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We arrive at a precipice, a time where there are no longer so many choices, no longer the option whether to remain in the old habitual framework of our past or to stand for the real purpose of living.The soul remembers itself, remembers its potential and its responsibility, as does our collective human spirit hold the remembrance of our origin and our commitment to live on Earth with great consciousness.The system we've relied upon has come to its completion, and we've been taken for too long a ride down this alienating route. The US vs. Them dynamic, the illusion of choice, it's all collapsing. We must now look inward to recover the correct way forward, for it lies within us, the guidance and direction to rebirth a new system, one that is aligned with the forces of Nature, aligned with the true beings we are, aligned with the great power of the Divine spirit.Join me in this special journey, where together we reunite in communal embrace of being in sacred association, within the global human experience that we are together navigating.Support the show
Ep. 6 - You Are Alive

Ep. 6 - You Are Alive


Woven within the experience of being human is the simple yet powerful capacity to breathe life into reality. The breath is not just a physical expression of oxygen entering our bodies, but also as the interfacing element between ourselves and the intelligence of lifeforce in our creation, between the material plane and that of the spirit. What a glorious reflection to see and witness that the real human beings we are are permeated with the presence of breath, and that all interactions, all relations, whether enjoyable to our mind or not, are based in the pure exchange of vibrational vitality that informs our every experience.In these immensely trigger-happy times where we are pushed to react and cling to our intense opinions and fears, it is so necessary to recover the element of balance and of integrity that is the holy breath, the breath that interconnects within and throughout, and which we have been gifted since the beginning in order to have the potential to remember ourselves, to remember those inalienable truths that bind and unite us all as children of the infinite universe, of the Divine Power.Support the show
We are alive at this time for so much more than we are led to believe, and the capacity to fulfill a remarkable purpose is right at hand, yet distant from our common state of awareness. Now, the world situation is reflecting more than ever that humanity as a collective - as well as individually in ourselves - with honor and honesty, must renew the connection within to a level that we are capable to stand solid and united for what is of integrity, and respects the true value and dignity of the human spirit. Only then can we overcome the "divide and conquer" process which attempts to push us through fear and manipulation into a state of complacency and enslavement to an artificialized system of existence. Support the show
In this episode, we explore the importance of being with ourselves as we are, resolving the conflicts that take place both inwardly and outwardly by accessing the consciousness of perception that arises when we are aligned with the grace and power of the spirit. Using a section of quotations from Jiddhu Krishnamurti this episode weaves an honest look at where we are at, with guidance and assistance for navigating the journey of our current times.Support the show
A deep exploration into the profound times we are living in, the fulcral point in which the choices and actions we take now have a critical importance on our future as a human race, and how the current situation is perfectly reflecting to us the way through to the next level of consciousness, in which we see more clearly the reality of what's happening, returning to integrity and self-awareness, and recognizing what we must do inwardly to balance it all.Support the show
This episode is about noticing, observing, paying attention, and getting to business. Expressing the real self and seeing how we use energy, seeing how we have operated at a level that is no longer aligned, balanced, and sustainable. As we become more aware and perceptive we can intelligently discern what is right in order to participate at the greatest possible depth during and throughout these extraordinarily transformational times.Support the show
Furthering themes from Episode 1, we look here at how our mental conditioning keeps us from recognizing the power and grace in that which is fluid, natural, and cyclical. The shift in consciousness is coming, and there's a great potential to do what is needed within ourselves to prepare for the process.Support the show
In this initial episode I introduce the podcast and explore the experience of being present as a human in these remarkable times. Looking at spiritual resilience, fear, who we are, and how we can unite in communal intentionality to strengthen the network of empowerment, this episode will bring you both into your heart and also into a deeper inward space of connection with a rejuvenating outlook on life.Support the show
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