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Author: Denny Cherry

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Some (hopefully) smart people talking about all sorts of technology
10 Episodes
Denny and the Midnight DBAs

Denny and the Midnight DBAs


A couple of weeks ago the Midnight DBAs were kind enough to invite me to their web show “DBAs @ Midnight” to talk about my new book “Basics of digital privacy”. It’s a video which is a bit different from…Read more →
This post is a little bit different from prior recordings which I’ve posted. The big difference here that you’ll notice is that I’m not the person doing the interview, instead I’m being interviewing for SQL Server Radio which you can…Read more →
This week in episode 029 I’m joined by Jessica Moss who is a Senior Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse Architect from Virginia.  In this episode Jessica and I talk about what a data warehouse is, and some of the problems…Read more →
This week in episode 028 I’m joined by the Midnight DBAs Sean and Jen McCown.  Sean and Jen are located in Dallas Texas where they broadcast the Midnight DBA webcast from.  In this weeks episode we talk about a bunch…Read more →
This week in episode 027 I’m joined by Boris Hristov from Bulgaria.  Boris is a SQL Server Database Administrator and Trainer for HP in their consulting services branch of the company.  In this episode Boris and I talk about why…Read more →
This week in episode 026 I’m joined by Chris Testa-O’neill, John Martin and Andre Kamman.  Chris is a BI consultant with CoEo based in the UK, John is a Database Administrator based on the UK and Andre is a BI…Read more →
This week in episode, number 025 I’m joined by Grant Fritchey.  Grant is a product evangelist for Red Gate software which means he’s probably got the coolest job around.  His job is to talk to people about Red Gate’s products. During…Read more →
In this weeks episode, which is episode 24, I’m joined once again by Karen Lopez.  Karen is a project manager and architect with Info Advisors.  She is also a fellow NASA TweetUp alumni as well as being the owner of some of…Read more →
This week in episode 023 I’m joined by Chris Webb.  Chris is a SSAS and PowerPivot Consultant and Trainer based out of the UK.  Chris and I talked over Office 2013, BI and where everything BI has come from, where…Read more →
This week in episode 022 I’m joined by Gail Shaw who is a fellow SQL Server MVP and a SQL Server Consultant from Johannesburg, South Africa.  Gail is a major question answerer on some of the forums where she answers…Read more →
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