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The Art of Ascension

The Art of Ascension

Author: Nataraja Ishaya

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This podcast delves into the Ishayas practice of Ascension and all things related to expansion of consciousness and releasing stress from the nervous system. The teachers of Ascension will be talking about subjects that are both timeless and very important to this time in history. The power of the clear crystal of the mind is great and there is a way to activate that in our lives no matter who and where you are.
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Humanity is deeply connected through consciousness. When one becomes Self realized it affects everybody else. The individual choice is all important. Chandika and Nataraja dive deeper into the subject of expansion of consciousness and everyday life.
We had a conversation about the Art of Ascension and the Ishayas. Some very basic things about the Teaching and where it comes from. Who are the Ishayas really? And yet like always this is merely an invitation to have a direct experience of Ascension for yourself.
Expanding from the previous episode Chandika and Nataraja continue the conversation on love and what it takes to help others? What does helping others even mean? Does Ascension give tools to experience more of love and could it be a way to connect with others?
This episode is all a bout Love and a little bit about fear. How do both of those affect our lives? What is real? What keeps us from just experiencing love if that is really all there is like in the Beatles song.
In this episode we dive into the topic of toxic thoughts and research that has been done with it and how does all this tie into the practice of Ascension?
In this episode Chandika joins the podcast as the co-host and we discuss how spiritual practice affects life and how it can change it.
In this episode the topic is the power of the mind and the placebo effect. The research shows that the placebo effect is very real and it is being used very consciously by the medical community and people in advertising. Join in the conversation!
This is a conversation between three Ascension teachers about healing of the body and how that relates to a spiritual practice and the hope of get ting rid of an illness through spirituality. Is that a realistic hope or how should one approach healing while bringing focus on the expansion of consciousness.
Episode 5 - Myth busters

Episode 5 - Myth busters


We are playing myth busters and talking about a variety of ideas and limitations that are often put on top of a meditation practice or Ascension practice. It is always a good idea to be simple and return to innocence to gain the most benefit out of the practice.
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