slept on the beach in Barcelona?" Julie O is a nomad, writer, model, lover of festivals and dancing from Nairobi, Kenya. Growing up exploring East Africa on school holidays, a remote writing job in her last year studying architecture in South Africa and resulting solo EuroTrip put her on a quest for more adventure.She's currently pursuing a nomadic lifestyle, she spends her time making digital content on YouTube and her blog as well as writing for various publications as a freelancer.She has been featured on sites such as Travel Noire, and AfroPunkJoin us as we have a conversation about her blogging journey (21:17), advice budding travel content creators (36:54), settling down and home means to us (38:50), going for what you want and parent's worries (57:45), debunking the "I quit my job and travelled the world" bloggers (1:06:30) and creating for Africans (1:14:20).Find her elsewhere on the internet: BlogInstagramYoutubeTwitter
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